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Jan 04Fri 7:30 PM
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Jan 04Fri 7:30 PM
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Jan 17Thu 7:30 PM
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Jan 19Sat 7:30 PM
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Jan 22Tue 7:30 PM
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Jan 24Thu 7:30 PM
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Jan 26Sat 7:30 PM
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Jan 28Mon 7:30 PM
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Jan 31Thu 8:00 PM
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Feb 06Wed 7:30 PM
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Feb 07Thu 7:30 PM
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Feb 10Sun 7:30 PM
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Feb 18Mon 7:30 PM
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Feb 22Fri 8:00 PM
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Feb 24Sun 7:30 PM
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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour: What to Expect This past March, Justin Timberlake celebrated 20 years of his career, which began with N*SYNC’s self-titled debut album. JT continued on as a solo artist five years later with his Justified LP and has experienced nothing but success with his pop, R&B infused albums. Man of the Woods, Justin Timberlake’s fifth solo LP and first since 2013’s 20/20 Experience, is a […] Read More →
Everything We Know About Ariana Grande’s New Album UPDATE 5/2: Last month, Ariana Grande returned with the first single off her forthcoming album, “No Tears Left to Cry“. This past Tuesday on Fallon, Ariana Grande announced her new album will be titled Sweetener, and is set to drop this Summer—no official release date has been announced. Sweetener will feature contributions from Pharrell, who has worked with Grande in […] Read More →
Listen to Justin Timberlake’s New Single “Supplies” Justin Timberlake promised four new singles—and expertly produced music videos—ahead of his Man of the Woods release on February 2nd. Now, we’ve received the second of the four tracks, a banging trap-pop song titled “Supplies“. And much like the lead single “Filthy”, “Supplies” has been met with very mixed reviews. “Supplies” was accompanied with a surreal, Dave-Meyers-directed […] Read More →
Justin Timberlake – The Man of the Woods Tour | How to Get Cheap Tickets Pop superstar Justin Timberlake has just announced an upcoming North American tour in order to promote the release his upcoming album, titled The Man of the Woods, which is set to drop on February 2nd.  He will be touring beginning on Tuesday, March 13th in Toronto, ON and will be running through at least Wednesday, May 30th in […] Read More →
Justin Timberlake Will Drop a New Album in 2018 Last month, Justin Timberlake took to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to announce that he would be the 2018 Super Bowl LII Halftime Show performer. One of the most infamous moments of Justin Timberlake’s career occurred 14 years ago during his halftime show performance with Janet Jackson, so many were surprised to see that the former N*SYNC leader would […] Read More →
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