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Razorgator Razorgator and Razorgator LLC (the "Company," "Razorgator," or the "Site") is an innovative ticket marketplace that aims to create a more efficient platform for buying and selling tickets to sports, concerts, and other live events. Terms of the User Agreement This User Agreement ("Agreement") lists the terms of the agreement between you and Razorgator for the buying and selling of tickets, and all other services that we provide (the "Services"). By completing the registration process, you agree to accept the terms and the conditions of this Agreement to become a Registered User of the Site. If we change or modify this Agreement, we shall post a revised version of this Agreement here, which shall automatically replace the terms of this Agreement. Your continued use of the Site and the Services following Razorgator's posting of a revised Agreement will constitute your acceptance of the revised Agreement. Do not continue to use the Services, or this Site, if you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement or any revised version of this Agreement. Registering Razorgator requires users to register before they can buy or sell tickets. To register (become a "Registered User"), you must provide your legal and current name and address, your phone number, an active email address, and a valid credit or debit card. A Registered User of this Site must agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and you must have a valid credit or debit card. You may only use these services if you are legally able to enter into a binding contract. If you are under the age of 18, you may only use this site in conjunction with and under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Buyers: Score Report, Seat Quality, Seat Views and Ticket Prices Razorgator is an independent marketplace designed to connect buyers of tickets and sellers of tickets. Registered Users who want to buy tickets ("Buyers") may search for events and view ticket listings. Razorgator ranks and lists tickets based on a combination of ticket prices and seat quality ("Score Report"). The ticket Score Report is a feature that helps users search through tickets; however, the purchase of tickets is at the full discretion of the Buyer, and all sales are final. Razorgator's determination of seat quality is only an estimate based on historical data about the view and location. The Seat Views provided by Razorgator for a given section reflects the view from that location in general and is not specific to any one ticket listing within that section. Razorgator is not responsible for the quality of the specific seat. The price printed on the ticket in most cases will not be the same as the purchased price or the cost of the transaction. Ticket prices are set by the owners of ticket(s) ("Seller"). Razorgator does not own ticket inventory or set ticket prices. As a result, the ticket prices listed may be substantially higher (or in some cases lower) than the original face value printed on the ticket. All Razorgator sales are final even though ticket prices for live events continue to fluctuate on the open market. It is possible that prices of similar seats will change over time; if the prices of similar tickets increase prior to the event, you will not be charged more. Conversely, if the price of similar tickets decreases prior to the event, no refunds or upgrades will be given. Razorgator will never charge more than what you have authorized. All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. Buyers: Finding Tickets and Placing Orders To order tickets, a Buyer first browses Razorgator's listings for tickets. When the Buyer finds desirable tickets, the Buyer places an "order" or a "bid to purchase the ticket(s). When an order is placed, Sellers have 48 hours to receive notification of an order and confirm delivery. All orders are final and, once placed, cannot be cancelled or retracted. However, placing an order does not complete the sale; a sale is only completed once it has been confirmed by the Seller. All bids are firm bids, and once a Seller accepts a bid and confirms the sale the transaction is complete and cannot be cancelled or retracted. However, all bids can be retracted prior to a Seller accepting your bid. To be explicit, once a Seller accepts a bid, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. Therefore, Buyers should treat bids as an order to purchase tickets which a Seller can confirm at any time. Razorgator's BuyerTrust Guarantee to the Buyer takes effect only after the Seller has confirmed delivery and the Buyer's credit or debit card has been charged. The Buyer's credit or debit card is not charged until the Buyer's order is confirmed by the Seller. However, when a Buyer places an order or bid, we obtain an authorization from the Buyer's credit or debit card for the full order amount, which is equal to the total ticket price, or the maximum bid times the quantity of the tickets ordered plus a shipping & handling charge (note: there is no commission or service charge to the Buyer). The authorization remains on the Buyer's credit card until the sale is completed or the order is cancelled. Although an authorization is not a charge, debit card issuers will place a hold on funds when an authorization is obtained by Razorgator. In all cases, Razorgator is not responsible for any bank fees or other penalties resulting from authorizations and/or charges to the Buyer's credit or debit card when the Buyer places orders or bids. After a Buyer places an order to purchase tickets, it is possible that the Seller no longer owns those tickets or for some other reason will not confirm the sale. In that case, Razorgator will work to help the Buyer source similar seats for the same price or less. However, Razorgator cannot guarantee that similar seats for the same price or less will be available for sale; in this case, the Buyer's credit or debit card will not be charged and the sale will be cancelled. Event dates, times, venues, and subject matter, which are listed on the ticket, may change. