The Best Tailgates in the NFL

It’s not always about the sport. Maybe you’re just going to an NFL game to party, eat, and socialize. We won’t judge. Wanna know where to find the best tailgates in the NFL? Here are a few of the top parking lot party spots across the US. We’re talking fans, food, hospitality, fun, and tradition. Here are a 7 of our favorite NFL stadiums for tailgating… and where to buy tickets so you can go hang out!

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Kansas City Chiefs

Beer, bacon, and all sorts of barbecue. Fans in Kansas City might love tailgating more than any other fans in the NFL. They’ll even start 48 hours before kickoff sometimes. If you want to join, wear red and BYOB. Then see if you can get your hands on some brisket. Arrowhead Stadium provides a fantastic tailgating atmosphere, a friendly crowd, and a huge parking lot with room for grills and BBQ pits. Arrive early and bring some bacon to trade, and you’ll instantly make new friends (seriously). They’ve got different sets of fans scattered across various lots, with names like The Tee Pee group and the First Down Elvises. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like football, because this is a cultural experience! Expect themed vans, decadent foods, homemade BBQ sauces, Chiefs music, and dancing. They even have a chili contest once a year. Tailgating here is a bucket list item for NFL fans.

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Buffalo Bills

Bills Fans have a hard-partying reputation and it shows in their tailgating scene. Who cares about the team’s athletic prowess when you’ve got crazy fans and parking lot debauchery unlike any other. (No really, just a quick google will show you those lunatics out there doing beer bongs and throwing themselves and their friends through tables.) It doesn’t matter how cold or icy it gets outside because they’re pros at the outdoor tailgating experience… but they do have a backup indoor spot at the ADPRO Sports Training Center. It’s the largest indoor tailgating party in the NFL with games and entertainment for the whole family. Outdoors, however, you’ll find some celebs of the tailgating world, like “Pinto Ron” who grills meat on the hood of his Pinto and cooks wings in a mailbox. Oh, and if you’re not convinced, remember this is the actual home of Buffalo wings…

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Green Bay Packers

Lambeau Field had to be on the list, right? Packers fans claim they invented tailgating and they do have the privilege of attending games at the oldest continuously operated stadium in the NFL. Despite the cold weather, you’ll often find live music in the parking lot and, of course, plenty of camaraderie. Former Packers players are known to make appearances. Go to take part in the cheese curds, brats, beer, and uh, cheese. The tailgating zone is called the Tundra, for obvious, weather-related reasons, and the friendly fans here are known for sharing so it’s worth braving the cold. Best of all, you can tailgate here without a ticket!

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Baltimore Ravens

Ravens fans turn up early to maximize tailgate time – like 5 hours early according to the stadium rules, but often earlier to avoid traffic and get ready. Parking passes often sell out before actual season tickets do – that’s how fun it is. There are DJs, big screen TVs, cornhole boards, and ladder golf set up all over the parking lot on game days. Many tailgating groups organize themselves into official “Ravens Roost” groups, but lots of them will welcome you to their party. For family fun, check out the Ravens Walk, and for partying, visit Lots H and G. In terms of tailgate cuisine, you’ll find everything from hamburgers and chicken to whole roasted pig and of course, crabcakes. We won’t quote Wedding Crashers here because that is so overdone, but you get the point!

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Cleveland Browns

Not exactly known for their team’s NFL success, Browns fans cling to the one thing they are amazing at: Tailgating. The birthplace of the beer can chicken, you’ll also probably have a chance to try plum brandy, fried turkey, and a classic Midwestern chili. Browns fans have created fun themed vehicles like a bus with a helmet-wearing dog head holding a keg of beer known as The Tailgate Dog as well as a brown and orange school bus known as The Kennel. Unlike most of this list, you can expect Browns fans to be ruthless… so be wary of wearing the opposition’s colors. You’ve been warned.

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Houston Texans

More barbecue, guys. But we’re talkin’ sausages, ribs, briskets, steaks, and locals with their own personal spice blends, rubs, and sauces. Groups of fans like the Raging Bull Tailgaters plan, spend, and go hard for a chance to win awards like “Tailgater of the Year.” They invite anybody who’s looking for a good time to join – just throw a few dollars in one of the “kitties” if you drink their booze and eat their snacks. (It’s a nice gesture.) A game here is the perfect opportunity to experience some real Texas hospitality. Reliant Stadium is renowned for tailgating and its parking lots are always packed with loyal fans and food lovers. Expect to see meats everywhere! Ya need a game ticket or $10 tailgating ticket to take part.

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Philadelphia Eagles

Expect these Super Bowl winners to get even crazier this season. Passionate, angry, whatever you want to call them, Eagles fans are serious. Some tailgating groups have official names and t-shirts and spots they’ve been drinking in for years, not to mention painted vans and buses. Check out the area around the Wells Fargo Center for some of the best tailgating. The hours before the game are filled with lots of beer, rowdy shotgunning, whiskey sipping, Indian leg wrestling, and a game called beersbee. Fans can be hardcore, arriving at sunrise and wearing shorts despite the ridiculously cold weather. To be honest, many folks just come for the party and don’t even enter the games. Seek out a cheesesteak or sausage with onions and peppers. If the Eagles lose, you can expect things to get, um, loud and a little aggressive. Hurry out of there!

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Did we leave your team out? Who’s got the best tailgate scene in the NFL?