Are the New York Giants Having a Meltdown

After Thursday’s no good, very bad 34-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the critics are out in full force. Should the Giants get rid of Eli Manning? Is the owner to blame for their dreary performance this season? Does Odell Beckham, Jr. need to chill out?

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What Should They Do About Eli?

The Giants offense is looking rough, and that’s putting it nicely. Only twice this season has the team scored over 20 points in a game. The offense lacks passion; they’re passive and risk averse. The O-line looks bad. Eli Manning looks worse.

The Giants had the number-two draft pick this year and they passed on picking up a new quarterback which has caused a lot controversy among fans and experts. Current quarterback Eli Manning is 37 years old and deteriorating. Meanwhile, teams like the Jets, Browns, Chiefs, and Cardinals have all picked up new young QBs that look promising. They’re fast and they throw the ball deep. It’s 2018 and this is a passing game, so fans were understandably discouraged when their team didn’t pick up somebody new at the most valuable position.

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Manning threw an interception on the second snap of the game, but he was absolutely destroyed by the Eagles in the fourth quarter. Overall, he completed 24 of 43 passes for 281 yards and zero touchdowns. He was hit 13 times and the Eagles racked up four sacks.

Not only that, but the fans have abandoned the Manning ship. The QB was repeatedly booed throughout Thursday’s game at home. Post-game, Manning was out of explanations, saying, “Obviously not where we want to be. Not happy about it. Frustrated. Like everybody.”

Many are blaming owner John Mara for dictating the direction of the team, hiring a new GM and head coach, and choosing to go all-in on Manning despite an absolutely terrible record last season. Heck, the Giants might get a top pick again next season at this rate.

Manning has two Super Bowl rings, but what he doesn’t seem to have is the faith of his team or the fans. Sports Illustrated noted that things are so bad he may not make it through the season as starting quarterback. The end for Manning is fast approaching and, at this point, it’s inevitable.

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One Thing That Isn’t Broken

Saquon Barkley is about the only thing not wrong with the Giants’ offense these days. This is the guy who the Giants chose as their number-two pick, FYI. On Thursday, he carried the ball 13 times for 130 yards… without much help from his teammates. He led the team with 9 receptions and 99 receiving yards.

And here’s the stat that says it all: The Giants had a total of 401 yards against the Eagles. Barkley got 229 of ‘em. The man put the offense on his back.

His impressive performance makes Barkley only the second rookie ever to go for more than 100 scrimmage yards in six straight games. But the running back didn’t seem to care, stating after the game, “Doesn’t matter to me… We didn’t get the win.”

He also noted, “My mindset is to go out there and play my butt off, lead on the sideline, push myself, push my teammates and do whatever it takes to help the team win or help put us in a better position to win. It’s never really the mindset of carrying the team on my back… My mindset is just go out there fighting, fighting my butt off and try to break tackles and make plays for my teammates.”

The rest of the offense, however, was dead.

Odell Beckham, Jr. Storms Off

The Eagles held Odell Beckham, Jr., NFL’s highest-paid receiver, to six catches and just 44 yards on Thursday. And he’s only scored one touchdown this season.

Beckham can’t seem to hold back his frustrations with the team, and his antics continued during this game. He stormed off the field before halftime as the Giants were trailing 24-6. He claims he was dehydrated, but it looked more like he was walking off in disgust while there was still one play left in the half. Word is that Head Coach Pat Shurmur was “livid” and made Beckham apologize to the team afterward.

The star wide receiver publicly criticized Manning and the offense in an interview with ESPN (for which he was fined an undisclosed amount by the Giants). He questioned whether Manning can still throw it deep. He thinks the team is holding him back from putting up big numbers. He complained about the team’s heart and energy… or lack thereof. He even got Lil’ Wayne involved.

In August, Beckham signed a $103 million, six-year deal with the team so he’s stuck with the Giants through 2023. The team has to live with him, so should they invest in keeping him happy?

On a lighter note, Beckham has a long history of taking out his anger and frustrations in creative ways. On Thursday he head-butted a cooling fan. But hey, at least the Internet came alive with videos of Beckham fighting inanimate objects!

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What do you think? Can the Giants turn the ship around? What should they do about Eli Manning?