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The Washington Redskins are still pumped up after making it into the playoffs in the 2015 season. Starting this year off strong with healthy players should give the team the extra boost it needs to make it to the playoffs. Quarterback Kirk Cousins stands out this year as a team leader as he has stepped into a vocal encouragement role during team training. A steady coaching staff, led by head coach Jay Gruden, should lead to consistent wins. Tickets are on sale now so you can be a part of the action at FedEx Field! Choose Razorgator for the best prices on tickets for this upcoming season and claim your spot in the stands today.
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Washington Redskins News and Updates

The biggest news out of the Washington Redskins this week is that a laptop was stolen that belonged to one of the trainers. On the laptop were medical records for thousands of NFL players, not just the Redskins. The league believes that none of the personal information of the players was stolen. This week also saw the Redskins back on the field for the second week, although the practices are still voluntary. Every player was on the field except for DeSean Jackson, who is training in California. The team will have its first mandatory minicamp in a couple of weeks. Fans can already get tickets to the games, with prices starting at $11.
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The Washington Redskins ended their regular season with a 34-23 win over the Cowboys on January 3. The Redskins dominated coming out of the gate, ending the first quarter 21-0. The Cowboys had a 14 point second quarter to close the gap, but the Redskins were able to hold onto their lead throughout the game. Kirk Cousins threw 12 of 15 passes for a total of 176 yards and three touchdowns before he left the game during the first half. He also broke the franchise record for passing yards in one season. The Redskins host the Packers in the NFC wild card round on January 10. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $66.

1/1/16 - The Washington Redskins had an explosive game on December 26 when they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles and secured the NFC East title. Thanks to Kirk Cousins being on point, he was able to throw four touchdowns and completed 365 yards against the Eagles. The Redskins have won their last three games in a row, which is constantly throwing other teams out of playoff contention. Start the New Year off right by purchasing your tickets today to see the Redskins play their last game of the regular season against the Dallas Cowboys on January 3. Tickets are still available for the Dallas held game and start at an affordable $6 each.

12/22/15 - The Washington Redskins beat the Buffalo Bills on December 20 to bring their record to an even 7-7. The Redskins shut out the Bills in the first half, going into the locker rooms ahead 21-0. The Bills started to fight back, but the Redskins retained a 10-point lead to win the game. Kirk Cousins had four touchdown passes and rushed 13 yards for a touchdown. The win was the first time that the Redskins had won consecutive games in more than a year, and it helped them to remain at the top of the NFC East. The Bills game was the last home game for the Redskins of the regular season, but they have two games with tickets available starting at $19.

12/18/15 - The Washington Redskins are going to the postseason. They only have one more home game in the regular season, but you just might be able to catch them in the playoffs. The schedule still has not been announced yet, however. The Redskins are currently on a roll, as well. They beat out the Chicago Bears in a close 24-21 game, which saw the Redskins shut their opponents out in two of the four quarters. Their final home game will be on December 20th when they host the Buffalo Bills. Tickets are still available starting as low as $50. Come out and show your team some support as they head into the postseason.

12/11/15 - The Washington Redskins lost a close game against the Cowboys on December 7. The game came down to the final seconds, when Dallas hit a 54-yard field goal with only 9 seconds remaining. For most of the game, a total of 58 1/2 minutes, the teams only traded field goals to total 18 points combined. In the final 90 seconds, the teams scored 17 points, with Dallas scoring the first touchdown to get ahead and then the Redskins eking ahead soon after. Kirk Cousins completed 22 of 31 passes for 219 yards and one touchdown. The Redskins play the Bears on the 13 in Chicago, and tickets are available for prices starting at $38.

12/4/15 - Despite a negative season record, the Washington Redskins are still managing to hold on to the number one position in the NFC Eastern Division. They are tied for wins and losses with the New York Giants, however, so fans can be certain that it is a close race. The Redskins are still earning wins, but it seems they are losing just as much. If they want to distance themselves from the Giants, the Redskins will need to make the most of their upcoming home matches. They will host the Dallas Cowboys on December 7th, then the Redskins will have their final home game of the year when they host the Buffalo Bills on December 20th.

11/27/15 - The competition for the top spot in the NFC Eastern Division is fierce and the Washington Redskins are right in the middle of it all. They currently maintain the number two position, but they are just one win behind the top team, the New York Giants, and one loss ahead of the bottom team, the Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, the Redskins are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles. There is no saying how this division is going to finish, but the Redskins have a good chance. They will be hosting two of their competitors, the Giants and the Cowboys, in their next two matches. If they pull out consecutive victories, the Redskins will secure an excellent position as the season winds down.

11/20/15 - The Washington Redskins are coming off one of their strongest victories yet. They beat out the New Orleans Saints with 47 points. In fact, the Redskins did not score less than 10 points in any of the quarters. They are in a good spot, but they are facing the undefeated Carolina Panthers next. Regardless of the outcome of that away match, be sure to come out and cheer them to another victory when they return to Washington for two consecutive home games, especially when they only have three home games for the rest of the regular season. Tickets for the first, which is on November 29th against the New York Giants, start at $43.

11/13/15 - The Washington Redskins had one of the toughest matchups this season when they took on the New England Patriots on November 8. The Patriots are one of the top teams in the league and have yet to lose a game, so the Redskins knew they had their work cut out for them. However, the Patriots stormed the field in the first quarter and scored two touchdowns and shut out the Redskins offensively. After being trampled in the first half, the Redskins didn’t seem to have it in them to pull off the W. The Patriots won 27-10 over the Redskins. See if the Redskins can rebound from the loss when they take on the other undefeated team, the Carolina Panthers on November 29.

