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After a season plagued with injuries, the San Diego Chargers are looking to find redemption in 2016. With a healthy team, the Chargers expect to find themselves once again in the post season battling to the Super Bowl. Breakout rookie Melvin Gordon dealt with some injuries last year, but he is certainly ready to live up to his potential. Quarterback Philip Rivers continues to show consistently great performances, and he will be ready to lead the team once again this season. You can be there in person to see if this is the year that the Chargers make it to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1994. Tickets are on sale today.
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It’s that time of year again! The 2016-2017 NFL pre-season is just a couple of short months away, and tickets are already available for purchase. The San Diego Chargers had a mediocre season last year, which means they will be looking to heat things up this season. Phillip Rivers and the rest of the Chargers will get their first shot at redemption on Friday, August 19, when they host the Arizona Cardinals at Qualcomm Stadium in a preliminary match. Tickets are currently available starting at prices as low as $6. Regular season kicks off on Sunday, September 18 when the Chargers host the Jaguars. Tickets to the opening home game are $23 and up.
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The San Diego Chargers have had a tough season so far, with only three wins to their record. They host the Dolphins on December 20, and this may just be their chance to finally add another win to their record. As fans head to the final home game of the season, many wonder where the team will play next year. The Chargers have been unable to come to any agreements on a stadium proposal in town, so they may join forces with the Raiders on a $1.7 billion stadium in Carson, California. Decisions should be made in January. Until then, fans hope that their beloved Chargers will remain in town. There’s still tickets for the final games of the season, with prices starting at $57.

12/18/15 - The San Diego Chargers have suffered from another tough season. They are currently pulling up the caboose in the AFC West division and have only won three of thirteen games. This Sunday marks a big event for the Chargers. It could be the last game the team ever plays on their home field. The NFL has been trying to move the team for years now, but it is appearing that they might be successful after this season. Get your tickets today to see the Chargers play for the last time at Qualcomm Stadium on December 20. Tickets are still up for grabs and start around $80 each. Get them before it is too late.

12/11/15 - The season is just about over for the San Diego Chargers. It was full of bad luck and rough stretches, but they had some really good matchups and gave the fans plenty to get excited about. There are just four games remaining this year, only one of which being a home game. If you want to forget all the hard times the Chargers had this season and see them off until next year, be sure to snag your tickets for the December 20th game when they host the Miami Dolphins. Tickets are still available, starting as low as $67. This is sure to be a popular game among fans, so make sure to secure your spot in the stands now.

12/4/15 - The San Diego Chargers have finally ended their losing streak. They may not have a shot at the postseason anymore, but the Chargers are still enjoying little victories. On November 29th, in an away game with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Chargers made a huge comeback with a 21-point quarter to bring the final score to 31-25. This means they have a season record of 3-8, but they are still fourth in the AFC Western Division. Up next, the Chargers prepare for the much-anticipated Denver Broncos game on December 6th. With this being their second to final game of the year, tickets are starting at $93. Still, if you want to show your support, be sure to get your tickets now.

11/27/15 - Despite hosting the Kansas City Chiefs in San Diego, the Chargers just could not get their game together. They were shut out in the opening quarter, as well as the final two. The final score came to 33-3. It is always disappointing to see the San Diego Chargers struggle, but they still have some opportunities to turn things around. For the next four matches, they will be alternating home and away games, which means they never have to wait long to return to their own field. Be sure to come out and show your support by cheering the Chargers to their first victory in six games. Tickets for the December 6th game start at $100.

11/20/15 - With only three remaining home games, and a season record of 2-7, it does not look like the San Diego Chargers are going to have a spot in the post season. They still have an opportunity to finish the season strong, however. They are going to be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on November 22nd, so get your tickets to see if the Chargers have what it takes to break their losing streak. Tickets are available starting at $55. The Chargers are going to be playing in San Diego on December 6th and 20th as well, so be sure to get your tickets and come out to show your support.

