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When in Vegas, it’s basically a requirement that you drag yourself away from the casinos and go see a show. We’re talking high-quality, professional, fabulous, mind-stretching shows that you can’t see anywhere else. Cirque du Soleil is the quintessential Vegas act, known for their stunning visuals, music, and incredibly talented (and flexible) performers. But Vegas is home to six resident Cirque shows, so how will you decide which to go see? Will it be Mystère, O, Michael Jackson, Zumanity, The Beatles, or Kà? Here’s a quick breakdown of each show to help you choose. And then you can get your tickets right here on Razorgator!

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Cirque du Soleil’s longest-running show, Mystère has been performed in Vegas since 1993. It’s a bit of a weird one, what with its giant snail and big baby, but it’s also gloriously trippy and color-filled, not to mention beautiful! Like most Cirque du Soleil shows, there are aerial acrobatics, dancing, and a flying trapeze, but you’ll also see exhibitions of strength, bungee acts, and performances on huge Japanese drums. The costumes include feathers to make the performers look like elegant birds and, well, you can guess what the Spermatos and Spermatites look like. Just so you know, if you want to sit toward the front (well worth the money, by the way!) there will be some audience interaction!

See it now at Treasure Island on the Vegas Strip!

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Where the impossible is possible. #O

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If you’re into incredible feats performed in or near water, O is the show for you!  In a word, it’s groundbreaking – which is why it’s been successful for so long. O has movable stages, trap doors, synchronized swimmers, and performers seemingly diving from several stories up into pools of water just inches deep. The stage is like a dream, and there’s often so much action up there that you won’t know where to look. Elaborate costumes are inspired by 18th-century Venice Carnival festivities. The vibe is similar to Mystère – O is the second resident show after its Cirque predecessor – but you’ve got the addition of a pool, water stage, and fog that will impress and wow audiences of all ages. 

See it now at the Bellagio!

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Your WOW moment has arrived. #MJONE

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Michael Jackson ONE

Despite all the Michael Jackson controversy lately, this show is still going strong in Vegas. There’s just something about knowing all the words to all the songs in a show, ya know? Plus Rolling Stone called it “a virtual parade of ‘wow’ moments” so it’s gotta be good. With some of the best dancers in the world performing to songs you can groove and sing to, incredible visuals, and some acrobatics for good measure, it’s simply riveting – particularly for MJ fans. Fair warning: ONE is way more dance-heavy than the traditional acrobatics-based Cirque shows, but there’s still some aerial and bungee performances to keep you intrigued.

See it now at Mandalay Bay!

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Ready for Bed?

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This one is not for the kids! Dubbed “the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil,” expect lots of mostly-naked (and sometimes fully naked), extremely fit, good-looking, and limber performers. Zumanity is mesmerizing, sexy, and R-rated with its raunchy and hilarious jokes. (Be careful about sitting in the front if you don’t want to get chosen to join on stage!) You’ll get the acrobatics of Cirque as well as entrancing choreography, singing, and music from a live band. It’s got comedy and sexuality all in one. Though it may not be quite as heavy on the jaw-dropping tricks, it’s completely and totally entertaining. Great date night stuff!

See it now at New York, New York on the Vegas Strip!

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The Beatles: LOVE

More music you can sing along to in this one! If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll want to see LOVE. The choreography, the colorful costumes, the extravagant sets, and of course, the music are all amazing! The soundtrack for the show won a Grammy, after all. Go see this show for Cirque’s interpretation of the legacy of John, Paul, George, and Ringo and how they changed the world. The focus here is on the story and the dancing, so keep that in mind if you want to more of the traditional Cirque acrobatics and wild physical feats, though there is some of that too! There’s no intermission so this is non-stop action and it flies by! Oh, and this one is family friendly if you’re bringing the kids with you to Vegas! 

See it now at the Mirage on the Vegas Strip!

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This electrifying show has been around for nearly 15 years but it hasn’t lost any of the greatness that makes it truly epic! One of the most technologically advanced and lavish productions in Vegas history, Kà is the quintessential Cirque du Soleil show – filled with seemingly death-defying stunts, physical feats, athleticism, and jaw-dropping effects that the brand is known for. It has also received praise for its costumes and technical aspects, even if the story isn’t incredible (it never really is about that though, right?). The venue is huge and the stage includes multiple moving platforms for acrobatics and fighting scenes, as well as a beach and something known as the Wheel of Death. FYI, this show is also great for kids!

See it now at the MGM Grand!

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Which Cirque du Soleil show would you most like to see?