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The start of the NFL 2016-2017 regular season is only two short months away, which makes now the perfect time to get excited for the return of all your favorite teams! Pre-season kicks off as early as the weekend of August 13 for most teams, with the opening games of regular season beginning the weekend of September 11. One clash to watch is the Thursday Night Football regular season opener, featuring a rematch of Super Bowl contenders the Carolina Panthers and 2016 Champions the Denver Broncos. Will the Broncos be able to pull off the repeat without the skilled hands of Peyton Manning? Find out on September 8 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Tickets start at $252.
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It was a thrilling week as the NFL postseason got underway with the Wild Card matchups, which saw the Steelers prevail over the Bengals and the Chiefs advance over the Texans in AFC competition. On the NFC side of things, the Seahawks squeaked past the Vikings and the Packers overcame Washington to set up four must-see Divisional Round games. Pittsburgh will now clash with Denver as the Chiefs try to contain the Patriots, and the Seahawks will attempt to slow Cam Newton’s Panthers as the Pack takes on the Arizona Cardinals, who have become favorites in Vegas to win it all this year. Get your NFL playoff tickets now, on sale for each game through the Super Bowl!

1/7/16 - This time of the year is intense for NFL coaches, as they are all under tight scrutiny for their abilities to get their teams into the postseason. Many are fired and hired right around this time, and this year has been no different. A number of coaching changes have already been announced, including the firing of San Francisco’s Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly’s dismissal from Philadelphia. Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants voluntarily resigned from his post as head coach, and Ben McAdoo (current offensive coordinator) and Steve Spagnuolo (defensive coordinator) will be among the interviewees for the position. Despite rumors that said otherwise, Sean Payton announced recently that he plans to stay on with the Saints.

12/31/15 - The playoffs are starting to come into view for the NFL, and that means that teams are fighting harder than ever to secure their spot in the postseason. Did you catch the Broncos game on Monday night? It was an epic clash between two backup quarterbacks, each holding their own. Things looked bleak for Brock Osweiler and the Broncos heading into the second half, having been outscored 14 – 3. The Broncos offense really kicked it into high gear when the third quarter started, however, and managed to send the game into overtime. There, the Broncos won with a timely field goal. Come find out how the rest of the playoff hopes shake out this weekend!

12/22/15 - The NFL schedule for Week 15 has a number of key clashes in store for fans all across the country, starting with the Jets at Dallas on Saturday evening. The Cowboys are on the ropes already, but they can play spoiler for New York, which is currently in line for a rare Wild Card berth. Minnesota will look to stay at the forefront of their division versus Chicago, the Giants will try to hand Carolina their first defeat and Green Bay will take on Oakland to see if the Raiders’ victory over the Broncos in Week 16 was indeed a fluke. The season is winding down and the playoffs are almost here—and don’t forget, NFL tickets make a perfect gift idea!

12/17/15 - Week 14 saw the NY Giants stay afloat in the NFC East, as the Cowboys have all but dropped out of the playoff picture following a second injury to Tony Romo this season. Meanwhile, Gronk’s return helped the Patriots snap a rare two-game skid, the Raiders shut down the Broncos in the second half for a major upset, and the Jets topped the Titans to keep their own postseason aspirations alive. Johnny Manziel got the start for Cleveland, leading the Browns to a victory over the 49ers, and once again, Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers scored a W to increase their record to 13-0 with three left to play in 2015. Get your NFL tickets today and be a part of the stretch run to the playoffs!

12/10/15 - Raise your hand if you thought the Patriots would lose back-to-back games after winning their first 10! The NFL was full of surprises once again this week, including the Pats falling to the Eagles—which by the way created a three-way tie for first place in the NFC East. None of those three teams own winning records, and perhaps the strangest thing about the division is that the 4-8 Cowboys are just a win away from climbing back into the mix. Aaron Rodgers kept his Packers afloat in the tough NFC North with a Hail Mary game-winner for the ages and the Panthers made it 12-0 with a comeback victory over the Saints. With just four weeks left before the playoffs, it seems anything can happen in the NFL this year!

12/3/15 - And then there was one! Tom Brady and his Patriots suffered an unlikely loss in Denver, as backup Brock Osweiler showed that the Broncos’ elite defense is enough to keep them in contention against any team. Now the Panthers remain the sole undefeated team in the NFL, as competition enters Week 13 and the homestretch before the 2015 postseason. Will Washington sneak in and steal the NFC East from the Giants? Can the Packers retake their division from the Vikings? And does Russell Wilson have enough to will the Seahawks back to the playoffs? Get your NFL tickets today and get the answers to all these questions and more! Don’t miss a minute!

11/26/15 - As the NFL season continues this week, chatter is in full swing regarding how the playoffs could take shape. Several teams such as New England and Seattle had predictable yet big wins, furthering their chances of success in the postseason. The Broncos beat the Bears in a Sunday night game, but Denver got some bad news, as well. Despite the fact that Peyton Manning had a huge accomplishment in surpassing the all-time NFL passing record, he will definitely be missing a couple games with a foot and ankle problem that requires him to wear a walking cast. The team will depend on Brock Osweiler and will also work out Christian Ponder to add some depth to the QB position.

11/19/15 - Things are really starting to heat up in the NFL, with playoffs looming just a few weeks down the road. Monday Night Football featured an exciting showdown between the Houston Texans and the previously undefeated Cincinnati Bengals this week. Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton had looked all but unstoppable heading into the game, but left with an ugly mark on an otherwise perfect record. Dalton wasn’t able to get the ball to a single receiver in the end zone, settling instead for a pair of field goals. The effort wasn’t enough to overtake the Texans, who ultimately won the game 10 – 6 and handed Dalton and the Bengals their first loss of the season.

11/12/15 - More than anything else, Week 9 may have NFL fans and pundits starting to admit that the Carolina Panthers are pretty good. Cam Newton led his crew to an eighth straight victory, leaving them the lone undefeated team in the NFC. The New England Patriots also stand at 8-0 over in NFC competition, and to the surprise of many, so do the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite recent setbacks, this year has even seen the revival of many longtime underperformers, including the Jets and Raiders, while expected powerhouses like Seattle and San Francisco continue to flounder. Who will rise to the top as the NFL season approaches its second half? Get your tickets now to find out firsthand!

11/5/15 - It was another great weekend for NFL. One of the matchups fans were most excited about was the Green Bay Denver showdown at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. Many were expecting quarterback Aaron Rodgers to trounce the Broncos, but that simply wasn’t the case. Denver defense looked strong, sacking the usually untouchable quarterback and causing turnovers several times. Although Peyton Manning has looked less than strong this year, he managed to throw the ball over and over again to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. It was an epic battle than ended in a 29 – 10 victory for the Broncos. Don’t miss a second of the football action this weekend!

10/29/15 - Can you believe that the 2015-2016 NFL regular season is already halfway done? It’s true! Many teams are on bye this week, leaving fantasy owners frustrated, but there are still several great matchups scheduled for this weekend. In fact, one of the most exciting games could be tonight’s battle between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. This isn’t normally a pairing fans would be anxious about, but the reality is that Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill has never looked better. It could be a showdown of epic proportions, including several touchdowns on both teams. You will not want to miss this, even if you’re not a fan of either team!

