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The season is still a couple months away, but College Football fans and commentators are already making predictions for the coming year. Recent conference rankings have been released, and the results are no surprise. The SEC stands at the No. 1 spot, but with a tough upcoming schedule, SEC teams will have their work cut out. Alabama, Mississippi State and Texas A&M are some of the most celebrated teams in college football, and not many would be surprised if they made a running for a title once again this season. The Big Ten and Pac-12 round out the top three in the rankings, with the ACC and Big 12 taking No. 4 and No. 5, respectively.
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12/31/15 - Bowl game time is in full swing and we have all your NCAA Football tickets right here. There are more than a few exciting matchups slated over New Year’s weekend, including the highly anticipated games featuring BCS Championship contenders Clemson v. Oklahoma and Michigan State v. Alabama. We’ve also already seen a few upsets, including Nevada over Colorado State and Nebraska over UCLA. Duke had one of the most surprising and exciting victories, taking out Indiana 44 – 41. Things are just starting to heat up in the race to the championship, so don’t miss a second of the action. Get all your tickets to the best college bowl games right here!

12/22/15 - It’s the most wonderful time of the year for loyal fans of NCAA Football, as the attention turns to Bowl games and the College Football Playoffs. Viewers will have plenty to keep tabs on with a spate of high-quality games on the docket, ranging from the tough-to-predict Clemson-Oklahoma Orange Bowl matchup to the Military and Armed Forces Bowls featuring Pittsburgh vs. Navy and Cal vs. Air Force just before New Year’s weekend. Now is the time to snatch up your seats for all the action—NCAA Football tickets are on sale for end-of-year contests coast to coast! Order today for yourself, or pick up a great holiday gift for the gridiron junkie in your family!

12/17/15 - With 40 bowl games to keep your eyes on before the College Football Playoff championship game happens on Jan. 11, there’s no need to begin mourning the loss of the college football season yet. The first of the bowl games are scheduled to begin on Saturday, Dec. 19, and the stakes are high for all teams involved. The Las Vegas Bowl is one game that any NCAA football fan should keep their eyes on; the fierce rivalry often referred to as ‘The Holy War’ between BYU and the U of U is notorious, and the two teams haven’t played for a couple years. Other Saturday games include Arizona vs. New Mexico in the New Mexico Bowl and Louisiana State against Arkansas State in the New Orleans Bowl.

12/10/15 - Award season is getting underway in NCAA Football, and its first recipients are receiving their shiny new hardware this week. Penn State’s Carl Nassib was the winner of this year’s Lomardi Award, which is bestowed upon the top lineman in college football. Runners-up included Joey Bosa of Ohio State, Texas A&M standout Myles Garrett and Shaq Lawson of Clemson. The Tigers didn’t miss out completely this week, though—Dabo Swinney picked up Coach of the Year honors, no doubt for leading his squad to a 13-0 regular season record and a spot in the second annual College Football Playoffs. NCAA Football tickets are on sale for bowl games and CFP matchups now—get yours today!

12/1/15 - Week 13 was chock full of excitement for NCAA Football fans. From the dethroning of Notre Dame to upsets by USC (over UCLA) and Washington over WA State, there was something for almost everyone this past weekend. The TCU Horned Frogs also played spoiler on Saturday, clipping No. 7 Baylor in two overtime sessions to shake up the College Football Playoff picture. Houston also got in on the action, clobbering the favored No. 15 Navy by 21 points. With Bowl Game season on the horizon, everyone’s hustling to pick up NCAA Football tickets before all the good seats are gone. Don’t delay—get yours today and make sure you don’t miss a minute!

11/26/15 - The NCAA football regular season is wrapping up, and as it does, the race toward the playoffs begins. Teams in the top five conferences are still wrapped up in the competition and drama of making it to the top. Most conference championship games are just about a week away, and teams are putting forth their best efforts in order to ensure their eligibility get to participate for the College Football Playoff. Be sure to tune in this week for games such as No. 1 Clemson vs. South Carolina in the Atlantic Coast Conference and No. 2 Alabama against Auburn in the Southeastern Conference. If you want to be a part of the crowd, be sure to get tickets from us today!