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to verify the most recent details for an event. Please contact the box office or refer to local listings for any changes. Razorgator does not guarantee any information provided by our Sellers in the Seller Notes area of the ticket listings. It is the Buyer's responsibility to verify any possible inconsistency or discrepancy in the ticket location, description, and/or price by calling Razorgator as soon as possible following the discovery of such a discrepancy. Use of a ticket without reporting a discrepancy to Razorgator constitutes acceptance of the ticket as is, notwithstanding any inconsistency with the Seller's listing and the actual ticket. Upon the Seller confirming the sale, the Buyer is guaranteed to receive the tickets in time for the event. Razorgator cannot guarantee the method of the delivery for a given sale, only that the tickets will be delivered in time for the event. For physical tickets purchased prior to the day of an event, tickets are guaranteed to be delivered one day prior to the event. For e-tickets purchased the day of an event, tickets are guaranteed to be delivered 30 minute prior to gametime; if purchase is within 2 hours of the event, tickets will be delivered within 30 minutes of purchase. If there are any issues or discrepancies with the tickets that you receive from what was purchased, Razorgator will do it's best to find comparable replacement tickets. If replacement tickets cannot be found or are not available at a comparable price, Razorgator reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the full purchase amount to the buyer. In this case Razorgator will provide you with a prepaid FedEx shipping label to use to return the tickets to Razorgator. If a seller notifies Razorgator of a "drastic pricing error" when listing tickets for sale, Razorgator will use their sole discretion to decide whether it is appropriate to cancel a sale and excuse the seller from fulfilling the sale. This is most commonly caused when a seller forgets a digit (ex: $40 vs $140) or reverses the digits (ex: $260 vs $620) when setting the price on a listing. In these cases, whether an order is confirmed or not, Razorgator in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel the sale without penalty to the seller, and provide the buyer with a full refund. Ticket Upgrades Ticket listings are a representation of actual seat location. Tickets may be substituted with comparable or better seat locations. Actual seat and row numbers may vary from those purchased on the Site. Razorgator will always look to upgrade Buyer's tickets when possible and reserves the right to determine what constitutes a "comparable" or "better" ticket for substitution or upgrade purposes. Listing Tickets for Sale A Registered User who wants to sell tickets may list the tickets on Razorgator. As part of the listing process, the Seller assigns a price to the tickets and provides information such as the event description, date, section, row, and seat. Sellers are required to disclose if the tickets state that it is an obstructed view, partial view, or mobility view (as well as any other information that may be relevant to a ticket buyer). A Seller who lists a ticket for sale on the Site may choose to sell that ticket for a fixed price. The Seller sets a definite price at which the ticket(s) will sell immediately when a Buyer places an order for the ticket(s). A Seller who lists a ticket on the Site may choose to sell that ticket via the "Bidding Platform," which is the technology that allows a Registered User to make an offer to buy tickets from multiple Sellers. Sellers can view the bids of Buyers and, at their discretion, agree to sell their ticket(s) at the chosen bid prices. Pricing tickets is the sole responsibility of Sellers and must be done in accordance with all applicable laws. Under no circumstances may you list speculative tickets. Sellers are solely responsible for the payment of any applicable taxes resulting from your ticket sales. Completing Your Sale When your tickets sell you are obligated to deliver the exact listed tickets, however, your sale is not complete until the buyer receives the tickets from you. Completing a sale means following all of the steps to send the tickets you sold, on time and as promised in your listing. Razorgator verifies the authenticity of the order and reserves the right to cancel any order that it identifies as fraudulent. As soon as your tickets sell, we'll send you an email to notify you to complete your sale. The deadline to complete your sale is based on whether you told us your tickets were in hand or not - and if not, the date you identified as your In-Hand Date. Simultaneously, Razorgator verifies the authenticity of the order and the buyer, and reserves the right to cancel any order that it identifies as fraudulent. In this case sellers are free to relist their tickets for sale again. Seller Obligations & Penalties By listing a ticket for sale, you are making a binding offer to sell that ticket to a Buyer who purchases the ticket for the price you have specified. When a Buyer accepts your offer by purchasing your ticket through our Site or Services, you are contractually bound to deliver that exact ticket for the specified price and within the required delivery timeframe. If your tickets have sold but you cannot fulfill the order or there was a problem with fulfillment (also referred to as a 'dropped sale') Razorgator may charge your payment method an amount equal to 200% of the price of the ticket(s) sold to compensate us for the losses we incur to meet our obligations under the BuyerTrust Guarantee. Razorgator reserves the right in its sole discretion to charge your payment method the full amount of the replacement costs Razorgator incurs under the BuyerTrust Guarantee. A dropped sale means one of these things happens: 1. You cannot deliver the ticket(s) or related passes in time. 2. You do not have a replacement ticket (tickets that Razorgator determines in its sole discretion are comparable or better than the ones originally listed) that the buyer accepts. 