10/22/15 - Another week is in the books for the NFL and this season has already gone differently than expected. First of all, injuries have been an absolute nightmare for many teams across the league, as well as for fantasy football owners everywhere. Even star quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems to be having a strange year. He threw three interceptions in his last game, breaking an impressive three-year streak of throwing zero interceptions at home. One player who’s having a great season, however, is Atlanta RB Devonta Freeman. He has gone three games in a row with multiple touchdowns and has the Falcons looking hot! Don’t miss any of the NFL action and get all your tickets right here.

10/13/15 - Who were the top players in the NFL this week? Josh McCown of the Cleveland Browns has over 300 yards of passing in three straight games, the first quarterback in the club’s history to achieve such a feat. Eli Manning also stepped up to the plate to lead the Giants to a last-minute win against the 49ers. He had a whopping 41 completions for a total of 441 yards. On the defensive side, it was safety Mike Adams who intercepted two passes and had four tackles to help the Colts avoid at least two scoring drives by the Texans. Fletcher Cox, defensive end for the Eagles, had six tackles and three sacks to help his team beat the Saints on Sunday.

10/8/15 - After four weeks of NFL play, there are still six teams who remain undefeated and seem on track to make it to the playoffs. What makes for such a dominant team? Of course, an unstoppable offense is essential, and the Patriots have been a prime example of this. Tom Brady has a pass completion that is unmatched, and boasts 8.4 yards per attempt. The Bengals have also been successful in moving the ball, and if Andy Dalton continues at this rate, he’ll have just four interceptions in the entire season. The Packers have somewhat of a slower offense, but they’ve also proven their strength on the field this season. Joining these three elite teams at being undefeated are the Falcons, Panthers and the Broncos.

10/1/15 - A good wide receiver is an essential part of a successful NFL team, and this week the power rankings for the top ten players at the position was released. Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons takes the top spot. He benefits from a team that sends him quick strikes around the line of scrimmage. He boasts the record for the most receptions in the first three games of the NFL. In second place is Antonio Brown of the Steelers. He is known as the wide receiver that no cornerback can cover and has gained at least 70 yards in the last 14 games. Rounding out the top five include Odell Beckham from the Giants, Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions and A.J. Green from the Cincinnati Bengals.

9/24/15 - Nothing is ever guaranteed in the realm of professional football, and many NFL teams have been reminded of that at the beginning of the regular season. The Seattle Seahawks, widely predicted to be a top contender for the Superbowl again this year, lost to the Packers this week, leading them to a disappointing record of 0-2 so far. The Packers, led by QB Aaron Rogers, have had a fantastic start and are 2-0. They are also highly favored to win week three’s game against the Chiefs Monday night. Additionally, Arizona isn’t one of the flashiest NFL teams out there, but they are starting to get a bit more of the credit they deserve after also beginning the season 2-0. They will take on the 49ers on Sunday and are also favored to win.

9/16/15 - The 2015-2016 NFL season is officially underway after all teams had their opening games last weekend. One of the most remarkable moments of an already memorable weekend was the Dallas Cowboys’ incredible comeback against the New York Giants. With just two minutes left in the game, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was able to march his team all the way down the field and get a touchdown to tight end Jason Witten at the very last second. That score was enough to give the Cowboys the win and send Eli Manning and the Giants home with their first loss. Things are only going to get more exciting as the season progresses, so be sure to check back for tickets to all of your favorite teams’ matchups.

9/10/15 - To the delight of football fans around the country, the NFL 2015-2016 season kicked off this Thursday after months of pre-season training and practice games. The first game of the season featured the Pittsburgh Steelers at the reigning champions the New England Patriots. Although it was a severely rainy night, the weather didn’t stop quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady from playing a good game. The star of the show was New England TE Rob Gronkowski, who caught not just one or two, but three touchdowns to contribute to the Patriot’s 28 – 21 win over the Steelers. WR Julian Edelman also looked strong for New England, as he had several great catches and racked up many of the Patriots’ yards in scoring drives. Don’t miss your favorite teams this Sunday!

9/4/15 - Everybody has an opinion about Tom Brady’s infamous “Deglategate” scandal, but U.S. District Judge Berman has given an official ruling in the controversial case. Brady’s four-game suspension was overturned, as the defense cited lack of evidence for punishment and the judge agreed. New England fans rejoiced at the news, but it seems the NFL is going to appeal the decision and many still think the league may win. Whether Brady leads the Patriots in their season opener against the Steelers or not, all NFL teams are gearing up for a tough and exciting season. Be sure to purchase your tickets to see your favorite team crush the competition! While there is a lot of football yet to play, the playoffs and Superbowl will be here before you know it!

8/27/15 - Are you ready for the 2015-2016 NFL season? You’d better be, because the first games of the regular season are right around the corner. In fact, many football fans have already participated in fantasy drafts, building their ideal teams heading into game time. Some of the most valuable players to watch this season, based on fantasy rankings, include top running backs Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks, Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers, and Le’veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Quarterbacks to watch include the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers and Broncos’ Peyton Manning. As for wide receivers, the Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. and the Bears’ Alshon Jeffery top the must-watch charts. Don’t miss a second of the action when it all kicks off next month!

8/20/15 - After two weeks of NFL preseason play, team strengths and flaws are starting to become more prominent. This week, the Washington Redskins lost to the Lions, with Robert Griffin III taking a beating. Despite the setback, the team is looking forward, hoping they can improve so that they don’t risk an injury to their star quarterback. Meanwhile, the Browns showcased the fact that they have two great quarterbacks in their roster when they took on the Bills Thursday night. Despite an 11-10 loss, Johnny Manziel played well, showing that he is the perfect backup to starter Josh McCown. Upcoming Friday night (Aug. 21) games include the Falcons vs the Jets and the Seahawks vs Chiefs. Monday night (Aug. 24), NFL football will feature the Bengals taking on the Buccaneers.

8/13/15 - The NFL 2015-2016 regular season kickoff is just a month away, and that means that preseason games are in full swing. Many fans are anxiously gearing up for their approaching fantasy football drafts, and last night was a great opportunity to do some scouting. If you’ve been watching the Detroit Lions, you’ve probably noticed a rookie running back by the name of Ameer Abdullah. Although quarterback Matt Stafford and wide receiver Golden Tate look good this year, it’s Ameer Abdullah who’s stealing the show. His powerful runs and sharp juking skills breathe fresh life into a team that has lacked a strong running game in previous years. Come see how everything unfolds for the Lions and the rest of your favorite teams when regular season kicks off in a few weeks.

8/5/15 - With practices in full swing, the NFL is gearing up for yet another exciting year of football. Coaches and trainers are tweaking their lineups and nursing their injured players in hopes of getting their teams in the best position possible out the gate. This week also happens to be an important one for past players; the league is having its annual induction into the hall of fame. Eight former stars will be honored, including Ron Wolf, Charles Haley and Tim Brown. As per tradition, NFL officials have selected two teams to face off in honor of the event, and this year the job has been given to the Steelers and the Vikings. That game will happen on Aug. 9 with kickoff happening at 8:00AM Eastern time.

7/29/15 - It’s finally August and that means that the NFL will kick off its preseason games in just a few short weeks, much to the delight of fans who have been patiently waiting for football to return since last winter. One of the biggest new stories to come ahead of preseason kickoff is Russell Wilson’s historic contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks. He becomes the second-highest paid quarterback with a four-year deal to the tune of $87.6 million. In doing so he earns a $31 million signing bonus as well as $60 million in guarantees. He will enter the last year of his new contract at just 30 years old. Don’t miss all the excitement and chance to catch your favorite team live in action as the NFL gears up for regular season.