11/18/15 - There are just a few weeks of left of the 2015-2016 regular season for NCAA Football, which means bowl time is right around the corner! This will be a make or break week for many teams who are hoping to earn a spot in the BCS Championship. For others, however, this week is all about school pride. One of the oldest rivalries in college football will take place this weekend. The Duel in the Desert pits Arizona against Arizona State, and it is always a highly contested match. Although neither team expects to get to the BCS, winning the matchup against the rival school is typically the best victory possible.

11/12/15 - The NCAA Football picture is getting mighty interesting as the conference championships approach. Teams like Ohio State, Notre Dame, Clemson and Alabama look like surefire contenders, but what will the next three weeks bring? Of course, with Iowa and Baylor knocking on the door, there’s little room for error if you’re a top-four team in the College Football Playoff rankings. Can the Buckeyes make it two straight in the first two years of the CFP? Or will the Tide roll over the competition and reclaim their customary spot at the peak of the proverbial mountain? Pick up your NCAA football tickets today and take in all the excitement live in-person!

11/5/15 - It was another great week for NCAA Football, with a few surprising upsets and some less than shocking results. One exciting game was the matchup between Pac-12 rivals Oregon and Arizona State. The Sun Devils, who are usually not a force to be reckoned with, were coming for the unranked Ducks at the home game on Thursday night. Although the game was tied at the end of regular time, it seemed that neither team could stop the other going into overtime. The Ducks ultimately defeated the Sun Devils in heartbreaking fashion, winning the matchup 61 – 55. Don’t miss a second of the college football excitement lined up for this weekend!

10/29/15 - It looks to be an exciting weekend for NCAA football! One of the most widely anticipated matchups will go down this Saturday when the Georgia Bulldogs take on the red-hot Florida Gators. Although the odds are stacked against them, many are calling for the Georgia upset over the 8 – 2 Florida Gators. This is because the two schools are intense rivals, and the Bulldogs are notorious for upsetting ranked teams. The Florida Gators, who are currently ranked number 11, don’t seem to be too worried, but that could all change on the field on Saturday. Be sure to get your tickets to this exciting match and all others this weekend!

10/21/15 - NCAA Football is well underway and there has already been a lot of excitement this season. The drama continued over the weekend, with the much anticipated rivalry matchup between Notre Dame and USC. It looked like the Trojans were going to make a run for the upset, even tying the game during the fourth quarter. Notre Dame managed to get the upper hand in the end, however, defeating their rivals 41 – 31 and avoiding the upset. The Fighting Irish are currently ranked number 11 heading into this week’s game. Do not miss a minute of the college football action this season and be sure to get your tickets right here!

10/12/15 - After another week of NCAA football, the rankings are in. Ohio State remains at the top spot after delivering a beating to Maryland on Saturday. What started out as a close match ended up a very different story, with the Buckeyes winning 49-28. Baylor has moved up to No. 2 this week, their best ranking in team history. Rounding out the top five are TCU, Utah and Clemson. Michigan State, Oklahoma and Northwestern all lost ground in the polls after sloppy play against losing teams. This week, be sure to tune in for big rivalry games between ranked teams, including Michigan State at Michigan, Alabama vs. Texas A&M and UCLA against Stanford.

10/7/15 - It’s week six of the NCAA football season, and more crucial games are on the horizon for top performing universities. Several teams could secure their eligibility for bowl games by beating their opponents on the field this Saturday. Some of that hype is being overshadowed by increased talk about coach compensation, a topic that has been talked about for some time now. Recent news has revealed just how much some are making in bonuses, and it is pretty surprising and brings up even more points to debate. Controversy aside, this week some big games to watch will be Cal at Utah, Wisconsin against Nebraska, Kansas vs. TCU and Northwestern in Michigan.

