RazorGator Affiliate Program FAQ


How does the affiliate program work?

When you become an affiliate of RazorGator, you will be able to place links to on your website. When a visitor clicks on one of those links and completes an order at, you will receive commission on the amount of the sale, excluding shipping costs.

RazorGator has partnered with Commission Junction to provide a state-of-the-art affiliate tracking, reporting and payment solution. If you are already a Commission Junction Publisher, you can bypass the sign-up form and register for the RazorGator affiliate program directly through the Commission Junction Member's Area. If you are not yet a Commission Junction Publisher, you can sign-up for our affiliate program right now online.

Why should I become an affiliate of RazorGator?

RazorGator has been the leader in premier ticketing since 1958 and has a selection of over 1,200,000 tickets to sold-out and hard to find events. Our affiliate program offers very competitive commission rates, allowing you to earn up to $30 for every sale you generate!

Can anyone join the affiliate program?

Anyone with a website can apply to become an affiliate. However, RazorGator reserves the right to exclude any website, particularly those that promote violence, sexually explicit material, illegal activities, the violation of copyrights, and the use of spam email. You do not need to operate a sports or entertainment site to become an affiliate. However, these are the markets we target, and your sales are likely to be higher if you operate one of these sites.

What is the payment system?

Commissions are paid with monthly checks as long as your account has accumulated at least $25. Balances of less than $25 will be rolled over until the $25 minimum is reached, at which point the account will be paid in the next monthly cycle.

Can I earn more than the default commission rate?

Yes. Your commission structure can be raised if your website provides us with a high volume of sales from quality referrals. Please contact us for more information.

How does RazorGator track my sales?

When a visitor uses your affiliate link to reach, a temporary cookie is placed on their hard drive that identifies them as one of your visitors. This cookie will remain on their hard drive for 60 days. When the visitor places an order at within 60 days of visiting your site, you receive credit for the sale. When an order is placed, it is verified to ensure that it is not a fraudulent order, and then your commission on the sale is placed in your account.

How do I create affiliate links to

Creating links to place on your website in order to earn commissions from the RazorGator Affiliate Program is easy, even if you only have minimal experience with building webpages. In the Commission Junction member's area, we provide plenty of "copy and paste" HTML code that you simply insert into your webpages at any spot that you want to place your affiliate links and banners.

Can I create links to pages besides the homepage?

Yes, in the Commission Junction member's area, you have access to numerous links that will take your website visitors to specific landing pages on our website that are relevant to your content. For instance, if your website is a fan site for baseball enthusiasts, you can use our Baseball links as these will take your visitors directly the pages on our site that showcase baseball tickets.

Does it cost anything to join the affiliate program?

Participation in RazorGator's affiliate program is free of charge.

How can I view my earnings reports?

You can track clicks, impressions and earnings activity from within the Commission Junction member's area.

Will I earn commission for all products sold at

We do offer commissions on all tickets sold on the RazorGator website. However, ticket and hotel packages are not commissionable.

Can I still join the affiliate program even though I don't have a sports or entertainment website?

You do not necessarily need to have a sports or entertainment related website but you DO need to have a fully functioning publicly accessible website.

All affiliate applications are reviewed carefully on an individual basis and your website will be reviewed for suitability to qualify for the program.

However, RazorGator reserves the right to exclude any website, particularly those that promote violence, sexually explicit material, illegal activities, the violation of copyrights, and the use of spam email.

Can I become an affiliate even though my website is under construction?

We would prefer that your website is completed and fully functional before you apply to be an affiliate. This is because it is difficult for our affiliate review team to fairly access your website for suitability if parts of it are still under construction. However, if you have a definite launch date for your new website and at least 80% of it is completed, you may submit an application now and state in the application form what your target launch date is.

Can I become an affiliate even though my website is outside the U.S.?

Yes, you certainly can. We have many affiliates that are located outside the U.S.

Can I use the name in my press releases?

You CANNOT use RazorGator or in any press release without written permission from RazorGator. If you would like to issue a press release and include the RazorGator name or URL, please contact us via our contact page.

Can I co-brand with

RazorGator does offer a co-branding option with its affiliates, however, the affiliate must reach a revenue goal on a consistent basis in order for RazorGator to offer this service to its partners.

What if I need further assistance?

Simply fill out our contact form

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