11/6/15 - Escaping by the narrowest of margins, the Washington Redskins collected their third win of 2015 with a 31-30 decision over the Tampa Bay Bucs in Week 8. Kirk Cousins outperformed young Jameis Winston by a hair, getting three TDs and 317 yards on 33-for-40 passing. Famous Jameis turned in a 297-yard day on 21-of-29 passing with a pair of touchdowns, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Washington rally in the fourth. The Skins finished the improbable comeback with a touchdown pass in the final half-minute, jumping to 3-4 on the season. Next on the docket is a date with Tom Brady and the Patriots in Foxborough. Get your tickets starting at $180!

10/30/15 - The Washington Redskins have been struggling lately, but it looks like that might all be changing. On October 25th, the Redskins hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The first half of the match was consistent with the way Washington has been playing, but they were able to make a huge comeback going into the third quarter. Starting with a score of 7-24, the Redskins managed to turn it around and finish with 30-31 in just two quarters. Hopefully they will be able to maintain this momentum as they hit the road and face the New England Patriots. It will not be long before they are back, however, because they face the New Orleans Saints on November 15th.

10/23/15 - The Washington Redskins had another loss when they played the New York Jets on October 18, bringing their record to 2-4. The Redskins led the first half of the game, and the teams headed into the locker room with the Redskins barely ahead 13-10. However, the Jets came out and dominated the third quarter and outscored the Redskins 17-0 to take a strong lead, and the Redskins were unable to rally. Kirk Cousins completed 25 of 43 passes for 196 yards and one touchdown. The Redskins will be looking to end their budding losing streak when they host the Buccaneers on October 25. You can still get tickets to see the match in person for as little as $16.

10/16/15 - The Washington Redskins had a lot of momentum as they travelled to Atlanta to take on the Falcons. Not many teams can hold their own against an undefeated team such as the Falcons, much less on their own field, but the Redskins matches them point for point. In the end, it came down to overtime, but the Redskins just could not get ahead. The final score was 19-25. Hopefully, they do not let this slim loss slow them down and move on to New York to face the Jets with some energy behind them. The Redskins will return to their home field on October 25th to host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

10/9/15 - Now that they are four matches into the season, fans are finally getting a feel for how the Washington Redskins will be playing this season. They have won half of their games, so there is definitely room for improvement. Most recently, the Redskins edged out a narrow victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, with the final score coming to 20-23. Coming up, the Redskins are going to have a couple away games, against the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Giants. They will return on October 25th to host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tickets are still very inexpensive, starting as low as $17, so be sure to secure your spot in the stands.

10/2/15 - The Washington Redskins will be looking to rebound this Sunday after a devastating loss to rivals the New York Giants in the latest installment of Thursday Night Football. The Redskins were unable to mount a comeback and ultimately lost to quarterback Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants 32 – 21. It was a tough road game that came after just four days of rest, so the Redskins should hopefully be in better condition heading into this week’s matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. Washington may have a slight edge against the Eagles, as the game will be at home. Tickets to this Sunday’s matchup currently start as low as $46.

9/25/15 - The Washington Redskins looked anything but strong last night as they took on Eli Manning and the New York Giants on the road. Quarterback Kirk Cousins struggled to get anything going, and the talents of star running backs Alfred Morris and Matt Jones were both extremely limited thanks to a tough New York defensive line. The Redskins ultimately lost last night’s matchup 21 – 32, leaving Washington fans to wonder, “What’s next?” It’s clear that Cousins still has a lot of developing to do, which puts the team in a rough position without a clear quarterback. They’ll have extra time to step up their game, as their next matchup isn’t until October 4 against the Philadelphia Eagles at home. Tickets to that game start at $59.

9/18/15 - With Robert Griffin III still recovering from a recent concussion, Kirk Cousins lined up under center for the Washington Redskins in their 2015 opener. Although he put together 21 of 31 pass attempts for 196 yards, he gave up two interceptions with just a single touchdown. With Washington’s offense not yet firing on all cylinders, the Dolphins seized the opportunity for a comeback. Miami rallied with 10 fourth-quarter points to steal a 17-10 victory on the road, which means Washington fans will need to wait until at least Week 2 to celebrate their first home win of the year. St. Louis will be their next opponent, and then it’s off to New York to tangle with the Giants. Get tickets for both games, on sale now!

9/11/15 - As the first week of the NFL’s regular season begins, it’s a fresh slate for all teams. Memories of past records are wiped away, and that will be useful to the Washington Redskins this year. They have taken the offseason and preseason to make some sweeping changes which will undoubtedly be exciting to watch unfold. Perhaps the most anticipated change is having Kirk Cousins leading the team as the starting quarterback over Robert Griffin III. There will also be eight additional changes to the starting team, a shakeup which the team is hopeful will not only lead to more wins but also to a more cohesive and united team. Check out the opening game for the Redskins this Sunday (Sept. 13) as they take on the Dolphins at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. Tickets are available now and start at just $36.

9/4/15 - The Washington Redskins still have not solidified their roster heading into the NFL 2015-2016 regular season in less than two weeks. In fact, they recently demoted former starting quarterback Robert Griffin III from his primary position. Not only that, they may cut him from the roster entirely depending on how things go in their final preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night. If Griffin III is cut from the Redskins’ roster, there’s a good chance that the Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas Cowboys could pick him up. Come see how it all plays out when the Redskins take on the Jaguars in their last game of the preseason on Thursday night. Tickets are available in wide quantities starting at just $4 for the upper level.

