2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule

For 16 lucky teams, April is the most exciting time of the year in the world of professional hockey. The 2017 Staley Cup Playoffs begin April 12, and you get a seat to see all the exciting action. Nothing is more thrilling than a down-to-the-wife NHL playoffs matchup, especially if your favorite team is taking part.

As of March 30, four teams for the Eastern Conference—Washington, Columbus, Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers—and five teams from the Western Conference—Chicago, Minnesota, Anaheim, San Jose and Edmonton—had secured a coveted postseason spot. Three are still four more positions left to grab in the East and three more in the West, so you can be sure the remaining teams in contention will be battling it out in full fervor during the regular season’s final week.

The Metropolitan Division in the Eastern Conference has been the most competitive in the NHL. Four of the league’s top five teams all reside in that division. The aforementioned Washington, Columbus, Pittsburgh and New York Rangers are currently first, second, third and fourth in the division with 110, 105, 103 and 97 points, respectively. Montreal leads the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference with 95 points and a record of 43-24-9. Ottawa is right on the Canadiens’ heels with 91 points. Toronto (87 points), Boston (86) and Tampa Bay (83) are vying for a playoff spot as well. Other Eastern Conference teams closing in on a playoff berth are the New York Islanders and Carolina, each with 82 points as of March 30.

In the West, Chicago has all but wrapped up a top seed. It has a record of 49-21-7, good enough for 105 points. Anaheim is tops in the Pacific Division with a record of 42-23-11. St. Louis and Calgary, with 90 points, are close to clinching spots in the playoffs, as is Nashville with 89 points.

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