MLB Postseason Standings, World Series Predictions & Odds

October is here and the MLB postseason is well underway. This week, we’re in the midst of the ALDS and NLDS to see which four teams will make it to the Championship Series and finally, which two will make it to the World Series. Most of our previous MLB predictions came true, though we were wrong about one big guess – sorry, Cubs fans! Here are the current standings as well as our newest predictions and the latest odds for the World Series winners. Spoiler: Things have changed a little bit, but looks like both of last year’s World Series contenders still have a shot…

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What a time to be alive. #Postseason

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The American League

As we hinted at last time, there weren’t too many surprises in the American League when it came to the start of the postseason. The Boston Red Sox won the AL East, the Cleveland Indians grabbed the AL Central, and the Houston Astros clinched the AL West with 103 games in the regular season, second only to Boston. As predicted, the New York Yankees and the Oakland A’s snagged the two wildcard spots.

Since then, the Yanks toppled the A’s in their one-game wildcard playoff game. Now they’re in a heated five-game series against the Red Sox, who currently lead 2-1. As of Sunday, New York had the edge over their rivals with slightly better odds to make it to the ALCS, at around 55% favoring the pinstripes. Not much, but it’s something! After last night’s tough 16-1 loss, however, it’s possible Vegas has changed its mind about the Yankees.

On the other side, the Astros and the Indians battled it out in a series that wasn’t quite as interesting. Houston swept Cleveland, three games to zero, never missing a beat. Their final game ended in a blowout 11-3 win and then they took the celebration to the clubhouse. They even set an Astros record with nine home runs in the postseason. Last year’s World Series champs now advance to the ALCS and they’ll have four days off before the series starts on Saturday. If the Yankees win, they’ll play at Houston. If the Red Sox win, they’ll play in Boston. Could we see a repeat of last year’s ALCS matchup?

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Lead early. ✔️

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The National League

There were a few more surprises in the postseason for the National League. The Braves clinched the NL East as expected, but the oddsmakers sure knew what they were talking about when they predicted the Los Angeles Dodgers would make it through to October. Despite a tight race in the NL West against the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Dodgers prevailed. But it was the Milwaukee Brewers who really made waves, edging out the beloved Cubs by one game, winning the NL Central, and heading into the playoffs for the first time in seven years – all while riding an 11-game winning streak.

There was even more drama as the Rockies proceeded to knock off the Cubs in the National League Wild Card Game.

Since then, the Brewers have shown they’re not just lucky – they’re good. They swept the Rockies in the NLDS, appropriately celebrating in the locker room with showers of beer after their 6-0 clincher. That means they’ll get home-field advantage in the NLCS, playing at Miller Field on October 12th and 13th.

As for the Dodgers and the Braves, LA just wrapped up the NLDS with their come-from-behind 6-2 win on Monday night. They won the series 3-1 and the Dodgers will now advance to the NLCS for the third consecutive season. (Just FYI, they’re tied for the most appearances in the NLCS in the history of the MLB.) They’ll take on the Brewers on Friday.

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World Series Odds

So who’s favored to win the World Series now that we’ve made it to October? What does Vegas think about all this?

Well, everybody was gung-ho about the Red Sox heading into the postseason but they’ve since fallen to fourth, and now the Astros have risen to the top of every oddsmakers’ list. The Braves look like a real longshot, while the Dodgers remain in the mix.

As of the October 8th, here are the betting odds:

Team Odds via Oddsshark Odds via Westgate
Astros +260 9/4
Dodgers +350 7/2
Brewers +350 4/1
Red Sox +450 9/2
Yankees +500 4/1

What do you think? Who’s making it all the way to the World Series?