NFL Regular Season is Upon Us - Things to Watch - Cheap NFL Tickets for 2019!

NFL Preseason is over and we’ve got less than a week until the regular season finally starts! Fans are waiting with bated breath and fantasy leagues are gearing up. So what are the NFL storylines to watch this season? Who are we ready to see play? Here are just a few things to keep an eye on this 2019 NFL season… and where to find cheap NFL tickets if you need ’em!

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14×26 🔥

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Le’Veon Bell and Sam Darnold Head Up the New York Jets

After all that speculation about Le’Veon Bell last season, we finally know where he’ll be playing this year. The New York Jets haven’t been to the playoffs in nine years, and while fans were calling for young quarterback Sam Darnold to redeem them last fall, that didn’t quite happen. But NOW, they’ve got Darnold’s ability to throw downfield coupled with the running back firepower of Bell. But how will a year off affect Bell? Will he make all the difference for this team? Jets fans are hoping so, and at least one sports writer is predicting that they’ll make it to the playoffs this year.

The Jets also have a new head coach in Adam Gase, a man who has worked with the likes of Peyton Manning who they pray will take Darnold to legend status. Word is, Gase hated the idea of paying Bell $52.5 million, but he concedes that Bell and Darnold could be great on the field together…

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The Patriots and a 42-Year-Old Tom Brady

Wow, we thought for sure Tom Brady was going to ride off into the sunset after that last Super Bowl win. Especially with Gronk’s retirement and all. But no, the GOAT is back and so is Bellichick, and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s never to underestimate the New England Patriots when the powers of those two are combined. Sports pundits are already calling for them to win the AFC East… again. The Pats have got a versatile and deep defense, a strong O-line and backfield, and well, Brady to lead the way. Many are predicting that Brady will be the second player in NFL history to start all 16 games of the regular season as a 42-year-old. And that wouldn’t surprise us at all.

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Cam’s got DJack on speed dial at practice

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Will Cam Newton be back and better than ever?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had a rough three seasons and two shoulder surgeries since leading the team to Super Bowl 50. This 2019 season is make-or-break for the 30-year-old QB. Fans are hoping his accuracy improves and his athleticism remains ahead of 2020, when his contract is up for renewal by the Panthers (or not). Spraining his foot in the preseason surely won’t help matters, but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Head Coach Ron Rivera says there’s no doubt in his mind that Cam will start in Week 1 against the high-power Rams. He’s still got Luke Keuchly heading up an imposing defensive line and some top, young playmakers at his disposal, so we’re ready to see what Cam can do!

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Waiting for gameday like… 😁

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Eli Manning to Stay or Go?

It’s no secret that Eli Manning just isn’t playing like he used to. But it seems like the New York Giants just can’t let their golden boy QB go. “But guys, he’s 38 years old!” (we hear everybody in the crowd screaming). The Giants, however, insist that Manning is their first option when it comes to the starting quarterback position for 2019. Plan B is looking pretty great though: Daniel Jones is a highly drafted young QB who had an impressive debut in the preseason. As for Manning, don’t feel too bad for him. He’s been with the team longer than anyone in franchise history and he’s won the Super Bowl (and Super Bowl MVP) twice. Word is, the Giants might be slowly pushing him out anyway.

Another problem for the Giants? Their defense might be awful this year, particularly now that Odell Beckham, Jr. has been traded to the Cleveland Browns. But hey, at least they’ve still got Saquon Barkley on offense and he’ll be fun to watch, right?!

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What are you most excited to watch this NFL season?