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Dec 10Mon 7:30 PM
From $65
Aug 13Tue 7:30 PM
From $66
All Shawn Mendes events
Nov 27Tue 7:30 PM
From $55
Nov 30Fri 7:30 PM
From $60
Dec 01Sat 7:30 PM
From $32
Dec 04Tue 7:00 PM
From $109
Dec 05Wed 7:30 PM
From $71
Dec 07Fri 7:00 PM
From $83
Dec 10Mon 7:30 PM
From $65
Dec 12Wed 7:30 PM
From $40
Dec 14Fri 7:30 PM
From $78
Dec 15Sat 7:00 PM
From $55
Dec 16Sun 7:30 PM
From $74
Jun 12Wed 7:30 PM
From $71
Jun 14Fri 7:30 PM
From $64
Jun 16Sun 7:30 PM
From $74
Jun 19Wed 7:30 PM
From $49
Jun 21Fri 7:30 PM
From $68
Jun 22Sat 7:30 PM
From $60
Jun 27Thu 7:30 PM
From $69
Jun 30Sun 7:30 PM
From $54
Jul 02Tue 7:30 PM
From $79
Jul 05Fri 7:30 PM
From $88
Jul 08Mon 7:30 PM
From $66
Jul 09Tue 7:30 PM
From $65
Jul 11Thu 7:30 PM
From $57
Jul 13Sat 7:30 PM
From $73
Jul 16Tue 7:30 PM
From $77
Jul 19Fri 7:30 PM
From $65
Jul 20Sat 7:30 PM
From $59
Jul 22Mon 7:30 PM
From $60
Jul 23Tue 7:30 PM
From $52
Jul 25Thu 7:00 PM
From $72
Jul 27Sat 7:30 PM
From $50
Jul 28Sun 7:30 PM
From $45
Jul 30Tue 7:30 PM
From $53
Jul 31Wed 7:30 PM
From $75
Aug 02Fri 7:30 PM
From $52
Aug 05Mon 7:30 PM
From $66
Aug 06Tue 7:30 PM
From $58
Aug 10Sat 7:30 PM
From $84
Aug 13Tue 7:30 PM
From $66
Aug 15Thu 7:30 PM
From $85
Aug 21Wed 7:30 PM
From $113
Aug 24Sat 7:30 PM
From $70
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$161 Average Ticket Purchased All time
$1665 Most Expensive Ticket Purchased All time
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