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Former members of the Grateful Dead Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann formed a group after the death of Gerry Garcia in 1995. They performed in 1998, 2000 and 2002 as The Other Ones and in 2003 changed their name to The Dead. The 2003 lineup included Jimmy Herring, Jeff Chimenti, Rob Barraco, and Joan Osborne. They opened their summer tour in June at the Bonnaroo Festival. For the first time in five years the founding four along with Jeff Chimenti and Warren Haynes are set to start touring this spring, and Razorgator is your connection to purchase tickets to see the reunited group ignite the stage.

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Although the Grateful Dead have played their final notes together, the memories of five decades of music will ring loud and true in the memories of Deadheads all across the country. The gathering at Soldier Field in Chicago was perhaps as notable for the connections made as it was for the music itself. The chemistry between the band members was palpable, and the three-day fest is something that will truly go down in the history books. All three sets are available for streaming online, but they will also soon be available in various box sets. In mid-September, the band will release an enormous 80-CD set that will include 30 recordings that have never been released, one for each year that they spent on tour. Although the band has said their final farewells, there is still plenty of new music to experience.
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6/30/15 - Deadheads gathered for the start of a long, strange trip this week in Santa Clara, California. The Grateful Dead played two shows this week, and for all those in attendance, it was a chance to say an official goodbye not only to the band, but also to the late Jerry Garcia, who passed away in 1995. Many of those in attendance will travel now to Chicago, where “Fare Thee Well” will end with three final concerts. Join the Grateful Dead and the rest of the masses at Soldier Field this Friday, Saturday or Sunday by purchasing tickets from us today. If you would like an all-weekend pass, our prices start at $857. Tickets for individual nights start at $321 for Friday, $273 for Saturday, and $322 for Sunday.

6/23/15 - The historical and musical significance of the Grateful Dead reunion shows are not things to underestimate, as proven by the overwhelming response to event, which is titled “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead.” Organizers are reassuring eager Deadheads that the final performances will be recorded and released sometime this fall. CD recordings and video footage will be available in different packages, so all can relive the band’s final moments together on stage. The event is starting this Saturday, June 27 at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, California, close to where the band first came together in 1965. Tickets are available now in limited quantity starting at just $24. This is a show for all music lovers, so purchase your place for this historical event today!

6/18/15 - Just over one week remains until the Grateful Dead begin their mini-reunion tour, which is being called “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead.” The remaining original members of the band will be together once again in Santa Clara, California at Levis Stadium on June 27 and 28. Pricing for those shows start at $36 and $26, respectively. At this price, your can bring all your loved ones with you! Come honor the late Jerry Garcia and relive a little of your youth by seeing these mastermind musicians perform some of their notoriously long improvisational jams. After the California shows, they will head to Chicago, where they will play three shows at Soldier Field on July 3-5. Join them for just one night, or you can join them for all three shows by purchasing an all-weekend pass.

6/11/15 - The iconic jam band the Grateful Dead is an ensemble that has included many different players over the course of their 50 years together, and deceased lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jerry Garcia was also known to collaborate with musicians in a wide variety of genres. This week, diehard Deadheads are mourning the loss of one of Garcia’s most influential collaborators who rewrote the rules for jazz music. Saxophonist and jazz music revolutionary Ornette Coleman passed away on Thursday at the age of 85. His band Prime Time was usually comprised of two guitarists, but in 1988 they featured a third guitarist. That third guitarist was none other than Jerry Garcia, who joined Coleman and the rest of Prime Time to record the album Virgin Beauty.

5/26/15 - Jam band legends the Grateful Dead have achieved many milestones in their lengthy, decorated history. This week, they’re setting new records that may surprise young and old fans alike. The Dead just beat out pop princess Taylor Swift as the number one selling tour this summer, with just five shows in two different cities. Although Swift comes in as the overall hottest ticket this summer, the Dead will outsell her shows by close to 65% each. Swift may be one of the hardest working artists in the industry and have a staggering fan base around the world, but she just can’t beat the decades-long loyalty of the die hard Dead Heads. Come relive all the nostalgia of the Grateful Dead this summer in San Francisco or Chicago. Tickets are still available in limited quanitites.

5/18/15 - It’s definitely no secret that the Grateful Dead are celebrating their 50th anniversary in a big way. Not only are the reunion shows a hugely anticipated event, but the hype surrounding “Fare Thee Well” has also caused a big surge in the interest around band memorabilia from decades past. An Illinois auction featuring over 700 items that any Deadhead would go nuts over recently reported a theft of over $75,000 in merchandise. Although the owner is upset about the crime, he reports he is more concerned about the preservation of the rare items than prosecuting the criminal. Are you interested to see what interesting posters and other items from the reunion shows will become a part of history? Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it all by purchasing your tickets from us today!