8/28/15 - Following last week’s preseason match against the Lions, the Washington Redskins are acting cautiously regarding the health of quarterback Robert Griffin III. After leaving the game with a head injury, he met with neurologists and other medical professionals who determined that he suffered a concussion. Despite the injury, he has been cleared to play in the upcoming game against the Ravens, which will happen this Saturday, Aug. 29 in Baltimore. He hasn’t been too vocal about the concussion, but has stated, “I feel good, just trying to be as cautious as possible.” Griffin will rely on his offensive line to give him the space and time he needs to deliver yardage without risking further injury. The Redskins will play the Jaguars on Thursday, Sept. 3 at FedEx Field. Purchas tickets today for just $2 and up!

8/21/15 - The Washington Redskins could be gearing up for their biggest season yet. Quarterback Robert Griffin III and the rest of the team looked well rested and ready to go when they took on the Cleveland Browns in their preseason opener last week. The Redskins walked away with an impressive 20-17 win. Unfortunately, however, they also walked away with one less player. Running back Silas Redd Jr. suffered a devastating season-ending ACL tear in the third quarter of the game. Although this comes has a tremendous loss to the Redskins, Redd vows he will return. Come catch the next matchup when Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions come to FedEx Field on Thursday, August 20. Tickets are currently available and start at as little as $8.

8/7/15 - Newcomer Junior Galette told reporters this week that he believes his new organization, the Washington Redskins, is a functional team despite a controversial start to training camp. His comments came after he signed onto the Redskins for the league minimum and also followed cornerback Bashaud Breeland’s sidelining injury. Despite a rocky start at training camp in preparation for the upcoming 2015-2016 NFL preseason, the Redskins’ management and fans continue to be optimistic about the team’s prospects this year. This is due in large part to the change in administration, with Scot McCloughan taking over as general manager. McCloughan has already made a series of exciting moves during the offseason, including revamping a struggling defense. Tickets to the preseason opener against the Detroit Lions on August 20 start at just $5.

7/31/15 - The beautiful town of Richmond, Virginia, is set to get an invasion of burgundy, white and gold this week. The Washington Redskins are in town for training camp, and quarterback Robert Griffin III is looking forward to having a successful season. After taking the team to its first NFC East title in more than 15 years, he and the rest of the team are setting their sights even bigger this season. With the addition of third-round draft pick Matt Jones as a rusher as well as a few other key players, the team is hoping to have an explosive offense. Their first home game of the season is scheduled to happen on Thursday, Aug. 20 against the Detroit Lions. Tickets are available now with prices starting at just $5.

7/17/15 - During the offseason there has been a huge scramble of NFL players from team to team, just like every other year. This offseason the Washington Redskins were able to pick up safety, Dashon Goldson, from Tampa Bay. The 30-year old didn’t have a great season with the Buccaneers, but has had other seasons that have gone much better. The Redskins have been in need of a talented and successful safety for almost ten years and are hoping that Goldson can fill this role. One of his biggest perks and demises is his ability to be aggressive. He has been fined multiple times for illegal hits in the past couple of years. Watch the Redskins and Goldson live when they start their 2015 season in August. Tickets for all games are still available for purchase.

7/3/15 - The running back position is one that is prone to injuries, thus successful teams will typically have some depth in that position in case of an injury. This year, the Washington Redskins look like they have done just that with a lot of young talent that is willing and able to fill the secondary running back position. Alfred Morris is still expected to be the main running back for the Redskins, but he will need an occasional break. The four players working like dogs to get the backup position are Matt Jones, Chris Thompson, Trey Williams, and Silas Redd Jr. Each player has different attributes that make them special and add value to the team. See what the Redskins decide as their 2015 season starts this August.

6/19/15 - With little more than a Wild Card Game loss in the past seven seasons, the Washington Redskins and their fans are eager for playoff success. As minicamps conclude and the preseason approaches, the ‘Skins are in the process of tinkering with their offense, integrating new receivers with the returning Robert Griffin III. Andre Roberts and standby WR DeSean Jackson have been impressive thus far in offseason workouts but it remains to be seen how the regular season will pan out for the Washington squad. Play at FedEx Field will open on August 20th for the ‘Skins, as they play host to the Detroit Lions. You can secure your seats for all Washington games throughout the 2015 season right now! Check out Redskins vs. Lions in preseason play with tickets starting at just $8.

6/5/15 - When it comes to the size of their stadium, the Washington Redskins are starting to believe the old adage that less is more. With the largest stadium in the country, they have sold out every home game in the past few years, but actual attendance has been a different story. Team owners have decided to do their part to improve the fan experience, as game attendees have often complained about bad traffic and parking situations at FedEx Field. While the full details of the changes won’t be made until later, you can now purchase your tickets for all home games now! With ten on the schedule, there are plenty of chances to not only cheer on your Redskins, but see first-hand what changes have been made to the stadium.

5/20/15 - The Washington Redskins are continuing the evolution of their team roster this week by adding five rookie free agents as well as a sixth seasoned free agent to the lineup yesterday. This new pack includes quarterback Huston Mason, offensive tackle Tovar Allen, linebacker Houston Bates, defensive lineman Daryl Waud, linebacker Dasman McCullum, and linebacker Alonzo Highsmith. The Redskins also waived five of their existing players to free up space for the new additions. The waived players include offensive tackle Brey Cook, linebacker James Gayle, defensive lineman LaKendrick Ross, quarterback Connor Halliday, as well as wide receiver Tyler Rutenbeck. Come see how all of the movement plays out when the Redskins take on the Detriot Lions at their home opener on August 20 at FedEx Field.