7/23/15 - Mike Tomlin has been just about as successful as any head coach over the past eight seasons, leading the Pittsburgh Steelers to five playoff runs and a Super Bowl championship in that period. On Thursday, the team rewarded him for his performance, inking him to a rich extension which makes him one of the five highest-paid coaches in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Tom Brady saga carries on, as league commissioner Roger Goodell continues to mull over whether or not to rescind or lessen the original punishment announced in response to the “Deflategate” scandal. Will Brady take the field for the Patriots in Week 1? Will Tomlin be able to guide his squad to postseason glory once again? These questions and more will be answered starting in just a few weeks—get your NFL tickets, on sale now!

7/15/15 - As the 2015 NFL season approaches, pieces are falling into place for teams throughout the league. That doesn’t mean the puzzle will be easy for every squad, however. The Cowboys are currently faced with a tough decision regarding star receiving Dez Bryant, who has made it clear that he strongly favors having a long-term contract extension in place prior to the start of training camp. In other NFC news, Jason Pierre-Paul has been discharged from the hospital following a 4th of July fireworks accident, opening the door for him to resume team-related activities with the Giants as they attempt to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2011. The NFL regular season will be kicking off in less than two months—secure your tickets today!

7/9/15 - The NFL will be continuing to play a few games in London every year. They have signed a 10-year agreement to play at least two games each football season at the new stadium belonging to Tottenham Hotspur, a team in the English Premier League. The new stadium will have a retractable grass field that will have artificial surface underneath for the NFL games. In other league news, the 2015 NFL supplemental draft is set to take place this Thursday. There are seven players who are eligible for the draft. This draft does not have the appeal as the initial draft, and many media outlets will just be interested to see if any of the players are actually drafted. Fans can already get their tickets for all NFL games in the 2015 season on Razorgator.

7/2/15 - The Dallas Cowboys took a hit from the NFL organization this week, when the NFL suspended Cowboys linebacker, Rolando McClain for the first four games of the season. It was announced by the NFL that McClain’s suspension was due to failing to act within the league’s substance-abuse rules. Last year, McClain had a very fruitful season, but his track record isn’t full of great seasons. He has had a bunch of off-field issues in the past that have practically kicked him out of the NFL permanently. McClain put out an apology statement also including that something like this won’t be happening again in his career. The NFL didn’t want to stir the media pot too much, thus releasing this news right before the big Independence holiday weekend.

6/25/15 - Summer is in full swing and that means the NFL is just a few short weeks away from kicking off the 2015-2016 pre-season. Fans are already gearing up for approaching season, and news outlets recently released a list of some of the most underrated players and teams in the league. These are definite fantasy football contenders for late round picks, so be sure to keep your eye on them as regular season approaches. Some of the most underrated teams include the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, and Carolina Panthers. Underrated players to watch as potential fantasy pickups include Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins, and the Denver Broncos defense. You don’t have to wait until August for all the action; get your regular season tickets right now!

6/17/15 - With less than two months until NFL action is back in season, minicamp workouts are about to begin for teams around the league. There are questions abound for teams through the AFC and the NFC alike. Mystery and intrigue continue to surround the Browns’ quarterback position, with whispers still circulating about the future of Johnny Manziel. How will Davante Adams fit with Green Bay’s offense, and can the Packers rebound after last year’s shocking playoff exit? Texans fans wonder if this will be the season that Jadeveon Clowney combines with J.J. Watt to form one of the most intimidating push rushing combos in the league. All questions will be answered beginning in August, but you don’t have to wait to secure your tickets. Get the best seats for all regular season games, on sale now!

6/8/15 - With most of the NFL teams taking their players through several of the allowed offseason training camps and mini-camps, the teams have begun to develop their rosters for the upcoming season. Fans and experts have already begun to speculate what the new changes for the teams will mean for the upcoming season. ESPN has released its second annual ranking of the entire rosters of the different teams using PFF’s analysts’ data and additional information. The Seattle Seahawks have once again found their roster ranked as number one, with their top five players listed as Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Graham, and Russell Wilson. The second ranked team was the Green Bay Packers. Whether these strong rosters will translate to wins this season remains to be seen. Tickets to all games in the 2015 season are already available.

6/4/15 - The annual football OTAs are underway, and football-hungry fans are chomping at the bit for any piece of news they can dig up on their favorite team. The Seahawks’ 6-foot-7 Jimmy Graham has been quite impressive by most estimates, looking “unstoppable” according to first-hand accounts. In less-fortunate news, Tennessee Titans backup CB Brandon Harris tore his ACL in a practice session, ending his season before it had a chance to get started. On a more positive note, Cam Newton recently signed a rich deal to remain with the Panthers through 2020, locking up Carolina’s franchise quarterback for his prime years after a pair of successful seasons. Play begins in early September, but now is the time to secure tickets for all 17 weeks of the NFL season!

5/28/15 - It may seem like the NFL season is still months away, but we are just barely more than one month away from the preseason training getting underway. After all our favorite teams start warming up again, it is only a short amount of time before the first preseason games kick off. You may have a chance to catch some action before too long after all. Then the exhibition games begin. The first will be on August 9th between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings. Even if you are waiting for the regular season to begin, we are officially less than 100 days away, so the 2015/2016 season is quickly approaching. Be sure to keep an eye on the NFL because it will not be long before it is in full swing again.

5/12/15 - This week the NFL has been the highlight of the news. Tom Brady, the quarterback for the 2014-2015 Superbowl winners, has been suspended without pay for the first four games in the upcoming season. The NFL also fined the New England Patriots a whopping $1 million and took back their two draft picks. Why you ask? Brady was accused of deflating the footballs that were played with in the AFC title game. The Patriots are standing behind Brady who is saying that he had nothing to do with ball tampering. Brady is going to attempt to appeal the suspension in hopes to be playing in the game opener on September 10, 2015. This is one of the largest punishments the New England Patriots have ever received from the NFL and have said to be blindsided by the degree.

5/8/15 - Football kickoff is still months away, but fans are already gearing up for the 2015 – 2016 season by analyzing the recent draft selections of their favorite teams. As predicted, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers used their first overall pick to draft quarterback Jameis Winston from Florida State University. It was also no surprise that the Tennessee Titans used their second overall pick to select Marcus Mariota, a promising quarterback from the University of Oregon. The Jacksonville Jaguars followed up by using their third overall pick to select leading pass rusher Dante Folwer Jr. from the University of Florida. They passed up the top defender in the draft, Leonard Williams from the University of Southern California, in order to add a much needed pass rusher to the team.

5/1/15 - This year's NFL draft is right around the corner, and fans and experts are waiting to see what up and coming players will achieve their dream of turning pro. The first round of the 2015 NFL draft starts the evening of April 30. The first pick goes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most experts predict that they will grab Florida State's quarterback Jameis Winston, with Marcus Mariota from Oregon going next to the Tennessee Titans. After the first round Thursday night, potential players have more chances for selection during the second and third rounds on Friday and the fourth through seventh rounds on Saturday. As the NFL teams start to build their future lineup with new players, you can get your tickets to the season early to ensure you catch all the great moments to come.

