Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs Remain Unbeaten - Shop Cheap Chiefs Tickets!

Week 4 is behind us and only two NFL teams remain unbeaten: The New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs. Both of these teams were tested with close games this Sunday, and they showed what sets them apart from the pack is their ability to win even when things don’t go as planned. Dominant quarterbacks play an important role in both programs, and everyone is waiting to see if Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will live up to the hype surrounding them this season. Funnily enough, neither QB threw a touchdown pass in Sunday’s games. Let’s talk about the Chiefs’ dramatic performance in Week 4, their hopes for the future, and where you can shop for cheap tickets this season to see them in action!

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The Man, The QB, Patrick Mahomes

For only the fourth time in his career, Patrick Mahomes failed to throw at least two touchdowns in last Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. Don’t be too sad for the second-year prodigy quarterback though. His 14-game streak was only one game shy of the all-time NFL record (the one that Payton Manning set with 15 games). Oh, and the Chiefs still managed to come from behind after the two-minute warning in dramatic fashion to beat the Lions 34-30. 

Even with three injured starters on offense – including the fastest guy in the league, Tyreek Hill (shoulder) – and seemingly less magnificence than usual from their star QB, the Chiefs stepped up to pull this one out. Mahomes was vital in their last-minute 15-yard burst to finish the winning drive, and that sort of effort seems to be the key to this team’s success. Even when he’s not throwing bombs, Mahomes remains a steadfast leader of his players. Despite not having any touchdown passes this game, he completed 24 of 42 passes for a total of 315 yards. According to Chiefs tackle Mitchell Schwartz, “He won’t play a game where he’s not the most important player on the field. It doesn’t matter what the stats show.”

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It’s Mahomes’s mentality of perseverance that helps push the whole team forward. Head coach Andy Reid said that Mahomes never gave up and never pointed fingers. He helped his team get rid of some “garbage” to keep moving forward. And he didn’t “get in the tank” like some young players might in this situation. Despite the Chiefs playing their worst game in months, they came together to execute and pull out the victory, including that desperate 4th-down conversion. It might not have been pretty, but it was wild, crazy, and downright inspirational. After the game, tight end Travis Kelce said, “I think Pat does an unbelievable job of rallying the troops when we need it the most.”

According to Mahomes himself, “Just finding ways to win a football game, that’s how you roll in this league. It’s not always the touchdowns and the yards. It’s about just finding a way to win… If you want to be great as a team and as a player, it’s how you win the game. I’m just going to go out there every single week and do what it takes to win.”

Left tackle Eric Fisher (groin) and running back Damien Williams (knee) missed the game due to injuries.

The Chiefs as a Unit

It’s not just Mahomes though. With some of the best players in the NFL – like Hill and Kelce – on their roster, the Chiefs look to be an unstoppable unit this season. This Sunday might have been a test, but after just missing the Super Bowl last season, the Chiefs no doubt have their eyes on the prize. Their ability to win in the face of adversity – even when things aren’t clicking like they should – shows how cohesive and adaptable they are. And it should also show you how deadly they are when things are going right.

The Lions outplayed the Chiefs, forced three fumbles, and severely limited their normally explosive offense. But the Chiefs took advantage of a small window of opportunity to turn the game around. Running back Darrell Williams has been a big part of their success at the start of the season, and on Sunday he gave them their winning touchdown with 20 seconds remaining. It was his second TD of the game.

Kelce also fired off perhaps the most memorable play of the game during the beginning of the fourth quarter. When the Chiefs were down 20-23, Mahomes fired a pass just over Shady McCoy’s head, and a couple yards behind him, Kelce snagged the ball. The star tight end stumbled backward for ten yards and as he was tackled, then flipped the ball to McCoy for a hook and lateral play that was good for 33 yards (eventually ending in a TD run by Williams.) All of it was improvisation – it’s not a play that the Chiefs practice. When asked about the off-the-cuff maneuver, Kelce joked, “Hey, Pat’s not the only guy who has a little magic to him, you know what I’m saying? I’ve got some tricks.”

As we learned later, Mahomes intended that pass for Kelce all along, and Kelce just happened to come up with that play in mere seconds. But should we really be surprised? Well, as McCoy said after the game, “I mean, it’s the Chiefs. C’mon man. We do things like that.”

So, aside from staying healthy, what do we see as the biggest impending challenge facing the Chiefs? Well, an equally dominant team stands in the way of their 2020 Super Bowl hopes, and that is, of course, the New England Patriots. Will this season come down to another Mahomes-Brady showdown in the AFC Championship? At this point, it sure seems like it. But we won’t get to see how these two teams match up until they face one another on December 8th in Foxborough. (Go ahead, get tickets now. It’s sure to be a huge game.)

This Sunday, however, you can catch the Chiefs as they take on the Indianapolis Colts at home in Arrowhead Stadium. Will they stay undefeated through Week 5?

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How do you feel about the Chiefs and Mahomes this season?