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This will be the second season the San Francisco 49ers will be under the head coach Jim Tomsula. Last year, the 49ers had a failed attempt to make it to the Super Bowl to be the first team in history to play the biggest game of the year on their home field. The 49ers didn’t even make it to the playoffs. However, this year they have made some serious changes that will hopefully make a difference offensively. The 49ers are in the process of trading quarterback Colin Kaepernick and are also training their new QB Blaine Gabbert. Tickets are already available to purchase for both home and away games, so don’t miss your chance to catch them live!
San Francisco 49ers Tickets - 49ers Ticket Schedule and Dates
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Date Event Location
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Sun Aug 14 7:00 PM Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Fri Aug 26 7:00 PM Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Mon Sep 12 7:30 PM Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Sun Oct 02 1:25 PM Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Thu Oct 06 5:25 PM Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Sun Oct 23 1:05 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Sun Nov 06 1:05 PM New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Sun Nov 20 1:25 PM New England Patriots at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Sun Dec 11 1:05 PM New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
Sun Jan 01 1:25 PM Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA

San Francisco 49ers News and Updates

This week, San Francisco 49ers’ coach Chip Kelly was ranked 11th out of all the NFL coaches by USA Today. Despite his history with the Eagles, the coach still was able to have a strong offense and decent record despite lackluster quarterbacks. He is now in San Francisco looking to prepare them for a strong 2016 season. He has two quarterbacks ready to start for him: Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert. During the offseason, Gabbert has been playing with the starting string, while Kaerpernick continues to heal from injuries and has yet to be medically cleared for practice. The rest of the team is likewise starting to prepare for the coming season. Fans can already get tickets, with prices starting at $16.
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The season has not been friendly to the San Francisco 49ers, who have a 4-9 record, putting them fourth in the NFC West. Critics of the team have stated that putting the kicker Phil Dawson on the cover of the game program demonstrates how tough a season it has been for the team. It is rare for the most marketable player on a team to be the kicker, but Dawson has had a strong season. The team has another chance to add a win to their record when they play the Bengals, and then they head to Detroit to play the Lions and have their final home game against the Rams on January 3. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $24.

12/18/15 - The San Francisco 49ers football team has struggled from day one on the field. They continue to fall into some heavy losing streaks and have barely been able to pull off four wins this season. Last Sunday, the 49ers hit the grass to play against the Cleveland Browns. The 49ers had a slow start and a slow ending. They were never able to get their offense together to put up some numbers on the scoreboard and lost 10-24. They have two home games left this season, so don’t miss your opportunity to catch them live and cheer them on to a victory. Tickets for their upcoming game against the Cincinnati Bengals start at $34 apiece.

12/11/15 - As the season reaches its final days, the San Francisco 49ers are trying to earn as many victories as they can. On December 6th, they traveled to Chicago to take on the Bears, and they managed to beat the Bears out with a tight 26-20 victory. Both teams scored the same amount of points in each quarter, but the 49ers took the lead and the win in overtime. There are just two remaining home games for fans to get excited about, so be sure to secure your spot in the stands. First up, they will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals on December 20th. Then, they will wrap the season up by playing the St. Louis Rams.

12/4/15 - On November 29th, the San Francisco 49ers hosted the Arizona Cardinals. The 49ers may have come up short and suffered another loss, but they played hard and nearly turned it around. They failed to score in the opening period, but they managed to score the most out of either team in the third with 10 points, which brought them to just one point behind going into the final quarter. That is where the 49ers lost their momentum, however, and the final score came to 19-13. The 49ers now prepare for a series of away games and will not return to San Francisco until December 20th when they will host the Cincinnati Bengals.

11/27/15 - The San Francisco 49ers have had a rough run, and they are in for some more obstacles. They are returning to San Francisco this weekend, which will be the first time they play on their own field in three weeks. Unfortunately, they will be hosting the Arizona Cardinals, who are one of the top teams in the league and the number one team in the 49ers’ division. This will be a huge challenge, but they have it in them to pull off a win and hand the Cardinals their third loss. Afterward, the 49ers will not return for two weeks, so be sure to get your tickets for the November 29th match, starting at $35.

11/19/15 - The San Francisco 49ers are currently last in their division, but the two teams directly above them, the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams, only have one more win. This means they could be holding the number two position in as few as two matches. With three remaining home games in the season, and seven total, it is not time to give up on the 49ers yet. If they have what it takes to start dominating again, they will not have any trouble moving up and possibly even going to the post season. Up next, the 49ers will be hosting the Arizona Cardinals on November 29th. Tickets start at $42.

11/13/15 - The end of September and beginning of October was a rough time for the San Francisco 49ers. They lost four games in a row, and it seemed to be a slump they may never get out of. Luckily on October 18, the 49ers faced off against the Baltimore Ravens and capitalized on mistakes made by their opponent to pull off the win. On November 8, the 49ers played the Atlanta Falcons and the 49ers barely gave their home crowd a W. The final score was 17-16 for the 49ers, and they happily took the win. Watch them live when they smash pads against the Seattle Seahawks on November 22. Buy your tickets today.

11/6/15 - It would seem to be the end of an era in the Bay Area, as the San Francisco 49ers traded away longtime tight end Vernon Davis this week. The move parallels the Niners’ decision to bench starting QB Colin Kaepernick in favor of backup Blaine Gabbert, as the franchise looks to put a quick halt to their losing ways this year. The new-look SF squad will have the chance to prove themselves in front of their home crowd this weekend when they host the Atlanta Falcons. Tickets for Levi’s Stadium are on sale now, and you can be a part of the action in Santa Clara starting at just $40!

10/30/15 - The San Francisco 49ers have finally ended their losing streak. The October 18th home match against the Baltimore Ravens started with the 49ers taking an early 6 point lead and shutting the Ravens out in the first quarter. They scored less in each of the final two periods, but they managed to hold on to their lead with a strong defensive game and take the victory. This will be their only back-to-back home matches of the season, so hopefully the 49ers will be able to build up some energy and turn their record around. There are only four remaining games on the 49ers’ field, so be sure to secure your tickets and come show your support.

10/22/15 - The San Francisco 49ers finally ended their four game losing streak with a win when they beat the Baltimore Ravens 25-20. San Francisco got an early lead and kept it throughout the game. Colin Kaepernick completed 16 of 27 passes for a total of 340 yards and two touchdowns, one of which was a 76-yard pass to Torrey Smith. The 49eres also intercepted two passes from the Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco. Phil Dawson completed four field goals to help the 49ers beat the Ravens. The 49ers will look to keep the winning momentum going when they host the Seattle Seahawks on October 22. It's not too late to get your tickets to watch the game in person. Ticket prices start at $62.

10/16/15 - Disappointingly, the San Francisco 49ers has taken another loss. They have, however, still made progress. The 49ers have been losing with a significant gap between the scores, but in this most recent match, against the New York Giants, they very nearly took the win. This is especially impressive because it was an away game. They had an incredible turn around in the final quarter, but they still fell just three points behind. The final score was 27-30. Next up, the 49ers will be returning for back-to-back home games, starting with the Baltimore Ravens on October 18th. Tickets are still available starting at just $44, but be sure to secure your spot in the stands soon.