5/13/15 - As the Grateful Dead shows approach, some of the band members are speaking about what they think Jerry Garcia would think about “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead” reunion concerts if he were alive. He was notorious for detesting awards and didn’t like the attention that came along with being a rock and roll star, so many think he may be somewhat hesitant at all the headlines and attention that come along with the event, but ultimately the experience will be all about the music, and that is what he truly loved. Purchase your tickets for this ultimate adventure in psychedelic music from us today! Prices vary, but you can purchase your tickets for the Santa Clara, California show on Saturday, June 27 starting at $81.

5/7/15 - As legendary rockers the Grateful Dead prepare for their five epic reunion shows later this summer, they achieved an equally epic milestone this week. Tuesday marked the 50-year anniversary of the Dead’s first live show ever. On May 5, 1986, they played at Magoo’s Pizza in Menlo Park, CA albeit with a different name. At the time the band went by The Warlocks, but quickly changed their name after discovering that another signed band was already using it. In December of 1965, they had their first official performance as the Grateful Dead. The June 27 and 28 shows in Santa Clara, CA will take place just miles from where the Dead held their first show ever at Magoo’s Pizza back in 1965. Don’t miss it!

4/30/15 - In a recent article from Forbes magazine about the evolution of the music industry, writers credit the Grateful Dead with revolutionizing the music industry by doing what seemed counterintuitive—letting audience members record live jam sessions instead of only allowing them to buy studio produced records. This allowed the band to be truly creative, and led to some of the most unique and irreplaceable recordings that are just as popular today as they ever were. This summer, Deadheads can recreate the experience of the 1960s and ‘70s and see what unique sounds will come off the stage as the Grateful Dead reunite one final time. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event! Purchase your tickets for the Soldier Field event in Chicago that begins July 3 starting at $227.

4/22/15 - The news of the five Grateful Dead reunion shows has caused so much attention that the band has officially announced that the concerts will be broadcast live in theaters across the country as well as via pay-per-view. This is a huge deal for Deadheads who won’t be able to make it to either venue this summer, as there is now virtually no excuse to miss “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead.” Watching it on a screen will not be the same as witnessing this historic set in person, however, so those who can make it to Levis Stadium on June 27-28 or Soldier Field on July 3-5 should purchase tickets today. Ticket prices start at $113 for the California shows and $251 for the Chicago shows.

4/16/15 - Due to the insatiable demand for tickets to the Grateful Dead reunion shows that will take place over the Independence Day weekend this summer, the band has decided to add two additional shows to the lineup. They will be on stage on June 27 and 28, performing two sets each night to any and all fans that can make it to Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. That part of California is a place that holds special significance to the original band members. That is where they first joined forces and played their first shows, including their first ever recorded concert at Fillmore Stadium in San Francisco. Fans who wish to attend either of these concerts should purchase tickets now, as they will undoubtedly sell quickly. Our prices start at $170.

4/7/15 - Although diehard Deadheads and casual fans alike will still have to wait a few months to catch the Grateful Dead live at their series of epic reunion shows this July, they’ll now have something to look forward to in May as well. This year marks the fifth consecutive year that the Dead and cinemas around the country will put on the Meet-Up at the Movies event. It is a one night only affair where a classic performance by the Dead is played on the big screen. This year, Meet-Up at the Movies will take place on May 4 and feature a previously unreleased performance from July 19, 1989 when the Jerry Garcia and the rest of the Dead played at the famous Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI.

4/3/15 - This year marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of one of the most legendary bands in music, the Grateful Dead. While everyone is anxiously awaiting the three historic reunion shows that will take place in Chicago this July, Deadheads and tribute bands are already celebrating the monumental milestone. One such cover band is the Scarlet Begonias, named after one of the Dead’s most well known songs. The Montgomery act recently performed at the Live and Listen Spring Concert, which is designed to benefit the Cancer Wellness Foundation. The concert founder thought that the Scarlet Begonias were a natural choice in honor of the Grateful Dead’s fifty years together. Come catch the real deal when the Dead reunite in Chicago at Soldier Field this July.

3/24/15 - If three days of nostalgia isn’t enough, Grateful Dead fans will have the chance to collect over 700 of the band’s items in a two-day auction on April 11 and April 12. The auction is designed to celebrate the band’s 50 years together and will take place at Donley Auction Services in Union, IL. Items have been contributed courtesy of friends and former employees of the Dead. Featured items include everything from concert t-shirts to original artwork from 1966 by Stanley Mouse. You can also bid on Jerry Garcia’s favorite kitchen table and chairs, which he used to sit at in the office. Be prepared to bid big though, as that table starts at a whopping $1000. Come catch the Grateful Dead live in concert this summer at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL.

3/20/15 - The legendary rockers behind the Grateful Dead recently put a rumor about their long awaited reunion shows in Chicago to rest on Monday. Reports had long been circulating that Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese would be filming the performances in July as a part of a documentary chronicling the band. It wouldn’t be the first time Scorsese dabbled in music documentaries, as he was behind “The Last Waltz,” which is argued to be one of the greatest concert films of all time. While the rumors are untrue, it has been reported that another director, Amir Bar-Lev, does have plans to create a Dead documentary. Come find out for yourself when the Grateful Dead reunite to play three nearly sold out shows at Soldier Field July 3 – 5.