9/30/15 - The latest rankings are out following yet another exciting week of NCAA Football. The rising star in the polls is Utah, who gave the Oregon Ducks their biggest beating in more than 30 years. They have taken the first spot in the power rankings, closely followed by UCLA, whose true freshman quarterback led them to a 56-30 win over Arizona. Rounding out the top five in the standings are the Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan State Spartans and Ole Miss Rebels. There are some big games to watch this week, including Ole Miss vs. Florida, Texas A&M against Mississippi State and Alabama vs. the Georgia Bulldogs. Don’t miss your chance to see these great teams battle it out on the field this week.

9/23/15 - This week should be an interesting one for NCAA Football fans, as many top rated teams are set to hit the road to take on big games that could affect standings. The Pac-12 conference especially has an especially tough week ahead that includes UCLA at Arizona, Utah at Oregon, LSU at Syracuse and Stanford at Oregon State. At this critical stage in the season, games like these not only help increase a team’s rankings, but also give an extra boost of confidence. How will these teams fare away from the comfort of home field? Meanwhile in the SEC, Texas A&M will take on Arkansas, No. 3 Ole Miss will face Vanderbilt and No. 25 Missouri will play Kentucky. Be sure to get tickets to see your favorite college football team play this week!

9/16/15 - NCAA Football has already been off to an interesting start just two weeks into the new season. As the college teams head into their week three matchups, there could be a few surprises. One game to watch is Alabama vs. Mississippi. The Crimson Tide are ranked second overall while the guys of Ole Miss are ranked a modest 11. The pairing has some experts calling for an upset. Another potential upset is number 16 Georgia Tech over number 10 Notre Dame, as well as number 15 Auburn over number 14 and SEC rivals LSU. It’s sure to be an exciting weekend, so don’t miss a second of the college football action. Tickets to all of your favorite teams are available right here at prices to fit all budgets.

9/9/15 - NCAA Football is officially off and running after most of the country’s college teams kicked off the 2015-2016 regular season last weekend. There were some surprises, including the ranked Arizona State Sun Devils’ loss to the Texas A&M Aggies. In fact, it was a pretty poor season opener for the entire Pac-12 league, with only half of the schools taking home wins over the weekend. One of the winning teams was Oregon. The Ducks looked strong, but they will be put to the test this weekend when they hit the road to face Michigan State. It will be the first time their new quarterback, Vernon Adams, faces the Spartans. Come see how all of the action shakes out this weekend as the NCAA Football season heats up!

9/4/15 - While many of the offseason controversies in NCAA Football have been temporarily put on the back burner as teams focus on starting the season off strong, there is still plenty of talk going on both on and off the field. Most teams announced starting rosters after making last minute adjustments, but some teams are leaving fans and reporters scratching their heads at the lack of decision making. For example, coaches from Michigan, Alabama and Louisville are being especially vague at who will be taking the lead quarterback position. In last night’s game against Utah, Michigan fans didn’t know which QB would take the field until Jake Rudock ran out in the team’s first offensive drive. Louisville has listed four guys as co-starters. Despite some bizarre beginnings, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year of college football.

8/27/15 - It’s finally the end of August and that means that the first NCAA football games of the season are just a few short weeks away! Players and fans alike are anxiously gearing up for the 2015-2016 season, but not before observing a few new rules and changes. One such rule for the new season may allow for the fining of college players as punishment for behavioral problems. This is a controversial notion given that players do not get paid, but rather get a cut of a stipend. NCAA coaches are split on their stance, but some think that the ability to fine students would instill a new level of accountability. Come see how all of the new rules play out on the field this season!