10/8/15 - The early season has not been kind to the San Francisco 49ers. Because they were away matches, it seems like the last two games ruined their momentum. They won the season opener, but the 49ers just suffered their third consecutive loss. Unfortunately, San Francisco cannot catch a break either, because they are now heading out on the road to take on the New York Giants. Perhaps when they return next weekend, they will be ready to turn things around and start dominating again. Starting on October 18th, the 49ers will have back-to-back home games. If you want to see them live, this will be your best chance. Tickets start at $57 and $78.

10/1/15 - The San Francisco 49ers experienced a devastating loss against the Arizona Cardinals in a game with a final score of 47-7. While Carson Palmer was having a solid outing for the Cardinals, Colin Kaepernick had the opposite. Two of his first four passes of the game were intercepted and returned for touchdowns. He ended up with a total of four interception and had just 9 for 19 for 67 yards. On the upside, he did run for a 12-yard rushing touchdown, the only one of the game. The 49ers will look get another victory when they play the Green Bay Packers on October 4th. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $95.

9/24/15 - After an incredible kickoff game against the Minnesota Vikings, the San Francisco 49ers slid last weekend and suffered a humiliating loss against the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the 49ers were held to just 18 points, while Ben Roethlisberger was able to lead his team to a dominating 43 points and the victory. 49ers running back Carlos Hyde, who was a big part of the win against the Vikings, was limited to just over 50 yards and was unable to make an impact. He will look to turn things around this week as the 49ers continue their road trip. They will visit the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. It could be another tough matchup, as the Cardinals have one of the top defenses around.

9/17/15 - Anyone who had doubts about the San Francisco 49ers is surely reconsidering their opinion after Week 1. The Niners opened up their 2015 season with a wire-to-wire rout of the Vikings at Levi’s Stadium, 20-3 behind a fantastic outing from Carlos Hyde. The new No. 28 in San Francisco is only in his second season, but if he continues to put up numbers like he did against Minnesota, he’ll have Bay Area fans a lot less worried about the loss of Frank Gore. Colin Kaepernick got off to a nice start as well, posting an 83.0 QB rating with 165 yards. Next on the docket for San Francisco are road dates at Pittsburgh and Arizona in Weeks 2 and 3. Seats are on sale for both games now, get yours today!

9/10/15 - If you’re planning on attending Monday night football in the beautiful city of San Francisco, don’t plan on wearing your traditional scarlet and gold. The team will be sporting special black uniforms, so be sure to get decked out in all black with them! The 49ers are set to take on the Minnesota Vikings in their season opening game on Monday, Sept. 14. Kickoff is at 7:20 PM at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Fans of the San Francisco 49ers are especially keen to get their eyes on the defense. Eric Mangini is in his first year as defensive coordinator, and his unique approach will definitely make for some exciting changes which will likely make for an exciting game. Get your tickets today for $73 and up.

9/4/15 - There may be no team in the NFL that will have a newer look this season than the San Francisco 49ers. The exit of highly-successful coach Jim Harbaugh marked the beginning of an offseason rife with change for fans of the red and gold, but they also know their team is always a contender with Colin Kaepernick helming the offense. SF will be looking to erase the memory of a dismal .500 season in 2014, one which fell short of expectations on almost every front. However, Kap has made it known that he’s quite motivated to turn the tide in 2015, so opposing teams had better beware. The Niners host the Vikings in Week 1 at Levis Stadium and tickets are on sale today! Get yours starting at $90 if you act quickly!

8/26/15 - At Wednesday’s preseason practice alongside the Broncos, the San Francisco 49ers showed that they have some serious run game in store for this season. A total of five players gained rushing yards, not the least of which was Kendall Hunter, who is in his fifth season in the NFL. He was not only able to successfully run the ball, but also caught some key passes despite being well-covered by defensive players. This is great news for the 49ers, who definitely missed the agile player last season while he recovered from an injury to his ACL. You can catch him in action on Sept. 3, when Hunter and the rest of the 49ers take on the San Diego Chargers at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Tickets are available now for the starting price of just $19.

8/18/15 - Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers have had better preseason openers. At their first game of the preseason, the 49ers lost to the Houston Texans 23-10. Perhaps more troubling than the loss itself for fans is the fact that quarterback Colin Kaepernick looked a little shaky as he struggled to complete passes to the team’s new star wide receiver, Torrey Smith. Kaepernick at one point threw a 50-yard pass deep to a wide-open Smith, only to overthrow it and miss him completely. It’s clear that the 49ers will still need to work on their chemistry as they head into regular season. Don’t miss their next preseason home game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, August 23 at Levis Stadium. Tickets are available starting at $62.

8/6/15 - The San Francisco 49ers are actively preparing for the upcoming 2015-2016 NFL regular season and are showing off their moves in training camp this week. Star quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw several exciting passing touchdowns while the 49ers’ defense proved to be just as sharp. Marcus Rush caught an impressive interception and NaVorro Bowman managed to sack Kaepernick at Monday’s practice. Tight end Vernon Davis nabbed two passing touchdowns while wide receivers Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith each made an acrobatic catch. Come see how all of the 49ers’ hard work unfolds when they face the Dallas Cowboys at their home opener at Levis Stadium on Sunday, August 23. Tickets are widely available and start at just $55. Don’t miss any of the kickoff action in a couple weeks!

7/30/15 - When the San Francisco 49ers lost Frank Gore as a free agent at the end of last season, they knew they would need to find someone to replace him at the running back position. Carlos Hyde is expected to fill that gap for the team, but that may have to wait because he has been placed on the non-football injury list. Team officials have stated that the calf injury is nothing too serious, although no timeline was given for his return. The team’s training camp is scheduled to begin on Saturday, and despite the setback, the Niners remain optimistic about the 2015 season. The first kickoff at Levi’s Stadium is scheduled to happen on Sunday, Aug. 23 when they will take on the Cowboys. We have tickets on sale now with pricing starting at $69.

7/15/15 - To end the offseason, most NFL teams are heading into their last and final training camps which determine a lot about how the lineups will be laid out. The San Francisco 49ers are looking forward to these camps to see if their injured players, like Kendall Hunter, are going to be able to handle the heat on the field. Hunter tore his ACL in training camp, before the 2014 season even began. Luckily, the running back has been able to work hard and get his body back to where it needs to be for the team. He has played well in all of the previously held camps and decisions will be made in the future camps. See what the 49ers have to offer on the field when they start their 2015 season in August.

7/2/15 - The San Francisco 49ers past few seasons have gone surprisingly well. In 2011 and 2012, the 49ers took first in the NFC division and also made it to the Super Bowl in 2012. The next couple of years were still productive when the 49ers placed second and third. However, this year they are looking to go up in rankings and stop the slow decline. The team is still planning on Colin Kaepernick to be the starting quarterback, which gives the offense so many advantages because he is an up-beat player that isn’t afraid to get out of the pocket. The offensive coordinator has also been working with Torrey Smith to transform him into an all-around receiver. He is someone to rely on for deep passes. See what the 49ers pull together when they take on the Dallas Cowboys on August 23.