3/10/15 - Whether or not you’re one of the Deadheads lucky enough to catch the remaining members of the Grateful Dead live in concert this summer, you can now look forward to even more while you wait for their opening show on July 3 at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL. The band will release a vinyl box set including Wake Up to Find Out: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 3/29/90 on highly anticipated Record Store Day 2015. The live show was one of the Dead’s most legendary performances along their spring 1990 tour, largely because they were joined by the saxophonist forces of Brandford Marsalis. Marsalis contributed his saxophone talents to create unforgettable renditions of “Eyes of the World” and “Dark Star.” Don’t miss your chance to relive the magic of the Grateful Dead ahead of their farewell shows in Chicago.

3/3/15 - With tickets quickly selling out for the Grateful Dead reunion shows at Soldier Field in Chicago this summer, promoter Peter Shapiro recently gave Deadheads who can’t make it something to look forward to. He recently announced plans to record the thrice in a lifetime performances from July 3 through July 5 with sophisticated audio and video, allowing fans around the world to be present and enjoy the three nights of nostalgia. You don’t have to watch from home, however, as we still have tickets available to all three shows. Our prices start as low as $416, which is a small price to pay for the opportunity to see one of the most iconic bands from the 1960s. Don’t miss your chance to see the band’s four surviving members reunited this July.

2/24/15 - As if the news of the Grateful Dead reunion shows didn’t garner enough attention by itself, the band’s website is starting a feature that they are calling the “Jam of the Week” to get fans even more amped up for the event. Essentially, the tape archivist for the band will choose one snippet to stream per week, and once the seven days are up, it’s gone for good. This week’s Jam is from a June 1973 performance at the Universal Amphitheatre in California. It is over an hour long, giving Deadheads plenty to listen to gear them up for the live shows that will take place in July. Tickets for the three-day event at Soldier Field in Chicago are for sale now, and our prices start at $597.

2/19/15 - It has recently been announced that the late Jerry Garcia, the guitar player and vocalist for the Grateful Dead, will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2015. He will be honored at the event along with Robert Hunter, his collaborator on hits such as “China Cat Sunflower,” Dark Star, ”Touch of Grey,” and “Uncle John’s Band.” The two started writing lyrics together early in the band’s history, and that work has led to some of the most recognizable songs of all time, which you can hear live as the Grateful Dead reunite for one last time in early July at Soldier Field in Chicago. Tickets for this extraordinary event are proving to be hard to get, but Razorgator has them available now starting at $597.

2/10/15 - When talking about legends in modern music, one name that is almost guaranteed to come up is Grateful Dead. They have inspired countless musicians, and won the hearts of fans young and old across the world. The news of their reunion shows has garnered an incredible amount of buzz from those in the music business, and especially from Deadheads. Alvarez, a guitar-making company, is even making a special and limited edition signature guitar to commemorate the anniversary. Each guitar will be completely unique and will feature a vintage look and custom artwork, making them a true collector’s item. The final shows will take place at Soldier Field in Chicago, where the band last played together in 1995. Ticket prices for this once in a lifetime experience start at $877.

2/5/15 - The Grateful Dead got their start in the 1960s, and gained a strong following under the counterculture that was happening at the time. Their fans, better known as Deadheads, are some of the most loyal in the industry, and that has proven true upon announcement of the group’s final performances together. Soldier’s Field in Chicago may have a capacity of 55,000 people, but not even that large of a venue is enough to satisfy the demands for tickets. The band is known for long, improvisational jam sessions in their live performances, and has been extremely influential on other musical groups, including Phish, who will lend their guitar player to the group for the event. Razorgator has tickets for the “Fare Thee Well” shows on July 3-5 for $597.

1/29/15 - Following the recent announcement that Grateful Dead would reunite for one final series of shows this year, over 60,000 fans flooded their local post offices with requests for tickets. Clearly, music fans all over the country have been shocked and delighted by the news of the reunion, and are planning their own trips to Soldier Field in Chicago, IL. The group got their start in 1965 in Palo Alto, and is known for their mixture of sounds, including rock and roll, country, reggae, blues, bluegrass and more. Following the death of founding member Jerry Garcia in 1995, the group stopped performing together, but it was announced that Trey Anastasio would take Garcia’s place for the reunion shows. Come see some classic Grateful Dead jam sessions with tickets from Razorgator for $425.

1/20/15 - Deadheads are celebrating after an announcement from Trixie Garcia, the late Jerry Garcia’s daughter. After 20 years, the band will be reuniting for three final shows, which they are calling “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead.” The four surviving original band members, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir, will take the stage at Chicago’s Soldier Field on July 3-5, 2015. The venue is also the last place the band played together nearly 20 years ago, making the event a meaningful one for the band members and fans alike. Razorgator has tickets for all three nights on sale, starting at $293 for the show on July 3. This will be the final time they will ever perform together, so don’t miss out on your chance to see such a legendary group perform live.
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