8/20/15 - Should NCAA Football players be allowed to unionize? That has been up for debate for a while now, with strong arguments being made on both sides. The players calling for unionization wanted guaranteed four-year scholarships, small stipends (for things like flying home on breaks), health care for injuries suffered on the field, and unlimited meals. Most are not calling for getting paid, as many speculated would happen. While the National Labor Relations Board approved the plea to unionize, the ruling only applied to private schools, but as of yet, no institutions have decided to approve a union. Arguments against the idea include the fact that taxes would be applied to scholarship money and other benefits. For now, it seems the idea is on hold, but the debate will likely stir in the coming years.

8/13/15 - Changes are coming to the NCAA this season. As players and fans gear up for the rapidly approaching first games of the 2015-2016, they’ll have to observe a few new rules. Fans, rest easy. These new rules are largely enforced to protect the safety of the players, not change the game. One of the rules will allow a conference or school to add an eighth official, making calls more efficient and easier to spot. The new code of conduct also includes a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior including pushing and pulling following a fumble. Officials can also eject a player from the field for illegal equipment like exposed back pads. Come see how these new changes affect your favorite team at kickoff in just a few weeks!

8/5/15 - Pretty soon the leaves will be changing color and fall will be here, and with that comes the start of another NCAA Football season. The anticipation always sparks a lot of chatter amongst sports fans, including predictions of teams who will make the top 25. Most lists include major powerhouses from last year such as Ohio State, TCU, Alabama and the Oregon Ducks, but this year’s list also puts Notre Dame back in the top five, despite a disappointing 8-5 record last season. Other teams to watch include Baylor, Michigan State, USC, Florida State, and Oregon. If last year was any indication, the new playoff system will not only lead to an exciting postseason, but will also add to the overall fan experience all season long. It all begins in less than a month, so be sure to have your tickets in hand!

7/29/15 - The month of August is finally here and that means that NCAA Football is just around the corner! The 2015 Amway Coaches Preseason Poll was recently published, leading to speculation about which teams will take it all the way this season. It was no surprise to see defending national champs Ohio State on top of the rankings, but other teams were a little more shocking. USC, for example, is ranked a dismal number 10 spot. The Trojans are an extremely well rounded team with a stacked offense and defense, so don’t be surprised to see them win a few upsets this year. The first games of the regular season kick off in just a few short weeks, so don’t miss your chance to see how it all unfolds for your favorite team.

7/22/15 - Some family ties paid off for the Buckeyes this week in NCAA Football, as national No. 3 prospect Nick Bosa committed to Ohio State in an announcement that couldn’t have shocked many. Although the much-hyped defensive end had met with both Florida and Florida State last week, confidence was high that he would ultimately land in Ohio, following in the footsteps of older brother Joey, an All-American DE himself. Pundits are all weighing in on the favorites in this year’s upcoming college football season, with dark horse candidates ranging from Oklahoma to Stanford to UCLA. Who will ultimately prevail and punch their respective ticket to the College Football Playoffs? You’ll have to wait and see—but you don’t need to wait to secure your tickets for opening day! Get yours now!

7/15/15 - There are a bevy of talented recruits on the radar in the upcoming NCAA Football season, but only a select few will rise to the top. Early estimations are all over the board but there is healthy buzz around Auburn defensive end Byron Cowart. With great hands and outstanding footwork, his pass rush contributions will be key for the Tigers this year. Derwin James of Florida State University is a safety to watch, an instinct-driven player with all-around talent and a penchant for hard hits. Last but not least, the Crimson Tide have secured the services of wide receiver Calvin Ridley, who Lane Kiffin will look to as a primary target for whichever quarterback ultimately lands the starting spot for Alabama. Football kicks off in just a few weeks and tickets are on sale right now!

7/8/15 - The 2015 NCAA football season may still be weeks away, but that doesn't stop people from starting their speculation early. Rankings for the new season have already begun. Additionally, with the preseason officially underway, many of the official watch lists for the major individual awards for each season have started being released. Many of these lists have 30 to 60 players, demonstrating how anything can change as the preseason and season continue. The 2015 John Mackey Award Preseason Watch List, which awards the most outstanding tight end, currently includes 33 players, including Jerell Adams, Jake Butt, and Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick. While the players start working towards the new season, fans can already get their tickets for any of the games in the 2015 season with Razorgator.

