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Boasting what might be the most talented backcourt in basketball, the Washington Wizards are one of the hottest young teams to watch in 2015-16. Led by the dynamic duo of John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Wiz are ready to compete in what’s sure to be a competitive Atlantic Division. To secure their position in the postseason for a third straight year, they’ll need to overcome some of the top squads in the East, including the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat. Is this the year the Wizards finally fight their way into the Conference Finals? Claim your seats at the Verizon Center today so you can follow the action first-hand! Razorgator is your destination for Washington Wizards tickets at home or on the road—get yours today!
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January 2014
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Wall’s Wizards Pushing Hard for Playoff Spot
With seven wins over the course of their last 10 games, the Wizards are making a strong push for the eighth and final playoff position in the Eastern Conference. They’ll need to leapfrog a pair of tough teams to get there, but with John Wall guiding the way, it’s impossible to count Washington out. Razorgator’s here with your cheap Washington Wizards tickets for the 2016 playoff stretch run.

Must-Win Games in March
The Wiz will play two pivotal games in the next two weeks, hosting both teams directly above them in the standings in Indiana and Detroit. If you’re hunting for a great discount on tickets, you’ve found it: get in to the Verizon Center this Saturday for Pacers-Wizards starting at just $18!

Washington Wizards 2015-2016 News and Updates

The Washington Wizards are on fire, winning the past five games in a row. Their latest victory was against the Hawks on March 21. John Wall led the team with 27 points, and he also had 14 assists, making his 43 double-double this season. The Wizards shot 51 percent from the field and had only nine-turnovers, showing how far they have come this season. Despite the win, the Wizards remain 1 1/2 games behind Chicago and Milwaukee for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. However, they still have a chance to make it to the post-season. They next host the Hawks in the second of a home-home series. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $23.
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2/12/16 - With a record of 23-28 entering All Star Weekend, the Washington Wizards find themselves in fourth place in a competitive Southwest Division. A tough February schedule has brought losses to contenders such as Golden State and Oklahoma City, but the Wiz are still in prime position with just over 30 games remaining in 2016. You can catch John Wall at the All Star Game this Sunday before he returns to his own squad for a post-All Star meeting with the Detroit Pistons at home. Get your tickets for Friday 2/19 at the Verizon Center with prices as low as $9 each! Be there for all the excitement of Washington’s second-half push toward the Eastern Conference Playoffs!

2/5/16 - The Washington Wizards had a tough loss on Monday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Wizards had a strike against them with their head coach being absent for the night due to a funeral. However, the circumstances were even more difficult as the Wizards played the Thunder in Oklahoma City. The Thunder took control of the game early in the first quarters and maintained that control throughout the rest of the periods. The Wizards were able to cut the Thunder’s lead to six points, but that is as close as they got. Watch them live when they take on the Philadelphia 76ers on February 5. Tickets start at $7 each so don’t miss your chance.

1/29/16 - The Washington Wizards certainly have not given the fans much to get excited about, lately. They had a strong early season, but it seems the Wizards have fallen into a minor slump. Things were looking up when they took on the Miami Heat on January 20th and ended their short losing streak with a final score of 87-106. However, since then, the Wizards have been unable to get their game together and earn another victory. They have taken disappointing losses against the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors, bringing their season record to 20-23. Hopefully, they will have better luck when they return to their court on January 28th to host the Denver Nuggets.

1/22/16 - It looks like the Washington Wizards ended their winning streak from last week, but they are still doing well. After four consecutive wins, the Wizards were not able to beat out the Boston Celtics and fell just two points short. The final score was 119-117. When they faced the Miami Heat on January 20th, however, the Wizards were ready and were able to pull off a strong 87-106 victory. There are just two more home games before they hit the road, so be sure to catch them in action while you can. They will be facing the Utah Jazz and then having a rematch with the Celtics. Tickets for these games start at $4 and $9.

1/15/16 - The Washington Wizards are in the midst of a three game winning streak, and their latest victory was on January 13 against the Bucks. The Wizards started out strong, going into halftime ahead 56-43. However, the teams came out of the locker room and the Bucks took control of the game, outscoring the Wizards 31-15. The Wizards found their groove again, and were able to take back control of the game and win 106-101. Bradley Beal was back on the court after his injury and had 11 points. John Wall led the team with 19. The Wizards will look to continue their winning streak when they play the Pacers on January 15. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $19.