5/6/15 - While the Washington Redskins were able to expand their offensive front with this week’s 2015 NFL Draft, they also picked up a few extremely capable defensive players. The Redskins added Preston Smith to their team, the large-bodied 6’5”, 271-pounder from Mississippi State. Smith may be the most intriguing selection for the Redskins this year, even though experts can’t agree on what his best position is. The Redskins also picked up Kyshoen Jarrett, a skilled defensive back from Virginia Tech. Jarrett is on the opposite side of the spectrum. At 5’10”, Jarrett is set to become one of the team’s most versatile safeties. Come see how the new defense looks when the Redskins face the Detroit Lions on August 20 in the much anticipated home opener.

4/24/15 - After injuries derailed them again in 2014, the Washington Redskins are hopeful that this will be their season to climb back into the NFL playoff picture. They’ll get two opportunities to start off the right way at home, with their season opener on September 13th versus the Miami Dolphins and Week 2 contest with the St. Louis Rams. Other noteworthy dates on the calendar include Week 9, when they will visit Tom Brady and the defending world champion Patriots in New England, as well as Week 13 when Washington will play host for Tony Romo and his Dallas Cowboys. You can punch your ticket for these games and plenty of others in the upcoming 2015 NFL season! Seats are on sale now, claim yours today!

2014-2015 Season

12/18/14 - RGIII returned to action for the Washington Redskins last weekend, but still couldn’t push the Skins to victory, as they fell 24-13 to their NFC East rivals, the New York Giants. The game featured an apparent touchdown reviewed and called a touchback for the Giants as quarterback Robert Griffin III lost control of the football as he dove into the end zone.

12/11/14 - What has turned into another ugly season for the Washington Redskins was marred by another report of an intra-squad fight between two players during practice this week. Additionally, the Skins are hoping that current starting quarterback Colt McCoy is medically cleared to play this weekend.

12/4/14 - It’s looking more and more like the end of the Robert Griffin III era for the Washington Redskins – one that showed so much promise for the beleaguered Skins two seasons ago. Reports out of Redskins camp claim that head coach Jay Gruden will likely stick with former third-stringer Colt McCoy the rest of the Skins’ season.

11/20/14 - Have things gone from bad to worse for the Washington Redskins? In the days after an embarrassing loss to Tampa Bay in which the Skins could muster just seven points, head coach Jay Gruden leveled a stinging line of criticism at first string quarterback Robert Griffin III, saying in so many words that RGIII needs to work more on his fundamentals, among other things.

11/13/14 - RGIII is back…but unfortunately he couldn’t prevent the Washington Redskins from falling short to Minnesota. They’ve had the bye week to work on things, and prepare for a struggling Tampa Bay squad coming into FedEx Field this weekend.

10/31/14 - In an exciting game that had fans on the edge of their seats, the Washington Redskins pulled out a win over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday, October 27th. Colt McCoy led his team with 299 passing yards into a secured 20-17 win. This was McCoy’s first time playing in Texas since his last game in college. The Cowboys fought hard and even had a final opportunity to try to turn the game before the clock ran out, but were unable to deliver a first down. The Redskins now stand at 3-5 season and are looking for more success on November 2nd in their game against the Vikings. There are still tickets available for the Redskins’ next home game at FedEx Field on November 16th starting at a mere $7.

11/3/14 - The struggling Washington Redskins got franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III back in action this past weekend, but it wasn’t enough to ger the Skins over Minnesota. RGIII tossed 251 yards worth of passed with a touchdown and an INT, but was outdone by rookie Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater on the day.

10/20/14 – The 2-4 Redskins will play on the road in Week 8 against NFC East foes Dallas Cowboys. Colt McCoy is set to start if RGIII is not ready to comeback from his left ankle injury. The divisional showdown in Arlington is the fifth cheapest game of the week as McCoy looks to have another positive impact on the gridiron two weeks in a row. The backup QB completed 11 of 12 passes for 128 yards and a TD to lead the Redskins to a game-winning field goal as the clock winded down.

10/15/14 - Washington Redskins tickets are averaging $64, the cheapest price of Week 7 in the league. It’s the Tennessee Titans who will be in town and for just $7, you can watch the matchup at FedEx Field. Keep your eye out for Redskins alums who are expected to be attending the team’s annual Homecoming celebration.

10/10/14 - The Washington Redskins lost their third straight game in a row to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. Given the elite competition, the Redskins played surprising well. DeSean Jackson caught a 60 yard grab for a touchdown. David Amerson made a key tackle of Percy Harvin on 3rd and 4, keeping the Redskins in the game. The Seahawks helped the Redskins’ cause with penalty woes. But ultimately, the Redskins lost 27-17 and now have a 1-4 record after Week 5. The Redskins made a handful of roster moves after the loss, and hope to play with the same resurgence of fight as the Seahawks game, except next time win the game. Their next opportunity will be to play the Arizona Cardinals on the road on Sunday.

10/1/14 – It’s going to be a Monday night to remember in Landover as the Redskins welcome the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks to FedEx Field. Despite the strong opponent, Washington Redskins ticket prices are super cheap starting at just $16. At an average cost of $100, the Week 5 matchup is the least expensive on the Redskins schedule.

