Want to find the best seat for your next game or concert at American Airlines Center, but don’t know which seats would provide you the best sightline and great value for money? We have got our hands on the comprehensive American Airlines Seating Chart that includes seat numbers and row numbers.

But before we knock off, these are a few things that you need to know.

First, the charts provided have 100 different sections with row and seat numbers identified on them, so whether you are going to a Dallas Stars or Dallas Mavericks game, the seats numbers work in the same way.

Second, Seat no. 1 refers to first seat in every section. This means, that the highest seat number in section 114 is closest to the lowest one in the section 115.




American Airlines Center Seating Chart—Dallas Stars

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  • The Dallas Star bench could be seen in the section 119, while the visitors bench is marked in front of Section 118.
  • In section 112, Dallas shoots twice.
  • To avoid paying more, avoid the rows between 3 and 10, because they aren’t worth the premium. Instead, save yourself some extra bucks by sitting slightly higher, that would cost you less and will also save you from the blocked sight lines, glass and net.
  • The best seats are located in sections 117-120 and sections 105-108.

Dallas Stars Ticket delivery

If you are looking forwards to Dallas Stars E-tickets, remember that they don’t release them until 5 days prior to a game. So if you need tickets for the February 27th, 7 pm game, you wouldn’t be able get them before February, 22nd.



American Airlines Center Seating Chart—Dallas Mavericks

Well, according to Dallas Mavericks, American Airlines Center provides a unique seating bowl that’s designed to provide optimal sightline for the fans and brings them closer to the live action like none other. The designers have tried to make the bowl as vertical as possible to keep the game experience as intimate as possible, even with higher rows.

The Seating chart for Dallas Mavericks follows the same aforementioned rule, i.e. higher seats numbers will be found adjacent to higher section number.


American Airlines Center Seating Chart – Concerts

While most of the American Airlines Center seats remain the same, sections behind the stage will be unavailable however numerous areas of floor seating will take the place of either the Ice or Basketball court from the home teams! While floor seats put you right on the action they are usually the most expensive. Seats in the 100 level put you as close as possible while remaining a direct line of sight as the rows begin to rise. If you’re looking for a good value, aim for sections 316-321 which will give you a straight shot at center stage at a cheeper cost!

The best seats

There are different seating options that we consider are worth putting your money on. For instance, all the seats location in section 117-120 and section105-108 are great seats in terms of value for money and the sightline too, of course. But for basketball, you can get a more immersive experience if the seating is close to the center court. For that, you can pick sections 106-107 and sections 118-119 that will give the best view of the game. And if you are going for the outside seat section and that too in the lower level, try to pick the ones that are close the center sections. Get to American Airlines Center today!