1/8/16 - This series of home games is not going how Washington Wizards fans were hoping it would. It started strong, with a 103-91 victory against the Orlando Magic on January 1st. Afterward, however, the Wizards have failed to beat out the Miami Heat or the Cavaliers, despite earning an incredible 115 points against the latter. There is just one more home game before the Wizards hit the road again. They will be hosting the Toronto Raptors on January 8th. After that, they are not heading back to Washington until January 13th, when they will be hosting the Milwaukee Bucks. Get your ticket for that match, starting as low as just $4.

1/1/16 - After winning four in a row, the Washington Wizards lost the next two games. Their latest loss occurred against the Raptors on December 30. It was a close game, with a final score of 94-91. Otto Porter led the team with 20 points, and he also had nine rebounds. John Wall also had a good game with 19 points, seven rebounds, and 11 assists. The Wizards fought hard and got to within one points with just three minutes left. However, they missed three 3-pointers in their final possession, and the Raptors were able to take the game. The Wizards next play the Magic at home on January 1. You still have a chance to grab some tickets for prices starting at $23.

12/23/15 - The Washington Wizards have started what they hope to be a very long winning streak. With two wins in a row under their belt, the Wizards are riding on a high right now. On December 21, the Wizards faced off against the Sacramento Kings and put on an impressive game. It was all about team ball during the Monday night game, when John Wall from the Wizards completed 19 assists and scored 12 points of his own. The Wizards beat the Kings 113-99 despite their injury-ridden roster. Get tickets to see the Washington Wizards live when they play against the Memphis Grizzlies on December 23. Tickets are still up for grabs.

12/18/15 - Uncharacteristically, the Washington Wizards have been struggling to break 100 points recently. Regardless of whether they win or lose, fans can always count on the Wizards to put forward their best and play their hardest to put on an exciting game. However, the Wizards’ final score came to just 95 points in both of their two most recent matchups against the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs. The Wizards can relax a little from here, however, as they are returning to their home court for a nice long run. Take this opportunity to catch them in action, as the Wizards welcome the Charlotte Hornets on December 19th. Tickets start at $14.

12/11/15 - The Washington Wizards entered this NBA season with the mindset that things were going to be different. The team knew they needed to speed things up offensively in order to compete, but they needed to do that without having to sacrifice efficiency on defense. These changes have natural consequences, some good and some bad. This week, the Wizards came away with a huge 114-103 win against the Heat, but turned right around and lost to an inferior team, the Rockets. Hopefully Washington can find some consistency this week as they face a four game road stretch. After facing New Orleans, Dallas, Memphis and San Antonio, they will return to the Verizon Center to take on the Hornets on Saturday, Dec. 19.

12/4/15 - The Washington Wizards broke their four game losing streak with a win against the Cavaliers. John Wall led the team with 35 points, a season high for him. The Wizards dominated from the beginning and never allowed the Cavaliers to get ahead. They had the first 10 points of the game, and then started the second half with a 9-0 run. The game got down to a one-point lead until the Wizards went on a 15-2 run in the second quarter to take the lead. The Wizards have three games at home this week against the Lakers on the 2, Suns on the 4, and Mavericks on the 6. Tickets remain available, with prices starting at $100.

11/27/15 - The Washington Wizards were able to get their winning streak up to three games after beating the Pistons on November 21 before they lost against the Pacers on the 24. It was a tight game against the Pistons, with a final score of 97-95. With Marcin Gortat, Bradley Beal, and John Wall having near 20-minute scoreless minutes, the reserves stepped up and outscored the Pistons 51-15. The Wizards almost lost the game with 9 seconds left to play when Otto Porter was called for a five-second violation, giving Detroit a final chance to tie or win. Luckily, they missed. The Wizards next play the Hornets on the 25, and you can still get tickets starting at $62.

11/20/15 - The Washington Wizards added another win to their record when they beat the Bucks 115-86 on November 17. The Wizards hit the court hard and kept a tough pace throughout the game, leaving the Bucks behind. John Wall led the team with 19 points and also grabbed six rebounds and helped out with nine assists. Washington went into the locker room ahead 64-46 at halftime. The Bucks attempted to close the gap and came out with a 20-8 run, but that was the last time the Bucks got close. This victory marks the Wizards' first double-digit win. The Wizards will look to continue this pace when they play the Pistons on the 21. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $5.

