Record-Setting Super Bowl 54 Ticket Prices - Average Cost, Surprises, What to Expect

If you’ve been watching the news, you might have already heard: This year’s Super Bowl is on pace to be one of the most expensive tickets in the game’s history! With two new teams on the schedule and two fan bases who are thirsty for a victory and ready to see their teams in action, demand is high. But there’s a little more that goes into it if you’re looking to buy…

Three days ago, Super Bowl tickets were averaging about $7,100 apiece. That’s already 33% higher than last year. Today, they’re more like $8,900. Compare that to 2019’s average price of $4,972. If this trend continues, Super Bowl LIV could break the record for the most expensive game in NFL history. Ticketmaster is already reporting higher prices than they’ve seen in the past six years. So… what the heck is going on with Super Bowl 54 and how can you get the best price on tickets?

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Why are this year’s Super Bowl tickets so expensive?

Well, we all know about supply and demand. This year, demand is super high, but supply is also a bit lower.

Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium has fewer seats than previous years’ venues with only 65,000 spots available. Compare that to the 71,000 seats at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium in 2019 and 72,000 at Minneapolis’s US Bank Stadium in 2018.

There are also a multitude of other reasons that Super Bowl ticket prices are soaring. Rabid Chiefs fans have been waiting for this for 50 years. Miami makes a great vacation destination. And we’ll get to see two young, dynamic quarterbacks and amazing teams in an evenly-matched game that’s sure to be one of the most exciting in recent years (fingers crossed, anyway).

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So who’s buying these tickets? Fans, obviously, but where are they from? Ticketmaster has reported that 21% of its sales are coming from Kansas and Missouri while 20% are from California, so the fan bases look pretty evenly matched. According to SeatGeek, however, 12% of its tickets are being sent to the Kansas City area while the San Francisco area isn’t even in its top-five geographic areas. 

Similarly to Razorgator’s selection, the cheapest get-in-the-door tickets available on the secondary marketplace are in the $4,500 area, but of course, remember to check what fees and additional costs will be added to your tickets before you purchase!

Will Super Bowl ticket prices continue to rise or will they drop just before the big game? (Should you wait to buy tickets?)

Speculating on Super Bowl ticket prices is a risky business. Many experts have historically waited until the last minute to pull the trigger, but that strategy hasn’t worked since 2013 according to Ticket IQ data. Resale tickets have actually been at their very lowest about six to eight days before the big game (so, um, that’d be right about now).

Generally, however, prices do tend to fall in the final days before the Super Bowl and some people even purchase them on game day and get a great deal (not a strategy for the faint of heart, mind you). However, the major exception to this is the snafu that was the Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl in 2015 when, instead of falling, ticket prices soared to an average of $9,302 apiece, up from $3,271 just 12 days before. In 2017, prices again jumped from $3,958 to $5,449 from Saturday to Super Bowl Sunday. Sometimes, waiting just doesn’t pay off.

In 2013, the last time the 49ers played, ticket prices actually dropped on game day – down to $1,551 (but, you know, inflation) – making it one of the cheaper tickets of the past decade.

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General advice for buying Super Bowl Tickets?

If you think about it, almost all Super Bowl ticket sales are at least semi last-minute purchases. In fact, 85% of all tickets are sold in the 14 days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Basically the only people who purchased tickets before Championship Sunday were those who were great gamblers or those fans who were going to go no matter who played.

If you want some standard advice to live by, we suggest that you monitor ticket prices to see what you’re getting into. See what they’re going for and choose a price you’d be comfortable paying (or at least not totally miserable with yourself for dropping that much cash). Then pull the trigger when and if tickets reach that price.

Consider your seating options. Are you just trying to be there – just “get in the door” as they say? If so, tickets will be cheaper. Otherwise, research your seating options and the views from those seats and decide what you’d be happy with. If money is no object, club-level seats are obviously amazing. If not, the endzone might be fine. Decide what you can afford and what you’ll be satisfied with.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to factor flights and hotel rooms into your budget. There are also plenty of options for extra Super Bowl fun down in Miami – lavish parties, pregame tailgates, and more.

And don’t forget, this is a bucket list investment after all. It’s a splurge, no doubt, but for most people, the Super Bowl is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You can’t really put a price on memories like that… right?

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Thinking of heading to the Super Bowl in Miami? What would you be willing to pay?