6/17/15 - With three new player acquisitions this week, the San Francisco 49ers have filled out their 90-man roster just as minicamps are wrapping up. The Niners picked up placekicker Corey Acosta, offensive lineman Ben Gottschalk, and receiver Mario Hull to round out their offense and special teams units. Receiver Darius Davis and offensive tackle Chris Martin were released as part of the day’s transactions. SF is looking to upgrade following an offseason full of departures and early retirements as they seek another opportunity to play deep into the playoffs. Tickets are on sale now for both regular season and preseason games at Levis Stadium! The 49ers open home preseason play on August 23rd and you can claim your seats with prices starting at just $43 each.

6/5/15 - This year’s San Francisco 49ers are sure to look quite a bit different when they take the field, following a bevy of player transactions and even a few retirements. All the change has done little to affect the confidence of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, however, who has been warning opponents and fans alike that a storm is on the horizon. Kaepernick and his Niners suffered a disappointing conclusion to the 2014 season, ending without a trip to the playoffs thanks to an 8-8 record in a competitive NFC West division. Bay Area fans are hopeful that 2015 will mark a reversal of fortunes but with a new coach and overhauled roster, what the future holds is anyone’s guess. Get your tickets for Levis Stadium! Seats are on sale for all 16 regular season games, so claim yours now!

5/20/15 - The San Francisco 49ers were dealt another devastating blow this week, following the already troubling news of the retirement of linebacker Patrick Willis and Chris Borland. Defensive end and heart of the team Justin Smith announced on Monday that he is also retiring this offseason, after an impressive 14 season-long career. Smith played in 221 out of 224 games over his 14 years, which is just about as close to perfect as you can get. He was a constant in the 49ers’ defensive line and will be sorely missed in this season’s lineup, leaving many fans concerned for the future of the team. Come show them your support when they face the Dallas Cowboys in their home opener on August 23 in Santa Clara, CA.

5/8/15 - There have been many departures from the San Francisco 49ers already this offseason. Head coach Jim Harbaugh has moved to Michigan and two players surprised fans by choosing to retire: Patrick Willis and Chris Borland. Some of the free agents also chose to leave, including Mike Iupti. The 49ers have added some veterans players, including Torrey Smith and Reggie Bush, to the roster. The NFL draft also provided an opportunity to add some depth, and they also signed nine undrafted free agents, including Dres Andersson, Issac Blakeney, DiAndre Campbell, Darius Davis, Patrick Miller, Marcus Rush, Dylan Thompson, DeAndrew White, and Jermaine Whitehead. The rookies and remaining veterans will soon start the process of earning a place on the 53-man roster. Fans can already buy tickets for the season, with prices starting at $38.

4/24/15 - Colin Kaepernick and his San Francisco 49ers fell out of the playoffs in 2014, an unexpected outcome after their strong playoff runs in years previous under Jim Harbaugh. This year will feature a different look for the Niners, both on the field and on the sidelines. Jim Tomsula will step in as the new head coach, and a more mature Kaepernick stands ready to lead his squad back to the postseason for another shot at Super Bowl glory. San Francisco opens the upcoming season at home versus the Vikings, and will face rival Seattle on two occasions: Week 7 in SF, and Week 11 in Seattle at Century Link Field. Secure your tickets for these and other great 2015 regular season games, on sale now!

2014-2015 Season

12/26/14 - The San Francisco played a strong game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, December 20. However, the Chargers were able to pull ahead during overtime, with a final score of 38-35. The loss brings the 49ers' record to 7-8 for the season, putting them 3rd in the NFC Western Division. They will not be seeing the post season this year; however, they have one more game before heading into the off-season. They face the Arizona Cardinals at home on Sunday, December 28. The Cardinals have a winning record at 11-4 and are ranked 2nd in the NFC Western Division. The 49ers have a chance to hurt the Cardinals' chances for the playoffs if they win. With the last game of the season for the 49ers being a home game, they will be sure to give it their all. Tickets are still available, starting at $27.

12/19/14 - With Sunday’s hard-fought defensive struggle against the Seattle Seahawks going to the defending champions, the San Francisco 49ers are mired in a three-game losing streak. Two hard-hitting teams faced off against each other at CenturyLink Field, but in the end, Russell Wilson and company just had a few plays go in their direction, and the Seahawks won 17-10. While this loss eliminated Jim Harbaugh’s team from playoff consideration, there are still two opportunities to enjoy playing spoiler in the NFL’s newest stadium. Next up for San Francisco is a visit from Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers in a game that could have major playoff implications for the Bolts. This game, which takes place on December 20, should be a hard-hitting affair, and tickets are available starting at $81. To finish out the regular season, the division rival Arizona Cardinals come to Santa Clara on December 28, and they’re currently battling for the top seed in the NFC playoffs and home field advantage. Tickets for that game are available from $67.

12/12/14 - The San Francisco 49ers are going through some turmoil right now, specifically when it comes to Colin Kaepernick. He’s shown a lot of anger as of late, and they need him to regroup and play to his best abilities. Their last outing against the Oakland Raiders didn’t go their way. They ended up losing 13-24. In their loss, Kaepernick went on to throw for 174 yards and had 1 touchdown. He did have 2 turnovers though, which really hindered their momentum on the offensive front. He needs to make smarter plays down the stretch if the 49ers want to turn their season around. Their next match up is against the Seattle Seahawks. They will need to pressure Russell Wilson early and often to win. Tickets for the game can be bought right now for $189.

12/5/14 - After a three game winning streak, the San Francisco 49ers lost their Thanksgiving game to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks took an early lead, with a touchdown in the first quarter. The 49ers couldn’t catch up, scoring only a field goal in the third quarter. The final score was 19-3, and they get another chance to meet up on December 14. This coming week, the 49ers face the Oakland Raiders at the Coliseum in Oakland. The Raiders are having a rough season with only one win. It should be easy for the 49ers to pick up the victory. Get your tickets now and enjoy the camaraderie that comes when fans are together at the stadium. Enjoy the live game and show your support to the 49ers.

11/26/14 - The 7-4 San Francisco 49ers defeated the Washington Redskins on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, squeaking by the ‘Skins 17-13. Carlos Hyde ran it in from 4 yards out with 2:59 remaining for the comeback win. Next up is an all-important home matchup on Thanksgiving night, with division rival and last year’s Super Bowl Champs Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers are on the road for two consecutive weeks following this contest, at Oakland on December 7th, then play the Seahawks again in Seattle on Sunday, December 14th. San Francisco finishes the season with two crucial home games, against the Chargers on Saturday, December 20th, and against division leading Arizona on Sunday, December 28th. Buy your tickets today for an upcoming game, and cheer the 49ers on to the playoffs!