9/29/14 - It was a disappointing loss for the Washington Redskins last Thursday, as the Skins had no answer for an unheralded tight end for the New York Giants – Larry Donnell – who had three touchdown receptions en route to a 45-14 result in the New Yorkers’ favor. Kirk Cousins, subbing for the injured Robert Griffin III, was intercepted four times – three of which came in a period of five attempts – on the night, finishing 19-of-33 for 257 yards, but also one touchdown, an 18-yarder to Andre Roberts. Alfred Morris accounted for the Skins’ other score, a 20-yard run in the third quarter; for the night Morris rushed 12 times for 63 yards.

9/22/14 - Offensively, the Washington Redskins had a game which many teams would give their eyeteeth to have – 511 yards of total offense, 27 total first downs, 3-for-4 in the red zone. But as it happened, the Redskins’ opponent, Philadelphia, had more of what really counted: points on the scoreboard, as the Eagles outdueled Washington, 37-34. Quarterback Kirk Cousins, starting in place of the injured Robert Griffin III, threw for 427 yards on 30-of-48 passing, with three touchdowns; one each to Darrel Young; Pierre Garcon; and DeSean Jackson, making his return to Lincoln Financial Field after being signed in the offseason as a free agent from the Eagles. Alfred Morris rushed for 77 yards on 23 carries, while short-yardage specialist Roy Helu scored once on the ground.

9/15/14 - In defeating Jacksonville 41-10 in their home opener, the Washington Redskins paid a rather high price for victory, as quarterback Robert Griffin III left the game very early in the first quarter with a severely dislocated ankle. Griffin had run twice for 22 yards, and completed two of his three pass attempts when he tried to make a play passing across his body, but caught his foot in the notoriously bad FedEx Field turf as he went out of bounds. A scan on Monday revealed that the ankle had not been fractured, which may be a good sign, in that many were expecting RGIII to be out for the rest of the season. This is the fourth time in his short career that Griffin has left a game due to injury. In his place, Kirk Cousins was 22-of-33 for 250 yards and two touchdowns, while Alfred Morris added two more scores as part of his 85 yards rushing on 22 carries.

9/8/14 - For Washington Redskins fans, Week 1 of the new NFL season felt reminiscent of last year’s disastrous 3-13 campaign, as the team fell to the Houston Texans 17-6. Despite Robert Griffin III’s effectiveness as a passer – he was 29-of-37 for a game high 267 yards, and only ran twice the entire game – it was offensive turnovers and special-teams problems that ultimately doomed the Skins, who fumbled twice in the red zone on second-half drives, and had an extra point and a punt blocked, the latter returned for a Texans touchdown. Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was effective, completing 14 of 22 attempts for 206 yards and a 76-yard touchdown toss to DeAndre Hopkins. Arian Foster rushed 27 times for 103 yards, while his Washington counterpart, Alfred Morris, collected 91 yards on 14 carries.

9/3/14 - The Washington Redskins finished their preseason on a positive note, defeating Tampa Bay 24-10. No. 3 quarterback Colt McCoy took all the offensive snaps for the Skins, completing 22 of 29 passes for 321 yards, with two scoring strikes, a pair of interceptions and one sack. Although Lache Seastrunk had a versatile game for the Skins – six rushes for 23 yards, a pair of receptions for 88 yards, a team high – he failed to make the final cut for the 53-man roster over the weekend. While the Skins’ starting offense failed to score a touchdown in their time on the field, quarterback Robert Griffin III says of the team, “We’re all ready to go. We’re all pumped up.”

8/25/14 - Last weekend’s performance against Baltimore is one Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III would like to have back. While RGIII completed five of his eight passes, his completions gained a grand total of just 20 yards, all in the first half of the Skins’ 23-17 loss to the Ravens. Griffin also showed some uncharacteristic sloppiness by dropping a snap, suffering three sacks, and also tossed an interception. Backup Kirk Cousins had a much better game, completing 14 of 20 for 122 yards and a pair of touchdowns, one to Santana Moss and the other to Nick Williams.

8/19/14 - Despite allowing a touchdown to Cleveland’s phenom Johnny Manziel, the Washington Redskins came back to defeat Cleveland in their second preseason game, 24-23. Skins quarterback Robert Griffin III was effective during his time on the field, completing six of eight passes for 112 yards, while also throwing an interception. Backup Kirk Cousins saw much of the action for the rest of the game, completing 12 of 21 for 145 yards, a touchdown and a pick. Griffin’s drives resulted in zero points for the Skins, as running back Alfred Morris fumbled a pitch on one drive, and then failed to score on four plays from first-and-goal at the Cleveland 3. The Skins next head up Interstate 95 this coming weekend to take on Baltimore.

8/11/14 - Comings and goings with the Washington Redskins: Defensive end Jason Hatcher finally cleared his physical last week, and was taken off the “physically unable to perform” list. Hatcher had been recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery which took place in June. DeSean Jackson will play in the Skins, next preseason game this weekend; he missed the opener against New England last week with a bruised ankle. The bad news, though not as bad as feared: Cornerback DeAngelo Hall suffered a bruised back during a weekend practice, and was taken off the field by cart; however, coach Jay Gruden indicated the veteran defensive back was up and walking, and participating in a limited capacity in Monday’s practice.

8/4/14 - The Jay Gruden era has been officially in effect for a full offseason plus 10 days of training camp, and while these early training camp sessions don’t reveal a whole lot, Washington Redskins general manager Bruce Allen likes what he sees. With the team’s forst preseason game coming this weekend, Allen gave the Washington Post’s “Insider” Redskins blog this assessment, saying, “Very smooth (…) Keeping the guys healthy is propriety No. 1, and learning, too. So we’re doing well on the learning.” Washington Post reporter Mike Jones says that the players have also noted a “more spirited and competitive tone” to Gruden’s workouts, which have made an emphasis on string fundamentals, discipline, and high intensity – all basic ingredients for success.