3. The buyer or Razorgator rejects your requested change and cancels the order, or 4. The tickets that were delivered were not authentic or were not the exact seats as advertised. Users Relationship with Razorgator As a Buyer, a Registered User grants Razorgator permission to charge the credit or debit card associated with their registration for the purchase of tickets. As a Seller, a Registered User grants Razorgator permission to charge the credit or debit card associated with their registration for costs incurred by Razorgator if at any time the Seller fails to deliver the tickets they have listed or delivers invalid, fraudulent, counterfeit, or misrepresented tickets. These costs may include, but are not limited to, the cost of replacement tickets, coupons, gift certificates, refunds to the Buyer, and other charges we incur to satisfy the Buyer under the terms of Razorgator's BuyerTrust Guarantee. Razorgator acts as a marketplace only to allow Buyers and Sellers to interact regarding tickets. In all cases, the submission and confirmation of orders are transactions between Buyers and Sellers only. The fulfillment of confirmed orders, including delivery and shipment of tickets, is the responsibility of the Seller. If you have a dispute with one or more registered users, you release Razorgator and all affiliated companies, officers, directors, agents, parents, subsidiaries, legal representatives, and employees from any claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with such dispute. Razorgator will not use or distribute your private information except in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Event Cancellation, Postponement, or Rescheduling If an event is cancelled for any reason other than an act of nature (e.g. rained out, earthquake, flood, etc.), strikes, or lockout, and not rescheduled, we will provide a full refund for the amount paid for the tickets and processing fees. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Call our office for detailed instructions on how to obtain a refund if you do not hear from Razorgator first. Upon receiving Razorgator's cancellation notification, you will have 15 business days to return the tickets to the address provided. Tickets must be returned via express mail service or other traceable mail service in order to obtain a refund. The express mail service is at the customer's expense; Razorgator will not provide return service postage. If any event or ticket(s) is cancelled by the organizers of the event, Razorgator has no obligation to refund incidental expenses that you have incurred relating to your plans to attend the event including, but not limited to, plane or transportation expenses, hotel reservations, or rental car costs. Razorgator assumes no responsibility for the actions of any event organizing body when an event or ticket(s) is cancelled. If an event is postponed or rescheduled, please retain your ticket. In most cases, the original purchased ticket will be honored for the new event date. New tickets will not need to be reissued for most rescheduled or postponed events. Refunds or exchanges will not be made for postponed or rescheduled events. Razorgator is not responsible for incidental expenses related to a rescheduled event. General Policies As a Seller, you agree not to place any personal information (including, but not limited to, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses) in the Seller Comments area of ticket listings. You agree that you will provide all information that a Buyer may deem relevant and if it is not disclosed appropriately sellers may be penalized. You agree not to list, sell, or buy any adult materials, obscene materials, or pornographic materials through the Site, directly or indirectly, and you agree not to use any names or other information found on or via this Site to do so. Razorgator prohibits the use of its Site for any unlawful conduct. All users must comply with all local, state, federal, and international laws, ordinances, and regulations. By using this Site, you agree not to use any false personal information or use an invalid or unauthorized credit or debit card. You agree not to use or permit anyone to use information provided through the Site for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose. You agree not to copy, modify, or distribute any content from the Site, including Razorgator's copyrights and trademarks, and/or link to the Site without Razorgator's prior written permission. Razorgator reserves the right to prohibit Registered Users from posting tickets at Razorgator if they are not able to provide the exact tickets that were posted at Razorgator. If you, at any time, fail to deliver the tickets you have listed or deliver invalid, fraudulent, or misrepresented tickets, Razorgator reserves the right to cancel the order, return the tickets to you, and hold you liable for any and all charges we incur to satisfy the Buyer under the terms of BuyerTrust