11/13/15 - The Washington Wizards managed to take another victory against the Orlando Magic on November 14th, which tied up their wins and losses. They may be eight in the Eastern Conference, but the Wizards are in a position where they can move up quickly. Their most recent 108 point game served to regain the Wizards’ momentum, and now they have a few home matches. Get tickets for November 17th’s Milwaukee Bucks game, which start as low as $6. Secure your place in the stands and come cheer the Wizard on to their second consecutive win to start a winning streak. After that, they will be hitting the road, but they will return on the 24th to host the Indiana Pacers.

11/6/15 - After losing to the Knicks on the 31st, the Washington Wizards snagged another win for the record when they narrowly beat the Spurs on the 4th. The 102-99 victory came down to the final .3 second when Bradley Beal hit a three pointer to break the tie. The Spurs led late in the fourth quarter. However, the Wizards took over and gained the lead. The Spurs battled, and the game went back and forth until it ultimately ended in the Wizards' favor. They will look to get another win on their record when they play the Celtics in Boston on the 6th. You can still grab your tickets to catch the action in person, with prices starting at $24.

10/30/15 - The Washington Wizards are on the road for their first two regular season games, and after defeating the Orlando Magic, the Wizards only have one away game left against the Bucks before heading back West. Their first game couldn’t have been any closer and it all came down to a ruling by a referee. The Wizards led by one point with five seconds remaining when Marcin Gortat hit the backboard prior to the ball skimming the backboard. He was quickly called with defensive goaltending and that was when the game ended. It was nothing short of bizarre and confusing for all involved. The Wizards won’t complain as they start off their season with a 1-0 record, which hasn’t occurred since 2009.

10/23/15 - The Washington Wizards have had a successful preseason as long as they are facing teams that aren’t ranked as top dogs. On October 20, the Wizards took on the Miami Heat, who are projected to be a strong competitor in the 2015-2016 season. The Wizards looked great throughout the entire game and even held a nine-point lead starting the fourth quarter. However, the Wizards couldn’t hold off the Heat for the final quarter and took another disappointing loss with a score of 105-110. The Wizards have their first home game on October 31 against the New York Knicks. It will be nothing short of thrilling, so get your tickets today before you miss you chance.

10/16/15 - The Washington Wizards are 2-1 so far in the preseason. As they prepare for the start of the season, they will have to do so without Alan Anderson, who has been out for all of training camp and the preseason. It was announced this week that he had to have a second ankle surgery, so he will have to be out for even longer than expected. Several other players in his position have also battled injury this preseason, including Jared Dudley, Garrett Temple, and Martell Webster. The Jazz will hope to have a healthy team before the start of the regular season. The Wizards next play the 76ers in Philadelphia on October 16. Tickets remain available with prices as low as $4.

8/14/15 - The 2014-2015 season was a promising time for the Washington Wizards, but ultimately things just didn’t pan out. Gortat and the rest of the Wizards finished second in the Southeast Division with a respectable record of 46-36, but it wasn’t enough to get them to the championship. They were eliminated by the Atlanta Hawks in the 2015 Eastern Conference semifinals after a heartbreaking 94-91 loss. Fortunately, the Wizards are about to get another chance. The NBA posted the official schedule for the upcoming 2015-2016 season this week, and it looks like new opportunity is just ten weeks away. The Wizards will kick things off on the road against the Orlando Magic and Milwaukee Bucks before heading home to face the New York Knicks on Saturday, October 31. Tickets start at $19.

2014-2015 Season

5/15/15 - Things were looking up for the Washington Wizards when they beat the conference leader, the Atlanta Hawks, in the opening match of the round. They lost the second match, but they immediately followed it up with another strong win with 103 points. The Wizards held a 2-1 lead over the Hawks, but unfortunately since then, Washington has suffered back to back losses. The good news is that they have not been eliminated yet, but they need to win both of the two remaining games to move on to the semifinals, one game being a home game and the other being away. The Wizards have proven they can hold their own on the Hawk's court, but the odds are still stacked against them. Do they have what it takes to pull off this amazing upset?

5/6/15 - At least to this point in this year’s playoffs, home court advantage hasn’t seemed to mean much to these Washington Wizards. Bradley Beal led the Wiz to a Game 1 win over the Hawks on their own home floor, transferring home court advantage to Washington in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Beal posted 28 points and seven rebounds, John Wall had 18 plus 13 assists, and veteran forward Paul Pierce chipped in 19 points as the Wizards outscored Atlanta 51-35 in the second half to rally to a huge win on the road. Washington now has the opportunity to take a commanding 2-0 lead with a win on Tuesday night at Philips Arena, and you can be a part of the action live! Tickets are available from $21.