11/21/14 - The San Francisco 49ers had another good victory on Sunday, their second in a row. After trailing behind the New York Giants at the end of the first quarter, they managed to pull way ahead and finish strong with 16-10. This, being their 6th win, puts them in 2nd place in the NFC Western Division. Only the Arizona Cardinals are ahead of them, but closing the gap will be difficult because they have 9-1. San Francisco has been having an excellent season, however, so the challenge is well within their capabilities. The 49ers are taking on the Washington Redskins next on the 23rd. The home game may determine the tone for the rest of the season for San Francisco, so don’t miss it. Tickets are available starting at $29.

11/14/14 - The San Francisco 49ers were able to pull off a very close victory on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. With a final score of 27-24, the 49ers scraped together a win in overtime. Phil Dawson kicked a 35-yard field goal to end the game. This most recent victory brings the team to 5-4, tied with the San Diego Chargers for 3rd in their division. This is also the first home loss for the Saints in more than a season and the 49ers’ second win in two game skid. Up next, San Francisco will be playing the Giants on the 16th, followed by a couple home games against the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks. Tickets for those are available for $28 and $33 respectively.

10/7/14 - The San Francisco 49ers faced the St. Louis Rams in a low scoring game on Sunday. The 49ers lost with a 13-10 final score, giving them a losing streak of 2 games. After week 9 in the NFL season, they rank 3rd in the NFC Western Division with a 4-4 record. They could still make the wild card spot in the playoffs, but they will need to improve their offensive game. This coming Sunday, the 49ers face the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA. The Saints are on fire, so the 49ers will need to come prepared to play hard to take home the win. According to interviews of Frank Gore, a 49er running back, the team needs to be more consistent.

10/30/14 - The San Francisco 49ers are coming off their bye week, so they should be well rested going into Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams, which is one of the NFL’s oldest and fiercest rivalries. Even though they didn’t play, the 49ers moved up in the rankings. They are now in the second place in the NFC Western Division. Just three weeks ago, the 49ers beat the Rams in St. Louis. With the Rams coming off another loss last week, it is looking positive for San Francisco to put another win in their column. The 49ers are at 4-3 after week 8, and they have won three of the last four games. It would be a complete upset if they do not come away with the victory this Sunday.

10/29/14 - Following a bye week, the San Francisco 49ers will host the St. Louis Rams at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday. According to Razorgator, 49ers tickets have an average price of $198 for the game. The team last played on October 19 against the Broncos, where they were blown out at Sports Authority Field 17-42. The 49ers enter Week 9 with a 4-3 record and sit in second place in the NFC West. They trail the 6-1 Cardinals in the division, who have won three consecutive games since October 12.

10/27/14 - The San Francisco 49ers were on a bye week after getting routed by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Week 7. San Francisco will look to rebound in Week 9 as they take on the St. Louis Rams this Sunday at Levi Stadium. According to Razorgator, 49ers tickets for this game have an average price of $221.55 as the 49ers looks for their second win over the Rams this season as they are currently tied for second place in the NFC West division.

10/24/14 - The San Francisco 49ers will be on a bye in Week 8 after finishing the first part of their season with a 4-3 record. The Niners will play four more divisional games in the second half of the season, including two against the Seahawks. According to Razorgator, the remaining season average for 49ers tickets is $353 on the secondary market. The home game against Seattle on Thanksgiving night has an average price of $483.

10/22/14 - The San Francisco 49ers haven’t reached their full potential yet, and the team will need to garner a few more wins this season if they have any chance in catching the red-hot Cardinals in the NFC West. They will experience a bye this week before heading home to play the Rams on November 2, when 49ers tickets have an average price of $226, according to Razorgator. Don’t count the Rams out just yet, though, after the team led a spirited win over the defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks just last week.

10/20/14 – A bye week is just what the doctors prescribed for the 4-3 Niners following a dismal loss to the Denver Broncos on Peyton Manning’s historic night at Mile High. Another misfortune was the learning of center Daniel Kilgore’s broken leg that will likely take him out for the season. The 49ers will return in Week 9 when the Rams visit Levi’s Stadium. Niners tickets start at $101.

10/20/14 - The San Francisco 49ers had their hands full against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos last Sunday and took their third loss of the season with a 17-42 defeat at Sports Authority Field. The loss comes on the heels of three positive weeks of play for the 49ers, who recorded three consecutive wins against the Eagles, Chiefs and Rams. They will see a bye this week before traveling to the Edward Jones Dome to take on the Rams on November 2. According to Razorgator, 49ers tickets against the Rams currently have an average price of $228.15.

10/17/14 - The San Francisco 49ers remain on the road this week to take on the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field. The game will serve as the most expensive home game on the Broncos schedule this season as the two perennial playoff teams battle in Denver. Colin Kaepernick’s 49ers sit in second place in the NFC West, trailing the 4-1 Cardinals by one game. The Broncos enter Week 7 with a 4-1 record and sit behind the first-place Chargers in the AFC West, who own a 5-1 record. According to Razorgator, the average price for Broncos vs 49ers tickets is $495.03.

10/15/14 - Following a Monday Night Football showdown with the Rams in St. Louis, the 49ers will have short rest before traveling to Denver to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos this Sunday. The Rams and 49ers will play again in three weeks at Levi’s Stadium. While the game is currently significantly more expensive with 49ers tickets having a $262.02 average according to Razorgator, it is still 26% below the price of the average 49ers home game this season.

10/15/14 – On the road again. After coming from behind to beat the Rams in St. Louis on Monday night, the Niners will travel to Denver to take on the Broncos at Sports Authority Field in the most expensive game of the week and most in-demand matchup remaining on the Broncos schedule. The 49ers have a bye next week before they return to Levi’s Stadium in Week 9 (St. Louis).

10/10/14 - The San Francisco 49ers are off to a strong start and have won their last two games against Philadelphia and Kansas City, respectively. Phil Dawson kicked five field goals to help propel the team past the Chiefs and was also named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week. Two of Dawson’s field goals exceeded 50 yards. The team recently re-signed special teams’ veteran safety Bubba Ventrone to a one year contract and want to put his many talents immediately to use. Next up for the 49ers are the Rams in St. Louis on October 13. Some highly anticipated upcoming games include a matchup with the Broncos in Denver on October 19 and the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks on November 27. Get your 49ers tickets now so you don’t miss out on what promises to be a great season!

10/8/14 - The San Francisco 49ers have rebounded well after suffering consecutive losses to the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals in Weeks 2 and 3 respectively. The 49ers are coming off good wins over tough teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs as their running game and defense has been their winning formula so far this season. San Francisco’s next home game is on November 2 when they host the St. Louis Rams at Levi’s Stadium. According to Razorgator, SF 49ers tickets for this matchup have a current secondary average price of $261.65 in the secondary market with a get-in price of $106. The 49ers will be in St. Louis to play the Rams on Monday night.

10/6/14 - San Francisco was able to sneak out a win against former quarterback Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5. Smith had the potential for a comeback drive late in the game, but threw an interception — a feeling known all too well by 49ers fans. San Francisco will take on the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football and Rams vs 49ers tickets will have an average price under $100, according to Razorgator.