Guarantee. These charges may include, but are not limited to, cost of replacement tickets, coupons, gift certificates and refunds to the Buyer. If Razorgator is owed money, we may collect amounts owed using a collection agency or other collection mechanism and you may be charged fees associated with collecting the delinquent payments. Razorgator, or the collection agency it retains, may report information about your account to credit bureaus, and as a result, defaults in your account may be reflected in your credit report. If you wish to dispute the information Razorgator reported to a credit bureau, please contact Razorgator. If you wish to dispute the information a collection agency reported, contact the collection agency directly. Razorgator is neither affiliated with or sponsored by the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, or any NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL team. All product and company names that can be seen herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are not otherwise associated with Razorgator. Ownership The site, including all site software, databases, trademarks, logos, service marks, proprietary information, and materials (and any intellectual property and other rights relating thereto) ("Razorgator Property"), is owned by Razorgator and will remain the property of Razorgator. User further acknowledges that User does not acquire any ownership rights by using the site. User may not use any Razorgator Property in connection with any product or service that is not offered by Razorgator, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion with Razorgator's business, or in any manner that disparages Razorgator. Nothing contained on the site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppels, or otherwise, any license or right to use any Razorgator Property without the express written permission of Razorgator. Indemnification User agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Razorgator, its parents affiliates, licensors, suppliers, advertisers, and sponsors, and their respective employees, consultants, agents, and other representatives ("Indemnified Parties") harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, costs (including reasonable attorneys' fees), and other expenses that arise directly or indirectly out of or from: (a) User's breach of any of these terms and conditions; (b) any allegation that any information User submits or transmits to the Site infringes on or otherwise violates the copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property or other rights of any third party; (c) any federal, state, or county tax obligation or amounts due or owing under any tax regulation, law, order, or decree or any dispute concerning the tax status of Razorgator; and/or (d) User's activities in connection with the use of this Site. Site Changes and Availability Razorgator reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Site, the Services, or any part of the Site or Services with or without notice for any reason. Razorgator performs regularly scheduled maintenance and while we do our best to avoid customer impact, the Site or our Services may be unavailable during these maintenance periods. Disclaimers and Limitations on Liability No Warranty: THE SITE, THE MATERIALS ON THE SITE AND ANY TICKET OR SERVICE OBTAINED THROUGH THE SITE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Razorgator DISCLAIMS, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE SITE, THE MATERIALS, AND ANY TICKETS OR SERVICE OBTAINED THROUGH THE SITE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY RIGHTS, MERCHANTABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND ANY WARRANTIES THAT MAY ARISE FROM COURSE OF DEALING OR USAGE OF TRADE. Razorgator DOES NOT WARRANT THAT YOUR USE OF THE SITE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED, ERROR-FREE, OR SECURE, THAT DEFECTS WILL BE CORRECTED, OR THAT THE SITE IS FREE OF VIRUSES OR OTHER HARMFUL COMPONENTS. YOU ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK FOR YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND YOUR RELIANCE THEREON. Razorgator IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY FOR THE ACCURACY OR SUITABILITY OF ANY PAYMENT OF TAXES TO ANY ENTITY ON YOUR BEHALF. YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND ANY MATERIALS PROVIDED THROUGH THE SITE ARE ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU SHOULD USE YOUR BEST JUDGMENT AND EXERCISE CAUTION WHERE APPROPRIATE. Limitation of Liability: NEITHER Razorgator NOR ANY OTHER INDEMNIFIED PARTY ARE OR WILL BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE TO YOU OR TO ANY THRID PARTY FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE, OR OTHER DAMAGES (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF BUSINESS OR LOST PROFITS) UNDER ANY CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, OR OTHER THEORY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING IN ANY WAY TO THE SITE, THE MATERIALS ON THE SITE, OR ANY TICKET OR SERVICE OBTAINED THROUGH THE SITE. