Thirty Seconds to Mars Guitarist Quits - Monolith Tour 2018 Tickets

Well, we were just going write a piece on this summer’s Thirty Seconds to Mars tour dates, but when we started to do our research, we discovered some (at the time) breaking news. Seems their leading guitarist, Tomo Milicevic, is leaving the band. Here’s his announcement via Twitter:

Perhaps this doesn’t come as a total surprise to fans. The band announced back in April that Milicevic wouldn’t be joining them on their Monolith Tour this summer. He’d already backed out of several European tour dates.

Originally, they said the lead guitarist would be taking some time off to deal with personal matters but fans have been speculating on his absence. Now it’s confirmed: Milicevic is leaving the band because it’s the best thing for him… and the band, apparently.

In his message to fans, he writes: “Please don’t be sad or angry over this and most of all, please don’t be divided about this, this is a good thing and will be good for everyone.”

In very un-rock-and-roll-like fashion, there doesn’t appear to be any drama involved.

If you’re not a huge Thirty Seconds to Mars fan, (then you’re probably not reading this, but) you’ve probably still heard their popular recent songs like “Walk on Water” and “Dangerous Night.” Another thing that makes this band pretty famous is the fact that actor and long-haired heartthrob Jared Leto is their front man. Yeah…

Since Milicevic’s departure, Thirty Seconds to Mars now solely consists of Jared and his brother, Shannon Leto. TBD on whether they’ll be recruiting other permanent members any time soon. Currently, guitarist Stevie Aiello is touring with them and fans seem to be digging him.

And as for the Monolith Tour, the show will most definitely go on!

This alternative rock band has produced five albums, including their most recent, America. It’s their first in almost five years. They’ve come a long way since opening for cringe-worthy bands like Puddle of Mud and the 90s emo-favorite Incubus. Somewhere along the way, they changed the spelling of “30” to “Thirty” à la Matchbox 20/Twenty. Jared Leto was able to keep his acting job and appear in hit movies as they grew to become a relatively big rock band.

America has been the most contemporary and appealing-to-the-masses album to date, achieving those Top 40-style hits we mentioned above with the help of EDM beats and other artists. (The record features rapper A$AP Rocky and pop singer Halsey.) But for those not comfortable with the alternative genre or just dipping their toes in for the first time, this is the perfect intro to Mars.

The band has fused lots of genres – metal, rock, pop, and electronic – and they bring together fans from different spectrums of the music catalog, which may be why they’re such a favorite at music festivals.

Speaking of, who’ll be joining Thirty Seconds to Mars on this North American portion of the Monolith Tour? Lots of folks! The Grammy-nominated K. Flay is a favorite of ours, with her totally distinct sound and the amazing single “Blood in the Cut.” It’s indie, but it’s something else you can’t quite put your finger on too. Seriously, listen to it and you’ll be hooked!

Walk the Moon will be joining Thirty Seconds to Mars on most of their tour dates. They’re the rock band responsible for happy-go-lucky if overplayed song “Shut Up and Dance.” (Ahh, that’s where those guys went!) They sound like if Maroon 5 had a baby with The Lumineers and an EDM DJ. Walk the Moon has mentioned that they’re trying to move toward a more rock and roll sound, but they’re still, ironically, very fun to dance to.

MisterWives – a band that combines interesting name, fun dance moves, and colorful outfits – will also be there for some of the Mars shows. The futuristic indie-pop and dance band produces feel-good, upbeat songs with strong female lead vocals. If you’ve never heard them, check out “Reflections” and “Coloring Outside the Lines.” (Then you’ll realize you have actually heard them.) They’ve got in-your-face lyrics that make you want to rage and sing along, so yeah – absolutely perfect for the live music scene this summer. They look like they’re having so much fun each time they take the stage!

In our opinion, this might be one tour where the array of opening artists could be just as worth seeing as the main attraction. Wanna check ’em out?

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Any 30 Seconds to Mars fans out there? Are we late to the game? Would you see them live?