11/13/15 - The San Diego Chargers have had some rough realities hit them this season. They are currently sitting in the lowest position in the AFC Western division and have only won two of nine games total. To top it off, the Chargers have lost the last five games. The silver lining in all this is the team has been able to keep most games close, but they just haven’t been able to pull off the W’s. This was true in their game against the Chicago Bears last week when the Chargers lost to a single field goal. This week the team has a bye, so catch them live again on November 22 against the Kansas City Chiefs to see if the break from the field can lead them to a win.

11/6/15 - In a two-week span where seemingly every other NFL game was decided by last-second field goals, the San Diego Chargers came up on the short end of the stick. SD carried a lead into the fourth quarter playing against Baltimore on Sunday, only to give up 10 points before the final horn, ultimately leaving them saddled with a three-point loss. San Diego will return to their home field in Week 9 to take on the Bears in a must-win game for the 2-6 squad. Tickets are still available for Monday night’s matchup at Qualcomm Stadium. Seats for the game start at just $48, but act now because they’re going quickly!

10/30/15 - It was not that long ago that the San Diego Chargers had a 100% win rate on their home field. Unfortunately, it seems they have fallen into a slight slump since then. The Chargers hosted their long-time rivals, the Oakland Raiders on October 25th, but they just could not keep up. The Chargers’ third consecutive loss came to 37-29. The Chargers managed to have a ridiculous 23 point final quarter, but it wasn’t quite enough to turn it around. They have one away match coming up, then the Chargers will be back for back-to-back home games starting on November 9th against the Chicago Bears. Tickets are starting as low as $51.

10/22/15 - The San Diego Chargers added another loss to their record when they played the Packers on October 18. It was another close game, but some early scoring by the Packers kept them in the lead throughout, despite a good push by the Chargers. The Chargers almost tied the game with 15 seconds left. They were on the 3 with a fourth-and-goal, but the Packers stopped the drive. Philip Rivers had a career day with 43 of 65 completed passes for a total of 503 yards and two touchdowns. The Chargers will look to finally get another win when they play the Raiders on October 25. You still have a chance to get your tickets, with prices starting at $110.

10/16/15 - The San Diego Chargers were unable to take a victory in their final home game this set. This brings their win record to 2-3 and puts them in the number two position for the AFC Western Division. Unfortunately, the top team, the Denver Broncos, is still undefeated, so the Chargers have their work cut out for them. In their most recent game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Chargers actually started out in the lead, but they fell just slightly short and ended four points behind. They will be heading out on the road now, but they will be back to host their long time rivals, the Oakland Raiders, on October 25th.

10/8/15 - It looks like the San Diego Chargers may be regaining their footing. They are now four matches into the season, and they have won two matches. They are still struggling with their away games, but they have some time to practice before hitting the road again. For the second home match in a row, the Chargers will be hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers on October 12th. If their momentum holds out, this should be an exciting match. Tickets are still available, starting as low as $118. The Chargers are currently tied for second in the AFC Western Division with their longtime rivals, the Oakland Raiders, so the next couple matches will determine their position in the rankings.

10/1/15 - The San Diego Chargers were unable to keep up with the Minnesota Vikings and got their second loss of the season on the 27th. The defense found it hard to stop the Vikings' Adrian Peterson, who was able to get a total of 126 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Philip Rivers completed 21 of 34 passes for a total of 246 yards and one touchdown. When the deficit reached 24 points, Kellen Clemens replaced Rivers, who had lost the Chargers a total of 28 yards in four sacks and had two turnovers. The Chargers next play the Browns on October 4 at home, with tickets still available for purchase at prices starting at just $29.

9/24/15 - After a thrilling opening game against the Detroit Lions, the San Diego Chargers hit a setback last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Quarterback Philip Rivers and the rest of the Chargers ending up losing the game in heartbreaking fashion. Down 19 – 24 heading into the final minutes, it looked like San Diego would have a shot to get the comeback victory. Instead, to the dismay of San Diego fans everywhere, Philip Rivers wound up throwing a critical interception in the final minutes to lose the game. This week looks to be just as difficult, as the Chargers will face the Minnesota Vikings on the road. The Vikings are known for their stout defense, so Rivers will surely be looking to tighten things up heading into Sunday’s matchup.

