5 More of the Best Broadway Shows to See in 2019

We’ve given you a preview of what’s new on Broadway for 2019, but what about the most popular shows that are still going strong? The big box office earners? The ones raking in the millions and those that are just hilarious? Here are a few of our favorites… and of course, the people’s favorites.

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Yep, this one was obvious. People are still going nuts over it. Hamilton made over $4 million during the last week of December 2018 alone, with the average ticket costing over $300. It was THE hottest ticket on Broadway (and across the country and abroad) last year, and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. But the good news is, prices are cheaper now! If you haven’t gotten on the Lin-Manuel Miranda train yet, now’s the time to do it! Follow the story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton on his journey through major moments in American history, complete with other important figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and of course, Aaron Burr. Hamilton made waves for its incorporation of hip hop and R&B songs alongside showtunes and its groundbreaking color-conscious casting. Go see it for yourself to see what all the fuss is about!

Now showing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in NYC and venues all across the country!

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This is your favorite Disney classic, Broadway style. Let Aladdin and company “show you the world” along with all the other colorful characters of the classic movie – Jasmine, Jafar, and of course, Genie! This cast has true star power and voices that will wow you. Spoiler: Abu the monkey has been split into three characters, but they’re still super fun! You’ll love the Arabian costumes – harem pants, crystals, beads, and a multitude of colors – and the hilarious and oh-so-similar-to-the-film production that they’ve managed to create onstage. Also, flying carpets. Tip: If you want to truly prepare for this performance, re-watch the movie beforehand to re-familiarize yourself with all the songs. It’ll take you back to your childhood!

Now showing at the New Amsterdam Theatre in NYC as well as Salt Lake City and London!

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The Book of Mormon

Sacrilege, be damned! This play is so funny that you’ll be in tears by the end of the first act. The Book of Mormon follows the journey of young Mormon missionaries Elder Price and Elder Cunningham as they get paired up and sent on their mission trip across the world… to Uganda. Converting the locals isn’t quite as easy as they’d imagined. Price wishes he’d been sent to Orlando instead and Cunningham can’t stop lying, composing stories out of snippets of Star Wars and other fantasy as he teaches the locals about the Book of Mormon. The storyline pokes fun at the religion (to say the least) but also has its tender moments, like when the locals are baptized. And yes, this play was written by the same guys who created South Park, though it’s ever so slightly more high-brow.

Now showing at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre in NYC as well as Buffalo, Providence, and London!

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Mean Girls

Ahhh, this quintessential teen girl movie turned Broadway show is perhaps THE perfect girls’ night out! The play follows the story of Cady Heron as she transitions from life in Africa with her parents to the dramas of an American high school. She learns to deal with teen hierarchy, having a crush, and of course, the Plastics, captained by popular girl Regina George. But you already know that story – and the play includes all of its great moments, like Janis and Damian’s plot to infiltrate the popular trio, the Candy Cane Grams (“and none for Gretchen Weiners!”), and the craziness that accompanies the Burn Book. The Broadway production breaks the fourth wall as they invite the audience to join the cast on this “Cautionary Tale” and introduces music to the plot with songs like “Meet the Plastics” and “Revenge Party.” 

Now showing at the August Wilson Theatre in NYC.

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Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2

After premiering in London to sold-out audiences, the theatre production of JK Rowling’s eighth and latest Harry Potter book finally made its way to New York City! Initially written as a play anyway, the Cursed Child has two parts and an intermission that’s long enough to allow audiences to go for a quick early dinner if you choose to see both parts over the course of an afternoon. (Note: You can also book tickets on consecutive days, but be sure to see both!) Our favorite protagonist, Harry, is now a husband, father of three, and an overworked employee at the Ministry of Magic. But the real star is his son, Albus, who is struggling with being in the shadow of his legendary father. The Malfoys are also involved. Sure, this play is a long one, but for Harry Potter fans, it’s an epic experience!

Now showing at the Lyric Theatre in New York City.

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Have you seen any of these Broadway shows? What’s your favorite?