2018 MLB Postseason Predictions and World Series Odds

The MLB regular season wraps up on September 30 so we’ve got just one more month until the postseason! That means we’re getting close to gearing up for everyone’s favorite pumpkin-scented season… as well as the World Series!

Who are our predictions for the postseason and World Series contenders? Which teams have the best odds to make it to the end of October? And which have fallen beyond saving? Who’s a shoe-in and who’s in a slump? We’ve got quite a few games until the end of September so things can always change, but here are our picks for the postseason and some actual World Series odds… plus a few teams who definitely won’t make it.

So… Who’s Out?

In the American League, the Baltimore Orioles and the Kansas City Royals are (mathematically) too far gone to reach the postseason. Nobody in the National League is technically out yet, but the San Diego Padres will be the first to go with their 50-83 record, the league’s worst. Following the Padres, the Miami Marlins and the Cincinnati Reds will be the next teams to drop out of the race to the postseason.

(Of course, within a few days of writing this, some of these teams may have already sealed their fate.)

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What’s the Postseason Look Like Right Now?

Here’s a quick lesson on the MLB postseason. Ten teams make the playoffs, five in the American League and five in the National League. You’ve either gotta win your division or grab one of the two wild card spots in your league (those will go to the two teams with the best record in their league after the division winners). Here are some ideas on how it’ll all shake out.

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In the AL East, the Red Sox looked to be unstoppable this season and it seems pretty certain they’ll hold strong as the winners of that division. The Houston Astros are battling it out with the Oakland A’s for the top spot in the AL West and the Cleveland Indians have likely secured the AL Central. As for the wild cards in the American League, the Yankees almost certainly have one of those places reserved for themselves with their record of 84-48. We’re predicting the A’s will take the second wild card slot.

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Over in the National League, things are a little more hectic. The Los Angeles Dodgers looked dominant until a few weeks back with some oddsmakers giving them the greatest chance to win the World Series altogether. But the NL West is a bit crazy right now. The Diamondbacks and the Rockies have recently taken LA’s spot at the top of the division. But it shows how much Vegas thinks of the Dodgers’ potential that their odds to win the World Series and the NL West are still higher despite their current standings. And they have won their division the past five years (not to mention battling it out to game 7 in the World Series last year). Things are verrrry close over in the NL West!

NL West W L
Colorado Rockies 72 60
Arizona Diamondbacks 72 60
Los Angeles Dodgers 71 61
San Francisco Giants 67 67
San Diego Padres 51 83

The thing is, these teams will also be in tough competition with the Brewers and the Cardinals if they don’t manage to clinch the division. Milwaukee and St. Louis are the current wild card teams in the National League… ya know, if the season ended today.

Out of the NL East, it looks like the Braves are going to clinch the top spot while the Cubs are going to take the NL Central Division. It’s gonna be a fun time with some big names in the playoffs!

W 91 ✔️

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But what do the oddsmakers say about this year’s main event? Here are the numbers as of August 29 via Bovada and Sports Betting Dime.

MLB Team Odds to Win the 2018 World Series

Team Odds
Boston Red Sox +380
Houston Astros +440
Chicago Cubs +740
New York Yankees +740
Cleveland Indians +910
Los Angeles Dodgers +1000

The top five World Series contenders throughout the season (as the experts see it) have been the Boston Red Sox (obviously), Houston Astros, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and the Cleveland Indians. After that, the next two favorites were the LA Dodgers and the Oakland A’s. Wanna keep going? Following those teams, you’ve got the Arizona Diamondbacks, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Atlanta Braves. So… how confident are you feeling about your team?

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What do you think? Which teams are going to make the World Series?