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The 2016 NFL Playoffs kick off in January, and you'll find the best selection of NFL Playoff tickets today at Razorgator! This year's NFL playoff games will be some of the most exciting football of the NFL season, with the NFC Champions and AFC Champions playing in Super Bowl 50 on February 7th at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara. Buy 2016 NFL Playoff tickets today to see your favorite team live in the postseason!

2016 Super Bowl Tickets

Date Event Location
Feb 07
Super Bowl 50: TBD vs TBD Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
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2016 NFL Playoff News and Updates

2015 Season

1/29/15 - Only two teams remain in what has been an exciting NFL Playoffs. There has been no shortage of intrigue, controversy, and drama surrounding the playoffs in both conferences. But now the time has come for the big enchilada: Seattle vs. New England for the Super Bowl crown. The storylines themselves are enough to make this a game to remember for the ages. Will Pete Carroll lead his Seahawks to a second straight Super Bowl title against the New England team that he coached in his first NFL stint? Will Tom Brady be able to cement his Super Bowl legacy by winning a third championship? Or will the electrifying young Russell Wilson take the mantle as the preeminent quarterback in the game today by leading his Seahawks to back-to-back titles? All of these questions and more will be answered on Super Sunday.
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1/19/15 - The NFL playoffs are some of the most important games featured in the national football league. This year, the match ups were between the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Both games provided some excitement, but one game was a little more competitive than the other. The Seahawks narrowly beat the Packers with a final score of 28-22. They won in overtime, and a huge reason for their success was because of Russell Wilson. He struggled early on, but eventually found his rhythm when his team needed him the most. The Patriots completed dominated the Colts, beating them 45-7. Their defense looked good for four straight quarters, and if Tom Brady can keep up his stellar play, they have a shot at winning yet another Super Bowl.

1/13/15 - It was quite a shock to see Dallas out of the NFL Playoffs when they lost a very close game to the Green Bay Packers at 21-26. The Seahawks and the Panthers battled it out for the other NFC spot. Going into halftime, the teams were close at 10-14 with the Seahawks on top. The Panthers gained another seven points in the fourth quarter, but the Seahawks took 17 for a final score of 17-31. In the AFC, the Denver Broncos just couldn’t get ahead of the Indianapolis Colts. The final score was 24-13, and the Colts move on to the next round against the New England Patriots. New England kept pace with the Ravens until the final quarter of their Second Round Playoff, then the Patriots scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter while keeping the Ravens to a field goal. Final score 31-35, Patriots win.

1/6/15 - For NFL teams, it doesn’t get any bigger than the playoffs. It’s win or go home, and the Cowboys have already seized this opportunity against the Detroit Lions. It was a close game, but the Cowboys did just enough to win 24-20. A huge reason why they did so well was because of DeMarco Murray. Much like the regular season, Murray couldn’t be stopped. He ended up rushing for 75 yards with 1 touchdown. Their next game is against the Green Bay Packers, and Murray will need to keep up his stellar play if the Cowboys want to keep their momentum going. The Carolina Panthers also had a great playoff win last weekend against the Cardinals. The Panthers ended up winning 27-16, and Cam Newton looked sharp. He ended up throwing for198 yards and had 2 touchdowns.

1/1/15 - One of the most exciting times in sports is the NFL playoffs. This is where teams battle it out to make their way to the super bowl, perhaps the most important and popular sporting events in the US. There are a lot of teams this year that have a great shot at going far in the playoffs. Most notable is the Dallas Cowboys. Thanks to Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray and their offensive line, they have become one of the most reliable teams down the stretch. It’s going to be interesting to see if Murray can stay healthy to help them keep their momentum going. The Patriots have also looked great this season. Sporting a record of 12-4, they seem to be firing on all cylinders. They are coming off a loss against the Bills, but if they can regain their composure, they could win it all.

12/22/14 - One of the most exciting times of the year is the NFL playoffs. The playoffs define how truly good a team is, and there are a lot of fantastic matchups this year. A lot of pressure has been put on the Dallas Cowboys. Time and time again have they struggled during the playoffs, but all signs are pointing to this year being different. Tony Romo and Demarco Murray have played a huge part in their offense, and things could get interesting if they are able to remain potent down the stretch. The Patriots are another team to look out for this year. They have done a lot of good things this season, which is because of the stellar play from Tom Brady. Other teams in the running to win it all include the Broncos, Packers and Seahawks.

2014 Season

This year in the NFL has seen a roller coaster season, but through player scandals, coaching gaffes and officiating errors, one thing emerged: incredible performances from backups and starters, veterans and rookies alike. One of the wildest Week 17s in NFL history saw two win-and-in scenarios that left the Green Bay Packers kings of the NFC North, while the Philadelphia Eagles left the Dallas Cowboys in the dust for their third consecutive season. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are pitted against the rough and tumble San Francisco 49ers for a Wild Card Round finale (Jan 5), while Nicke Foles and the Eagles are taking on Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints—a primetime rookie vs. veteran QB showdown—on January 4. The Cinderella story of the season comes from the Kansa City Chiefs, who went from worst in the league last year to No. 5 seeds, they will take on Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts in the first Wild Card game of the first round (Jan 4). Perhaps the most surprising playoff contenders are the San Diego Chargers, who clinched the Wild Card berth this past Sunday. The Bolts will face off against the ferocious Cincinnati Bengals on January 5 for a chance at advancing to the Divisional round. The cheapest Wild Card game is the Bengals-Chargers faceoff, a mere $62 to get-in, while the most expensive first round game is the 49ers-Green Bay for $370 on average.

The winners of what is sure to be a thrilling Wild Card round will take on the heavyweights, the top 1 and 2 seeds of the NFC and AFC in the Divisional round.The top NFC seeds are early favorites, the Seattle Seahawks, followed by the Carolina Panthers, who turned around their shoddy start to take the NFC South and the No. 2 seed. The two AFC colossuses, the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots took the No. 1 and 2 seeds, as Peyton Manning bulleted his squad to historic heights, recording the highest scoring team in NFL team of all time. The lowest seeded NFC Wild Card round winner will face the Seahawks at the foreboding CenturyLink Field January 11, while the highest seeded NFC Wild Card winner will take on Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers on January 12. Likewise, the lowest AFC seed remaining from Wild Card weekend will meet Manning at Mile High on January 12, and Brady and company will challenge the lowest seeded AFC team on January 11. The most expensive Division Round game is at Denver for $667 on average, followed by Seattle’s game at $522, while Patriots tickets are the cheapest, at $311 on average.

The Conference Championship will follow on January 19, at the home of the highest seeded AFC Divisional round winner against the lowest seed (projections favor Patriots at Broncos) and likewise in the NFC, the game will be played at the home of the highest seeded NFC Divisional round winner (projections favor Panthers at Seahawks). The champions will then go head to head at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for Super Bowl Sunday. Bundle up for Super Bowl XLVIII, as it will be the first NFL championship game played outdoors in a cold-weather city! Will the Niners get another shot at the ring? Can anyone beat living legend Peyton Manning, or will Brady pull off another come-from-behind victory? Will the Seahawks finally hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy? Get your Super Bowl tickets now to be there, February 2, to finish off this unbelievable season!
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