10/3/14 – Alex Smith returns to San Francisco Sunday to take on his former team. Niners tickets are down 34% in price since Monday. The get-in cost continues to fall as the week carries on, currently standing at $87 (under face value). Don’t miss the first meeting between the 49ers and Smith when the Chiefs visit Santa Clara in Week 5.

10/2/14 – Why sit in the nosebleeds when you can score San Francisco 49ers tickets in the 100-Level for $124? Be close to the field and see your favorite Niners players like Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, and Michael Crabtree up close as they look to control the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend.

9/30/14 – Following the Niners first regular season win at Levi’s Stadium Sunday, San Francisco is busy prepping for the Chiefs who are coming off a monstrous win over the Patriots Monday night. Again, 49ers tickets have dropped below $100 to get-in and seats in the 300-level are going for $103.

9/29/14 – The Niners handed the Eagles their first loss of the season Sunday. A late fourth quarter interception by Perrish Cox ended Philly’s chances to comeback and San Francisco is now 2-2 on the season. Stevie Johnson scored his first TD as a 49er, surpassing 4,000 receiving yards for his career.

9/26/14 – The Niners are set to host the Eagles this weekend for the second regular season game ever at Levis Stadium. 49ers tickets are going for less than face value on Razorgator with seats in the 400-level starting at less than $100 each for the marquee game. While the average price of the matchup is second priciest in Week 4, 49ers vs. Eagles tickets are about one-third the cost of the most costly Bears vs. Packers game (avg. $625).

9/9/14 - The 49ers might have started the season on the road in Dallas on Sunday but you wouldn’t have known this by looking in the crowd at AT&T Stadium yesterday. Throughout the stadium it seemed as if half the of the seats were filled by 49ers fans who must’ve enjoyed their 28-17 victory over the Cowboys which averaged just below $380 according to RazorGator.

9/8/14 - The San Francisco 49ers headed into Week 1 with a lot of questions, from how would the team recover after a bevy of injuries, to quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s performance. The 9ers answered doubts with a resounding victory over the Cowboys in Arlington. Their signature defense made utter mince meat of Dallas’ offense and, on the other side of the ball, Kaepernick and Co. capitalized with 21 points on four turnovers. There are holes with the absence of Aldon Smith, NaVorro Bowman and now, Chris Culliver, but the 49ers made their claim as top dogs in the NFL after Sunday. Are you ready for smash-mouth football? See all the hard-hitting action with San Francisco 49ers tickets against the Chicago Bears next Sunday! Get-in for $171 at Levis Stadium and see your teams brand new digs, and their very first game at the top-of-the-line stadium in Santa Clara!

9/3/14 - The San Francisco 49ers are looking forward to putting a problematic offseason behind them with their 2014 season opener, this Sunday at AT&T Stadium against the rival Cowboys. Kicking their schedule off in Arlington shouldn’t be a problem for the top tier 9ers, who were tied for the most victories on the road in the NFL last year, but what may hurt them is the absence of crucial defensive player Aldon Smith. Still, Dallas isn’t exactly known for their staunch D, and Harbaugh and the 49ers have won three straight openers. Will they make it a fourth in 2014? Score San Francisco 49ers tickets for a minimum of $125 on 9/7 and welcome football back!

8/29/14 - The San Francisco 49ers rounded out their up and down preseason on a high note last night by beating the lowly Houston Texans. Not only did they beat them, they routed the Texans as backup 49ers quarterback Josh Johnson threw for three touchdowns on the way to a 40-13 victory. San Francisco will now have until next Sunday to get ready for their first game of the season against the Dallas Cowboys where 49ers tickets are going for just over $400 according to RazorGator.

8/22/14 – The San Francisco 49ers are heading into the most important week of preseason without much to show for their hard work through offseason. The 49ers will lineup against the Chargers on Sunday (Aug. 24) having been outscored 57-3 thus far in exhibition games. Still, all preseason play must be taken with a grain of salt; the starters have yet to see ample playing time on the gridiron and the defense will not kick their aggression into gear until the games start counting. Some of these issues will clear up when first-team players actually get in real work versus San Diego in Week 3. If you want a real look at the team, lock in San Francisco 49ers tickets at a minimum of $43 in the 400 Level this weekend.

8/12/14 – The first San Francisco 49ers preseason game is in the books, and fans are pining for the anticipated second match of the year to take place. The 49ers will hold their first (albeit exhibition) game at the shiny new Levi’s Stadium this Sunday against the Denver Broncos. The Mile High team is ready to go after walloping the Seahawks 21-16 last week, and the 49ers are eager to make up for their 23-3 loss to the Ravens in their inaugural game. Will SF’s secondary improve upon last week’s diminutive nine incomplete passes when Manning and Co. come to town? Score San Francisco 49ers tickets for this weekend at a $56 minimum in the 400 Level to find out!

8/5/14 - The hurt just keeps piling on for the San Francisco 49ers’ preseason. Defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey left practice on his birthday (last Friday) with an apparent torn bicep; ESPN reports the 29 year-old will likely miss the 2014 season. On the upside, your healthy 49ers got to practice in the brand new Levi’s Stadium for the first time yesterday morning, taking their first step to owning home-field advantage for many years to come. Ian Williams is still recovering from a series of surgeries to his shattered lower leg, leaving Tony Jarod-Eddie and Quinton Dial in the important nose tackle position. See which of these crucial players will take the center job with San Francisco 49ers tickets. Get into their preseason Week 1 game, this Thursday against the Ravens, for as little as $18 at M&T Bank Stadium.
7/29/14 – Training camp just started and already the San Francisco 49ers will have to prove a few bad omens wrong. The running back department suffered two huge blows within the first weekend of training camp. On Friday, Kendall Hunter was diagnosed with a torn ACL and is out for the 2014 season; on Sunday, LaMichael James was carted off the practice field, diagnosed with a dislocated elbow. Marcus Lattimore is still recovering from a knee injury, meaning San Francisco has just three healthy running backs remaining on roster: Jewel Hampton, rookie Carlos Hyde and Frank Gore. The front office has signed former Cardinals RB Alfonso Smith to a one-year contract to address the thinning corps. Not to worry 49ers Faithful, don’t forget your quarterback has got legs, too! Buy your San Francisco 49ers tickets and see how the run game recoups in 2014.

7/22/14 – The 2014 San Francisco 49ers season is practically here, with training camp kicking off tomorrow. Veteran players will report for duty on Wednesday, but the question on everyone’s mind is: Will Alex Boone and Vernon Davis show up? We know a seasoned player that's eager to hit the practice field. Patrick Willis will be busy working with potential replacements for his partner in crime, NaVarro Bowman. The inside linebacker may be joined by Michael Wilhoite, who stood in for Willis when the All-Pro was injured, or challenger Chris Borland. Lock down Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers tickets for as low as $68, and be in the stands when your team dials up the preseason!

