Who are the Best NFL Teams Halfway Through the Season?

Halfway through the NFL regular season, we can usually start to see which teams have the potential to make it to the big game in February. Some have stayed at the top since the offseason, while others have become clear favorites over the past ten games. With less than three months left until Super Bowl 53, which NFL teams are looking the best?

Here are our top four picks.

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TE TD x 2

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Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have been an oddsmakers’ favorite since the get-go. Like, since May. With their surgical precision, a super accurate quarterback in Jared Goff, and the ability to score huge numbers of points, the Rams are still a Super Bowl favorite among the experts. Head Coach Sean McVay has really crafted an innovative, fast, and creative offense for his team. Despite defensive issues, you can’t not count them among top contenders. They might be having close games, but they’re still playing confidently.

Goff is riding high and only improving week by week. Running back Todd Gurley is everybody’s favorite Fantasy player, moving the ball like nobody else in the league. And they’ve got tough players too. Aaron Donald is great at pumping out sacks, but he can also run the ball despite weighing like 290 pounds. The bad news? Wide receiver Cooper Kupp is out for the season following a torn ACL against the Seahawks in Week 10.

Remaining undefeated for eight weeks is quite a feat for any team. The Rams know they’re good. Their only loss this season? Yep, to another team on this list, the Saints…

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This squad runs DEEP 💪 #Saints

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New Orleans Saints

Whew, can we say out loud that the Saints look like the best team in the league right now?! They’ve won eight games in a row by toppling the spectacular Rams and putting a ridiculous 51 points up against the Bengals. That Drew Brees is really something, smashing records and looking like a shoo-in for MVP this season. The Saints offense is tops and their defense is steadily improving. After their heartbreaking exit from the playoffs last year, they’ve come back with a vengeance, and despite a loss to the Bucs early on, they’ve really shown they can perform.

The Saints offense has that connection between the QB and young wide receiver Mike Thomas – their completion rate is 89.7% after Week 10. Running backs Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara provide tremendous support as well. Their energy is just fantastic too. Head Coach Sean Payton has passion and despite the drama with Dez Bryant (who tore his Achilles just after joining the team), the whole team is still bubbling with chemistry.

The Saints are 5-0 on the road this season and the last time they threw up that stat, well, they won the Super Bowl…

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Kansas City Chiefs

Despite still not really having a spectacular defense, the Chiefs are here to stay. Sometimes no one cares about how the defense plays when your offense looks this great. The Chiefs have scored 30 or more points in all but two games this season!

Having said all that, the fact is, their defense has actually been making strides in the past few weeks, fixing the only gaping hole we could see in a team led by the powerhouse and athletic marvel of a quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. And to be fair, most of the points and yards that the Chiefs give up happen while they’re way ahead. The ability of their receivers to get open and the defense’s new ability to step up and creating turnovers only makes them look even more impressive now. Mahomes can find a wide open guy every time and the O-line gives him the time to do it.

We’ll learn a little more about just how good the Chiefs are when they take on the Rams on Sunday, the 18th…

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High 5️⃣

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New England Patriots

We almost didn’t include the Patriots, but it’s hard to talk about the best in the league without them. They’ve got a 7-3 record, which isn’t as good as the rest of the teams on this list, but ah, they did beat the Chiefs. Plus the Pats decisively put away the Packers with a 31-17 win… without Rob Gronkowski and Sony Michel. Before their recent (weird) loss to the Titans last week, they were on a hot, six-game winning streak.

Still, some are saying that Tom Brady doesn’t look quite himself lately and the Patriots special teams are struggling. The Titans were able to take the run away and got Brady to step outside the pocket, keeping the pressure on the Patriots all game long. Is that the secret to their demise? The Patriots are used to having the lead, but when they get down, they can lose their aggressiveness and intensity. Some say it’s like a whole different team.

But nobody’s worried, because they’re gonna win their division either way…

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Honorable Mentions

The Los Angeles Chargers (they’ve only lost twice, to the Chiefs and the Rams) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (who are clearly on the up and up after dominating the Panthers). Who else are we missing here?

What do you think? Are these the four best teams in the NFL halfway through the season?