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Razorgator has nearly two decades of experience selling Cleveland Indians tickets. We only work with the most trustworthy sellers to ensure our tickets are always authentic and always on time so you can shop for the cheapest Cleveland Indians tickets with confidence!

Always authentic. Always on time. Razorgator 100% guarantee.
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May 24Thu 6:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $22
May 25Fri 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $35
May 26Sat 7:15 PM
Buy Tickets From $33
May 27Sun 1:10 PM
May 28Mon 4:10 PM
May 29Tue 6:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $25
May 30Wed 1:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $32
May 31Thu 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $7
Jun 01Fri 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $17
Jun 02Sat 3:10 PM
Jun 03Sun 1:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $14
Jun 05Tue 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $44
Jun 06Wed 1:10 PM
Jun 08Fri 7:10 PM
Jun 09Sat 4:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $7
Jun 10Sun 1:10 PM
Jun 11Mon 7:10 PM
Jun 12Tue 7:10 PM
Jun 13Wed 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $4
Jun 14Thu 1:10 PM
Jun 15Fri 7:10 PM
Jun 16Sat 4:10 PM
Jun 17Sun 1:10 PM
Jun 18Mon 7:10 PM
Jun 19Tue 7:10 PM
Jun 20Wed 1:10 PM
Jun 22Fri 7:10 PM
Jun 23Sat 6:10 PM
Jun 24Sun 1:10 PM
Jun 25Mon 7:15 PM
Jun 26Tue 7:15 PM
Jun 27Wed 7:15 PM
Jun 29Fri 7:05 PM
Jun 30Sat 1:05 PM
Jul 01Sun 1:05 PM
Jul 02Mon 7:15 PM
Buy Tickets From $9
Jul 03Tue 7:15 PM
Buy Tickets From $13
Jul 04Wed 7:15 PM
Jul 06Fri 7:10 PM
Jul 07Sat 4:10 PM
Jul 08Sun 1:10 PM
Jul 09Mon 7:10 PM
Jul 10Tue 7:10 PM
Jul 11Wed 7:10 PM
Jul 12Thu 7:10 PM
Jul 13Fri 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $55
Jul 14Sat 7:15 PM
Jul 15Sun 1:10 PM
Jul 20Fri 7:05 PM
Jul 21Sat 7:05 PM
Buy Tickets From $11
Jul 22Sun 2:05 PM
Jul 23Mon 7:10 PM
Jul 24Tue 7:10 PM
Jul 25Wed 1:10 PM
Jul 27Fri 7:10 PM
Jul 28Sat 6:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $10
Jul 29Sun 1:10 PM
Jul 30Mon 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $15
Jul 31Tue 7:10 PM
Aug 01Wed 12:10 PM
Aug 03Fri 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $48
Aug 04Sat 7:10 PM
Aug 05Sun 1:10 PM
Aug 06Mon 7:10 PM
Aug 07Tue 7:10 PM
Aug 08Wed 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $22
Aug 09Thu 1:10 PM
Aug 10Fri 7:10 PM
Aug 11Sat 6:10 PM
Aug 12Sun 1:10 PM
Aug 13Mon 7:10 PM
Aug 14Tue 7:10 PM
Aug 15Wed 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $11
Aug 17Fri 7:10 PM
Aug 18Sat 4:10 PM
Aug 19Sun 1:10 PM
Aug 20Mon 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $23
Aug 21Tue 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $23
Aug 22Wed 7:10 PM
Aug 23Thu 1:05 PM
Buy Tickets From $36
Aug 24Fri 7:15 PM
Aug 25Sat 6:15 PM
Aug 26Sun 1:15 PM
Aug 28Tue 7:10 PM
Aug 29Wed 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $20
Aug 30Thu 1:10 PM
Aug 31Fri 7:10 PM
Sep 01Sat 7:10 PM
Sep 02Sun 4:10 PM
Sep 03Mon 4:10 PM
Sep 04Tue 7:10 PM
Sep 05Wed 1:10 PM
Sep 06Thu 7:07 PM
Sep 07Fri 7:07 PM
Sep 08Sat 4:07 PM
Sep 09Sun 1:07 PM
Sep 10Mon 7:10 PM
Sep 11Tue 7:10 PM
Sep 12Wed 1:10 PM
Sep 14Fri 7:10 PM
Sep 15Sat 1:05 PM
Sep 16Sun 1:10 PM
Sep 18Tue 7:10 PM
Sep 19Wed 7:10 PM
Sep 20Thu 7:10 PM
Sep 21Fri 7:10 PM
Sep 22Sat 7:10 PM
Sep 23Sun 1:10 PM
Sep 24Mon 7:10 PM
Sep 25Tue 7:10 PM
Sep 26Wed 7:10 PM
Buy Tickets From $3
Sep 27Thu 7:15 PM
Sep 28Fri 7:15 PM
Sep 29Sat 6:15 PM
Buy Tickets From $30
Sep 30Sun 2:15 PM
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$121 Average Ticket Purchased All time
$5371 Most Expensive Ticket Purchased All time
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Razorgator Pricing Data Razorgator's pricing data has been featured in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Mashable, and many others. Razorgator does not charge any service fees, so the prices you see above are the final prices paid by our customers. On average, customers save 10%-15% per order when comparing prices to other secondary exchanges, which makes Razorgator the cheapest source for tickets on the secondary market!
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