11 Reasons You Should Go to a Major League Baseball Game This Summer

Catching a baseball game should be a mandatory summer activity. Sun, sports, food, beers, friends, and affordable tickets. What more could you ask for? Here are all the reasons you should see a Major League Baseball game this summer.

It’s a Social Summertime Event

Let’s be honest. It’s not all about the sport. It’s about getting friends together to go chill outside in the sunshine while you watch some guys play ball, drink draft beers, and eat hot dogs (and maybe some nachos with cheese and jalapenos). There are 9 innings which take a pretty long time, so there’s plenty of opportunities to socialize with your friends while you also maybe, kinda watch the game.

It’s Outdoors.

Going along with the summertime theme here, catching a Major League game is the perfect thing to do when sunny, warm weather rolls around. Get outta here, NFL games with your snow and ice! That’s miserable. Even if you live in a place with scorchingly hot temps, you can still feel pretty comfortable in the evenings sitting alongside the field as the sun goes down. And who doesn’t love having a beer outdoors? Taking in a baseball game is a great way to spend some time outside without actually having to do anything too outdoorsy or athletic. Sorry if your team has a retractable roof.

Home sweet home

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It’s Cheap!

If you look, you can find MLB tickets for under $10. Seriously. That’s so many hours of fun and sports for so little money.

The Fan Cost Index (which studies this stuff) found that the average cost of an MLB outing for a family of four is $231. It’s way cheaper if you live in Arizona, Tampa, or Pittsburgh, and way more if you live in Chicago. But that total includes lots of stuff: four “average-priced” adult tickets, two beers, four soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking, two game programs, and two ball caps. Wanna compare that average to the same thing in the NFL? Try $503. Whoa. I’ll take baseball any day.

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It’s Group-Friendly.

With cheap tickets and big ballparks, there’s nowhere else you’ll be able to find like 10 seats all next to each other. Just plan a little bit ahead and it won’t be hard to invite all your closest friends to a game AND sit together.

To be honest, nobody really cares where they sit. Your friends will be happy pounding brews and eating dogs from the cheap seats if that’s all that’s left. Whether you’re a large family or you have a ton of friends, baseball is an easy fit.

The Best Food in Professional Sports. Period

We’re gonna go out here on a limb here and say that Major League Baseball has the best concessions of any pro sport in the country. They’ve got everything from the delicious to the deep-fried to the ridiculous. It’s like if you combined the foods of a state fair with a movie theater and a touch of Man vs. Food. Plenty of meats, treats, and the basic hot dogs, peanuts, and cracker jacks too.

Don’t believe us? Just check out some of the out of this world ballpark foods from across the country. From crab dip covered everything in Baltimore to the Burgerizza in Atlanta, you’ll find regional foods mixed with crazy. Churro dog, anyone? Many stadiums have concessions specials on certain days too (like $1 hot dogs) – so eating and drinking can actually be affordable!

And the Beers

Cold beer. In the sunshine. Nine innings. Enough said.

It’s American

Baseball is America’s sport. Hey, you get to sing the national anthem at all the sports, but you don’t always get to sing “God Bless America.” Sitting in a baseball stadium in the middle of summer just feels quintessentially American. Some people even go to games on the 4th of July. A little overzealous, but we get it.

It’s Like The Only Sport Played in Summer

What else were you even gonna do?

There’s a reason that baseball players are called the “Boys of Summer.” It’s just THE sport to watch when it gets hot outside. Don’t get all teary-eyed, but here’s one guy’s take on why the season matters so much:

“Baseball to me is still the national pastime because it is a summer game. I feel that almost all Americans are summer people, that summer is what they think of when they think of their childhood. I think it stirs up an incredible emotion within people. – Steve Busby, Washington Post, 1974

Fan Entertainment (and Interaction)

From the seventh inning stretch and singing as a crowd to little kids running the bases to the sumo wrestler fat suit competitions in the middle of the field (you know the ones). Even when the players aren’t out there, MLB stadiums keep the fans entertained. And if they don’t, hey, you don’t have to stay the whole 9 innings!


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It’s Family-Friendly

Baseball is for everybody. As we’ve mentioned, it’s cost-effective for your mom, dad, 10-year old cousin, and 8-month old baby to all come out for a game, so make it a family affair! No one really cares about babies in the stands anyway (because it’s outdoors so crying isn’t a big deal). And for your friends who have kids and always opt out of stuff, they’ve got no excuse not to hang out this time. Bring ‘em along!

You Don’t Have To Wait For The Weekend

There are Major League Baseball games almost daily in the summer. When’s the last time your favorite NBA or NFL team played eight nights in a row? Yeah, we thought so.

And you know how it’s so hard to get all your friends together on weekends in the summer due to the obligatory weddings, family trips, etc? You can actually pencil in a baseball game for any day you’re all free.

Hello, weeknight drinking, you temptress.

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Anybody else love baseball as much as us? Are you planning on hitting any MLB games this summer?