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Nov 18Sun 7:20 PM
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Nov 25Sun 7:20 PM
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Dec 02Sun 4:25 PM
From $215
Dec 10Mon 5:15 PM
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Dec 16Sun 12:00 PM
From $120
Dec 23Sun 1:00 PM
From $45
Dec 30Sun 12:00 PM
From $178
Jan 05Sat TBD
From $411
Jan 20Sun TBD
From $606
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US Bank Stadium Seating Chart | Minnesota Vikings Stadium Guide US Bank Stadium recently opened its doors to the Minnesota Vikings and their fans in 2016, giving them one of the most modern and beautiful stadiums in all of the NFL. A new Minnesota Vikings Stadium means unfamiliar seating arrangements and new parking and tailgating secrets. Here you will find the most detailed US Bank […] Read More →
What NFL Teams Allow You to Scan Tickets on Your Phone? The ticket industry is rapidly advancing with more teams and venues adopting mobile ticketing methods that are in place mostly to prevent fraud. The NFL is now a big part of this movement, as they’ve just recently announced that ALL 32 teams will be adopting mobile ticketing heading into the 2018 season.  If you’re looking to […] Read More →
Chicago Bears LB Jared Allen Invades the Courtyard Camera After moving from the Minnesota Vikings to the Chicago Bears last season, former Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen had a bit of a down year. Some even wonder whether or not the legendary pass rusher still has the ferocity that made him great. All one needs to do to find the answer is ask […] Read More →
NFL Bag Policy | To Be Clear In an effort to make NFL Stadiums safer this year, the NFL has issued new rules and regulations on the type of bags and personal items that can be brought into the stadium. Safety is great; the inconvenience these new rules may cause fans is not. The NFL bag policy, women will especially not be […] Read More →
Minnesota Vikings 2013 Season Preview This is a preview of the upcoming season for the Minnesota Vikings. The schedule and tickets for the Minnesota Vikings are included. Last season: 10-6 (Lost in Wildcard round to Green Bay) Vegas Over/Under: 7.5 Wins Key Additions:  WR Greg Jennings (FA), DT Shariff Floyd (FLA), CB Xavier Rhodes (FLA ST) Key Losses: WR Percy Harvin, CB […] Read More →
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