7/15/14 – Everyone can feel the anticipation building for 2014's Levis Stadium debut, but San Francisco 49ers tickets are extremely popular on the road as well! Just take a look at their Week 1 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys: this game is undeniably the most anticipated of the upcoming season, at and average $404.50 a ticket. If you’re looking for some hearty grub, buy it over at AT&T Stadium in Dallas because Levi’s Stadium is primed to be the most vegan-friendly arena in America—with more than 30 options for herbivores. Though gameplay won't arrive until August, Levis Stadium will officially open this Thursday at its ribbon-cutting ceremony. Buy your San Francisco 49ers tickets now to see the gorgeous arena in person this year!

7/3/14 - 2014 marks a time of great change for the San Francisco 49ers, but unlike most teams this change takes place off the field rather than on it. This season San Francisco will open their brand new, state-of-the-art Levi’s Stadium which will see them open it in style when they host the Chicago Bears there in Week 2. 49ers tickets for this game are currently the second most expensive game at their new home averaging an even $500 with a Get-in of $148 according to RazorGator.

7/2/14 - The San Francisco 49ers have made it to three straight NFC Championship Games and appear poised to make a fourth this year with talent overflowing on both sides of the ball. This offseason quarterback Colin Kaepernick signed a very team friendly extension so they could allocate more money to retaining their core group of players, ensuring that San Francisco will be an elite team for the near future. As a result the 49ers also tend to have one of the most expensive average ticket prices in the league at $392 according to RazorGator.

7/1/14 –San Francisco 49ers fans are extremely excited for the upcoming season, as the team has already sold out its season-ticket inventory for Levi Stadium’s opening year. While its not surprising that the Red and Gold sold out their inventory, it does come as a surprise that the stock went so quickly, before July 4th , and considering season ticket holders had to foot a bill that is double the cost of Candlestick Park’s rates. The massive increase in price comes from high-tech amenities at the brand-new 70,000-seat venue, such as in-seat delivery of orders to each seat by using GPS tracking on mobile devices to locate the fans. Thanks to Razorgator, you can find awesome prices on the secondary ticket market to save on San Francisco 49ers tickets this year!

6/23/14 - The San Francisco 49ers recently rewarded their quarterback Colin Kaepernick with a contract that could make him one of the highest paid players in the NFL. In total Kaepernick’s contract will have him wearing the scarlet and gold until 2020 and could be worth as much as $126 million which is good because 49ers tickets are some of the most expensive in the league averaging just under $395 at Levi’s Stadium according to RazorGator.

6/17/14 – The San Francisco 49ers kicked off mandatory minicamp today, with one piece of the puzzle missing. Vernon Davis’ no-show officially marks the start of his “holdout” status; now, the team can begin to fine the star tight end. He enlightened fans and critics alike after he wrote in Sports Illustrated’s guest column on Monday: “It’s all about getting paid what you deserve” under the “Why I’m Holding Out” headline. Davis is the second-highest paid player on the roster, after Colin Kaepernick, and makes more than WRs Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree combined. Score San Francisco 49ers tickets and see if the star player gets the contract he believes he deserves in 2014!

6/10/14- You wanted him, you got him! San Francisco 49ers fans, your quarterback Colin Kaepernick is locked into the Bay for many years to come. Kaepernick received a six-year $126 million contract with a record $61 million guaranteed, setting the precedent for a number of young quarterbacks due to cash in for their hard work in upcoming seasons (Foles, Wilson, Luck). Head coach Jim Harbaugh is “equally as excited” as Kaepernick, and called the deal a “great life-changing moment” preceding what he believes to be the star’s true breakout year. It’s clear that the front office, teammates and fans alike are confident that the QB can take his game to an elite level and this team to a Super Bowl. Will he make it happen in his third year as a starter? Buy San Francisco 49ers tickets now and see your franchise QB do his duty!

6/2/14 - After the San Francisco 49ers signed backup linebacker Daniel Kilgore to a three-year extension, starting center Jonathan Goodwin moved back to his former team, the New Orleans Saints. The 49ers are covered on the center front, drafting USC's Marcus Martin in the third round for added depth. New Niners' tackle Jonathan Martin is back from illness, after missing first OTAs from contracting mono. The former Dolphin is back just in time to join his new team during the NFL's locker-room-culture initiative in Atlanta, where each of the 32 squads with sit in on one-hour sessions to improve the workplace. Get your San Francisco 49ers tickets now and see if this on-the-field and off-the-field strengthening pays off!

5/27/14 - The San Francisco 49ers have kicked off OTAs—but there's one special player missing. First round pick Jimmie Ward will be absent from the first round of spring training camp, recovering from a surgically repaired foot. His fracture was discovered during the combine and will limit his ability to make a statement as potential nickleback starter. You won't see linebacker Navarro Bowman at OTAs either. The injured veteran is busy having his contract restructured to reduce the salary cap—or should we say salary Kap? The defensive star has converted over $3M of his base salary into a bonus, which adds to the $6.6M accumulated space that should help with signing QB Colin Kaepernick to a contract extension. See how it all plays out on the field and in negotiations with San Francisco 49ers tickets!

5/19/14 - With rookie minicamp complete for the San Francisco 49ers, much of their 12-man draft class showed they were destined to make immediate impact on the field. After all, two of SF's integral players will likely miss a large portion of the upcoming season: Aldon Smith (suspension) and NaVorro Bowman (injury). Third-rounder Chris Borland is favored to take over for Bowman while he recovers, while the situation surrounding Smith is less clear. Seven of the 49ers' 2014 picks were drafted in Round 3-5, which means there is sure to be intense competition to land a spot on the talented roster. See who makes the cut with San Francisco 49ers tickets!

5/12/14 - San Francisco 49ers fans have started referring the Alex Smith trade as the gift that keeps on giving. As a result of draft-day trades regarding the picks from Kansas City, the 9ers have bagged three players and a 2015 fourth-round draft pick as compensation for Smith. The 49ers totaled a 12-man draft class, racking up their biggest draft since 1991 and tying with the New York Jets for the largest this year. San Francisco's best move was plucking Carlos Hyde from Ohio State, generally considered the best overall running back offered. There are big hopes for the 2014 class dubbed the "Drafted Dozen"—see them in action with San Francisco 49ers tickets!

4/16/14 - The San Francisco 49ers will open their preseason on the road with a Harbaugh brother rematch when they visit the Baltimore Ravens during Week 1 (Aug 7-10). A huge preseason game comes in Week 2 (Aug 14-18), when the defending AFC Champs, the Denver Broncos, visit San Francisco for their first-ever game at Levi's Stadium. Following their first home game, the 9ers will take on another AFC West foe, the San Diego Chargers. Their Week 3 matchup is the only game on schedule with a concrete date and time: it will be televised August 24 at 1PM from Santa Clara.