7/30/14 - It’s been the subject of any number of discussions since last season, and now Washington Redskins vice president and general manager Bruce Allen admitted the obvious this week: Robert Griffin III was rushed into action. In an interview on ESPN radio in Washington, Allen said that RGIII, who was coming off surgery to repair multiple ligaments, didn’t have enough practice time to prepare for the season; even though he’d been cleared to return to practice. Griffin had been working alone and on the sidelines until midway through August, toward the end of training camp, and by then the team was well into its exhibition season. However, Allen said, “(This) year he’s had a full offseason, his knee is 100 percent, knock on wood…and that’s how you get ready to play a football season.” Observers of the team have noted that Griffin looks much more comfortable in drills.

7/21/14 - While you’re watching the Washington Redskins on TV this season, if you stop and think, “Hey, this offensive set looks awfully familiar”…well, according to the players, the Skins are indeed running a similar offense. The Washington Post’s Mark Maske reports that, from all indications, the offense is not as much about a complete overhaul under new coach Jay Gruden, than it is tinkering. “It’s not much of a difference from the offense last year, to tell you the truth,” receiver Pierre Garcon said. Sean McVay, who was tight ends coach under previous head coach Mike Shanahan, was retained and promoted to offensive coordinator under Gruden; certain parts of the old system have been retained, particularly in the running game. However, don’t expect to see as many designed running plays for quarterback Robert Griffin III; instead, featured running back Alfred Morris will get even more of the running calls under Gruden and McVay.

7/14/14 - With training camp just around the corner, it’s starting to be time for “bold predictions” – some obviously bolder than others. The blog HTTR4LIFE (“HTTR” being a commonly-used hashtag for “Hail to the Redskins”) has made some decidedly bold predictions about the Skins 2014 season: Philip Hughes, one of the site’s bloggers, makes these decidedly bold predictions: Linebackers Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo will both collect over 12 sacks apiece; quarterback Robert Griffin III will start all 16 regular season games AND be named to the Pro Bowl; the team will beat rivals Dallas and Philadelphia twice each; running back Alfred Morris will rush for over 1,500 yards; and finally, the Skins will finish with a record of 10-6 and win the NFC East. Lofty goals, all, considering last year’s disappointing season…but all achievable.

7/8/14 - If you can believe a (slightly) biased source – Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Sean McVay – Robert Griffin III looks as good as new. At least so says Pro Football Talk, who picked up a piece discussing the dual-threat quarterback from the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg, author of the popular DC Sports Bog. McVay said that RGIII looks as fast now, without the brace he wore on his knee last season, as he did on film in his spectacular rookie year of 2012. A healthy Griffin is a must for the Skins if they expect to contend for the postseason the way they did in 2012, when he ran for seven touchdowns and over 800 yards while maintaining a passer rating of over 100 for the season.

7/1/14 - He’s trying to make the squad at a very crowded position, but with a name like his, don’t put anything past him. The Washington Redskins, suddenly loaded with target receivers (DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Aldrick Robinson, and Andre Roberts, to name a few) signed receiver Jerry Rice Jr., son of the Hall of Famer and one of the greatest pass-catchers of all time, to a contract last week. Rice is a product of UCLA and Nevada-Las Vegas, and is making his third attempt to hook on with an NFL team; he has had tryouts with Baltimore and San Francisco, his dad’s team. Interestingly, CSN Washington reports that if Jackson had already been there, Roberts would not have signed with the Skins; however, he said that he has become comfortable with the decision.

6/24/14 - His first offseason as Washington Redskins head coach is over, and Jay Gruden could not be more pleased at how it went. With just a few excused absences among the players, Gruden’s OTAs and mandatory minicamp had otherwise full participation this offseason, leading him to reward the team with cancellation of the last practice session of minicamp. Gruden told Washington Post blogger Mike Jones, “It was good to get everybody in the building and everybody working together … (Overall) I feel like the team together is coming along great and the unity is where it needs to be at this point.” The Skins have just five weeks before training camp where Gruden says, “With the knowledge of the system and people knowing one another, hopefully we can take off from there.”

6/9/14 - In focusing on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, pundits are noticing and commenting on how relaxed he was in recent Skins OTAs (organized team activities). After last season’s rough beginning and ongoing rehab from knee surgery, Griffin was wearing a bulky knee brace, which limited his mobility; this year he’s not wearing the brace and he appears a different player in the Skins backfield. Plus, he’s not the focus of a lot of press coverage this spring, which is certainly a burden off his shoulders that he doesn’t need in preparing for his third season as Redskins starting quarterback.

6/3/14 - For many seasons, the Washington Redskins’ receiving corps has been Santana Moss and a cast of thousands. But with the advance of age – Moss turned 35 over the weekend – and the acquisition of DeSean Jackson from Philadelphia, the question stands now: will Moss continue to play a key role in yet another offensive scheme, this time for new Skins coach Jay Gruden? Moss is on a one year contract, but he is expected to be insurance in case Leonard Hankerson is not sufficiently healthy to start the regular season, or rookie Ryan Grant fails to develop as quickly as the team would like.

