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The Opera and Acrobatics of Pink’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour Pop-rock queen P!nk continues to entertain and astound audiences on her sold-out, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour, now in its second year. In its current form, the ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour stage acts as a revolving door for all that is Pink. Five outfit changes. Glittering trapeze. Stunning, operatic vocals. A 40-foot blow-up doll of Eminem. The ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour celebrates the edgy songstress in her strongest, most confident form. Most concerts on the ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour have been clocking in at an hour Read More →
Pink Beautiful Trauma World Tour with New 2019 Dates | How to Get Cheap Tickets Due to the overwhelming success of her original 2018 tour for which tickets all sold out within minutes, Pink has just announced added 2019 tour dates to promote her album Beautiful Trauma, which released back in October of 2018.  This upcoming North American leg of her tour is scheduled to kick off on March 1st in Fort Lauderdale, FL and is scheduled through at least May 21st in New York City. Fans can expect tickets for this tour to be in huge demand due to the singer’s huge Read More →
Listen to Eminem’s New Freestyle “The Storm” It’s been over four years since Eminem dropped The Marshall Mathers LP 2, a ferocious album containing some of his hardest tracks, including “Rap God” and “Berzerk”. But The Marshall Mathers LP 2 doesn’t even come close to what we’ve seen from the iconic Detroit rapper since. This past October, just before the election, Eminem dropped “Campaign Speech“, an 8-minute freestyle track that veers from deeply personal angrily political. In “Campaign Speech”, Eminem covered topics ranging from gun control, to Trump supporters, to Colin Kaepernick, reminding fans Read More →
Pink’s New Album, ‘Beautiful Trauma’, Out This Friday There are many, incredibly anticipated albums set to drop this Friday, Oct. 13th, including St. Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION, Beck’s Colors, and Courtney Bartnett & Kurt Vile’s Lotta Sea Lice. But the album we absolutely can’t wait to get our hands on is Pink’s latest offering, Beautiful Trauma. Just last week, Pink announced a short Apple Music documentary about the making of Beautiful Trauma, in addition to releasing the record’s third single. “Whatever You Want“, a rousing power ballad, is Pink’s testament on the resilience of love. You can check out the newest Read More →
QUIZ: Which Pop Princess Are You? Read More →
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