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Boston Red Sox Tickets

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All Boston Red Sox events
Jul 24Wed 12:10 PM
From $90
Jul 25Thu 7:10 PM
From $70
Jul 26Fri 7:10 PM
From $57
Jul 27Sat 4:05 PM
From $79
Jul 28Sun 7:05 PM
From $41
Jul 30Tue 7:10 PM
From $20
Jul 31Wed 7:10 PM
From $14
Aug 01Thu 7:10 PM
From $21
Aug 02Fri 7:05 PM
From $47
Aug 03Sat 1:05 PM
From $55
Aug 03Sat 7:05 PM
From $41
Aug 04Sun 7:05 PM
From $36
Aug 05Mon 7:10 PM
From $19
Aug 06Tue 7:10 PM
From $20
Aug 07Wed 7:10 PM
From $19
Aug 08Thu 7:10 PM
From $27
Aug 09Fri 7:10 PM
From $35
Aug 10Sat 4:05 PM
From $61
Aug 11Sun 1:05 PM
From $46
Aug 12Mon 7:10 PM
From $56
Aug 13Tue 7:10 PM
From $118
Aug 14Wed 1:10 PM
From $49
Aug 16Fri 7:10 PM
From $24
Aug 17Sat 7:10 PM
From $27
Aug 18Sun 1:05 PM
From $34
Aug 20Tue 7:10 PM
From $27
Aug 21Wed 7:10 PM
From $28
Aug 23Fri 7:10 PM
From $33
Aug 24Sat 5:40 PM
From $36
Aug 25Sun 1:10 PM
From $30
Aug 27Tue 6:40 PM
From $18
Aug 28Wed 6:40 PM
From $26
Aug 30Fri 7:07 PM
From $24
Aug 31Sat 6:07 PM
From $23
Sep 01Sun 1:07 PM
From $25
Sep 03Tue 7:10 PM
From $7
Sep 04Wed 7:10 PM
From $7
Sep 05Thu 7:10 PM
From $10
Sep 06Fri 7:10 PM
From $59
Sep 07Sat 4:05 PM
From $73
Sep 08Sun 8:05 PM
From $43
Sep 09Mon 7:10 PM
From $37
Sep 10Tue 7:07 PM
From $7
Sep 11Wed 7:07 PM
From $9
Sep 12Thu 7:07 PM
From $9
Sep 14Sat 7:05 PM
From $23
Sep 15Sun 1:05 PM
From $21
Sep 17Tue 7:10 PM
From $13
Sep 18Wed 7:10 PM
From $10
Sep 19Thu 1:05 PM
From $14
Sep 20Fri 7:10 PM
From $21
Sep 21Sat 6:10 PM
From $33
Sep 22Sun 1:10 PM
From $33
Sep 23Mon 7:10 PM
From $33
Sep 24Tue 7:05 PM
From $14
Sep 25Wed 7:05 PM
From $14
Sep 26Thu 1:05 PM
From $14
Sep 27Fri 7:10 PM
From $20
Sep 28Sat 1:05 PM
From $26
Sep 29Sun 3:05 PM
From $20
$1 Cheapest Ticket Purchased All time
$116 Average Ticket Purchased All time
$3258 Most Expensive Purchase All time
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