5/27/14 - Washington Redskins general manager Bruce Allen added another title to his business card, as on May 26, team president Dan Snyder announced on Twitter that Allen would also assume the title of team president. In another tweet, Snyder was quoted as saying, “I think the world of Bruce Allen and giving him both titles is appropriate.” Allen has been Redskins GM since 2009; prior to that, he had been Tampa Bay’s general manager from 2004-08, and before that, an executive with Oakland from 1996-2003. Allen also crafted the team’s response to the group of U.S. senators who wrote to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently regarding the use of the Redskins nickname.

5/19/14 - The schedule is out, the draft is over, and now it’s time for the Washington Redskins to get down to business and get ready for the season. Thanks to the trade two seasons ago that allowed the Skins to draft Robert Griffin III, they had no first round draft pick this year, and the Skins traded their higher second-round pick for another third-round draft pick later, then used their other second-rounder to pick up Stanford linebacker Trent Murphy; followed by a pair of offensive linemen in the third round. Interestingly enough, the Skins drafted a placekicker with their last pick in the seventh round, despite he fact they have a solid veteran at the position.

5/12/14- The Washington Redskins were concerned with adding depth to their roster in the 2014 NFL Draft, so it was not a huge disadvantage that the franchise was left without a first round pick. Washington traded out of the No. 34 overall position in favor of another third round choice; as a result, the Redskins added Stanford LB Trent Murphy and two OLs in Morgan Moses and Spencer Long. These picks are intended to provide flexibility for the future of the team, and the franchise looks to fill other holes (safety, DL) via undrafted college free agents. See how the team comes up when all is said and done with Washington Redskins tickets!

4/16/14 - You've got to catch the Washington Redskins during preseason this year. Washington will debut DeSean Jackson in his first game as a Redskin after being cast off by Philadelphia in the offseason. Additionally, this will mark RG3's first preseason appearance in two years—missing last season's due to knee surgery. See how he fares when pitted against the New England Patriots and their new cornerback Darrelle Revis in their first preseason game of the year. Following their Week 1 matchup, the Skins will host the Cleveland Browns on Aug 18, and in Week 4, they'll travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers Aug 28.

The Washington Redskins schedule is filled with key road games this season! Week 3 has the Skins visiting Philadelphia (avg. $272) for DeSean Jackson’s return. Ten weeks later, RG III and Andrew Luck (two top picks in the 2012 draft) will face off for the first time. While Luck has the advantage (22-10) in his career, the Redskins quarterback has been focusing on elevating his game this offseason, bonding with his receivers, tight ends, and running backs away from Redskins Park. Will the team chemistry propel Washington through the regular season? Find out with Redskins tickets averaging $294, 14 percent more than last year following the release of the NFL schedule. The most in-demand game at FedEx Field this year is the season-closer against the Dallas Cowboys (avg. $314) but a must-see is December 20 against the Philadelphia Eagles (avg. $259) as the NFL scheduled a non-holiday Saturday matchup for the first time in nearly ten years!

2013-2014 Season

2/11/14 – The big question for the Redskins is whether or not RGIII can get back to his rookie season ways. This offseason, the former Heisman Trophy winner will be able to prepare for the upcoming season in its entirety – with a new coaching staff. The new look will hopefully carry the offense to its old ways, as the team looks to get back to the postseason this year. The 2014 Washington Redskins schedule features five games against teams that made the postseason last year including: Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks at home & Philadelphia, San Francisco 49ers, and Indianapolis Colts on the road. In addition they’ll face the Arizona Cardinals who did not make the NFL Playoffs but did accumulate 10 wins.

12/16/13 - The Washington Redskins showed some signs of life yesterday, in their 26-27 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Kirk Cousins was admirable in place of the benched RG3, but was unable to make a crucial two-point conversion to give his team the victory. Still, Washington played messy, allowing Atlanta to score 20 points off of their seven turnovers. Next week, the Redskins will travel back to the Nation’s capital and go head to head against the Dallas Cowboys. Washington Redskins tickets are $24 to get in and see if the boys can put the nail in the coffin on the Cowboys’ season.

12/9/13 - The Kansas City Chiefs sent the Washington Redskins, and their fans, reeling after Sunday’s 45-10 rout on home turf. Washington’s defense allowed KC to score on the first four possessions, while special teams fell apart, effectively sealing the squads doomed fate early on in the game. Things got uglier from there and RG3 was benched for his first time this year, after taking 5 sacks and throwing his twelfth pick of the season. Following the Redskins' disastrous loss for the fifth game in a row, and a disgruntled relationship between franchise owner Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan, it’s safe to say the head coach's days are numbered. Washington Redskins tickets are $28 when they visit the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome.

12/3/13 - The Washington Redskins are in trouble after their 24-17 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday. Despite an impressive start, racking up a 14-0 lead, the second half was a different story. A number of penalties to Moss, Hall and Garcon and a dreaded snap by Kyle Nelson mitigated a brighter performance by RG3, in addition to an obvious missed call by the officials on the Redskins 1st down on their final drive (which could’ve tied the game). The ref's admitted mistake left Mike Shanahan fuming, as his team is now mathematically out of postseason play with four games remaining. The Chiefs are on the horizon, a viable win opportunity, as Kansas City has been on a late season slide. Washington Redskins tickets feature a bargain get-in price, just $5 this Sunday!

11/26/13 - Things are slipping away fast from the Washington Redskins, who were crushed by the San Francisco 49ers in last night’s game at home (27-6). Colin Kaepernick bested RG3 in the young and mobile QB showdown, as the defense crumbled, continuously leaving Griffin on the ground through the course of Monday’s game. The Redskins have plummeted to last in the NFC East with three straight losses, but all that may change when they face division opponents the New York Giants (just one game ahead) this Sunday! Check out Washington Redskins tickets to see RG3 pick up the team and bounce back for just $16!

