Yup, the WWE is still going to Saudi Arabia for its annual entertainment arrangement with the Kingdom. No, lots of folks – including some Superstars – still don’t like it. And no, the women still can’t go. Set for February 27th in Riyadh at International Arena at The Boulevard, this Super ShowDown will feature an all-male match card and throwback stars like Goldberg (and potentially Hulk Hogan). Here’s a look at the confirmed matches and a few of our predictions for how they’ll shake out. 

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2020 Super ShowDown Match Card

Brock Lesnar vs. Ricochet for the WWE Championship

When the WWE decided that wrestlers from NXT would take on a more integral role, they weren’t playing around. Ricochet beat Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley in a triple threat match to challenge Brock Lesnar for one of the top titles in the biz. Ricochet and Lesnar have gotten into it during previous weeks to set the stage for this one. Lesnar hit the former NXT star with an F5 on Raw, and Ricochet popped the Beast with a crotch shot during the Royal Rumble, which led to his elimination and Drew McIntyre’s victory. Now they’ll face off in a real match with an actual title on the line.

As much as we keep hoping for a Brock Lesnar exit, it seems he’s here for the long haul. Give this one to the Beast, if only because that means we’ll likely see him defend this title against McIntyre at Wrestlemania. (And that one does sound like a good match!)

Bray Wyatt vs. Goldberg for the Universal Championship

Some of the royalty over in Saudi Arabia are really into the old school wrestling icons, so the WWE is serving them up on a silver platter. The Undertaker headed over last time for Crown Jewel, and now it’ll be Goldberg taking the stage in a battle for the WWE’s top prize. The 53-year-old Hall of Famer showed up on SmackDown (via satellite) for an interview in which he challenged Wyatt, noting that he hadn’t had a shot at the title since Wrestlemania 33 when he lost to Brock Lesnar. Goldberg won’t win this match, of course, unless he’s actually planning to show up on a weekly basis to defend the title, but it should be a good show… if he’s in fighting shape, of course. The Fiend is still the WWE’s fan favorite right now, so we think he’ll retain the biggest belt in the game.

The New Day vs. John Morrison and The Miz for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The Miz and John Morrison won a Fatal 4-Way on SmackDown against Lucha House Party, The Revival, and Heavy Machinery to earn the right to challenge The New Day for their tag team titles. Miz and Morrison have been heavy on the YouTube spots lately – the Dirt Sheet even parodied Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. As the two sat in the ring on SmackDown for their latest episode, they received a visit from The New Day, who brought popcorn to laugh in their faces. After Miz and Morrison bragged about beating every other tag team for their right to challenge them, the Usos came out and begged to differ. All this drama ended when Miz and Morrison attacked the New Day while their backs were turned. The Usos came to their rescue, but the stage is clearly set. While the Dirt Sheet is fun and all, we think Big E and Xavier Woods will keep the titles for now.

Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin in a Steel Cage Match

Well, if we thought this feud was over after the last pay-per-view event, we were sorely mistaken. Reigns humiliated Corbin with a grotesque amount of dog food on SmackDown after he lost a six-man tag team match with a “loser eats dog food” stipulation (yep, that’s where we are now in the WWE). Honestly, this was appropriate payback since Corbin did the same thing to Reigns a few weeks earlier. The King demanded yet another rematch against the Big Dog, and while Reigns agreed, he stipulated that it needed to be in a steel cage, you know, to keep out any interferences.

These two have battled at TLC, the Royal Rumble, and on a weekly basis, but Corbin says he only loses because the Usos keep coming to Reigns’s rescue. Ugh, let’s hope this match is the last we see of this tired feud. With any luck, Reigns will win this one so he can start fighting some bigger, more interesting opponents.

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