Justin Timberlake Tickets & Man of the Woods Tour 2018

Big Justin Timberlake fan? Whether you’ve loved him since his NSYNC days or only like the solo stuff, we can’t blame you. The man’s got talent. Singing, dancing, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, that time he was in the Facebook movie – he does it all! JT just wrapped up the first leg of his Man of the Woods Tour in the US and now he’s traveling all over Europe. But he’ll be back for another leg of US tour dates in September… just in case you still need Justin Timberlake tickets.

Upon his return, JT will be hitting Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Then he’s making his way to the Midwest before bouncing into Canada for a few tour dates. You can catch him in Boston and a few cities in New York before he heads over to the west coast. Don’t worry though, he’ll be making his way back across the country later in the year to hit the east coast yet again because, man, this guy works hard. His Man of the Woods tour lasts a full 10 months and runs through the end of January, appropriately wrapping up in the outdoorsy town of Denver.

This tour is – obviously – in support of his latest album of the same name, Man of the Woods. It’s JT’s fifth studio album, and you’ve probably already heard the hit singles “Filthy” and “Say Something” (with country artist Chris Stapleton) because they cracked the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 and they’re all over the radio. Timberlake says this tour is about “bringing the outside in.” Whatever that means…

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Anyway, the latest album is a clear departure from “Suit And Tie” Justin to rugged denim jackets, flannel, and inspiration from his rural Tennessee roots. That means campfires, mountains, and trees, apparently. After all, JT is 37 and he’s got a family now… maybe he’s just feelin’ earthy. He’s no longer trying to wrangle women, since he’s happily married and a dad and all, so this album has a different vibe from his previous stuff. He blends country, blues, and folk with his usual pop and futuresex beats from the Neptunes and Timbaland (who are also producers on this album).

Despite the title of his latest record, JT never gets too rustic on us. You’ll hear steel guitar, funky beats, sexy crooning, and lyrics about living off the land, but he never goes full small-town barn party (although there is one of those in his music video for “Man of the Woods”). This album is a weird mix of country, hip-hop, and R&B that we haven’t heard from him before. While it can be disorienting at times, remember that JT is a producer too… and maybe even a creative genius. Sure, it’s not totally cohesive, but MOTW is definitely original. Fans love it and critics are mixed. Just have a listen for yourself! And then imagine it live…

Based on reviews of the Timberlake’s tour so far, he still packs arenas with adoring, screaming fans and puts on a hell of a performance. Lights, outfit changes, dancers, camouflage, fake trees! His stage includes screens with aerial views of forests, a few lakes, some wild horses, and close-ups of wolves – yeah, he’s really going all in on the whole “wild” theme. There’s crickets chirping in a few of his new songs, and he even wades through tall faux grass for a couple tracks. At times, the floor is a disco and at times, it’s a river of fog. This is the new JT.

But to be honest, people are still really digging (and maybe even preferring) his old stuff. Ya know, the catchy, sexy numbers. Much to their delight, Timberlake jumps on the piano for “Senorita” and huddles with his 15-piece band – the Tennessee Kids – for a minimalist version of “Drink You Away.” And you’ll obviously get a medley of “Summer Love” and “Rock Your Body.” But then he sits around the campfire with his band members to let them “tell their stories” through a few covers… which is also pretty cool!

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The tour itself stands to display JT’s always epic dance moves, lyrical prowess, and a team of talented background dancers and singers. (Seriously, they’re good enough to go on tour on their own.) Here’s a sample setlist from the Man of the Woods Tour. Keep in mind it could change from night to night, but it definitely seems he likes to open with “Filthy” and closes with “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

“Midnight Summer Jam”
“Man of the Woods”
“Higher Higher”
“Suit And Tie”
“My Love”
“Cry Me a River”
“Drink You Away”
“Until the End of Time”
“Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac cover) with background singers
“Ex-Factor” (Lauryn Hill cover) with background singers
“Come Together” (The Beatles cover) with background singers
“Thank God I’m a Country Boy” (John Denver cover) with background singers
“Morning Light”
“What Goes Around…Comes Around”
“Say Something”
“Summer Love”
“Rock Your Body”
“Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

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