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Washington Wizards vs. Los Angeles Lakers

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Are the Lakers as Good as the Bucks? Shop Best Prices on Lakers Tickets!

So… are the Lakers as good as the Bucks this season? Or are they better? This LA team believes they’ve proven themselves with last week’s…

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Can Zion and the Pelicans Make the Playoffs? Best Prices on Pelicans Tickets!

With Zion Williamson and Lonzo Ball’s chemistry, the New Orleans Pelicans have recently turned into a team that everybody wants to watch. And with the…

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The Milwaukee Bucks Look Unstoppable – Shop Best Prices on Bucks Tickets!

No doubt about it, the Milwaukee Bucks look like the best team in the league. They’re on pace for 70 wins. They’ve just defeated the…

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Utah Jazz Surprise in the West, Conley Returns – Shop Best Prices on Utah Jazz Tickets!

Well, this isn’t a name we expected to see at the top of the NBA leaderboard when we made our predictions for this year’s best…

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How Good is the New Clippers Roster Really? Shop Best Prices on LA Clippers Tickets!

The Los Angeles Clippers made perhaps the biggest moves of any NBA team in the offseason by picking up Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and the…

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Lebron’s Lakers and 2020 Title Hopes – Shop Best Prices on Lakers Tickets!

After a disappointing last season, the Lakers are now back on top. With the Golden State Warriors out of the picture and Anthony Davis added…

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Milwaukee Bucks Start Off Season Hot! Shop Best Prices on Bucks Tickets!

Despite faltering on Christmas Day, the Milwaukee Bucks have shown themselves to be one of the best – if not the best – teams in…

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2019-2020 NBA Season Predictions: Same Teams on Top? Shop Cheap NBA Tickets!

We’ve been so focused on football lately that many of us failed to notice that the NBA has started back up again. Yep, the regular…

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What’s Going on with the Lakers and Lebron? Shop Cheap Lakers Tickets!

The Atlanta Hawks just scored 70 points on the Lakers in the first half of their game on Tuesday. (FYI, the Hawks are not good…

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Biggest NBA Trades of the 2019 Deadline – Shop Cheap NBA Tickets!

Well, February 7th came and went, and we saw a few teams make some big trades… but none of them involved Anthony Davis. His agent…

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