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, YOU EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT Razorgator AND ANY OTHER INDEMNIFIED PARTY SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER FOR: (I) ANY ACTION OF ANOTHER USER TO THE SITE; (II) PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER, WHETHER ARISING IN CONTRACT OR IN TORT, RESULTING FROM YOUR ACCESS TO AND USE OF THE SITE, INCLUDING ANY CLAIM, CAUSE OF ACTION, OBLIGATION, LIABILITY, RIGHT, OR REMEDY WHETHER OR NOT ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF Razorgator; (III) ANY UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS; (IV) ANY INTERRUPTION OR CESSATION OF TRANSMISSION TO OR FROM THE SITE; (V) AANY BUGS, VIRUSES, WORMS, DEFECTS, OR OTHER ITEMS OF A DESTRUCTIVE NATURE WHICH MAY BE TRANSMITTED TO OR THROUGH THE SITE BY ANY THIRD PARTY; (VI) ANY ERROR, MISTAKE, INACCURACY, OR OMISSION IN ANY MATERIALS, OR FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF ANY MATERIALS AVAILABLE THROUGH THE SITE; AND/OR (VII) ANY LOST, STOLEN, OR DAMAGED TICKETS?.AND YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY, FOR ALL DAMAGES, LOSSES SUFFERED BY YOU, AND CAUSES OF ACTION, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT (INCLUDING, WIHTOUT LIMITATION, NEGLIGENCE), OR OTHERWISE, SHALL BE THE TOTAL AMOUNT PAID BY YOU, IF ANY, TO ACCESS THE SITE. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. Disputes: Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or related to your use of this site shall be resolved in, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of, the state or federal courts in and for New York, New York. You consent to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts in and for New York, New York. User Content Razorgator allows you to submit suggestions, reviews, concepts, audio and video recordings, photographs, artwork or other materials to the Site ("User Content"). By submitting User Content, you certify that you are at least 18 years old, or you are at least 13 years old and have obtained your parent's or legal guardian's express consent to submit User Content. If you submit User Content to the Site, you grant Razorgator a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, sublicenseable, royalty-free right and license to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform, display, archive and commercialize your User Content, in our sole discretion, in all formats and in all media channels now known or hereinafter discovered, without any compensation or acknowledgment to you or anyone else. This license will not affect your ownership in your User Content, including the right to grant additional licenses to your User Content, except if it conflicts with the Agreement. We are not obligated to post, display or otherwise use any User Content, or to attribute your User Content to you. You will not make or authorize any claim against us that our use of your User Content infringes any of your rights. Following termination or deactivation of your account, or if you remove any User Content from Razorgator, we may retain your User Content for a commercially reasonable period of time for backup, archival, or audit purposes. Statements, opinions and reviews posted by participants on the Site may be inaccurate, offensive, obscene, threatening or harassing. We do not endorse and are not responsible for these postings. We will not be liable for any loss or harm caused by the posting or your reliance on information obtained through the postings. You will be responsible for your User Content and the consequences of posting it. By submitting User Content, you represent to us that (i) you own, or have the necessary permission to submit the User Content and to grant the licenses to us under this section, and (ii) you have the written permission of every identifiable person in the User Content to use that person's name and likeness in the manner contemplated by the Site and the Agreement or, if the person is a minor, the written permission of the minor's parent or legal guardian. We will have the right (but not the obligation) to monitor the Site and the User Content, and to disclose any User Content and the circumstances surrounding its submission in order to operate the Site properly, or to protect ourselves, our sponsors and our users, or to comply with legal obligations or governmental requests. If we are notified that your User Content does not comply with the Agreement, we may investigate the allegation and may decide to remove your User Content and cancel your account. We may also hold you liable for any User Content that infringes the rights of a third party, and require you to pay or reimburse us for any amounts we believe are necessary to resolve any complaint. Claims of Copyright Infringement on the Site It is Razorgator's policy, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, to disable and/or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the text of which may be found on the U.S. Copyright Office website at, Razorgator will respond expeditiously to claims of copyright infringement committed using the the Site that are reported to Razorgator's Designated Copyright Agent, identified below. If you are a copyright owner, or are authorized to act on behalf of one, or authorized to act under any exclusive right under copyright, please report alleged copyright infringements taking place on or through the Site by completing the following DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement ("Notice") and delivering it to Razorgator's Designated Copyright Agent. Upon receipt of the Notice as described below, Razorgator will take whatever action, in its sole discretion, it deems appropriate, including removal of the challenged material from the Site. If Razorgator removes or disables access to content in response to a Notice, we may notify the user with details about the Notice so that they can submit a counter-notice. Razorgator may also send a complete copy of the Notice to users where appropriate. You can submit a Notice by sending the following information to our Designated Copyright Agent: 1. Identify the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed, or - if multiple copyrighted works are covered by this Notice - you may provide a representative list of the copyrighted works that you claim have been infringed.
