In this day and age, death doesn’t necessarily mean retirement. In 2019, BASE Hologram, in partnership with the Winehouse estate, is bringing the late Amy Winehouse back to the stage. Amy’s hologram will perform in front of a live band and backup singers, to replicate the setup in which she spent most of her career. Will the hologram be programed to mimic Amy’s seductive, but oft-tortured, and erratic stage presence as well? The show will reportedly last a concert length, around 110 minutes.

An exact start date for the trek has yet to be announced, yet the release alluded to it being late 2019. “This is a dream for us,” said Winehouse’s father, Mitch. “To see her perform again is something special that really can’t be put into words. Our daughter’s music touched the lives of millions of people and it means everything that her legacy will continue in this innovative and groundbreaking way.”



Proceeds from the Amy Winehouse hologram tour will benefit her foundation. The Amy Winehouse Foundation works with adolescent drug and alcohol users, while also providing resources to disadvantaged youth. The organization also provides outlets for kids enthusiastic about the arts.

Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in 2011, after a long battle with substance abuse, depression, and bulimia, all of which went long untreated due to her career demands.



The Amy Winehouse hologram tour follows a line of musical BASE Hologram productions, namely Roy Orbison, and opera singer Maria Callas. Next year, the company will also debut a location-based project, “Discoveries: Jack Horner’s World of Dinosaurs,” which will feature renowned paleontologists guiding viewers through the Jurassic era.

“Amy was an extraordinary individual who had an unbelievable passion for both her music and her fans,” said BASE CEO of productions, Marty Tudor. “This tour will tap into that devotion and remind people of her amazing voice and all of her contributions to the world of music. In addition, we are proud to be a part of contributing to the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Amy’s legacy of commitment to others in need.”