NFL Preseason Tickets & Games 2018

Guys, football starts soon. Like in August. Yeah, the NFL Preseason kicks off next week, and if you’ve ever wanted to go to an NFL game but needed to avoid pricey tickets, this is a good way to do it. You can still see your favorite team in action, but NFL Preseason tickets are way cheaper than regular season tickets when you purchase them with Razorgator. (We’re talking under $10.)

Things actually begin on August 2nd with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, a matchup between the Ravens and Bears, but after that you can expect lots of games across the nation – 65 to be specific. Only eight of these games are nationally televised, but all of them will be broadcast on the NFL Network, ya know, in case you’re a super fan… or doing some Fantasy Football homework.

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What is the NFL Preseason?

These matches are like a warm-up for NFL teams. Preseason games don’t count toward a team’s record, but they’re an opportunity to play five weekends of exhibition games and see exactly what they’re working with. These games begin as soon as NFL training camp ends in the summer.

Preseason helps new players get used to the game and playing in front of large crowds. It also helps coaches evaluate their newly signed talent. First-string and veteran players don’t generally play much in these exhibition games in order to avoid injury. But during the third week of the preseason, they typically play more because teams are practicing their regular season strategies. And this makes sense because players aren’t typically paid their regular salaries for these games.

Why are NFL Preseason Tickets Cheaper?

Speaking of money, these tickets are usually still priced at face value, just like regular season games. In the past, fans have instigated lawsuits against the NFL for making them purchase preseason tickets as part of their season ticket package. (None have been successful.) Season ticket-holders still have to buy tickets to two home exhibition games each year, with face values upwards of $80 each.

What this means for the average fan is that many season ticket-holders are looking to get rid of these tickets that they never wanted to begin with. Since the games aren’t televised and bigger names may not be playing, they often go for much cheaper on the secondary market. (In contrast, prices for regular season tickets often soar on the secondary market.)

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Why NFL Preseason Games Might Be Worth Watching

Yeah yeah, except for a few games, you won’t be able to see the veterans play much. But you will be able to scope out the rookie players, especially the new quarterbacks. And this can be very interesting. The new guys are eager to prove themselves and show that they were a worthwhile draft pick. Sometimes they look a lot different than they did at camp or summer training…

Preseason lets NFL teams see what they need to work on before it affects their record. As a fan and a team, you’ll learn what the weak spots are before September. You’ll get a look at things to come for the rest of the season and see teams play each other that never have a chance to otherwise. Hey, you might even get to check out some rivalries in action!

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You can still tailgate and explore the stadium. Especially if you’ve never been to an NFL game, this is part of the experience. You’ll avoid the crowds, get affordable parking, and hang out all afternoon while the weather is still excellent (aka, not winter). You can still drink beers and grill wings all day, well, assuming you avoid the weekday preseason games that is.

Plus, it’s still football, guys. If you love the game, you’ll like the preseason. You’re still watching professional caliber athletes play the game… just for much, much cheaper.

Several of This Year’s Preseason Games are Actually Solid

If you need some guidance, Sporting News put together a list of five preseason games you should watch.

In Week 1, it’s the Vikings vs. Broncos, and you’ll get to see Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum in action. Rumor has it both teams think they need a new QB to succeed this season.

In Week 2, it’s the Bills vs. Browns, and they each picked up new quarterbacks in Tyrod Taylor and AJ McCarron. You might also see Sam Darnold or Josh Allen take the field.

In Week 3, check out the Giants vs. Jets to observe the quarterbacks again – and beloved number three pick Baker Mayfield. You’ll also want to see the 49ers vs. Colts this week and we have no idea who’ll be the QB for the latter team. It’s a chance to see how Andrew Luck is doing and what the rest of the season entails for the Colts.

In Week 4, watch the Cowboys vs. the Texans for a fun rivalry and a look at Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson at quarterback.

What do you think? Is Preseason NFL worth watching?