2. Identify (i) the material that you claim is infringing (or to be the subject of infringing activity) and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the material, including at a minimum, if applicable, the URL of the link shown on the website where such material may be found, and (ii) the reference or link, to the material or activity that you claim to be infringing, that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate that reference or link, including at a minimum, if applicable, the URL of the link shown on the website where such reference or link may be found.
3. Provide your mailing address, telephone number, and, if available, email address.
4. Include both of the following statements in the body of the Notice:
"I hereby state that I have a good faith belief that the disputed use of the copyrighted material or reference or link to such material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law (e.g., as a fair use)."
"I hereby state that the information in this Notice is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner, or authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyright or of an exclusive right under the copyright that is allegedly infringed."
5. Provide your full legal name and your electronic or physical signature.
If the work you identified is an image, you can ask Razorgator to remove all copies of the image identified in your request by clearly specifying in the beginning of your email that you are requesting that Razorgator "remove all User Content containing the image". Please note that only identical copies of the image file can be removed by this function. If an image file has been re-sized or altered in any other way, then it cannot be detected or removed through this function. Deliver this Notice, with all items completed, to Razorgator's Designated Copyright Agent: Razorgator Copyright Agent
225 W 34TH ST, STE 1708
New York, NY 10122
Telephone +1 (877) 978-1377
Email: [email protected]
Note: This email address should only be used for copyright complaints. If you need to contact Razorgator for any other reason, please email us at [email protected] If you receive a notification that your User Content has been removed due a copyright complaint, it means that the User Content has been deleted from Razorgator at the request of the content's owner. If you want us to forward the information from the Copyright Complaint notification, contact us at [email protected] and we will provide you with this information (though we may remove personal contact information where appropriate). If your account receives too many copyright complaints, you may lose the ability to submit User Content on Razorgator, and your account may be disabled completely. If you believe User Content was removed in error, you have the option to file a counter-notice by following the steps below. When we receive a valid counter-notice, we will remove the complaint from your account's record. Note: There are legal and financial consequences for fraudulent and/or bad faith submissions. Before submitting a counter-notice, be sure that you are the actual rights holder of the removed content or that you have a good faith belief that the material was removed in error, and understand the repercussions of submitting a false claim. How to File a Counter-Notice: • Email your counter-notice to [email protected]
• Include all of the following:
• Your name, address, and telephone number.
• DMCA ID printed on the notification email.
• The source address of the content that was removed (copy and paste the link in the notification email).
• A statement under penalty of perjury that you have a good faith belief that the content was removed in error.
• A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which the address is located, or if your address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which Razorgator may be found, and that you will accept service of process from the person who provided the original complaint or an agent of such person.
• A physical or electronic signature (for example, typing your full name).
Entire Agreement This Agreement (and all documents incorporated by reference) constitutes the entire agreement between the parties pertaining to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof, whether written or oral. No amendment, modification, or supplement of any provision of this Agreement will be valid or effective unless made in accordance with the express terms of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable under any circumstances, its application in any other circumstances and the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall not be affected. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement, or any of its rights or obligations, without the prior written consent of Razorgator, which we can refuse in our sole discretion. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to confer benefits, rights, or remedies unto any person or entity other than the parties hereto and their successors and permitted assigns. Our suppliers and co-brand partners are third-party beneficiaries of this Agreement. The subject heading at the beginning of each section of this Agreement is for reference purposes only and in no way defines, limits, construes, or describes the scope or extent of such section.