9/17/15 - A pair of picked-off passes couldn’t spoil Philip Rivers’ monster game, as the veteran QB led the San Diego Chargers to a W in their 2015 home opener. Putting together a 35-for-42 outing that totaled out at 404 yards, Rivers finished with two touchdowns to his name and a 33-28 victory over the Detroit Lions. Keenan Allen was the biggest beneficiary in the backfield, logging 166 yards on 15 catches. The Chargers were undoubtedly glad to get a win right out of the gate, as they’ll be hitting the road for Weeks 2 and 3. Tickets are on sale now for San Diego at Cincinnati (9/20) and Minnesota (9/27) from $55 and up! Claim your seats today and show your love for the Chargers when they take to the road!

9/10/15 - The week before the regular season starts is notorious for tough practices in the NFL. Those tough practices had an unanticipated and unwelcome consequence for the San Diego Chargers, however. Tight end Ladarius Green took a bit of a beating during practice on Wednesday and is now being evaluated to see if he suffered a concussion. If he ends up missing games, it will definitely put a strain on the team, as Green is slated to take over for Antonio Gates, who will not be playing in the first four games of the season due to a rule violation. The season and home opener is scheduled for kickoff at 1:05 PM on Sunday, Sept. 13 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Get your tickets today for just $55 and up!

9/4/15 - It’s been proven that underestimating Peyton Manning is not a wide choice, but with the legendary quarterback nearing the end of his career, one wonders how wide-open the AFC West is this season. The San Diego Chargers will be a major player in that discussion, as they look to build on a 9-7 finish in 2014 that left them just outside of the playoff picture when all was said and done. They’ll kick off their campaign this year at home, as they host the new-look Detroit Lions at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday the 13th. Is this the year San Diego breaks through to make some serious noise in the postseason? Snag the hottest seats for opening day now with tickets starting at just $57 each!

8/26/15 - Getting into the right mindset for football is one of the most important parts of the sport. For the San Diego Chargers, it seems their mental game is on point, and they are looking to prove that on the field this regular season. Fans got a great preview of the dominating spirit of the team’s defense at last week’s preseason game, as they came up with a whopping six sacks against the Cardinals. Lineman Corey Liuget recently stated, “We’re all competing for the team to get better.” Hopefully, that team spirit will carry the Chargers this Saturday (Aug. 29), as they are scheduled to play at home against the Seattle Seahawks. We have your seats for the game at Qualcomm Stadium for as little as $21.

8/18/15 - Philip Rivers and the rest of the San Diego Chargers had a worrisome first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys on Friday. Although the Chargers ultimately pulled out a 17-7 win, game dynamics left many fans wondering if the team has enough depth to be competitive this season. The Chargers’ running backs should shine this season, but they may not be able to be as productive as initially thought if the team can’t overcome its depth issues both offensively and defensively. One thing is certain, though, and that’s quarterback Philip Rivers’s readiness to take on the season. The noted quarterback just received a contract extension that will earn him $37.5 million in 2015 alone. Don’t miss the Chargers’ next game against the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, August 29.

8/6/15 - As the red hot San Diego Chargers gear up for the much-anticipated 2015-2016 season home opener against the Dallas Cowboys at Qualcomm Stadium in less than two weeks, the offense is standing behind one of their top rookie prospects. Tight end and offensive blocker Ladarius Green is entering the final year of his rookie contract, guaranteeing him at least $660,000 this season. His mentor, Antonio Gates, will be out for the first four games of the year. This gives Green the opportunity to take on a broader role, which is something the rest of the Bolts’ offense is excited about. Quarterback Phillip Rivers says Green appears to be faster than ever before, perhaps due to his newfound sense of confidence and comfort in the Chargers’ offense.