4/23/15 - Although the NFL 2015-2016 isn’t underway, there is a lot of action going on during the off season. Currently there has been a question whether Phillip Rivers will remain the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. Just this week the Chargers general manager, Tom Telesco, made a statement indicating that their plan is to keep Rivers as their quarterback now and well into the future. There has also been talk of the Seattle Seahawks suffering from what is termed as the “Super Bowl hangover,” which entails how hard it can be for teams to become repeat champions. However, the Seahawks still have their eye on the prize and are powering through this so called curse. This season will be as exciting as ever, so don’t miss your chance and get your tickets sooner than later.

2014-2015 Season

1/30/15 - All of the dust has settled, and all but two teams remain: the fearsome Seattle Seahawks and the indefatigable New England Patriots. Despite all of the off-field controversy surrounding the AFC Championship game (see: deflategate), the matchup on the field is even more fascinating. The immortal Tom Brady is looking to cement his legacy as one of the greatest and winningest quarterback in NFL history with a third Super Bowl win. New England Coach Bill Belichick is appearing in his unprecedented 9th Super Bowl appearance as a coach. Standing in their way are the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, led by precocious star quarterback Russell Wilson and a fearsome defense that has been Coach Pete Carroll’s calling card all season. Check out Razorgator for the best selection of tickets to the big game.

1/21/15 - Around this time of year, the NFL always has some great games. One of the more exciting was a playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. Both teams played their hearts out for four straight quarters. The Packers had the lead for much of the game, but a few mental lapses allowed the Seahawks to storm back at the end. Russell Wilson, the Seahawks quarterback, threw a long pass to Jermaine Kearse in overtime. The pass was successful, and it allowed the Seahawks to win the game by a narrow margin. They are now scheduled to face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. If they can keep Tom Brady contained, and look sharp on offense, they have a great chance of repeating what they did last year.

1/13/15 - It’s down to four teams on the road to the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers on Sunday for the NFC Championship. The New England Patriots host the Indianapolis Colts for the AFC win. The winning teams go to the Super Bowl, and the losing teams start thinking about next year. The teams get an extra week to prepare for the championship game because the Pro Bowl will be held on the Sunday before the Super Bowl. The University of Phoenix is hosting the Pro Bowl this year, instead of Hawaii, so everyone is clamoring for tickets. Enjoy a rare chance to see the best of the best players in the NFL in one stadium. Football season is coming to end, but the best games are just around the corner.

1/6/15 - The NFL has showcased a lot of competitive and meaningful games as of late. One of the more intriguing games was a playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions. It was a great game for all four quarters, but at the end of the day, the Cowboys prevailed. The final score ended up being 24-20. Much was on the line for them, as the loser had to pack their bags and end their season early. Tony Romo helped his team get the win, throwing for 293 yards with 2 touchdowns. Another great game last weekend was between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens pulled away with the win, with a final score of 30-17. Joe Flacco had a great game, throwing for 259 yards and scoring twice.

1/1/15 - Last week, the NFL featured a lot of meaningful and exciting games. One of the more intriguing was a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. It was a fairly competitive game, but the Packers found enough momentum at the end and won 30-20. In their fantastic victory, Aaron Rodgers threw for 226 yards and had 2 touchdowns. He made smart plays when pressured, and this bodes well for them heading into the playoffs. Another team that shined last week was the Dallas Cowboys. They beat the Redskins 44-17, and a huge reason for their success was because of Demarco Murray, their running back. He rushed for 100 yards and had 1 touchdown. If he can keep up this type of effort, the Cowboys are going to be a hard team to beat.

12/22/14 - The NFL featured some great games this last Saturday. A top performer was the Dallas Cowboys, who took on the Indianapolis Colts. The Cowboys ended up winning with a final score of 42-7. Tony Romo couldn’t be stopped, throwing for 218 yards with 4 touchdowns. Demarco Murray also had a great game, rushing for 58 yards with one touchdown. The win helped them secure the NFC East division. Another top performer this weekend was the Atlanta Falcons. Taking on the New Orleans Saints, their rivals, they desperately needed a win. They did just that, winning 30-14. They are still in the hunt to move on to the playoffs. A huge reason why they were so successful on the offensive front was because of their quarterback, Matt Ryan. He ended up throwing for 322 yards and had one touchdown.

12/17/14 - Week 15 in the NFL brought clarity to some playoff races, as the Indianapolis Colts clinched the AFC South, the New England Patriots claimed the AFC East, and the San Francisco 49ers were officially eliminated from the postseason. Andrew Luck led the Colts to a 17-10 win over the Houston Texans to punch their ticket to the playoffs, and Tom Brady did the same for his Patriots, recovering from a slow start to defeat the Dolphins 41-13 en route to their sixth straight AFC East title. The Niners were eliminated from playoff contention with their 17-7 loss to rival Seattle, but tight races remain in the NFC North (Detroit and Green Bay tied) and AFC North (Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore separated by one win). The playoffs are right around the corner, and Razorgator is your ticket source for all the great week 16 action!

12/11/14 - Week 14 in the NFL saw the AFC playoff picture get a little more crowded, the Colts pulling off an improbable comeback, and the 49ers suffering another disheartening loss. Ben Roethlisberger led his Pittsburgh Steelers to a critical victory, 42-21 over division rival Cincinnati, placing them in a dead-heat with Baltimore and only one win behind the Bengals for first place in the AFC North. Meanwhile, Andrew Luck recovered in a game where he was sacked three times and threw two interceptions, willing the Colts to a 25-24 victory in Cleveland that may send Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer to the bench, ushering in the much-anticipated Johnny Football era. In the upset of the week, the Oakland Raiders shocked San Francisco 24-13 behind three touchdowns from Derek Carr, putting the Niners’ playoff hopes in peril. Week 15 should provide even more twists and turns, and Razorgator is your source for great prices on tickets to the games!

12/4/14 - The New England Patriots’ seven game winning streak was broken Sunday by the Green Bay Packers, who managed to squeak by New England with a 26-21 win at Lambeau field. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on fire, launching a total of 368 passing yards and two touchdown passes to win his first ever match against the Patriots. Another player having an amazing season—J.J. Watt, defensive end for the Houston Texans. Watt had two sacks, recovered a fumble, and caught a touchdown pass all in Sunday’s game against the Titans. One more notable mention belongs to Andrew Luck, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, as he threw for five touchdowns in the Colts’ thrashing of the Washington Redskins 49-27 on Sunday. Week 14 of NFL season play is sure to bring even more incredible moments, be sure to catch them all by getting your tickets to the games here on Razorgator.

11/26/14 - In the five-game stretch before the NFL playoffs, the New England Patriots are almost a sure bet as one of the big contenders with their steamroller victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday night. Despite having one of the league’s toughest defenses, the Lions couldn’t withstand Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady’s pass-heavy offense and Detroit fell to the Pats 34-9. In another big game Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Seattle Seahawks 19-3 in their second loss of the season. With a record of 9-2, the Cardinals remain in a great position to upset the NFC West, but the Seahawks and the San Francisco Chargers, both with a record of 7-4, aren’t too far behind Arizona. In a surprising match, the Miami Dolphins & quarterback Ryan Tannehill nearly overcame the Denver Broncos. Although the Broncos pulled out a win at 39-36, the Dolphins certainly reminded everyone that, even in week 12, no team is out just yet.

