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You’ve heard his name by now. You’ve seen his terrible face tattoos. But unless you’re a 20-year-old frat boy, maybe you have no idea who Post Malone is. Or why he’s so damn popular. We’ll try to explain.

His name is really Austin Post. The guy moved to LA, like most, to try to make it. Living with a bunch of YouTubers and gamers, playing the guitar, and working with a management team, he uploaded a song called “White Iverson” to his SoundCloud account and woke up to have a viral hit on his hands. He was 19 years old. Within a month, the song had over one million views. That got the record labels interested.

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The name Post Malone came from one of those online “what’s your rapper name?” generators. No, this is not a joke.

Ol’ Austin then signed with a record label, collaborated with more popular rappers on tracks, and even met Kanye after performing at Kylie Jenner’s birthday party. That’s how you know you’ve made it, right? Through their unexpected friendship, Post Malone went on tour as one of Justin Bieber’s openers on his Purpose World Tour. (That explains a lot, because that fanbase will skyrocket anything to insane popularity.)

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Oh, and the Biebs is actually the one who inspired him to get all those tattoos. Post Malone had that barbed wire tattooed across his forehead in 2017. And instead of the tattoo tears of other rappers, Posty has an upside down music note and a tiny Playboy bunny by his eye.

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Even with all this stuff to make jokes about, Post Malone is making music history. You’ve probably heard “Congratulations” and “rockstar” for starters. They’re just plain fun party hits. His first album Stoney went double platinum and now his beerbongs & bentleys record is stupidly popular. All 18 songs from his latest album are on Billboard’s Hot 100, with 9 in the top 20. That breaks records by the Beatles and J. Cole. As we type this, he holds 6 of the top 10 spots on the charts. People are literally not listening to anything else!

His sophomore album set a one-day and one-week streaming record. The guy is ridiculously popular. People love his lyrics about all-night partying and balling out, poppin’ pills, women, and raging. The white rapper embraces country music from his Texas background, uses hip-hop to have fun, and can actually play an instrument. He’s sort of an enigma. So we sort of get it.

Right now he’s wrapping up a tour with 21 Savage, the Atlanta rapper who’s featured in “rockstar” (and a guy with some face tattoos of his own). The tour began in Portland in April and it’s making its way all across North America this summer through 28 cities before wrapping up in California at the end of June.

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21 Savage has singles like “Bank Account” and “X” but he’s also known for his involvement with Amber Rose and being shot several times during an attempted robbery when he was younger.

Artists like rap collective SOB X RBE and Paris performed at some shows too.

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The popularity and quality of live rap music have been hotly debated. And by that, I mean most people think it’s usually pretty bad. But ya know what? Those who have seen Post Malone live say he’s actually great. He gets the crowd into it, tells stories, smokes cigarettes, chugs beers (sometimes out of shoes from the crowd), and he plays the hits. Well, I guess all of his songs are technically hits now, right?

Post Malone gave us a glimpse of what he’s capable of at Coachella, playing the past, present, and future hits like “Psycho” and “Spoil My Night.” He kept it real too, literally introducing himself with these opening remarks: “My name is Austin Richard Post and I’m way too fat to be doing this shit.”


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What’s different about this guy that people just totally over-the-top love? Maybe because he’s so young, fun, and honest? Or because of his country roots? Or it could be his soft-spoken, friendly vibe off-stage and his uncouth, self-deprecating personality onstage? Or because he actually plays the guitar while most rappers are empty-handed and uncomfortable outside the security of the studio? Who knows, but he’s got the charisma and the fan following to have one hell of a tour. Go see for yourself! 

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How do you feel about Post Malone? Why is he so likable? Would you see him on tour?