We’ve given you so many tips on which Broadway shows to check out this year, this summer, and with family. But we’ve got a few more that might not be on your radar just yet! That doesn’t make them any less deserving though! There are some sleeper hits here. Following the Tony Awards, lots of shows go ahead and close for the season – including a few of the ones in this list. So if you want to check them out before they’re gone for good, get yourself to New York City before the summer’s over!

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What the Constitution Means to Me

This is a (mostly) one-woman show, but don’t let that deter you from seeing it! What the Constitution Means to Me may not have all the bells and whistles of traditional Broadway musicals, but it is witty, moving, and interactive. Heidi Schrek, who both wrote and stars in the play, is sharp and thought-provoking as she bounces between her teenage debate champion self and her current self. This theatrical lecture was originally scheduled for a week-and-a-half-long stint at the Wild Project but it ended up on Broadway and even received Tony nominations for best play and best performance by a leading actress! Impeccably done, you’ve got to get tickets to see what all the fuss is about… and learn why “We the People” means all of us.

This play is fab, but it’s still set to close on August 24th to make way for another show coming to the theatre. The good news?What the Constitution Means to Me will be touring the nation with a new (and as yet unannounced) lead!

Now Showing at the Helen Hayes Theatre in New York City.

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King Kong

The most expensive Broadway debut of 2019 – at a whopping $35 million –  this musical has an enormous, groundbreaking King Kong puppet, but it hasn’t quite rolled in the ticket sales as expected. It’s also set to close in August, so this is your last chance to see it in NYC! That doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic show though. (Word is, the big gorilla is moving to Shanghai.)

The choreography is great and, yeah, the 1.2-ton, 20-feet-tall Kong puppet is impressive when he roars and growls and shows his teeth. The damsel in distress has been replaced by a stronger, feistier lead who, like in the original story, forges a bond with the giant beast. Other changes? They’ve left out the natives from Skull Island, inserted some modern aspects of New York society, and included more pop music rather than 1930’s tunes, but the original story is still there.

Now Showing at Broadway Theatre in New York City.

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Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations

Want to hear some songs you know all the words to? This is a rousingly fun jukebox musical is packed with impeccable singing, dancing, costumes, and stories that will make you want to get up and dance. It follows – wouldn’t you know it? – the lives of The Temptations and their hurdles and drama en route to fame. Ain’t Too Proud details the drama, the addictions, the women, the deaths, and the Civil Rights Movement as the band hits it big.

The suits, the slick choreography, and the soulful R&B and Motown sounds of this quintet are intriguing and smooth enough to get you in the theatre doors. But the fast-paced storyline and the exciting appearances by the Supremes give it a real jolt of star power.

Now Showing at the Imperial Theatre in New York City.

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Ahhh, classics never die, do they? Okay, so maybe you HAVE thought about seeing this Broadway play – particularly if you’ve been following all the positive press surrounding it! This new and reimagined delivery of a musical favorite has wowed audiences and snapped up Tony Awards like Best Featured Actress (Ali Stoker) and Best Revival of a Musical with its diverse cast and modern attributes. Stoker performs in a wheelchair and the play now features black actors as well as themes on gender, crime, and class. The old Rodgers and Hammerstein musical now feels edgy, sexy, and fresh.

Highly recommended by audiences and critics alike, this nontraditional take on a super American classic is a must-see! Seriously, the new Oklahoma! might be the coolest show on Broadway right now. Hurry up and get your tickets!

Now Showing at Circle in the Square Theatre in New York City.

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