10 Things You Must Know Before Going to the 2016 US Open in Flushing Meadows

Know Your Stadiums
Access With Your Tickets
Best Place to Sit
Check Schedule Before Event

Day vs Night Sessions
Get there Early!
Public Transportation
Summer in NY

Entertainment and Food
Prohibited Items
First Week of Play
Weather Insurance

1. Know Your Stadiums

There are three "Show" Courts, 15 field courts and seven practice courts. The field and practice courts are first-come, first-serve seating. The show courts include the Grandstand, Louis Armstrong Stadium and Arthur Ashe Stadium.
Grandstand: seats 6,000; all seats are first-come, first-serve.
Louis Armstrong Stadium: seats 10,200; Courtside and loge are reserved. All other seats are first-come, first-serve.
Arthur Ashe Stadium: this is the premiere stadium and usually showcases the bigger matches. Arthur Ashe seats 23,700 and all seats are reserved.

2. Know What Access You Get With Your Ticket

Louis Armstrong Stadium: this ticket will give you an assigned seat at Louis Armstrong Stadium, along with first-come, first-serve access to the Grandstand and all the Field Courts. These tickets do not give you access to any matches at Arthur Ashe Stadium. There is a large screen outside the stadium broadcasting the matches for patrons who do not have Arthur Ashe Stadium tickets.
Arthur Ashe Stadium: this ticket will give you an assigned seat at Arthur Ashe Stadium, along with first-come, first-serve access to Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and all the Field Courts.

Please keep in mind that this access is per session. Also, children 2-years-old and above require a full-price ticket.

3. The Best Place to Sit

The best seats are found in the corners. These seats will give you a great view of the players without having to turn your head for each shot.

Louis Armstrong Stadium: the stadium is broken down into four levels: Courtside, Loge, and the upper and lower General Admission. In the Courtside, the best seats are found in Sections 6-12, 19-27, 40-47 and 56-62. The Loge seats are on both ends of the court along the services lines: Sections 123-126 and 105-106. These seats will give you the view you would see on television. The General Admission seats are first-come, first-serve, and again, it is best to sit near the corners.

Arthur Ashe Stadium: the stadium is broken down into five levels: Courtside, Luxury Suites, Loge, Lower Promenade and Upper Promenade. In the Courtside seating, the best sections are in the corners: 5-11, 27-31, 41-41 and 60-65. In the Loge seats, the best sections are 108-116, 214-220, 150-158 and 173-179. In the Lower (rows A-L) and Upper (rows M-Z) Promenade, the best seats are found in Sections 303-306, 316-319, 323-326 and 336-339.
Note: RazorGator is not selling tickets for the Luxury Suites.

4. Check the Schedule Before You Arrive
For an event schedule, please visit our schedule page
The player's schedule for the first and second rounds might not be determined until the night before the match.

5. Day vs Night Sessions

Louis Armstrong Stadium: the Day Session typically consist of 4-5 matches.
Arthur Ashe Stadium: the Day Session typically consists of three matches, while the Night Session typically consists of two matches.
Note: The number of matches is subject to weather and schedule changes. All Night Sessions are played at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

6. Get There Early!

Gates open at 10 a.m. for the Day Sessions and 6 p.m. for the Night Sessions. On the final Sunday, gates open at 11 a.m. It is advised you get to the gates early so you have plenty of time to get to your seats. All fans will go through a screening process before they enter the main gate so this could cause delays. Once you get in, take advantage of all the wonderful sights and sounds of the US Open. There are plenty of dining options and memorabilia vendors. You might even catch a glimpse of your favorite player warming up on the practice courts.

7. Take Public Transportation

Taking public transportation to the Tennis Center is highly recommended!

(Option 1): Take the #7 Flushing Subway from either Times Square, Bryant Park or Grand Central Terminal to Shea Stadium / Willets Point Station.

(Option 2): Take the "E" or "F" Queens train to Jackson Heights / Roosevelt Avenue and transfer upstairs to the #7 train (Flushing bound) to the Shea Stadium / Willets Point Station.
The subway station is about a three minute walk to the Tennis Center.

The Long Island Railroad Port Washington train departs from Penn Station to the Tennis Center (Shea Stadium / Willets Point Station). Contact the railroad for schedule information at 718-217-5477.

If you are coming from Connecticut or Westchester County, take the Metro-North to Grand Central Terminal and transfer to the #7 Flushing train to Shea Stadium / Willets Point. If you are coming from New Jersey, take the New Jersey Transit to Penn Station and transfer to the Long Island Railroad.

If you plan on driving, parking is available for $14.

8. Summer in NY (hint: it's hot!)

In late August to early September, temperatures in Flushing, NY average a high of 75-80 degrees and lows of 58-66 degrees. We advise you bring sunscreen and a small hat for day sessions, and a light jacket for night sessions. Since many seats are not covered, we also encourage you to wear light colored clothing.

9. The Grounds: Lively Entertainment and Delicious Food

The US Open is one of the best tennis tournaments in the world, not only for the top-notch competition, but for the great food options and daily entertainment. If you need a quick break from the tennis or have some time between matches, head to one of the US Open's fine restaurants. You can grab a light snack, have a cocktail with friends or indulge on a delicious dessert.

Aces and Champions Bar & Grill: both restaurants are located on the Club level of Arthur Ashe Stadium between gates 3 and 4, and are available to Courtside and Luxury Suite ticket holders. While the atmospheres are slightly different, both offer the ultimate dining experience with fresh seafood, salads and sandwiches.

Patio Cafe: this outdoor cafe is available to all ticket holders throughout the day and night, and offers a great view of the US Open grounds. Patio Cafe specializes in tasty sandwiches, salads and fine cocktails.

Mojito Restaurant & Bar: the name says it all ...besides offering this refreshing summer cocktail, the Cuban-inspired restaurant serves Latin specialties in a beautiful garden setting set to a 1950s Havana theme.
Indoor seating is also available.

Heineken Red Star Cafe: Known for its light snacks, specialty beers and casual setting, the Heineken Red Star Cafe is located in the South Plaza near Court 7. Grab some friends, drink a beer and mellow out.

If you are looking for something quick to eat, the US Open Village offers an abundance of food options, from burritos and cheese steaks to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, if you want it, the US Open has it!

Don't forget to stop by the many memorabilia shops and independent vendors. You will find the perfect gift for any tennis fan.

10. Prohibited Items

There is a limit of one bag per fan. The bag cannot be larger than 12" x 12" and is subject to search. There is no bag storage on the grounds, but for a small fee, you can leave your bag at a storage facility outside the main gates. You can also bring a small digital/film camera, but it cannot be professional or commercial.
The following items are prohibited:

  • Sealed packages of any kind.
  • Briefcases
  • Hard coolers or containers
  • Glass bottles or cans
  • Noisemakers
  • Commercial video cameras or recording devices
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Computers
  • Food (except in limited quantities or for medical/infant purposes)
  • Weapons
  • Pets
  • Banners/signs
  • Laser pointers
  • Tennis racquets

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