11/18/14 - Following a 53-20 cakewalk victory on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Green Bay Packers have plunged forward into the NFL playoff scene. Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to be one of the league’s hottest QBs, and the combination of Rodgers and a new-and-improved defense make the Packers the team to watch. Week 11 of league play also featured the New England Patriots, ranked 1st in the AFC, continuing their league domination by decimating the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, 42-20. The Patriots are now on a 6-game winning streak, also marking 5 wins in a row against the Colts. Down in the Southwest, the Arizona Cardinals continue to surprise everyone this season despite losing QB Carson Palmer to a torn ACL. Currently ranking 1st in the NFC and boasting a 9-1-0 record, the Cardinals next face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 23rd.

11/13/14 - The icing on the NFL cake in Week 11 goes to the Buffalo Bills falling to the Miami Dolphins. The Bills walked away disappointed with a second loss in a row, now putting their season at 5-5. The Bills came out strong and even outscored the Dolphins early on by leading 9-3. Kyle Orton was unable to pull off any spectacular plays against the Dolphins’ tight defense, and the Bills’ best running backs were out of the game on injuries. Despite Miami performing poorly in the red zone, Ryan Tannehill was able to deliver some late TD passes that boosted morale and secured the Dolphins with a 22-9 win over the Bills. Buffalo is trying to rally back from the losses and hopes to turn things around from here on out.

11/3/14 - How about the high-flying Cardinals? After beating the Tony Romo-less Cowboys on Sunday, Arizona improved to 7-1. They're No. 1 in the NFC West and have the fewest losses in the NFL. Tom Brady got the best of Peyton Manning in the Patriots 43-21 win over the Broncos. In the AFC North, Ben Roethlisberger threw another 6 TDs versus the Ravens. His 12 touchdown passes in two weeks is an NFL record for TDs in consecutive games. Top Week 10 NFL games, include Bears at Packers, Giants at Seahawks, 49ers at Saints, Dolphins at Lions and Steelers at Jets. NFL football tickets average $155 this week. Find cheap NFL tickets from $23.

10/14/14 - After Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles look like the two best teams in the NFL. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and the Cowboys won 30-23 on the road at Seattle. With the road win, Dallas improves to 5-1. Dallas RB DeMarco Murray became only the 2nd rusher in NFL history to reach 100 or more yards in each of the first six games. AFC East-rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, matched the Cowboys win with a 27-0 shutout of the NY Giants. Philly and Dallas are tied at the top of the division standings. They'll meet 11/27 in Philadelphia and again in Dallas on 12/14. This Sunday night, the game between the 49ers and Broncos in Denver will be the highlight of the day. 49ers vs Broncos tickets start at $205. It's the most expensive of Denver's remaining home games. Other matchups to keep an eye on include Panthers at Packers in Green Bay, Bengals at Colts in Indianapolis, and Giants at Cowboys in Dallas. The average NFL tickets price for Week 7 is $146.

10/8/14 - This Sunday's top NFL games include: Cowboys vs Seahawks tickets ($360), Giants vs Eagles tickets ($289), Steelers vs Browns tickets ($242), Bears vs Falcons tickets ($234) and Broncos vs Jets tickets ($189). Three football games on October 12th have average prices less than $100: Panthers vs Bengals tickets ($95), Chargers vs Raiders tickets ($92) and Jaguars vs Titans tickets ($49). New York at Philadelphia is the Sunday Night Football game of the week; the NY Giants will be tied with Philly if the win.

10/6/14 - No NFL team is unbeaten after Sunday. Arizona lost big at Denver 41-20, where the Broncos' Peyton Manning threw his 500th TD pass. On Sunday Night Football, the Cincinnati Bengals got hammered by the New England Patriots. Tom Brady surpassed 50,000 yards for his career. Seattle visits the Redskins tonight at FedEx Field. Washington desperately needs a win to keep up with the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants in the stacked NFC East disvion. Last minute Seahawks vs Redskins tickets start at $12.

10/1/14 - Week 5 of the 2014 NFL regular season kicks off Thursday night in Green Bay, where the Packers host NFC North division-rival Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. Both teams trail the Detroit Lions by 1 game. Vikings vs Packers get-in price is $94. Only two teams are undefeated heading into Sunday. Cincinnati Bengals (3-0) play the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football at Gillette Stadium; Arizona Cardinals (3-0) visit Denver to play the Broncos at Sports Authority Field earlier in the afternoon. Also of note, Alex Smith returns to San Francisco when the Chiefs play the 49ers at Levi's Stadium. Chiefs vs 49ers tickets start at $98.

9/16/14 - There’s only been two weeks of action in the NFL, but the league racked up enough headliners and controversy to last a lifetime. Adrian Peterson has been reinstated on the Minnesota Vikings, while Ray Rice intends to appeal his indefinite suspension. As far as drama on the gridiron, there are seven teams who have emerged winless, including playoff hopefuls like the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. Likewise, there are seven teams with 2-0 starts, including the Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals as surprises go, and the Broncos and Bengals less surprisingly. Score NFL tickets for Week 3’s plethora of must-see games. Witness NFC bouts like Packers at Lions and 49ers at Cardinals, or catch the most popular game of the week: a Super Bowl rematch with Broncos at Seahawks this Sunday. NFL tickets for this matchup are down 17% in the last seven days, so get yours now!

9/11/14 - Football is back, and Week 1 did not disappoint. The Falcons and Bills won in overtime, and the Colts nearly completed a 21-point fourth quarter comeback. This week, the Steelers face the Ravens, and the Eagles battle the Colts. After underdogs went 11-5 against the spread last week, who knows what will happen? The best way to ensure you don’t miss the next instant classic is to buy NFL tickets now!

9/10/14 - There’s only been one week of football, but we’ve already seen some big winners and losers across the NFL. Week 1 presented some serious surprises from underdog teams Buffalo, Minnesota, Miami and Tennessee—much to the dismay of QBs Tom Brady, Jay Cutler and pick-happy Tony Romo. We saw lights-out defense from the likes of Seattle and San Francisco, and adrenaline-punched offenses from Atlanta and Denver. The NFL’s Players of the Week include Matt Ryan, Julius Thomas, Cameron Wake and DeAndre Levy and fantasy owners are beaming over rookie wide receivers. Sunday did see some injuries, namely to top prospect Jadeveon Clowney, along with Jordan Cameron, Ben Tate and more. Week 2 presents a bevy of must-see games, highlighted by Sunday Night Football with the Bears at 49ers, and Monday Night with the Eagles at Colts. Get your NFL tickets now and see all of the hard-hitting action in person!

9/5/14 - The 2014 NFL season kicked off last night in Seattle, where the championship banner was unveiled to reveal the franchise's very first title. On that note, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks routed Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, 36-16. For the majority of the league, the path to playoffs begins this weekend, upon the return of NFL Sunday. The most eagerly awaited game is the Colts at Broncos on Sunday Night Football (get-in for $83 on 9/7). Peyton Manning visited his former team last year, stunned to find out Indy had indeed become the “Land of Luck.” The Colts took down Denver, 39-33, in 2013, but will the tables turn this year at Mile High? Score your NFL tickets now and welcome back football in Week 1!

8/29/14 - The start of the NFL season is less than one week away from beginning when the Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers on September 4th. NFL tickets for that game are averaging a league high $470 according to RazorGator.

8/27/14 - The NFL regular season is just around the corner, but there is still one week of preseason football to go. The Patriots visit the Giants, the Jets visit the Eagles, and the Chiefs visit the Packers in the final dress rehearsal before the regular season, so now is the best time to buy NFL tickets!