7/30/15 - Qualcomm Stadium is always an electric place to watch some football, and this year the San Diego Chargers are looking to carry on that tradition as the 2015 season begins. There are a bunch of new names on this year’s roster and Chargers fans will get their first sneak peek at the lineup when training camp begins this week. Melvin Gordon is one of the most exciting running backs to keep your eye on; he has been the subject of some serious hype during the offseason. In addition, San Diego will be debuting two brand new quarterbacks. Brad Sorensen and Chase Rettig will be looking to prove themselves as assets for the regular season roster. The Chargers will take on the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday, Aug. 13 and we have tickets for just $18 and up.

7/15/15 - Big things are happening for the San Diego Chargers and where they are going to play in the future. This week, the city of San Diego released that they have approved a new $2.1 million to conduct an environmental study for the possibility of a new Chargers Stadium in Los Angeles. The City Council voted to move forward with the environmental study which gives the Chargers another step toward the new stadium they have been dreaming about. The study will take place this year and will include traffic reports and such to build a 68,000-seat stadium. This process isn’t easy and it will continue to take time, effort, and money. In the meantime, watch the Chargers live for the 2015 season starting in August. Tickets are still available for purchase.

7/2/15 - Another player bites the dust against the NFL performance enhancing substance policies. San Diego Chargers tight end, Antonio Gates, has been suspended for the first four games of the season without pay due to violation of the use of performance enhancing substances. He will lose out on approximately $350,000 because of this suspension. Gates is still allowed to take part in offseason play and practice, but won’t hit the field until the Chargers take on the Cleveland Browns on October 4. Currently, Gates has released an apology statement and is not planning to appeal the suspension. This is something that will definitely hurt the Chargers since Gates is one of the biggest producing offensive players the team has. See if they can still pull it together during the game time on August 13 against the Dallas Cowboys.

6/17/15 - Minicamp will be wrapping up a day early for the San Diego Chargers, who earned themselves an extra day off at the discretion of head coach Mike McCoy. Similar to last year’s offseason workouts, McCoy felt that his squad performed so well during the first two days of the program that the third day would be best served as extra rest for the veterans. Rookies will still be on the hook for a brief walkthrough on Thursday afternoon but nothing in the way of a full-on practice. Tickets are available now for all Chargers’ 2015 preseason and regular season games! Action kicks off on August 13th at Qualcomm Stadium and you can be there in person for preseason play with tickets starting at just $14.

6/4/15 - Cornerback Lowell Rose has re-signed with the San Diego Chargers after initially being cut from the squad in 2014 as the team whittled the roster down to 53 players. Participating with San Diego for just 25 days at the time, the young CB eventually made his way to the Miami Dolphins’ practice team. His grit and perseverance earned him a position on the Dolphins’ active roster where Rose eventually saw live action in five games, affording him fresh perspective and renewed confidence. That’s precisely the reason that he believes his second go-round with the Bolts will be a much-improved experience, benefitting him as a player and the Chargers as a football team heading into 2015. Get your seats for Qualcomm Stadium—tickets for all 16 regular season games are on sale now!

5/8/15 - The offseason is always a time of change, but for the San Diego Chargers, changes beyond just the roster may be afoot. The franchise is in talks of potentially moving to Los Angeles by 2016. The Chargers face a deadline of April 30, 2016 to answer the proposal for the stadium in Carson. On the field, the team has added five draft picks and 21 undrafted free agent rookies to their roster. Both rookie and veteran players will be heading to minicamps to prove their value to the team and earn a place on the roster. Fans are still showing their support for the San Diego based team. The team has stated that their season ticket sales are ahead of the 2014 season. Tickets to all games are on sale now, starting at $16.

4/24/15 - A record of 9-7 was enough to get the San Diego Chargers into the playoffs in 2013, but it wasn’t quite enough to punch their ticket last season. Chargers fans are hoping for another exciting postseason run in 2015, which kicks off for San Diego on September 13th when they host the Detroit Lions. Other key dates on the calendar include a Week 5 date with Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 8 at the Baltimore Ravens, and Week 13 when the Denver Broncos come to town led by Peyton Manning. Can San Diego build themselves into a playoff contender once again? Secure your seats at Qualcomm Stadium to see the Chargers live in person—NFL 2015 regular season tickets are on sale now!