7/1/15 - One of the most talked about NCAA football interviews that occurred this week was between Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh and Colin Cowherd, host of ESPN Radio. The interview was nothing short of awkward and boring. Cowherd continually asked question after question to former 49er’s coach, Harbaugh and continued to receive short, uninformative answers. The interview was going so poorly that Cowherd finally took matters into his own hands by cutting off Harbaugh after seven minutes of painful interviewing. After cutting Harbaugh short, Cowherd then slammed the Michigan coach by stating if he was being recruited and just heard this interview, he would choose another school over Michigan. See if this interview really has an impact on the recruiting process for Michigan when college football starts this September.

6/24/15 - NCAA Football pre-season kicks off in just a few short weeks, and the league is already gearing up for a groundbreaking season. This year, the NCAA is set to rule on a motion that would allow football players to rejoin their schools after declaring entry into the draft, which is already newly added protocol for NCAA basketball players. As the policy currently stands, once a player declares he will join the draft in mid-January, he is no longer eligible to continue enrollment at his school. The problem arises when players aren’t selected in the draft, and then are unable to continue studying and earn a degree. The motion for change is part of a larger strategy that seeks to make the NCAA more player friendly.

6/17/15 - This year’s NCAA Football season won’t kick off until the start of September but odds makers are already hard at work analyzing the incoming field. The Crimson Tide (5-2 odds) are favored to take the SEC crown, holding an edge over their longtime rivals Auburn (15-4). Georgia, LSU, and Ole Miss are the teams rounding out the top five in the Southeastern Conference. Following last year’s thrilling College Football Playoff victory, Ohio State (1-2) is the odds-on favorite to win the Big Ten. Among Pac-12 teams, Oregon’s Ducks find themselves with 9-4 odds followed closely by USC (11-4). The season kick-off date is still weeks away but it’s not too early to claim your tickets! Seats are on sale now for all of 2015’s regular season games.

6/8/15 - NCAA football coaches are always looking to the future. At Syracuse University, the coach looked a little too far into the future, at least for a joke. Football coach Scott Schafer sent a good-natured scholarship letter to SU alum and TV/radio sportscaster Adam Schien’s one-month old son. In more serious news from the league, there is new information about the class-action concussions lawsuit, led by a former Eastern Illinois football player, Adrian Arrington. There was a proposed settlement for $75 million, but Arrington has decided to withdraw support from the settlement and fire his lawyer, believing that the provisions of the settlement are too weak to actually make a difference for players. As the teams and players regroup for the summer, fans can go ahead and get tickets for the upcoming season.

6/3/15 - Following a successful inaugural College Football Championship Tournament, the upcoming NCAA season is primed to be an exciting one. Experts are predicting strong performances from many of the regular powerhouses throughout the Division I ranks, including the Oregon Ducks, Florida State Seminoles, Ohio State Buckeyes, and of course, the Alabama Crimson Tide. However, a new contender is expected to crack the top ranks this season: the TCU Horned Frogs. Gary Patterson will have lofty goals to reach in order for his team’s season to be considered a success, but with six conference championships won across three different leagues, the confidence and tools are certainly in place. 2015 NCAA Football tickets are on sale now for all of your favorite teams! Secure yours now for the best seat selection!

5/27/15 - It is now less than 100 days until the NCAA Football season kicks off in September. It may seem like it is still far off, but the upcoming season is right around the corner. In fact, it is now the time that wagers for who will take the championship start flaring up. Statistically, Ohio State has the highest chance, having won 11 times to date. While many are placing their money on Ohio State, others are looking elsewhere. There are three teams with 10 wins after all. Some people are even supporting Kansas, even though they are bringing up the rear with only won 1.5 times. They certainly do have a very promising schedule lined up. Whoever you are rooting for, be sure to pick up your tickets early.

