Will the Golden State Warriors Win It All Again? Is It Too Soon to Tell? Warriors Tickets

The Golden State Warriors were just awarded 2018 “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated. The team is literally so good they couldn’t pick just one player! The Warriors are becoming a spectacle like the Chicago Bulls of the 90s. The NBA’s most recent dynasty has two titles in a row and they’re looking for their third one this year. With returning starters and veteran players, they are definitely one of our favorite teams to watch, but just what makes them so good? After a rough start, does anyone have a chance to take them down this season? After last year, some speculated that the 2018 Warriors would be so outstanding that they wouldn’t even be fun to watch, but we disagree. Isn’t it about time you got some tickets to see the Golden State Warriors play?

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Steph Curry is back!

The Warriors have been riddled with injuries at the start of the season, so much so that they haven’t quite looked like their old, stellar selves. Slowly but surely, however, they’re each returning to the court.

After missing over ten games due to a groin injury, star player Steph Curry is back in action. His presence, along with two helpful losses by the Toronto Raptors, has put the Warriors back at the number-one spot in the Western Conference. The Warriors went 3-0 last week and their momentum is only building. Since Curry’s return, he is shooting a ridiculous 52.4% from the three-point line, hitting 19 of 33 for three games in a row. What?!

Curry may not have the athleticism and size of Lebron or the skills set of Kevin Durant, but he is undoubtedly the NBA’s best shooter. As two-time NBA MVP, he’s set to smash all-time three-point records. He’s hardworking, dedicated to getting better, and an absolute killer competitor, a scary prospect for opponents of the Warriors.

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Draymond Green is back too!

After sitting out 14 games because of a sprained toe on his right foot, Draymond Green returned to the Warriors lineup on Monday against the Minnesota Timberwolves. As one of the best defensive players in the NBA, his presence has been sorely missed. On his return, Green remarked, “”I pride myself on being the anchor of our defense, so back on the floor, I hope it improves.” In fact, he still thinks he can come back and win Defensive Player of the Year. We can’t wait to see him try!

Oh, and the Warrior’s new big guy, DeMarcus Cousins looks healthy-ish now too. He’s been cleared to scrimmage and he’s been practicing with the G League in Santa Cruz. After tearing his achilles in January, Cousins was seen hitting threes consistently in practice the other day, so hopefully we can expect to see him on the court soon. Better late than never!

Their defense is great.

With Curry and Green back in action, however, the Warriors are almost at full strength. Monday is the first game that Curry, Green, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson will have all played together in over a month. Watch out.

Another reason the Warriors are on top this season comes down to their epic defensive skills, something people tend to overlook when Curry keeps raining threes. Their defense was what won them the game against the Milwaukee Bucks last Friday. Alfonzo McKinnie is one of their key defensive players – he’s got one of the top defensive field goal percentages in the NBA this season –  he was crucial as he filled in for all these injured guys, making shots and scoring 46.2% from the three.

That’s another reason why the Warriors are so good and why Sports Illustrated named them collectively Sportsman of the Year. Together they are greater than the sum of their parts, despite having superstars like Curry and KD on the team. They play beautifully choreographed basketball together. They move seamlessly and magically as a well-oiled machine. And now that they’re back together as a unit, we can only expect more brilliance out of the Warriors. Don’t miss the chance to watch them live in action. This is their last season playing at Oracle Arena before they move into a snazzy new stadium in the Bay Area.

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Keep watching though! The Raptors head to play a healthy Warriors team at home this week. That should give us an idea of who’s really got the top spot in the West and whether or not this dynasty is built to last.

What do you think? Will the Golden State Warriors win another title this year?