2014-2015 Season

12/26/14 - The San Diego Chargers beat the San Francisco 49ers on 38-35 on December, keeping their playoff dreams alive. The Chargers came back from being down 28-7 at halftime. The Chargers were able to tie the game when regulation time ended, pulling ahead with a 40-yard field goal by Nick Novak in overtime. The win gives them a current record of 9-6, and they are ranked 2nd in the AFC Western Division. As long as they win their next game and the Baltimore Ravens lose, they have a chance at a postseason this year. Philip Rivers is expected to help the Chargers beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 28, despite his bulging disk in his back. The game could be the deciding factor in the Chargers' playoff dreams. Tickets are still on sale, starting at $10.

12/19/14 - After Sunday’s heartbreaking loss to the division rival Denver Broncos, the San Diego Chargers are in the midst of a two-game losing streak. San Diego’s defense put up a valiant effort against Peyton Manning’s high-powered offense, but Denver just had too many weapons, and the Chargers fell 22-10. The good news is that the AFC is so competitive that Philip Rivers and company are still in the hunt for a playoff spot, and the final two games of the year are crucial road contests. First up is a trip to Santa Clara for a game against Jim Harbaugh’s San Francisco 49ers at Levis Stadium on December 20 (tickets from $81). The Bolts finish up the regular season on December 28 against the division rival Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium (tickets from $18).

12/11/14 - The San Diego Charges have had a pretty successful season thus far, with an 8-5 record. They are the second ranked team in the AFC East division. Their last game against the New England Patriots was a great game for all 4 quarters. They tried their best, but ended up losing 14-23. In their close loss, Phillip Rivers threw for 189 yards and had 1 touchdown. What really hindered their ability to win was their lack of rushing. The Patriots shut them down early and often, and they need to make adjustments in next week’s game. Their next match up is against the Denver Broncos. It’s going to be a fun, competitive game. In order to win, they need to contain Peyton Manning. Tickets are available now for $132.

12/5/14 - The San Diego Chargers are picking up their game. They’re on a three game winning streak. The most recent win came in Baltimore, against the Ravens. It was a close game, with a final score of 34-33. The Ravens led the game until the 4th quarter, when the Chargers scored three touchdowns to change the tide. It was an exciting game for the fans. This coming Sunday, the Chargers host the New England Patriots, who have a great record and are ranked first in the AFC East. San Diego may not make it to the playoffs, but they’re playing well. Come out and support the team when you get tickets to the game. There’s nothing like being surrounded by other fans when you’re watching a live game!

11/24/14 - The 7-4 San Diego Chargers won their second in a row last Sunday, holding on to defeat the Saint Louis Rams at home 27-24. Marcus Gilchrist intercepted Shaun Hill at the San Diego goal line with 56 seconds remaining to seal the win. This week the Chargers travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens, then return home to Qualcomm Stadium for two tough tests. First up is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Sunday, December 7th, then the Denver Broncos come to town on Sunday, December 14th, led by future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. These last two home games will most likely decide the Chargers’ fate for the season, and they definitely need your support as they strive to make the postseason. Buy your tickets today and come out and support your San Diego Chargers!

11/18/14 - The San Diego Chargers were able to handily beat their long time rivals, the Oakland Raiders (0-10), on the 16th. The Raiders were almost shut out, not scoring a single touchdown. The final score of 6-13 brings the Chargers to 6-4 and marks the one-year anniversary of the Raiders’ last victory. This also marks the end of San Diego’s short losing streak. After their impressive 4-win start to the season, they had a hard time pulling together an offence losing three games in a row. However, those losses are finished now, and the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the Chargers are turning it back around. Catch their next game against the St. Louis Rams to find out. Tickets are available at $81.