5/12/15 - Michigan has one of the biggest football programs in the country and recently took up a new coach, Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh has definitely stirred the pot since arriving in Ann Arbor. This week it was reported that Michigan confessed to participating in four minor violations since the arrival of Harbaugh. After looking over the violations, each mess up was considered very minor and unintended. One of the violations occurred during the recruitment of Wayne Lyons, who is a college transfer from Stanford. The second violation was due to Harbaugh signing a helmet and sending it to a high school for scholarship reasons. Last, the third mistake was made when prime seating was given to a potential athlete when he attended the Yost Ice Arena. As time goes on Harbaugh will continue to work through all of the college rules and soon be acclimated.

5/8/15 - Although the 2015 – 2016 NCAA football season is still months away, many are already looking forward to the postseason playoffs. In fact, on Tuesday the NCAA approved plans to add three new college football bowl games following the end of regular season games. The postseason will now feature bowl games in Tucson, AZ, Austin, TX, and Orlando, FL. These additions take the total bowl game count up to 42, giving six more teams the opportunity to experience the playoffs. The bowl game in Tucson will feature teams from the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA. The other two bowl games will feature teams from American Athletic Conference and Sun Belt Conference. Come see it all unfold when college football season kicks off later this year.

5/1/15 - Although the start of the NCAA football season is still a few months away, recruitment is underway. Not all recruitment tools work to the schools' advantages; however. Texas A&M recently made the news for a promotional tweet that went sour. Ahead of the NFL draft, they sent out a tweet that alluded to their former star Johnny Manziel's first round pick in last year's draft. However, Manziel has had a tough year and A&M has not won a national championship in many years, leading to several mock tweets. Another important news item in NCAA football is the potential that during June's Collegiate Commissioner's Association meeting, an early NCAA signing period may be approved. While the teams are preparing for next season, be sure to get your tickets early so you do not miss any games.

4/23/15 - Even though it seems like college football just ended, there is still a lot happening during the off season. One of the biggest college teams, Auburn, named their starting quarterback for the 2015 season this week. Coach Gus Malzahn has chosen Jeremy Johnson who played as the backup to Nick Marshall for the last two seasons. Johnson has played well and hit many of his goals during spring training, which led him to fit this coveted position. In other news, Pierre Ingram, Cal’s assistant coach has been placed on administrative leave due to his arrest for solicitation. It is still unknown if Ingram will return to the team after this situation is worked out. Get excited for more news and the upcoming NCAA football games that are right around the corner. Purchase your tickets early so you don’t miss out on your chance to see all of the action live.

2014-2015 Season

1/6/15 - This year has been great for NCAA football bowl games. There were a lot of competitive games, but one of the best ones this year was the Goodyear Cotton Bowl. The game featured some dynamic teams in Michigan State and Baylor. The Baylor Bears, ranked 5th coming into this game, almost had the win. At the end of the game, though, MSU blocked a field goal that eventually led to the go-ahead touchdown. MSU ended up winning 42-41, and it doesn’t get any better than this. A huge reason MSU did so well was because of their running back, Jeremy Langford. He ended up rushing for 162 yards with three touchdowns. He was an unstoppable force. The Vizio Fiesta Bowl was also entertaining to watch, which featured Boise State and Arizona. Boise State ended up winning 38-30.

12/31/14 - It’s bowl season in college football, and so far, there have been a lot of fun games. One of the more memorable thus far was the Belk Bowl, which featured Georgia vs. Louisville. Both teams were highly ranked coming into the bowl, but it was Georgia who shined. They ended up winning 37-14. A top performer for them was Nick Chubb. He went on to rush for 269 yards and had 2 touchdowns. It was a workmen-like performance from him, helping Georgia control the clock. Another great game was the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl. Notre Dame ended up winning 31-28, ending their season on a positive note. A huge reason for their victory was because of their running backs, Malik Zaire and C.J. Prosise. Each had 1 touchdown and rushed for nearly 100 yards each.