San Francisco 49ers tickets at Levi’s Stadium for the 2014 season are up 51 percent (avg. $429) on the secondary market over last year. Following two straight playoff appearances, the Niners boast the second priciest ticket prices in the NFL. Tickets to the home opener will cost you a minimum $288 when the Chicago Bears visit; the first regular-season game at the new stadium is the second most expensive this season at Levi’s with the Thanksgiving Day showdown against NFC rivals Seattle Seahawks the priciest (avg. $617). The turkey day meeting against the defending Super Bowl champs is also the most expensive game of the entire NFL schedule, and if Crabtree and the 49ers can work out a new deal, expect sparks to fly between the WR and Richard Sherman! The Niners will play in their first Saturday night game since 2007 Dec 20 against the San Diego Chargers. Watch the preseason rematch from $154. Looking for a deal? Fans can see the Niners play the Rams on Nov 2 or the Cardinals on Dec 28 in the two most affordable matchups this year.

2013-2014 Season

2/11/14 – As the Niners prep to move into their new home, Levi Stadium, let’s take a look at the San Francisco 49ers 2014 schedule. There’s no denying the strength in the NFC and AFC West teams; and this year, the two divisions will face off in the annual intra-division games, handing the 9ers one of the toughest schedule in the NFL. In addition to their regular six games against NFC West foes, the 49ers will play three postseason teams – Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, and Kansas City Chiefs! Between the two Western divisions, five (of eight) teams advanced to the 2013 NFL Playoffs which should make for some intense matchups come 2014!

1/13/14 - The San Francisco 49ers held off Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in a convincing 23-10 victory in round two of postseason. The Niners went from NFC Wild Cards to Conference Championship contenders, and they’ll continue their tough road trip up to Seattle to play in the penultimate round of playoffs at CenturyLink Field. The highly anticipated San Francisco and Seattle Seahawks rivalry will be realized on Sunday, but who will come out on top? Impressively, Jim Harbaugh has led the Niners to their third conference championship game in three years, but can they make it to Super Bowl XLVIII and finally take home the trophy? San Francisco 49ers tickets for this Sunday’s ideal NFC Conference Championship game are $710 on average and start at $387 for the afternoon kickoff. NFC Championship tickets are down 34% in price since last Monday so you better score some now!

1/6/14 - The San Francisco 49ers weathered the blistering cold to defeat Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in an exciting first round game. Colin Kaepernick used his legs to defeat the Packers and advance to the NFC divisional round, but he’s pitted against another young mobile QB, Cam Newton, who is backed up by a defense just as hard-hitting as San Francisco’s. Score San Francisco 49ers tickets for $413 on average when they square off Sunday and tear further into playoffs!

12/30/13 - The San Francisco 49ers quieted the feisty Arizona Cardinals, 23-20, knocking them out of playoff contention, and granting the Niners the No. 5 NFC Wild Card spot. On Sunday, SF is pitted against the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card Round (January 5) at Lambeau Field, for a Colin Kaepernick-Aaron Rodgers showdown. This meeting will be a re-match of the 49ers at Green Bay divisional playoff game from last season, and in case anyone has forgotten, the 49ers won it big and took the NFC crown all the way to the Super Bowl. Don’t miss out on Wild Card weekend with San Francisco 49ers playoff tickets starting at $169, and averaging at $369, a steal for this highly anticipated rematch!

12/24/13 - The San Francisco 49ers are in the playoffs! The Red & Gold bid a fond farewell to Candlestick Park in the best way possible: with a win and a playoff berth in the last Monday Night Football game of the regular season. The hard-fought game came down to the wire, and was won off the back of NaVorro Bowman, who ran an interception back 89-yards for a touchdown to seal the 34-24 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. The Niners have a slight chance to win the NFC West title for their third straight year: if Seattle loses to St. Louis in Week 17, and if Carolina loses to Atlanta, SF will cinch the No. 1 NFC seed. For that to pan-out, the 49ers must first strike gold and win against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale this Sunday. San Francisco 49ers tickets are $362 on average, but only $14 to get-in

12/16/13 - The San Francisco 49ers travelled across the country to shut down the rising Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Florida, 33-14. Their fourth straight win was an impressive team effort: the trusty Frank Gore surpassed the 1,000-yard rushing mark (for his seventh time in his career), while Colin Kaepernick efficiently scrambled and connected with Michael Crabtree for his first TD since returning from injury. Now, with two games left, the Niners have their eye fixed on the wildcard berth. For the last Monday Night Football game of regular season and final regular season game the Niners will ever play at Candlestick Park, San Francisco is pitted against the Atlanta Falcons. San Francisco 49ers tickets are the hottest of the week by far, at $456 on average and $187 minimum.

12/9/13 - In Sunday’s battle of West coast heavy weights, the San Francisco 49ers ran away victorious over archrivals, the Seattle Seahawks, in front of a frenzied Candlestick Park crowd. Colin Kaepernick and company pulled out all the stops to undercut the division kings in Sunday's 17-19 thriller, as Frank Gore pounded down the gridiron for 51 yards, setting the team up for a game-winning field goal that denied the Hawks from clinching the NFC West title for another week. Postseason hopes to take the wildcard spot are bolstered, as the Niners are pitted against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday in Florida. San Francisco 49ers tickets are considerably cheaper in Week 15, at just $7 to get in!

12/2/13 - San Francisco routed the St. Louis Rams, 23-13, yesterday to stay in the playoff picture. Many thought the game would be more challenging for the 9ers, but with a stunning performance by Anquan Boldin (9 catches) and the return of Michael Crabtree (60 yard reception), Colin Kaepernick and company stalled the Rams’ 2 game win streak. San Francisco will face their toughest opponents yet, and their archenemy in the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks, for one of the most anticipated matchups of the season, and most expensive game remaining in the regular season! Though Russell Wilson and company are undefeated at home, they will visit the 9ers in their house on Sunday at Candlestick Park, for a serious west-coast showdown. San Francisco 49ers tickets are a lofty $518 on average and a pricy $264 just to get-in!

11/26/13 - The San Francisco 49ers bounced back from last week's heart wrenching loss to the New Orleans Saints with yesterday's blowout of the Washington Redksins (27-6). Though RG3 has got some legs on him, it was Colin Kaepernick who achieved a career-best passer rating and scrambled his way to victory, displaying his athleticism as a primed mobile quarterback. This was a necessary win to keep playoff hopes alive in the NFC, and the 9ers were able to clinch the W on the road, snapping their two game losing streak. Next week, SF faces St. Louis' tough defense when they host the Rams. San Francisco 49ers tickets are some of the priciest of the week, at $251 on average and $140 minimum.

11/18/13- In yesterday's playoff preview the San Francisco 49ers were edged out by the New Orleans Saints, 20-23. The 9ers did not move the ball effectively enough, in a game that needed more offensive effort especially against Drew Brees, who took a questionable hit by San Francisco’s Ahmad Brooks. Ultimately the Saints managed a last-second field goal by Garrett Hartley, and the hard-fought loss has now left San Francisco fighting for the wildcard spot. With the Seahawks moving to 10-1 before their bye, each upcoming game for SF has become all the more crucial. Don’t miss the 9ers next week when Kaepernick and company visit RG3 and the Washington Redskins. San Francisco 49ers tickets for the battle of the QB scramblers are just $24 to get in!

