5 New Broadway Shows for the 2018-2019 Season

Yeah, yeah, Hamilton has been all the rage for the past four years – and sure, we’ve still got tickets! – but why not see something new this year? Check out what’s debuting on Broadway this season. Here are five new Broadway shows you can attend in New York City very soon! From the creepy to the crude to the historic, Broadway has it all right now!

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If you liked the creepy 1988 comedy by Tim Burton, you’ll love the play! Beetlejuice is a hilarious musical about a naughty ghost who inhabits the new home of a couple. Things get so nuts that they have to hire an exorcist to get him out. With a modern twist on the original film and a talented, super funny cast, you’ll be laughing through the all the weirdness. If you’ve never seen the movie, the couple’s 17-year-old daughter Lydia is obsessed with death and hangs out with the troublemaking, black-and-white-suit-clad Beetlejuice, your “guide to the other side.” Alex Brightman plays a quirky, younger version of Beetlejuice than the one played by Michael Keaton back in the day, but he’s still into wreaking havoc on the land of the living… and maybe marrying Lydia.

Opening on April 25, 2019 at Winter Garden Theatre

Cast: Alex Brightman, Sophia Anne Caruso, Rob McClure, Kerry Butler, Leslie Kritzer, Adam Dannheisser

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Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus

Lots of dead bodies and stage blood in this one, folks. But like, in a funny way. This is the sequel to Shakespeare’s first tragedy, Titus Andronicus. The main characters (Nathan Lane and Kristine Nielsen) are a couple of witty street cleaners tasked with the dirty job of getting rid of all the bodies following the fall of the Roman Empire. These two servants have to clean up the mess of the gruesome battles after their country has been taken over by a madman. Along the way, they give their opinions on everything, making this play a formidable political satire mixed with plenty of fart jokes and physical comedy. What’s the proper way to drape a dead guy’s penis as you lay him to rest after all? Get ready to discuss such darkly humorous topics and more!

Opening April 21, 2019 at Booth Theatre

Cast: Nathan Lane, Kristine Nielsen, Julie White

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Ink follows the story of a young and enterprising Rupert Murdoch as he purchases a struggling paper back in 1969 London. Murdoch brings on new editors and underdog reporters to destroy the competition with must-read stories and entertainment sections like gossip, sex, and horoscopes. Learn about the rise of the media mogul and his tabloid transformation of The Sun in this British play that hit London’s West End last year. This publishing drama is a funny dive into press ethics and “fake news” as Murdoch and his team push boundaries to sell papers. The second half focuses more on rogue editor Larry Lamb as he questions his conscience and Murdoch ventures off into television.

Opening April 24, 2019 at Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

Cast: Bertie Carvel, Jonny Lee Miller

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Based on the 1982 film about a struggling actor, Tootsie is supposed to be one of the best musical comedies of the season. Tootsie actually opened in Chicago before making its Broadway debut, receiving great reviews due to its sneaking relevance in today’s world. The plot surrounds an arrogant, self-involved male actor dresses up as a woman to get a role and deals with all the difficulties that accompany it. As a play, Tootsie is a satire that delves into the narcissism of the male ego and mansplaining, complete with one liners, witty tunes, and a lot of absurdity and silliness. There’s even a hot reality star in the mix to bring the storyline up to date.

Opening on April 23, 2019 at the Marriott Marquis Theatre

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All My Sons

A remake of the Arthur Miller classic that debuted in 1847, this 2019 remake features actress Annette Bening, who is returning to the stage after 30 years. The storyline follows the Keller family as they wait for their son’s return home from World War II. They experience the ethical conundrums which haunt the patriarch of the family, and secrets are revealed as he’s confronted with accusations of war crimes – selling faulty parts to the war efforts. The play features two families whose relationships become strained due to the drama and the framing of an innocent business partner. But there was some real-life conflict involved in the production of All My Sons too. After a dispute with the playwright’s daughter, Rebecca Miller, over whether or not to cast black actors due to the historic nature of the play, the original director quit. Go see it for yourself to see how you think it all came together!

Opening April 22, 2019 at the American Airlines Theatre

Cast: Annette Bening, Tracy Letts, Benjamin Walker

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