12/22/14 - December is here, and for football fans across the globe, it’s time for the bowl games. So far, there have already been some fantastic games, featuring some of the nation’s most exciting teams. The Miami Beach Bowl was one that stood out, which featured BYU and Memphis. It was a closely contested game, but Memphis pulled it out late in the fourth, winning 55-48. Paxton Lynch, Memphis’ quarterback, threw for 306 yards and had 4 touchdowns. Another memorable bowl game was the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl. Utah, the 22nd ranked team in the nation, dominated the entire game. They won 45-10, showing how powerful and exciting their offense can be. A huge reason for their success was because of their running back, Devontae Booker. He rushed for 162 yards and had one touchdown.

12/18/14 - The 2014 regular season has been one of the most exciting ever for NCAA Football, and the upcoming bowl games, 2015 semi-final and championship games are guaranteed to be spectacular. The regular season ended with bang. Highlights include the Sugar Bowl bound Ohio State Buckeyes thrashing the Wisconsin Badgers 59-0 on December 6. The Buckeyes will play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day. Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota recently picked up the Heisman Trophy and he will lead his team in the Rose Bowl on January 1 against the 13-0 Florida State Seminoles. There is lot of great college football to be played in the coming weeks. Get your tickets to bowl games today so you don’t miss any post season action.

12/12/14 - Oregon punched their ticket for the first-ever NCAA football playoffs with a 51-13 drubbing of #7 Arizona on Friday, setting them up for a date with Jameis Winston and the Florida State Seminoles. The ‘Noles defeated #11 Georgia Tech to win the ACC and finish their second straight undefeated season, and will face off with the Ducks in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. Ohio State smashed #13 Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game, 59-0, earning a trip to the Sugar Bowl to battle the Alabama Crimson Tide, who scored a big win themselves over #16 Mizzou to secure their 24th SEC title. Which team will claim victory in the first college football playoffs? Catch all the action with Razorgator, your source for college football bowl game tickets!

12/3/14 - It’s NCAA Football Conference Championship week, and with only a few regular season games ahead, the playoff contenders are starting to emerge. The 6th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes’ 42-28 win on Saturday against their rival the Michigan State Wolverines was overshadowed by the loss of the Buckeyes quarterback, J.T. Barrett, to a fractured right ankle. With Barrett likely out for the rest of the season, the Buckeyes pursuit of a conference title is in jeopardy. Alabama’s Crimson Tide, the Oregon Ducks, and the Florida State Seminoles are basically sure bets to advance to the playoffs as long as they all post victories in their next matches. Alabama and Oregon both boast an 11-1 record, while the Seminoles reign with an undefeated season. Catch all the action to see these and other great teams in person, by snagging your tickets here on Razorgator.

11/26/14 - The Minnesota Gophers have finally broken into the AP’s Top 25 teams after their victory over Nebraska 28-24 on Saturday, the Gophers’ first AP ranking in the top 25 since 2008. Nebraska came into the game heavily favored, but Minnesota managed to keep up with the Cornhuskers, and in the last two minutes of the match, defensive end Briean Boddy-Calhoun sealed the win by ripping the ball away from Nebraska at the two-yard line. The Gophers next take on the Wisconsin Badgers, a game that will determine a trip to the Big Ten. The Florida State Seminoles continue to dominate NCAA football, but this week Alabama rocks the rankings. The Crimson Tide lead in a coaches poll, although the AP rankings still have Florida as their no. 1. Alabama smashed Western Carolina 48-14 last weekend, and Florida State barely held on to beat Boston College 20-17. Tickets are still available to witness these top two teams, and many others, here on Razorgator.

