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With a record of 28-27, the Brooklyn Nets are still the sixth seed overall in the East but a dismal fourth place in their division. For the most part, they’ve have been pretty exciting to watch this season, but unfortunately for them, the Atlantic Division is stout with the likes of the Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, and Philadelphia 76ers all at the top of their game. Lately, the Nets’ shooting has been cold and they’ve suffered a plague of injuries, so the All Star break can’t come soon enough. It still looks like they’re going to make it to the playoffs though, so can this resurgent Nets team improve in time for the postseason? 

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Injuries, a Losing Streak, and Potential Trades

The Nets are currently on a three-game losing streak – though nobody can really blame them for losing to the Bucks on Monday – and it’s their worst since that time they lost eight in a row in November and early December. But January was good to them. They won 11 out of 15 games at the start of the year, which is impressive.

For one, Caris LeVert is hurt. So is Spencer Dinwiddie. And Jared Dudley. But hey, Allen Crabbe and Joe Harris are back! Fans are waiting with bated breath for LeVert’s return, which could come shortly before the All-Star break. LaVert, the team’s shooting guard and second-leading scorer, has been out with an injured foot and it’s been a huge loss for the Nets. Backup point guard Dinwiddie is also tough to play without; after all, he’s their third-leading scorer! So give the Nets a break – it’s no wonder these guys are floundering a bit right now.

And then there’s that trade deadline to think about – yeah, it’s today. The Nets might be in the market as potential buyers, but they don’t need to replace anyone in particular – they just need complement what they’ve already got. Rumor has it they could be eyeing the Pelicans’ Nikola Mirotić… but so are a lot of teams, including the Bucks.

D’Angelo Russell is The Man

Meanwhile, the Nets have a solid core of key players. Maybe they’re not all superstar status, but they play well together. And it’s one man who brings them all together. D’Angelo Russell, the team’s point guard and top scorer is something special. He’s averaging almost 20 points per game, and in the past 10 games, it’s been more like 24 points! Russell has turned into something of a leader for this Nets team after his brief but tumultuous history in the NBA. Back in 2015, he was chosen as the number-two overall draft pick by the Lakers before they gave up on him and traded him to Brooklyn. (There may have also been a little behind-the-scenes drama with a teammate involved there.)

This season with the Nets was sort of a make-or-break year for Russell, and well, he’s definitely made it. Russell worked hard in the offseason and he’s currently averaging a career-high in points (19.6), assists (6.4), field goal percentage (43.7%), three-pointers (37.4%), and free throws (81.8%). Just this month, he was chosen as an NBA All Star and his teammates and coaches agree he definitely deserves that title. Russell has been most impressive since January, doing things like putting up 31 points against the Sacramento Kings and a ridiculous 40 in a come-from-behind win against the Orlando Magic.

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Well deserved to my brother @dloading #allstar

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A Solid Core of Players

His Nets teammates certainly share the workload, many of them consistently scoring in the double digits to get this team to the finish line. Joe Harris is racking up an average of 13 points while big man Jarrett Allen gets about 11 points and 8.7 rebounds per game. DeMarre Carroll is starting to throw up bigger numbers too, playing with versatility and a great defensive streak, averaging 11 points and five rebounds per game. Ed Davis is leading the team with 8.8 rebounds as well. And don’t forget that backup point guard Shabazz Napier who has really stepped up to fill in for Dinwiddie, scoring an average of 15 points so far in February.

The Net’s first-round pick, Dzanan Musa has finally recovered from a shoulder injury too.  The 19-year-old is currently playing with the G League in Long Island, but it’s got to be good news that they let him get in a few minutes against the Bucks this week!

Basically, if the Nets can get a few of their injured guys back and not screw things up over the next couple of months, they’re all set to make the playoffs. But we wouldn’t want to jinx them. We’ll keep an eye out for potential trades today and be watching to see if they can step things up before the postseason. Why don’t you get Brooklyn Nets tickets to see them in action?!

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