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Holy cow, the Dodgers are out of the MLB Playoffs?! After all that speculation about LA finally bringing home a World Series title this year, the Washington Nationals have bounced them clean out of the postseason! Who woulda thought? Now things have begun to get even more dramatic as we slip into the ALCS and NLCS, watching the New York Yankees take on the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals face the St. Louis Cardinals. So who’s going to come out alive and make it to the World Series? It’s anyone’s guess – but we can make a couple of observations… and give you the odds (according to Vegas).

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New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros

Didn’t we know it would come to this? The ALCS was always going to wind up being a showdown between the two most dominant teams in the league – the Astros and the Yankees. What we didn’t see coming, however, was that 7-0 blowout by the Yanks in Game 1 on Saturday. 

The Yankees’ Masahiro Tanaka pitched for six full innings against Houston, holding the Astros to only three hits, the fewest in their postseason games so far. But it was the big batting by Gleyber Torres that pushed the Yankees over the top on Saturday… and basically all of their playoff games so far. Torres had nine RBIs coming into Game 1 in Houston, and then he tacked on FIVE more! He’s scored a run in literally every postseason game this fall.

In Sunday’s game, the Astros looked to Justin Verlander to save them from going down 2-0 at home while the Yankees started southpaw James Paxton. Unfortunately for New York, they had to pull Paxton from the game in the third inning in a game that turned out to be quite a lengthy one. Eventually, it was shortstop Carlos Correa who got the W for the Astros with an 11th inning walk-off homer. Hold tight, baseball fans, this series could be a real nail-biter. These two teams head to the Bronx on Tuesday!

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Washington Nationals vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Wow, how we underestimated the Nationals! Not only was it one heck of a feat to make it this far, but now they’ve got two games on the Cardinals! And it’s their pitching that’s leading the way. Anibal Sanchez pitched over seven innings in Game 1 with five strikeouts, giving up just one hit and leaving the Cardinals scoreless. Then Max Scherzer killed it in an 11-strikeout game on Sunday, pitching for seven innings and holding the Cardinals to just one run. 

Keep in mind, Games 1 and 2 were played in St. Louis, so two Ls at home right off the bat doesn’t bode well for the Cards. Only 3 in 25 teams in this situation have ever come back to win a best-of-seven playoff series – woof. Another sad stat for St. Lous fans? The Cardinals only have four hits in their first two playoff games, tying for the fewest of any team in any two consecutive postseason games… ever.

It also doesn’t help that the next two games will be played in DC. According to historic odds, the Nationals have an 88% chance of winning the series. And if Washington can win the NLCS, they’ll be making their first World Series appearance in franchise history!

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Odds to Win the World Series

Well, the oddsmakers out in Vegas originally picked the Astros and the Dodgers as the teams with the best chances to win it all… but my, how the tables have turned! The Yankees now have the best odds to take home the title and the Astros have fallen into third place. We’re sure things will continue to shake up throughout the week, but here’s where these World Series odds sit right now… if you’re a gambler that is.

Odds as of October 13th via OddsShark:

New York Yankees+175
Washington Nationals+200
Houston Astros+230
St. Louis Cardinals +1000

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Which two teams will make it to the World Series this year? Who’s going to win it all?