11/11/13 - The San Francisco 49ers lost to the Carolina Panthers at home, snapping their 5 game win-streak, losing by one point to Cam Newton and company (10-9). The Panthers defense shut down the 9ers' O line, leaving Colin Kaepernick open for a rough game, with a season-high 6 sacks, 7 interceptions, and overall, limiting the San Francisco to 151 yards in total. Despite coming out of the bye week, San Francisco was still plagued by injuries, and it only got worse on Sunday: Vernon Davis and Eric Reid left with concussions, along with Ray McDonald and Mike Iupati. Next week, the 49ers travel to Mercedes-Benz Superdome pitted against the New Orleans Saints. San Francisco 49ers tickets are the second most expensive of the week, at $340 on average.

11/5/13 - The 49ers are rolling through the season with five large-margin consecutive wins, for a 6-2 record, all before heading into their bye. Eleventh year veteran, and previous premier cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha, was waived by the Niners, to make room for recently activated Eric Wright. On a brighter note, San Francisco is happy to announce that Michael Crabtree has been cleared to return to practice, in addition to wide receiver Mario Manningham, who has been activated. San Francisco will emerge well rested to face the Carolina Panthers in Week 10, for a showdown between young leggy QBs Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick. San Francisco 49ers tickets are among the highest of Week 10, at $243 on average, and $123 at the lowest—that’s Sunday’s most expensive get-in price!

10/28/13 - The San Francisco 49ers showed their worth to an excited Wembley Stadium crowd on the other side of the Atlantic, with a hammering of the Minnesota Vikings, 42-10. Jim Harbaugh and company proved they played a much lesser opponent, scoring four touchdowns on their first four possessions, and never looking back. Kaepernick crushed the Vikings, as projected, with a dynamic performance: rushing for two TDs and throwing one, the QB finished with 164 passing yards and 54 rushing. 49ers running backs also made a stellar showing in London: Gore ran for two TDs and 71 yards, and Kendall Hunter rushed for 84 yards. The 49ers will rest up after their London game and hope for their 6th consecutive victory when they come back from their bye and host the Carolina Panthers on November 10.

10/21/13 - The San Francisco 49ers dominated the Tennessee Titans at LP Field, coming up 31-17 for their fourth consecutive win. San Francisco’s defense is as aggressive and unrelenting as ever, easily one of the most feared defenses in the league at this point, forcing 12 turnovers over the course of their win streak, and picking apart returning Titans QB Jake Locker on Sunday. Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick had a most momentous game, starting with his mosey over into the end zone for his first rushing touchdown of the season, finishing 35 yards on 5 carries and 199 yards passing, for 267 all-purpose yards—a true dual threat QB. Jim Harbaugh and company will face the winless Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 8 overseas for the second NFL UK game of this season before heading into their bye. San Francisco 49ers tickets across the pond, in what is sure to be another sell out at Wembley Stadium, are a reasonable $189.

10/15/13 - The San Francisco 49ers put away the Arizona Cardinals in front of an ear-splitting crowd at Candlestick Park on Sunday. Vernon Davis was the highlight player of the game; receiving two touchdown passes in acrobatic fashion, one for 61 yards and the other for 35, reeling in a career-best 180 yards on the day—attaining the second most receiving yards by a tight end in the last ten years. Also notable on the 49ers now thoroughly balanced offense, was Colin Kaepernick with 252 yards and Frank Gore with 101 yards rushing on 25 carries, making it his second 100-yard game this year. As usual, the 49ers brutish defense is as domineering as ever, giving NFC West rivals the Seattle Seahawks a run for their money. The Niners will be looking to achieve their fourth consecutive victory in Week 7 when they meet Ryan Fitzpatrick at LP Field. San Francisco 49ers tickets at Tennessee start at $43 and go up to $138 on average.

10/7/13 - The San Francisco 49ers dominated the Houston Texans Sunday at Candlestick Park, with a resounding 34-3 victory. 49ers cornerback Tramaine Brock set the tone for the night with a statement pick-6 from Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub’s first pass of the night. The rest of the game followed in suit, with San Francisco routing the Texans into the ground on two more interceptions. Both sides of San Francisco were in sync: quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw a soaring 64-yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis, running back Frank Gore had 81 rushing yards with a touchdown, and their defense kept the Texans under 200 passing yards for the fourth consecutive game. Kaepernick and company will remain at home to play the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday October 13. San Francisco 49ers tickets starts at $70 and average $175.

9/30/13 - Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers definitely seem to have gotten their mojo back after a decisive on the road 35-11 victory over the St. Louis Rams. The key difference maker in Thursday night’s game was Frank Gore, who ran for 153 yards (more yards than his previous 3 games combined) and scored one touchdown. Not to mention, similarly reinvigorated performances by wide receiver Anquan Boldin and linebacker DeVorro Bowman with 2 sacks. The 49er’s schedule had them on a short week coming into Week 4, and now they will get some breathing room until they play the Houston Texans at home on Sunday. San Francisco 49ers tickets have risen to $166 on average, and $62 at the lowest price, for their October 6 match at Candlestick Park.

9/24/13 - The 49ers and Colin Kaepernick seem to be out of sorts these last couple weeks, despite a brilliant performance by the quarterback against the Packers in Week 1. The 49ers schedule has condemned them to a short week, with little time to recuperate from two crushing losses or regain a number of missing players: linebacker Patrick Willis to a groin injury, tight end Vernon Davis to a hamstring injury, Michael Crabtree is still out, and Aldon Smith just checked into rehab for alcohol abuse. Coach Jim Harbaugh has not had a two game losing streak in his career, so fingers are crossed for Kaepernick to pull the team together and start making plays against the St.Louis Rams in Missouri this Thursday. Tickets for this game are the lowest of the week with a get-in price at an unbelievable $9.

The San Francisco 49ers are hungry after last year’s Super Bowl loss to the Baltimore Ravens which was dubbed the ‘Harbaugh Bowl.’ The NFC Champions have stacked their roster with rookie talent. Although both Brandon Carswell and star WR Michael Crabtree have sustained injuries this offseason, QB Colin Kaepernick and receivers A.J. Jenkins, Marlon Moore and Ricardo Lockette all looked good at minicamp. Plus, the Niners added Anquan Boldin, who played with the Ravens last season.

The 49ers will move to a new stadium in Santa Clara for the 2014 season, one that will be technologically advanced. Residing in the Silicon Valley, one would expect nothing less; Levi’s Stadium is projected to go ticketless and cash free. All transactions will be made through your smartphone. The smartest stadium in the NFL will also be home to Super Bowl 50.

Key games on the 49ers schedule in 2013 include their regular season home opener San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers in a rematch of last year’s NFC Divisional game. The Week 1 game at Candlestick Park is averaging $321 and is the most expensive of the regular season. Another must-see matchup in San Francisco? The Divisional rivalry game San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks two months later. It’s the faceoff between two former Pac-10 (now Pac-12) coaches who are itching to get their hands on this year’s NFC West title. Despite the recent success of the Niners Program, San Francisco 49ers tickets are averaging $204, just $15 more than the League average. The cheapest Niners game on this year’s schedule i
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