8/25/14 - After a long offseason the NFL Season will begin just 10 days when the Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers at CenturyLink Field, kicking off their reign as defending Super Bowl Champions. That game is the most expensive of the week (and season) at an average price of $530 per seat while NFL Tickets as a whole are going for $229 on average according to RazorGator.

8/21/14 - When it comes to sports in America the National Football League is king, dominating the airwaves and television screens from the time of the NFL through the Super Bowl. As a result NFL tickets have become the highest of all major sports leagues with their opening kickoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers averaging over $500 for tickets.

8/19/14 - The preseason has always been a time for storylines, and this year has been no different. The Cleveland quarterback battle between Brian Hoyer and rookie Johnny Manziel is still not settled, while rookies Jadeveon Clowney, Sammy Watkins, and Blake Bortles are making waves ahead of their highly-anticipated NFL debuts. The third week of preseason should have even more excitement in store. Fans looking for a bargain should look no further than buying NFL tickets for the third week of preseason!

8/18/14 - The second week of the preseason is over, giving teams just one more opportunity for a real tune up before the season starts. The third preseason game usually features the most playing time for the starters and that should be no different this week. The games are probably the best value for NFL tickets on the secondary market, with demand significantly lower than for regular season games.

8/12/14 – Week 1 of NFL preseason is in the books, and though many starting players populated sidelines across the country, the inaugural 2014 exhibition games notched the NFL’s best-ever preseason ratings. A whopping 2.82 million football fans centered their attention on last week's Cleveland Browns-Detroit Lions matchup, proving to the league that everyone is interested in seeing Johnny Manziel play the game. A number of other rookies were highly impressive in their NFL debut, including Chiefs’ De’Anthony Thomas (80-yard punt-return TD), Giants’ Andre Williams, Ravens’ CJ Mosley and Texans’ Jadeveon Clowney. But why settle for watching these promising athletes on your TV screen? Lock down NFL tickets now and attend a football game at super cheap preseason prices!

8/5/14 – The time has come for football fans across the country to see some real action at full speed! All 32 NFL teams will face opponents for the first time in 2014 with preseason Week 1 games slated to start this Thursday. The Hall of Fame game and ceremony kicked things off on a high note, with the New York Giants scoring this first victory of preseason over the Buffalo Bills (17-11). Now, you can watch your favorite players on the cusp of landing a starting job in the regular season leave it all out on the gridiron. The cheapest NFL tickets of the week are offered for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals tilt ($1 to get-in on 8/7), the St. Louis Rams vs. New Orleans Saints game ($2 to get-in on 8/8) and the Miami Dolphins vs. Dallas Cowboys matchup ($2 to get-in on 8/8).

7/29/14 – Football is officially back! Pads and helmets are on, competition for starting jobs has opened and training camp has begun for every team. While last year saw a slew of rookie quarterbacks ushered into the lineup (Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Mike Glennon), only Minnesota’s Teddy Bridgewater may start off the bench in 2014, much to the dismay of Manziel enthusiasts. There may be drama out on the turf, but the NFL isn’t short of storylines off the field either. The sentencing for two high-profile players has been released, with controversial outcomes: while Josh Gordon faces a one-year suspension for a failed drug test, Ray Rice will miss two games following aggravated assault towards his then-fiancé. On a brighter note, this Saturday marks the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Ceremony, followed by Sunday night’s Hall of Fame Game featuring the NY Giants and Buffalo Bills. Not only will NFL tickets for this event get you a first look at quarterbacks EJ Manuel and Eli Manning—under the microscope after less-than-stellar seasons—but this will also be the public’s first taste of football this season! Buy your NFL tickets now kick August off on the gridiron.

7/22/14 – The NFL’s final phase of offseason has officially commenced this week. For most teams, just the rookies and quarterbacks have been scheduled to report, but by the end of the week, the veterans will join their squads and hunting season will open on all position jobs. Fans can get a real taste for which players will hit the gridiron in the regular season with preseason NFL tickets. In less than two weeks, the 2014 Hall of Fame Game will tip off, and you can still get into this opening celebration for a $69 minimum in Canton, OH. Week 1 of preseason runs from Aug. 7–10 with plenty of great showdowns to choose from. The Cincinnati at Kansas City game (8/7) offers tickets as low as $1—the cheapest price you’ll pay to see two playoff teams duke it out in 2014. If you’re interested in a Super Bowl 48 rematch, pay $41 to get into the Seattle at Denver game on 8/7. If you’re interested in a Super Bowl 47 rematch, see the Harbaugh brothers storm the field at a bargain $19 minimum at M&T Bank on 8/7.

7/16/14 – At this point in the offseason, we can just about feel football at our fingertips. Over the next two weeks, teams will kick off their all-important training camps, with the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens putting their pads on first. Some teams are tying up their loose ends, while others are desperate to stop their rope from fraying; Jimmy Graham and the New Orleans Saints reached a win-win deal, while the Houston Texans are scrambling to keep their seven-time Pro Bowl Receiver Andre Johnson. While many training camp practices are open to the public, fans can buy NFL tickets for the first real taste of football this year: the start of preseason, Aug. 7.

7/8/14 – With the NFL preseason commencing in exactly one month, football has never felt closer. Exhibition games offer the perfect opportunity for fans to see their favorite players at the most unbeatable prices you’ll find all year! Razorgator is loaded with hundreds of NFL tickets under $5 for nearly all teams throughout the four-week preseason. Even teams that boast the most expensive prices of the regular season offer tickets that are less than $5; among these cheap NFL games are the San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and over a dozen more. There are even exhibition games that offer get-in prices of $1. This is an incredible deal, considering the most anticipated game of regular season Week 1 (the Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers faceoff) offers an average price of $404.50. If you’re looking for seats that’ll warm you up for those steep regular season prices, lock down preseason NFL tickets with Razorgator today.

7/1/14 - There’s nothing better than football—except, of course, more football! Traction for the sport to implement a developmental league—much like Minor League Baseball and the NBA D-League—is gaining ground. The Fall Experimental Football League, or “FXFL” for short, would play a six-game schedule this year, running from October to November to provide young players cut from training camp rosters the opportunity to join a league that uses the same NFL rules, unlike Arena Football League and Division 1 College Football which, run by their own standards, are not appropriate farm systems. The NFL can perhaps focus their efforts on the FXFL after a larger problem, one concerning the NFL and over 5,000 former players suing the league for inappropriate care and insufficient cautioning of concussions, has been settled. Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL will enact an uncapped agreement to cover the medical expenses of those retired pro players suffering from brain damage. On legal matters of the individual level, if you’re curious about the Jimmy Graham-New Orleans Saints case, a decision will be made on the tight end/wide receiver on July 3. The start of July means training camp is right around the corner—buy your NFL tickets now, early birds!