11/18/14 - The Florida State Seminoles are currently ranked 1st in an NCAA Football poll conducted by the Associated Press, no doubt due to their incredible 30-26 win over Miami on Saturday despite being down 16 points after the first half. Alabama and the Crimson Tide stand 2nd in the rankings, and Oregon rounds out the top 3. The Mississippi State Bulldogs suffered their first loss of the season 25-20 to Alabama, dropping them down to 4th. The Oregon Ducks managed to jump up to the 3rd spot after defeating Arizona State 35-27 in Corvallis. Florida State currently boasts a 26 game winning streak that trumps almost every other team in the NCAA. Big matchups to watch this week feature the Seminoles taking on Boston College, Alabama versus Western Carolina, and the Ohio State Buckeyes against the Indiana Hoosiers. Tickets are still available for all these important games and more on Saturday, November 22nd, with some tickets as low as $27.

11/12/14 - The NCAA football playoff standings saw a shakeup after a pair of costly fumbles thwarted Auburn’s comeback effort against Texas A&M, and dropped the Tigers out of the First Four. Oregon’s dominant win over Utah was enough for the 9-1 Ducks to leapfrog undefeated Florida State for the No. 2 spot. With Auburn dropping out, TCU moved up to No. 4 after dismantling Kansas State 41-20. Mississippi State still sits at the top of the rankings, but a major road game at Alabama looms large this weekend. Tickets for that SEC showdown in Tuscaloosa start at $148. Big games this weekend include Auburn at Georgia (tickets from $123), Clemson at Georgia Tech (tickets from $56), Ohio State at Minnesota (tickets from $38), and the annual in-state battle between Florida State and Miami (tickets from $114).

11/5/14 - Oregon moved up to No. 4 in the College Football Playoff rankings this week, joining Mississippi State, Florida State and Auburn. The Ducks travel to Utah this weekend to play the No. 17 Utes at Rice Eccles Stadium. Other Top 25 games on Saturday, November 8th, include Baylor at Oklahoma, Notre Dame at Arizona State, Kansas State at TCU, Alabama at LSU, and Ohio State and Michigan State. With a win over its Big Ten rival, the Buckeyes could move into the Top 10.

10/14/14 - Mississippi State dominated Auburn 38-23 on Saturday and moved up to No.1 in both the AP Top 25 and USA Today polls. In-state rival Mississippi won big at Texas A&M and is still ranked No. 3. Florida State dropped to No. 2. There's no question this week's biggest college football matchup is Notre Dame at Florida State on Saturday night in Tallahassee. A loss by either team at Doak Campbell Stadium could hurt its chances to make this year's college football playoff. Notre Dame vs Florida State tickets start at $148. Other big games on Saturday, October 18th include Kansas State at Oklahoma (tickets from $63), Texas A&M at Alabama (tickets from $65), Oklahoma State at TCU (tickets from $56), and Stanford at Arizona State (tickets from $24).

10/6/14 - After a Saturday of college football upsets, Baylor, Mississippi State and Ole Miss jumped into the AP Top 5. Florida State held onto No. 1, while Auburn moved up to No. 2. In addition to these schools, four others remain unbeaten in the Top 25: Arizona, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and TCU. In the SEC, Mississippi State plays Auburn at Scott Field in Starkville on Saturday. Auburn vs Mississippi State football tickets start at $196. Also, Ole Miss plays Texas A&M in College Station. Rebels vs Aggies tickets are $113. In the Big 12, TCU visits Baylor at McLane Stadium in Waco. Find TCU vs Baylor college football ticket deals from $162 on Saturday 10/11.

10/1/14 - Saturday's Week 6 college football schedule features six games between ranked opponents: No. 6 Texas A&M at No. 12 Mississippi State, No. 3 Alabama at No. 11 Ole Miss, No. 4 Oklahoma at No. 25 TCU, No. 14 Stanford at No. 9 Notre Dame, No. 15 LSU at No. 5 Auburn, No. 19 Nebraska at No. 10 Michigan State. Three of the six are in the Top 5, including two from the SEC.

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