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It’s time for the final WWE pay-per-view of the year! WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs is heading north to cold Minneapolis just before the holidays on December 15th. We’ll get to see at least one of these violent tables, ladders, and chairs matches (probably more!) between your favorite WWE Superstars and a few titles will be up for grabs. Happy holidays, right?! Coming off the recent events of Survivor Series and Starrcade, here’s what we know about the WWE TLC match card so far (and it’s not much). Only the first three matches have been confirmed, so we’ll give you a few tentative predictions of our own…

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2019 WWE TLC Match Card – Confirmed

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championship in a TLC Match

After participating in a chaotic Fatal 4-Way Match featuring four women’s tag teams at Starrcade (which ended when Asuka pinned Nikki Cross), Lynch and Flair deserve an actual shot at the tag team title. Whether they’ll win it or not, well, we’ll see. Asuka has been using that green mist to anger and foil the Queen on Raw, so the rivalry for this matchup is firmly in place. We expect this match to have some sort of TLC element – possibly a ladder? Since Lynch already has her share of championships and Asuka is so good in the ring, we think the Kabuki Warriors retain their titles. However, there are rumors that this could actually be a Fatal 4-Way for the Raw Women’s Title… which would be way more interesting. But if that happens, Lynch probably keeps it.

Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin in a Tables Match

Corbin just promised to humiliate Roman Reigns on SmackDown, so this match is being set up nicely. Word on the street is that the stipulation could involve dog collars in addition to tables. The King of the Ring winner has been a nightmare to deal with for Reigns since he moved to SmackDown. And the fact that the Big Dog helped eliminate Corbin at Survivor Series – and then eventually became the sole survivor himself – just angered the former Constable even more. They’re due for a head-to-head brawl, and at TLC, we think that Reigns will finally put the aggravating heel out of his misery. It looks like the Big Dog is being set up to make his return to the top of the card at Wrestlemania, so consider this a step in that direction.

Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley (with Lana)

As the year comes to a close, everyone is hoping the WWE will finally put this silly feud and 10-week (!!!) storyline to rest. Expect to hear more about Lana’s restraining order, divorce filings, or pregnancy at some point and, of course, watch out for her attempts to interfere. (Or not. Some are predicting Lana ends up in a shark cage for this match!) But at least we’ll actually get to see these guys face each other once and for all, head-to-head in the ring. Please let Rusev win this one and regain some dignity and respect so we can put this to bed already!

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WWE TLC Match Card Predictions

Daniel Bryan vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship in a TLC Match

It’s basically a Survivor Series rematch. The Fiend has his own title belt and a weird Firefly Funhouse show full of puppets, and Daniel Bryan is bringing back the Yes! Movement. No, this isn’t the most intriguing, awe-inspiring matchup for the biggest title in the WWE, but it’s certainly making Bryan relevant again since his return from “retirement.” Fans are absolutely loving The Fiend, who is neither heel nor face but is, in fact, the top seller of WWE merchandise right now. After watching The Fiend pull Bryan under the ring and rip out his hair on SmackDown last week, you can bet these two will meet for a title challenge at TLC… and there will be some sort of violent stipulation involved. The Fiend will retain the title and keep rolling through PPVs as such… until, say, Wrestlemania?

Bayley vs. Lacey Evans for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Holy role reversal. Bayley isn’t the best heel, and Lacey Evans definitely isn’t the best babyface, but we’ve got to live with it now. (Why, WWE? They were such naturals until you switched ‘em.) Evans interrupted Bayley at SmackDown and laid a Women’s Right on Sasha Banks, making it clear she hopes to take the title for herself. This match is likely to go down at TLC, and if you ask us, Bayley will almost definitely retain the belt. Bayley is excellent in the ring whereas Evans is, well, not quite as impressive. Heel or not, Bayley will probably keep her title for a while… at least until it’s contested by a bigger name.

Seth Rollins vs. ???

We’re not sure if Rollins is officially teaming up with the Authors of Pain, but after AOP’s attack on Kevin Owens, we think there’s a good chance they could all battle it out at TLC. Perhaps the Street Profits get involved to help out KO? We know the WWE wants to incorporate more NXT participants in these big events, so heck, maybe we see all six guys in the ring in a three-on-three match. Either way, Rollins is such a big name, he should definitely be on the card somewhere, especially after his recent (sorta-kinda?) heel turn after Survivor Series. If that transition isn’t complete yet, we could potentially see KO and Rollins team up to take on AOP together. This one is still up in the air, so we’ll have to see what happens next week on Raw.

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio ???

In a surprising turn of events, Rey Mysterio beat AJ Styles for the US Championship (after Randy Orton interfered), so it’s entirely possible that all three of these guys could battle it out for the title at TLC. Many think Mysterio is going to hold onto the championship for a while though, maybe until his (imminent) retirement. Something like this match is being teased, but whether it’ll involve two guys or all three, we don’t know yet. Stay tuned.

The Details:

WWE TLC will take place at the Target Center in Minneapolis on December 15th. The main card will begin at 7 PM, but you can expect a kick-off show to start at 6 PM. You can get tickets to watch it live, purchase it on PPV, or stream it on the WWE Network.

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