The Quintessential Foods to Eat at These 10 Major League Ballparks

Maybe you don’t care about sports. Maybe you’re just in it for the food. We don’t blame you if you’re not a huge baseball fan but still want to go sit in the sun, drink beers, and eat tasty treats. Or maybe you love the game but you want to sample the regional fare too. We’re here to tell you what to eat. Here’s a look at some of the best quintessential ballpark foods in Major League Baseball. 

Now this isn’t about the crazy bizarre or huge foods that some stadiums are offering – lookin’ at you, Rangers and Diamondbacks! – but more of a classic, local dish that you should get at these 10 ballparks. 

Chesapeake Fries at Camden Yards – Baltimore Orioles

Let’s start with an easy one. You can’t say no to golden waffle fries smothered with fresh Maryland crab dip and Old Bay seasoning. It’s not only delicious, it represents the state, region, and bay-side team so very well. (It’s up to you how hard you wanna go on the Old Bay.) The crab nachos here come in a close second.

Lobster Rolls at Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox

The brown butter lobster roll at Eventide Fenway is an absolute must. And this is a stadium that puts lobster on everything, so that’s a bold statement. This is Maine lobster in a rich brown butter sauce served on a soft steamed bun (a different take on the traditional cold ones!). But of course, you can also find things like lobster nachos, lobster mac n cheese balls, and lobster poutine all over Fenway…

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Poke or Fried Fish Tacos at PetCo Park – San Diego Padres

Okay, okay, we said “classic.” But you’re in Southern California and they’re doing seafood right at this ballpark… yes, even the raw kind. You’ve got super fresh fish, so take advantage of it! They sell fish tacos – raw, fried, or grilled – at like three different outposts here, but Brigantine Seafood & Oyster Bar has been doing it the longest. If you’re not into fish, try the tri-tip nachos or carnitas tacos.

Chili Half-Smoke Hot Dog at Nationals Park – Washington Nationals

The iconic DC restaurant Ben’s Chili Bowl has an outpost in the National’s Stadium and yeah, their famed cuisine is hot dogs. But it’s not just any hot dog. It’s the one thing you should order here. This nicely browned pork-and-beef sausage dog is slathered in their signature chili and topped with yellow mustard and white onions. It’s perfection. And it goes great with a beer.

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A Cheesesteak at Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia Phillies

Another given. A cheesesteak from Tony Luke’s – a place that’s always in the “best of” Philly cheesesteak debate – is your go-to order here. You can do provolone or the classic cheese wiz, onions or no onions. But feel free to do a cheesesteak taste test and try out Campo’s too. The stadium also has a vegan option made with roasted cauliflower, but we’re trying to stick with tradition here…

Crab Sandwich at AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants

Get this sandwich from Crazy Crab’z. They stuff a generous amount of succulent Dungeness crab meat (mixed with a little mayo) between two pieces of buttered and grilled local sourdough bread and add a couple slices of tomato for good measure. What could be bad about that? The line is long – but for a good (and buttery) reason! It’s literally everybody’s favorite.

Burnt Ends or Brisket at Kauffman Stadium – Kansas City Royals

Duh, it’s one of the nation’s barbecue capitals, and The K actually has its own barbecue pit. So what exactly are burnt ends? They’re pieces of soft yet crispy smoked brisket covered in sweet, tangy BBQ sauce. They’re like meat candy treats. You can also get ‘em on a cheesesteak, sandwich, or pizza. And they do brisket… everywhere. On hot dogs, fries, tots, or nachos (aka the Brisket-acho). Delish.

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Skyline Chili at the Great American Ball Park – Cincinnati Reds

This one gets points for being a local specialty. Chili in Cincinnati is an institution and this particular chain is a favorite among locals and Midwesterners – it’s got five outposts in the ballpark alone. Skyline Chili’s most famous dish includes a runny, beefy chili, cheese, and… spaghetti (yeah, it’s divisive). Try their chili here on cheese coney with onions and mustard. You’ll probably want to order more than one.

Pat LaFrieda Steak Sandwich or Fuku Sandwich at Citi Field – New York Mets

Renowned butcher Pat LaFrieda sells his Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich for $17.50 at Citi Field. Whoa. But ya see, it’s hand-cut 100% Black Angus beef with warm au jus, sauteed Vidalia onions, and Vermont Monterey Jack cheese on a fresh-baked French baguette. (Mmmm.) The trendy Fuku Sandwich is wildly popular for a reason too. It uses tender thigh meat that’s coated in buttermilk and deep fried, then served on a buttered potato roll with pickles. There’s also habanero and a secret spice blend involved, so it’s a little spicy. These two sandwiches are so NYC (and delicious) that we couldn’t pick just one. And we really wanted to throw in a pastrami sandwich and Shake Shack Burger too…

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A Chicago-Style Hot Dog at Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs

Another dog? Yes. Obvious choice? Yes. But there’s just something about those fresh, cool toppings on a warm day of baseball that just feels right. No ketchup!

Which of your favorite classic ballpark foods did we miss?