6/23/14 - Have any doubt as to who is the best running back in the league? Have you taken LeSean McCoy’s proposal for top spot to heart? Well, allow Adrian Peterson to remind you that he is No.1—not just at running back, in fact, but in the entire league: “I feel I’m the best. Numbers don’t lie.” The NFL Network is compiling votes from players and fans, to countdown the top 100 players in the league. Peterson clarified his statements, saying considering it’s a vote by the people: “Peyton will be 1, of course. The MVP will be 1” and he’ll be satisfied coming in at “1B” behind the “1A” Broncos QB. Speaking of the legendary signal-caller, Manning paid a visit to friend Derek Jeter in his last year as New York Yankees shortstop before retiring. Manning addressed the obvious follow-up question, stating: “I’m sad to see some of these guys retiring. I’m not far behind." Still, we all know “far” for the 2013 MVP is a relative term. Your favorite players may be enjoying what little summer break they have before the start of preseason, but that doesn’t mean you can sleep on NFL tickets! Lock in the best deals and cheapest seats while you still can with Razorgator today!

6/17/14 – Sure, NFL fans love the hard-hitting action that characterizes the game of football, but no one enjoys hearing any player suffer the consequences of the impact sport. In an effort to protect athletes further, the NFL will implement concussion sensors in a number of helmets to test head impact in games this year. Only a few teams have participated thus far, but all 32 NFL teams may be wearing the sensors as early as 2015. Curious about other changes in the locker-room? The Atlanta Falcons will be the stars of HBO’s hit reality show “Hard Knocks” this season, granting fans a true behind-the-scenes look into what a football life really is. But forget catching your favorite players on the TV—buy NFL tickets and see your team storm the gridiron in person!

6/9/14 - As far as US sporting spectaculars go, we all know nothing really compares to the NFL’s annual larger-than-life football extravaganza, otherwise known as the Super Bowl, but did you know just what it takes to hold such a bash? NFL requirements for the Super Bowl’s newest host city, Minneapolis, have leaked, revealing just how high maintenance both the league and event really are. Aside from little things like controlling “100 percent of the revenue” and “exclusive access to all club seats,” the NFL requires the reservation of three golf courses and two bowling lanes, among other make-or-break requests. Of course, the host city gets tons out of presenting the biggest sporting event in North America, and it’s tough to complain about the ultimate football fest we get to experience as fans! Now that we’ve gotten a peak into the commissioner’s office, how about those locker rooms? For those who follow the popular behind-the-scenes series “Hard Knocks,” take note that Browns' head coach Mike Pettine officially declined HBO’s invitation this season. This means you’ll just have to purchase NFL tickets and see touted quarterback Johnny Football in person!

5/28/14 - Competition breeds excellence, as they say, and the NFL is proof of it. Even if teams have locked down their coveted top rookie selections (Watkins & Bulls, Ford & Chiefs most recently) and are in the process of extending contracts with their most prized veterans (Kaepernick & 49ers, Smith & Chiefs), that doesn't mean organizations are clear of position showdowns during spring training. Organized team activities (OTAs) for nearly every single NFL squad kicked off on Memorial Day, pitting the rookies, veterans and undrafted free agents and coaches on the field together for the first time in 2014. Some surprising training camp appearances have been the early returns of quarterbacks Jake Locker, Eli Manning and Tony Romo; while, our first big injury of the year has befallen on star linebacker Sean Lee of the Cowboys (torn MCL). Some players have yet to wake from their winter slumber, missing out on these voluntary spring practices; including (reportedly disgruntled) Andre Johnson, Alex Boone, Brandon Flowers (on trade block) and Marshawn Lynch, among numerous others. The majority of football players clearly believe the early bird gets the worm—the same applies to cheap NFL tickets, so lock yours in while you can!

5/20/14 - With rookie minicamp over and done with, many teams had the chance to ink contracts with some overlooked undrafted college free agents. Every team's draft picks have all but signed their standard four-year deals, but the rookies will have a tougher time shining once veterans return for OTAs this week. In other football news, the festive city of New Orleans lost in their eleventh effort to hold the Super Bowl. Like the most recent season, the NFL chose in favor of another cold-weather city, Minneapolis, to hold the 2018 championship. Another bidding war is about to start, but this time it's for the Buffalo Bills; the franchise will hit the market soon, following the passing of owner Ralph Wilson. There are rumors that Jon Bon Jovi and his media group is interested, backed by Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones. There is even talk that the team will move to Toronto under the new ownership. Score your NFL tickets early with Razorgator; it looks like we're in for another exciting year!

5/13/14 - The 2014 NFL Draft has come and gone, leaving a talented wake of rookie hopefuls for each of the 32 teams. As far as top storylines go, it's all about Johnny Manziel (No. 22) and Michael Sam (No. 249)—in fact, these two players have the highest-selling jerseys following draft day. The Missouri linebacker was drafted by the St. Louis Rams as the first openly gay NFL player and celebrated the historic moment with what is now referred to as the "Draft Day Kiss"; conversely, usual attention-hoarder Johnny Football took the advice of his superiors and responded humbly when asked about the starting QB job at Cleveland. The top five college students to go in the draft were: coveted OLB Khalil Mack to the Oakland Raiders (No. 5), WR Sammy Watkins to the Buffalo Bills (No. 4), QB Blake Bortles to the Jacksonville Jaguars (No.3), OT Greg Robinson to the St. Louis Rams (No. 2) and No. 1 overall pick DE Jadeveon Clowney to the Houston Texans. Next up: rookie mini camp! Will your team's picks pan out? Get NFL tickets today and find out yourself!

5/6/14 - Draft Week has arrived! Which rising star will your favorite team choose on May 8? Quarterback rumors are running wild, as the latest on Johnny Manziel involves a stealthy meeting with the Rams, who have two picks in the first round (Nos. 2 and 13). The Browns and owner Jimmy Haslam have been public with their adoration of Johnny Football, and the Cleveland franchise owns the No. 4 pick. The quarterback-hunting Browns are also looking hard at Teddy Bridgewater, who they may choose at No. 26 (their second pick of Round 1). What's more, contract negotiations with Alex Smith aren't developing as planned, causing the Kansas City Chiefs to consider selecting a QB in the first round. The No.1 overall pick belongs to Houston, but the Texans may forego their projected player, Jadeveon Clowney, and decide to trade down for cash to address their many needs. Stay plugged in all you want, but NFL fans won't know the truth until Draft Day commences this Thursday!

4/29/14 - NFL junkies finally have something real to obsess over! As of last Wednesday, the league released each team's regular season schedule for the 2014 season. Some highlights include two Saturday games (Philadelphia/Washington, San Diego/San Francisco, Dec 20), plenty more divisional Thursday night matchups, and three more games in London. Both the AFC and NFC Wests will battle frequently, making postseason runs that much harder—but not as difficult as the Oakland Raiders chances this year. The Silver & Black were awarded with, statistically, the most difficult schedule in the league. The season will kick off September 4 with the Packers at Seattle on a Thursday night, followed by a Sunday night showdown between Indianapolis and Denver. The 49ers will reveal their brand new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara against the Chicago Bears, and will defend their home come Thanksgiving Day against the Seahawks. This year's Turkey Day lineup is stellar: starting with the Bears at Lions in the morning, the Eagles at Cowboys in the afternoon, and the NFC West blood bath at night. Kickoff won't happen for over 100 days, so until then, mull over your favorite team's schedule and gear up for the NFL Draft on May 8.

