Why You Should Check Out NFL Preseason Games! Shop Cheap 2019 NFL Preseason Tickets!

There’s no cheaper way to see your favorite NFL team in action than by attending an NFL Preseason game! Sure, there are the usual arguments against them: These games don’t matter! The veterans barely play! They’re not exciting! They’re sloppy! And these players might not even be on the team by September! Whatever, this is the cheapest NFL ticket you’ll ever see – we can promise you that (unless you’ve got a season ticket connection, of course). But you can also get a good look at the new recruits on your favorite team – and maybe snag some autographs while you’re at it! Here are a few more reasons you should consider attending a 2019 NFL Preseason game before they’re finished!

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Tickets Are Cheap and Plentiful

Because NFL season ticket-holders are required to purchase preseason tickets (at least two of ‘em) at full ticket prices, there are usually a surplus of these tickets on the market. Committing to a whole season of NFL excitement is tough, so getting to these preseason games when it’s still summertime (and the winners don’t matter) is a bit of a stretch for most folks. Lots of families are on vacation, while others won’t bother attending for the multitude of reasons listed above. Because of this, you’ll find a wide array of preseason options to almost any team’s games you like on the secondary market. And because there are so many, they’re usually pretty cheap. Right now, we’ve got NFL preseason tickets that range from $3 to see the New York Jets vs. the Philadelphia Eagles to $32 to see the Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts.

More Weekend Options

You’ll also get to choose from preseason NFL games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, rather than the more limited schedule of the regular season. (Hey, it’s easier to make a Friday or Saturday game than a Thursday or Sunday… especially when you’ve got to work the next day.) This is a sheer convenience factor! But the best part about Friday and Saturday games is this: If the stadium is close to the downtown area of a city, you can always head out for a night on the town right after the game! You won’t even have to feel bad if you leave early! (Like seriously, halftime if you want!)

See below for a sample of this week’s games – there are tons! Each team will play at least four games over the NFL preseason.

Why You Should Check Out NFL Preseason Games! Shop Cheap 2019 NFL Preseason Tickets!

Everything Else is the Same

While the stadium might not be packed to the brim because the scores don’t matter, there will likely still be a decent crowd. All of the concessions and NFL merch will be for sale as usual. You’ll get to see the team’s cheerleaders, listen to the national anthem, drink beer, and watch football… everything will look just like a regular season NFL game, except for what goes on down on the field. That part might be a little less “pro” than your used to – wrong number of men on the field, lots of offsides, fumbles, dropped passes, and (the big fear of every coach) possible injuries. Fans will still have a good time, even those that have been “forced” to buy tickets. They still show Preseason NFL on TV, and heck, several million people will be watching it from home too – even if they don’t admit it.

So bring your friends and get rowdy on the weekend by turning it into a full day (and night) out! Or bring the family. Preseason games are especially family friendly because they’re cheaper and less hectic than regular season games. You (probably) won’t lose your kid in any massive crowds or feel like you wasted a ton of money for their first NFL experience. You may also be able to get closer to the players, which is fun for the kids!

Hey, this is summertime NFL, something you don’t get during regular season games. You won’t need to fight any freezing temps or beat the traffic or spend a boatload of cash. If you’re not a hardcore NFL fan (or maybe even if you are), it wouldn’t hurt to check it out!

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