11/18/13- The Washington Redskins are the team that has most recently fallen prey to the surging Philadelphia Eagles, losing 16-24 yesterday. Despite a rallying comeback, scoring 16 points in the 4th, RG3 heaved a dreadful TD pass that was intercepted by Brandon Boykin, proving to be the final nail in Sunday’s coffin. The Redskins have a chance to win at home when they host the San Francisco 49ers in Week 12. Washington Redskins tickets for the scrambling Kaepernick-RG3 face off are just $24 to get in and $172 on average.

11/11/13 - The Washington Redskins blew a big first half lead, falling 27-34 to the Minnesota Vikings in Thursday night's upset. Last season, the team was 3-6, and won their final seven games to come out on top in the NFC East; though they are sitting in the same situation this time around, things are looking more dismal than before. The defense allowed 20 unanswered points to the easily targeted Vikings, and there are far more imposing teams on the horizon. Still, head coach Mike Shanahan will try a repeat of last year’s comeback, starting in Week 11 when RG3 and the boys have a chance to turn things around. Washington Redskins tickets for when they pay a visit to the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the cheapest get-in seats, at just $7!

11/4/13 - The Washington Redskins pulled away with a win over the San Diego Chargers, 30-24, on Sunday in overtime. In what was another close game yesterday, fullback Darrel Young had career-high three touchdowns, working with RG3 to push past the Chargers in OT on a 4-yard run off their first possession. Despite a controversial play, which would have sent San Diego over Washington in the fourth, the ‘Skins persisted and are now .500. Washington is on a short week, with an upcoming game against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday. Washington Redskins tickets have the cheapest get-in price at only $4, and are $63 on average to watch the action in Minneapolis.

10/28/13 - The Washington Redskins suffered a crushing loss on Sunday to the Denver Broncos, 21-45, spoiling former Broncos’ coach Mike Shanahan’s homecoming. Despite tying the game through halftime, and playing like a confident squad, the Redskins fell prey to the Broncos, who overcame 4 turnovers to score 38 consecutive points in the second half, blitzing past the Redskins strong start. The Redskins defense was able to make plays and create crucial turnovers, but Pierre Garcon’s early one handed highlight-reel catch proved to be the most action the team saw on the day, and the offense was essentially shut-out in the last two quarters: RGIII threw 15 of 30 and 132 yards and two interceptions, leaving the game off a bum knee, finishing a messy and indecisive game for the young QB. At 2-5 the Redskins will next host the San Diego Chargers at home for a chance at improvement. Washington Redskins tickets were the second priciest of last week; prices are now down to just $19 to get in.

10/21/13 - The Washington Redskins have bounced back from last week’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys, with an impressive 41-45 Sunday victory over the Chicago Bears. In what was a roller coaster, high-scoring game from both offenses RG3, maximized on a vulnerable Bears squad with the absence of Jay Cutler (who left the game with a torn groin injury), scoring their most points since 2005. RG3 has found his rhythm, legs and targets (in rookie tight end Jordan Reed), completing 18 of 29 passes for 298 yards, 84 yards rushing and two touchdowns. This was a huge win to a sinking Skins team, who were floundering in the NFC East (coming into Sunday 1-4), boosting morale and hope in their young QB. The most exciting moment of the night came from Roy Helu, who made a 3-yard touchdown with 45 seconds left on the clock, securing a much needed victory. Next week, the Redskins will face other formidable foes, the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field in Colorado. Washington Redskins tickers are the second highest priced seats of the week, averaging a lofty $433.

10/15/13 - The Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III have prolonged their downward spiral, following their Week 6 beating by the Dallas Cowboys. Holes in their offensive line were a paramount disappointment, allowing mounting pressure on RGIII who, when unable to run the ball, was forced to make atrocious passes. Uninspired performances from all sides of the offense attributed to the 16-31 loss, including running backs Alfred Morris and Roy Helu Jr., and a quiet performance by veteran Pierre Garcon. The clock is ticking for Washington to get in sync for a postseason chance. The 1-4 Redskins will have home field advantage when they take on the Chicago Bears, hot of the heels of their Thursday night victory over the New York Giants, next Sunday. Washington Redskins tickets for their Week 7 opportunity start at $32 and average $165.

10/8/13 - The Washington Redskins will be coming back from their bye week, looking to improve their 1-3 standing in a quiet NFC East division, to face the Dallas Cowboys. In Week 4, the Redskins accomplished their must-win game over the Oakland Raiders and quarterback RGIII seems to have found his legs again, slowly returning to his old self post-ACL surgery from the injury accrued last season. Amidst the PR disaster that is the Redskins name-change controversy, RGIII and the boys will continue to ride it all out on the road against the Cowboys, whose morale was beaten in a crushing defeat by the Denver Broncos on Sunday. The Washington Redskins schedule will be unforgiving in the next couple weeks, as they face a battering of formidable quarterbacks: Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers. Washington Redskins tickets for their Week 6 Sunday matchup against the Dallas Cowboys are a low $24 to get in, and jump to $241 on average.

10/1/13 - The Redskins finally ended their winless 0-3 record with a Sunday victory over the Oakland Raiders. The Redskins defense stepped it up, as defensive end Ryan Kerrigan stated “seven was kind of the magic number,” sacking backup quarterback for the
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