11/14/14 - A heartbreaking loss on Sunday for the San Diego Chargers. Unfortunately, the Chargers were unable to get a single touchdown against the Miami Dolphins, who scored 37. This is also the Chargers’ third loss in a row, marking their first shutout since 1999. The loss isn’t terribly surprising as San Diego consistently has a hard time in South Florida. The Chargers are, however, still 5-4 because of their impressive five game winning streak at the start of the season. Being tied for 3rd in their division with the San Francisco 49ers, they have plenty of opportunities left to improve their win-loss ratio before the end of the season. The Chargers will be playing their long-time rivals, the Oakland Raiders (0-9), on the 16th. Tickets start at $57 and the game promises to be very exciting.

11/7/14 - Despite suffering a punishing loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, there’s still a ray of light shining on the San Diego Chargers. Following three losses in a row in recent weeks, the Chargers still tally one more win this year than they did this time last season. This means they remain in contention for the last available playoff spot heading into games they should be able to win. This week’s bye provides some relief to a team beleaguered by injuries to key players, including Ryan Matthews, Manti Te’o and Jason Verrett. With plans for a quiet week from head coach Mike McCoy, the Chargers should be re-engergized when they face their division rivals, the Oakland Raiders, on November 16. Tickets to this highly contentious and always entertaining matchup at Qualcomm Stadium are still available, beginning at $72 each.

10/30/14 - The San Diego Chargers had a rough week with a loss to the Denver Broncos last Thursday. Although they were able to hold off the Broncos in the first quarter from scoring, Denver came back strong and just overtook them. At 5-3, the Chargers rank second in the AFC Western Division. They need to end their 2-game losing streak by earning the win against the Miami Dolphins on November 2. Miami has the confidence of a 2-game winning streak, and they have the home field advantage, so the Chargers will need to be on top of their game. They are looking for redemption after the loss from last year against the Dolphins, and they will have had a 10-day recovery because of the Thursday night game which may give them the edge.

10/20/14 – In a highly anticipated Thursday Night Football game, the San Diego Chargers are off to Denver to face the Broncos. Averaging $377, the Week 8 matchup is the second priciest game of the weekend as the AFC West leaders will fight for first place in the division.

10/15/14 – The best rivalry in the AFC West comes to fruition this week when the Kansas City Chiefs visit San Diego! The Bolts are looking for their sixth straight win on a day that the team will wear their powder blue uniforms in honor of Alumni Day. Chargers tickets are fourth cheapest in the league in Week 7, averaging $107. Grab a seat inside Qualcomm Stadium for just $46 to see this intense rivalry!

10/10/14 - After last Sunday's game against the Jets, San Diego Chargers fans have plenty of reasons to be excited. The Chargers made a mockery of their opponent, outscoring the Jets in a 31-0 victory. After Sunday's win, the Chargers (4-1) are clearly having an excellent season thus far. Week six takes the Chargers to Oakland to face off against the Raiders and looks like it will be yet another entertaining matchup. If Chargers fans can't make their way up to the Bay Area to watch the action in person, they should try to get their hands on some tickets for the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Oct. 19. This looks like it could be a memorable season for the Chargers and any hardcore fans who haven't made it to a game this year should get some tickets now!

10/1/14 – San Diego is leading the AFC West at 3-1 on the season. This week, they’ll welcome the New York Jets in the cheapest game remaining at Qualcomm Stadium this year. You can get in the door for as little as $38 to watch the Chargers as they look to expand their half-game lead over Denver in the division.

9/25/14 - The San Diego Chargers moved to a 2-1 start for the third time in four years, tied with the Denver Broncos in the AFC West, with what termed an “efficient” 22-10 victory over Buffalo last weekend. How efficient? Well, receiver Malcom Floyd had just two catches the entire game, but both were for 49 yards each, and both set up scoring drives for the Chargers. Eddie Royal pulled in scoring passes of five and three yards each among his four catches for 42 yards. Quarterback Philip Rivers completed 18 of 25 passes for 256 yards, and was sacked just twice. The running game thrived too, despite losing Ryan Matthews last week and Danny Woodhead early in this game; Donald Brown was handed the ball 31 times and collected 62 yards.

