How to Buy Cheap NFL Tickets – Tips For Attending an NFL Game on the Cheap

It’s almost time. The first NFL regular season game kicks off on September 6th with the Eagles vs. the Falcons in Philadelphia. If you’re plotting and planning and hoping to sneak in a game or two this season, we’ve got some advice on how to get cheap NFL tickets. Well, cheap-ish. If you’re not a season ticket holder (or lucky enough to have friends who will slip you a ticket for free), here are our tips for finding authentic NFL tickets at a good price.

Know What To Expect Price-Wise

Start saving, because NFL tickets ain’t cheap. In 2016, the average price of an NFL ticket was around $85. Specifically, prices ranged between $61 and $132 per person for non-premium seats… depending on your team. The Bears, Patriots, Giants, Cowboys, and 49ers have the most expensive home games on average.

Since their impressive performance last year with an appearance in the AFC Championship, Jacksonville Jaguars tickets have increased in price more than 140%. But Titans, Panthers, and Rams tickets are also up more than 40%.

If you’re splurging on premium seats, expect to pay even more.

It depends on the matchup too. If you’re going to a big game, things might get even crazier price-wise. Specifically, the Packers vs. Patriots game in New England… and almost every other home Patriots game (womp). If you’re looking for something more affordable, maybe check out a Bills game at home. They’re are among the cheaper NFL games out there (and the Bills have an excellent tailgating scene). 

Buy From a Reputable Source

This may seem like a given, but if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t get ripped off buying from a sketchy online source. If you’re purchasing from an online ticket marketplace or any secondary market (your best option for tickets if you’re not buying directly from the NFL or your season ticket-holding buddy), be sure they guarantee your ticket is legit. That is, they guarantee authentic tickets, and if for some reason it doesn’t work, they’ll give you your money back.

These ticket marketplaces include sites like StubHub, TickPick, SeatGeek, and yes, Razorgator. Our tickets are all protected by our Buyer Trust Guarantee. That means when you buy from us, your purchase is safe and protected, and you’ll always receive your tickets on time.

You never want to show up to a game only to find out that you received a duplicate or that someone else has already used your ticket. So be careful on Craigslist, unprotected websites, and yes, even in the parking lot.

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Have Patience… Maybe

Sellers are likely to drop prices as it gets closer to game day… most of the time. But be careful trying to wait them out when it comes to popular teams or highly anticipated games. A stronger demand could lead to even higher prices in the days and weeks just before the game. This is also true for any team that goes on an unplanned hot streak. Or when two undefeated teams face off.

In the case of some NFL games, however, prices of tickets have been known to drop 20 to 50% during the final days just before games as sellers try to avoid a total loss. If you’re comfortable waiting until just a few days before the game, there might be less inventory to choose from, but you could get a super steep discount.

Also, as NFL teams are eliminated and playoff games are decided, the ticket prices of games later in the season generally decrease.

See Your Team Away From Home

Depending on where you’re located, consider seeing your favorite team away from their home city. For instance, in 2015, a Giants game in New York cost an average of $112, but when they traveled to Jacksonville, it was only $58. (This year though, it looks like you can kiss those cheap seats in Jacksonville goodbye!)

Check How Opposing Teams Are Doing

We know you’ll be following your favorite team this season, but if you actually want to attend an NFL game in person, check out how the opposition is performing too. Their record and how they’re looking matters for prices. The better the matchup and the opponent – and the more important the match – the higher the likelihood that prices are going to increase. You might wanna buy that ticket now if you’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a good matchup or a pivotal game. Those costs will only shoot up if you turn out to be right!

On the other hand, if you don’t care what game you see and just want cheap NFL tickets, you can look for easy matchups that aren’t as important for the postseason. The game may not be as intense (although you never know) but you’ll still get that NFL experience.

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See if You Can Buy Directly From the Team

With fewer season ticket holders nowadays, some NFL teams are offering direct sales of tickets with variable pricing structures. It’s worth a look!

Look for Fees… and Discounts

Check to see what sort of fees will be tacked onto your purchase. They may be called something like convenience fees, delivery fees, administrative fees, or buyer fees. These ticketing fees could easily end up costing you at least $10 per ticket.

On the other end of the spectrum, check for discounts too – military, student, or public service workers often get special discounts. Just keep in mind you may need to show proof with identification!

What Tactics Do You Guys Use to Find Cheap NFL Tickets?