4/22/14 - Football is inching closer and closer as nineteen teams—including all 7 franchises with new head coaches—have already started their Phase 1 (voluntary) workout camps. Preseason schedules for all 32 NFL teams have been set, and there are some great matches lined up this summer. Exhibition games commence with the annual Hall of Fame Game, featuring the Buffalo Bills and NY Giants, while all other teams have four showdowns lined up across the month of August. In Week 1, the Seahawks will take on the Broncos for a Super Bowl XLVIII instant replay—though considering the newly stacked Broncos defense, another blowout is highly unlikely. Week 2 pits the Browns at Washington, to debut RG3 in his first preseason in two years. Week 3—when most starters actually come out to play—sees the Panthers at Patriots with Cam Newton (fresh off of ankle surgery) taking on new Pats CB Darrelle Revis. Week 4 will be high on the drama, when the New York Jets take on the Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick may be in the starting role to face his former team, while Mark Sanchez returns to NY. The Houston Texans hold the No. 1 overall draft pick (May 8). You can see the vaunted rookie emerge with preseason NFL tickets!

4/15/14 - Say "aloha" to Arizona! The 2015 Pro Bowl will be held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ—on the same field that will host Super Bowl XLIX just one week later! This is the third time the league has arranged for the Pro Bowl to be held at the same site as the Super Bowl, and always attracts more media attention and fan accessibility. Speaking of the press, they've had a field day with Jim Harbaugh's team: in the last week, Aldon Smith was jailed for a false-bomb scandal at LAX, and Quinton Patton and Colin Kaepernick were involved in a potential sexual assault case that has thrown the 49ers in hot water. In other news, Chris Johnson is the most recent star to land in free agency; the former Tennessee Titans running back was released from the club last week. The NFL 2014-2015 schedule was initially slated to release today ("mid-April"), but considering the Draft was pushed back two weeks, the schedule will likely surface towards the end of the month.

4/8/14 - With NFL Draft a month away, scouts, fans and owners alike are watching college players like hawks. Teddy Bridgewater and Anthony Barr are visiting the Jaguars later this week, while Johnny Manziel will be with the Oakland Raiders over the next two days (the team holds the #5 overall pick). The Vikings are reportedly interested in landing QB Zach Mettenberger after choosing a linebacker in round one (Khalil Mack preferably), and the deep pool of wide receivers in this year's draft has taken over recent headlines (led by buzz-generating Cody Latimer of Indiana). With Draft Day in mind, and the initial free agency blast subsided, teams are in the early stages of roster building. Now, those free agents left on the market (from Earl Bennett and Miles Austin, to Santonio Holmes and Anthony Spencer) could offer up bargain deals, veteran expertise and much needed depth for franchises in need.

3/31/14 - During last week's owners meetings, Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the issue of bringing an NFL team to Los Angeles, stating: "We are going to do it right, if we are going to do it…but not one [proposal] that we are focused on and can say that we have the right solution yet." Though the situation seems as stagnant as ever, there are six teams most likely looking for a new a home base: Bills, Panthers, Jaguars, Raiders, Rams and Chargers. Will the NFL place a team in the nation's second-largest market? Only time will tell. For now, we have another hotly debated subject to mull over: Johnny Manziel. The college star's pro-day workout has left people as polarized as ever, with one NFL scout grading Manziel as a third-day pick who is not up to par with the likes of RG3 as a prospect and Jerry Rice revealing "it's a no-brainer" for the Texans to pick him up. The NFL Draft is just over one month away—bring on the rumors! In the pros, there are also a few top players up for grabs including DeSean Jackson, Miles Austin, Jermichael Finley, Davin Joseph and Champ Bailey. Stay tuned to see where they end up!

3/25/14 - While the initial explosion of the free agent market has subsided, here are a few headliners to keep you in the know: Mark Sanchez, pending a physical, will replace Michael Vick on the Philadelphia Eagles as their No. 2 quarterback behind Nick Foles. The Raiders have picked up Houston Texan Matt Schaub, prompting Terrelle Pryor to request a trade, as he hopes to secure a starting position elsewhere. Despite talk of Desean Jackson leaving the Eagles, the wideout is reportedly staying with the franchise after posting a picture with Chip Kelly and speaking with several teammates about his intentions to remain in Philly. Sadly, Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr, has passed at the age of 95; he was the last living founder of the American Football League. The NFL looks to suck more fun out of touchdown celebrations, making dunking on goal posts a penalty in 2014—Jimmy Graham's post-bending dunk that could have potentially ended in disaster prompted the new ban.

3/17/14 - It's been less than a week since free agency commenced, and a number of big-time headlines have already set the NFL world spinning. John Elway is hard at work building up Denver's defense: safety TJ Ward, cornerback Aqib Talib, defensive end DeMarcus Ware should provide Peyton Manning and the offense some long-awaited aid. The Patriots have made the second biggest wave in free agency: losing Talib, but gaining the biggest CB on the market, Darrelle Revis. In a cutting move, the Green Bay Packers picked up Julius Peppers from their division enemies, the Chicago Bears (Josh McCown signed a 2 yr. deal with the Buccaneers, where he'll be reunited with former coach Lovie Smith). In the world of wide receivers, two made 5-year deals: Eric Decker to the Jets and Golden Tate will leave the Emerald City for Motor City, signing with the Lions. Some big names left on the market are Knowshon Moreno, Michael Vick and Jermichael Finley. As far as trades go, the Eagles acquired Darren Sproles from the Saints, and the 49ers picked up Jonathan Martin and QB Blaine Gabbert. Are you a Steelers or Cardinals fan? This news may come too-little too-late, but the NFL is considering implementing playoff expansion (to 14 teams), and this possibility will be the primary topic of discussion at the owners meetings next week. Keep an eye on this exciting offseason, as the NFL gives the public their version of March Madness!

3/4/14 - The deadline to apply a franchise tag to players closed this Monday, and six players were granted deals before free agency. The Redskins used theirs on LB Brian Orakpo, the Panthers on TE Greg Hardy, the NY Jets on kicker Nick Folk and the biggest tag was placed by the Saints on Jimmy Graham. Still, Graham is expected to file a grievance on his non-exclusive tag, as he hoped to be tagged as a wide receiver and not a tight end (there is a $5.277 million difference between the positions). New Orleans is likely to lock-in their TE who is looking for about $12 million per season, while other players now on the open market after the deadline are Buffalo's Jairus Byrd and Seattle's Michael Bennett. Another player looking for a better deal is Colin Kaepernick, who feels his two playoff wins in less than two years should award him a seriously pay increase: the QB is interested in more than the $18.2 million annual that Cutler received in January, and is willing to play out his 2014 season with his current $973,766 salary and cashing in as a free agent next year. With free agency less than a week away and the NFL salary cap growth to $133 million (much higher than anticipated), make sure you stay updated during this exciting offseason!

2/28/14 - The always highly-anticipated NFL Combine is complete with the biggest newsmakers being Jadeveon Clowney’s 40-time of 4.53 wowing scouts, Johnny Manziel not measuring up to the 6-foot mark he said he would (he measured in at 5’11 ¾”) and the great offensive tackle class. Missouri DE Michael Sam made headlines of his own just before the combine by announcing that he is gay and will look to make history as the first openly gay NFL player. Important dates are May 8-10 draft, July 24th for training camps, and regular season kickoff September 5th. Fans are eagerly awaiting the 2014 regular season schedule which is due out in April.

2/19/14 - With a record-breaking 2013 season in the books, we move on into an exciting offseason that's filled with expectations, questions and concerns. The NFL is currently in franchise-tag mode, where teams can choose from three different tags (exclusive, non-exclusive, transition) to apply to players entering free agency. The franchise tag window is open from 2/17-3/3, see
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