9/18/14 - It didn’t take long for the San Diego Chargers to show they’re very much for real. Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates hooked up for three touchdown plays en route to a Chargers victory, 30-21 over the visiting Seattle Seahawks. Gates had missed much of the Chargers’ offseason workout regimens while dealing with an illness in his family; yet Gates and Rivers combined as if the two had worked out together all summer long; the duo have connected for 65 scoring strikes, the most by any QB-TE combo in league history. In addition to the three touchdown passes from Rivers to Gates, Nick Novak also booted three field goals, which accounted for the remainder of the Chargers’ scoring. Seattle got two scoring strikes from Russell Wilson – one to Robert Turbin, and the other to Marshawn Lynch, while Percy Harvin scored on a 51-yard run.

9/9/14 - Just last week, Arizona and San Diego met in the last preseason game for each, in a mostly lackluster affair where all the scoring was done by kickers. This week, when it counts? Not so much, as the Chargers fell short in allowing two unanswered fourth-quarter scores to the Cardinals in a disappointing 18-17 loss. San Diego’s running game was stopped nearly cold by the Arizona defense, collecting just 52 yards rushing for the game; Ryan Mathews rushed 12 times for 40 yards and a TD. Quarterback Philip Rivers passed for 238 yards with one touchdown pass and an interception, on 21 completions. Arizona rallied behind the arm of Carson Palmer’s 24-for-37 passing with 304 yards and two touchdown passes; receiver Michael Floyd grabbed five of those balls for 119 yards, while Ted Ginn Jr. grabbed two passes for 29 yards.

9/4/14 - In a battle of placekickers kicking field goals, the San Diego Chargers’ Nick Novak one-upped Arizona’s man four to three, for a 12-9 win to close out the preseason for both teams. Since the two will meet once again this weekend as part of the opening Monday night doubleheader, neither team wanted to give anything away to the other, so fans were treated to no starters and occasionally questionable playmaking decisions. Chargers backup quarterback Kellen Clemens was 14-for-25 for 158 yards passing, and also threw an interception with two seconds remaining in the first half and the Chargers going for it on fourth and goal from the Arizona 2 yard line.

8/27/14 - hile Philip Rivers had a good outing for the San Diego Chargers last weekend, completing nine of his 10 passes for 85 yards, including a 10-yard touchdown toss to Antonio Gates in the first quarter; and the defense teed off on San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick, constantly pressuring him, it was the 49ers who eventually prevailed, in the first NFL game at the 49ers’ new home of Levi’s Stadium, 21-7. The game was held despite it being just hours after a strong earthquake centered in the Napa area had rattled the Bay Area; leading to a significant number of empty seats. The quality of the playing surface was also an issue during the game, as the initial turf failed to take root resulting in new sod having to be laid down.

8/21/14 - All in all it was not the greatest of nights for the San Diego Chargers, who were defeated for the first time this preseason by the defending Super Bowl champions in Seattle, 41-14. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers played just one series for the Bolts, completing two of four passes for a total of 20 yards before handing the reins off to backup Kellen Clemens. While most of the San diego starting offense stayed on the field with Clemens, they struggled to gain yardage against the Seahawks; Clemens finished the game with 149 yards passing on 14-for-21; and accounting for the Chargers’ two scores, a 13 yard pass to Keenan Allen in the second quarter, and a three-yarder to Jake Byrne in the third quarter.

8/14/14 - A pair of new offensive players stood out for the San Diego Chargers in last weekend’s 27-7 win over Dallas. The first, rookie running back Branden Oliver, racked up 64 yards in just seven carries, including a 16-yard scoring ramble and another run from scrimmage that added 27 yards. The other one was Canadian Football League import Dontrelle Inman, who torched the Cowboys for 107 yards in just three plays – one of which being a 70-yard touchdown strike. Inman, who spent two years with the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts, was a consistent target for the Argos, who pundits said plays older than his age (25). Both players have worked hard in practices, coaches say, and it would not be a surprise if one – or both – are on the final 53-man roster at the end of the month.

7/31/14 - It’s been warmer than usual in Southern California of late, and it can get especially hot – and humid – in the canyons around San Diego, such as Murphy Canyon, where the San Diego Chargers train. The hot and humid conditions took a particular toll on a pair of offensive linemen, Chris Watt, the second-team right guard; and johnnie Troutman, the first-teamer in the same position, in the first practice with pads this past weekend. Both players got overheated and left practice early, Watt being carted off while Troutman went to the clubhouse under his own power. Both players are expected to be fine going forward; a number of other players found their way to the cold tubs after practice as well as the two linemen.

7/30/14 - Don’t sleep on the San Diego Chargers this season. While the team lost offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt in the offseason, Mike McCoy remains the head coach of this unit. McCoy is a highly regarded offensive mind, and has a lot to do with the revival of Philip Rivers’ career. The Chargers have the talent to leapfrog the Kansas City Chiefs in the division, and may even be a challenger to the Denver Broncos. Their schedule is doing them no favors, though, with games against all four conference finalists from a season ago – The Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers. They rank as the most expensive Chargers tickets of the season according to RazorGator.

7/24/14 - The San Diego Chargers released a pair of players this week – one of them a former first round pick, the other a second-rounder. The second round pick was linebacker Jonas Mouton, who had had injury problems since being chosen 61st in 2011. He missed most of the 2011 season with a shoulder injury, and 2013 saw him miss the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. The first round selection, taken 16th overall in 2009, was outside linebacker Larry English, who played just nine games in his five years with the Chargers, recording 11 sacks. English tore a biceps muscle in Week 10 of the 2013 season, ending his season on a sour note. Even with English’s departure, the Chargers still have an excess of outside linebackers still on the roster as training camp starts.

7/23/14 - The San Diego Chargers are a much improved team from 2012 when Mike McCoy took over the reins as head coach of the Bolts and even leading them into the playoffs in his first season. If he is going to lead San Diego back there in 2014 he will have to go through three of the league's toughest opponents at home in the Patriots, Broncos and Seahawks which rank as the most expensive Chargers tickets of the season according to RazorGator.

7/17/14 - The San Diego Chargers are on the verge of breaking through to the upper echelon of the NFL after a surprising playoff berth in 2013. The main difference between last year and 2012 has to be Mike McCoy who came over from the Denver Broncos and led them to a record of 9-7, resulting in Chargers tickets averaging $198 for their games at Qualcomm Stadium this season.

7/16/14 - He’s following in some big footsteps – ones that led from an Alabama high school, through the NFL, right to Canton, Ohio. And San Diego Chargers tackle D.J. Fluker is just fine with that, since the player he’s following, former Seattle lineman Walter Jones, is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Fluker says he was inspired by a block that Jones laid on a Carolina defensive end during the 2005 NFC championship, which ultimately allowed the Seattle ball carrier to score a key touchdown. Fluker said of the play, “I remember seeing (it) and thinking, ‘That dude is a beast.’ And that’s how I want to play.” Interestingly enough, were Fluker to make it to the Pro Bowl this year, in his second season – a stated goal – it would put him ahead of the career path set by Jones, who made the Pro Bowl in his third season.

7/10/14 - San Diego has high hopes heading into the 2014 NFL season after rebounding last year and making a late run to get into the playoffs. Quarterback Philip Rivers was a huge part of this as he led the Charger offense to near the top in every offensive category with him under center. Rivers will need to be at his best if San Diego is to win its home opener against defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks in Week 2 that according to RazorGator is averaging just below $250 for Chargers tickets.

7/9/14 - San Diego chargers fans have a lot of folks to thank for the arrival of cornerback Brandon Flowers after his release Kansas City – his new Charger teammates. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that first credit for the acquisition goes to Eddie Royal, who shot his former Virginia Tech teammate a text message upon hearing of Flowers’ release. It also turned out that Flowers had trained with a number of his future teammates, including Corey Liuget, Mar
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