5/1/15 - Only three teams in the 2015 playoffs were able to complete the first round and remain undefeated. The Washington Wizards were the lowest ranked team to achieve this feat. In fact, the Wizards' series of wins may be most impressive because they were the only ones playing against a higher ranked team, the Toronto Raptors. Their opponents in the conference semifinals still has not been decided, however. It will either be the conference leader, the Atlanta Hawks, or the team that secured their spot in the playoffs on the final day of the season, the Brooklyn Nets. While the Hawks would be a more intimidating opponent, it looks like the Wizards are playing more consistently because the Hawks are struggling. The date for the Wizards' next game is still to be announced, so stay tuned.

4/24/15 - Not intimidated by the boisterous Toronto fans, the Washington Wizards stole home court advantage from the Raptors in their introductory game of the 2015 NBA Playoffs, taking a 93-86 overtime win behind a clutch performance from veteran forward Paul Pierce. Greivis Vasquez hit a late three-pointer for Toronto to put the game into the extra session, where the playoff-tested Pierce worked his familiar magic once again. The Raps received solid contributions from their bench, getting a combined 48 points from four reserves to keep pace with Washington. However, 16 points, nine rebounds, and six assists by Bradley Beal made the difference as the Wiz took the win. Game Two is Tuesday night at the Air Canada Centre, and tickets are still available—but act now because they won’t last long!

4/14/15 - It appears that John Wall and the Washington Wizards will be safely finishing in fifth place overall in the Eastern Conference, good for their second consecutive playoff appearance after missing the postseason for five straight years. Dependent on the outcomes of the final games of the regular season, the Wizards could see themselves taking on either the Chicago Bulls or Toronto Raptors in the first round, with either representing the one of the more intriguing matchups in the postseason. No matter who the opponent, Washington will begin their journey on the road this year, although the Verizon Center is sure to see its share of playoff action. Tickets are on sale now for the postseason, which kicks off April 18th. Secure your seats now while they’re still available!

4/3/15 - If the current standings hold up, the Washington Wizards will be starting their playoff chase in the same place as last season – Chicago. Last year, the Wizards announced their presence with authority over the Bulls, prevailing in five games before falling in the second round; the two teams are currently Nos. 4 (Bulls) and 5 (Wizards) in the Eastern standings.

3/19/15 - When the Washington Wizards play the Jazz on March 18, they will be looking to add another win to their current four game streak. Fans hope that the current streak means that the darkest part of the season is over, which saw the team lose several games and drop from second to fifth place. The Wizards are playing well and working their way back up the standings. During their most recent win against the Trailblazers on March 16th, the Wizards had a 25 point lead at one point, although the final score of 105-97 left them just eight points ahead. John Wall scored 21 points, and Bradley Bael added another 23 points to the board. Tickets to the Jazz game on the 18th are still available, starting at $7.

3/6/15 - Having lost their last outing, and seven of their last 10, the Washington Wizards are in a position of needing to find the mojo that had them at the top of the Southeast Division. With division rival Atlanta too far out to be caught, the Wizards need to keep their sights on staying in playoff contention; the Wizards are fifth in the Eastern Conference, four games behind Cleveland.

2/20/15 - It was a fairly quiet trade deadline that passed for the Washington Wizards on Thursday. The Wizards were involved in just one trade, which saw troubled guard Andre Miller head west to Sacramento for another guard, Ramon Sessions. The Wizards acquired Miller approximately a year ago from Denver.

2/13/15 - With the All-Star break, most players will get a few days off from the grind. But not Washington Wizards star guard John Wall, who will be starting for the Eastern Conference in the weekend’s main event; Wall could have chosen also to defend his Slam-Dunk Contest crown, but elected to sit it out this year.

2/6/15 - As Southeast Division rival Atlanta has reeled off win after win, the Washington Wizards have had difficulty keeping up. The Wizards have lost their last five and seven of their last 10, while falling to 10 ½ games behind the Hawks, and even with surging Cleveland in the overall conference standings.

1/30/15 - Even though the Washington Wizards are playing well, they still find themselves trailing one of the surprise teams of the season. The Wizards are 7 ½ games behind the shocking Atlanta Hawks, who – if the season ended today – would be the top seed in the Eastern Conference. The Wizards have a cushion, however, at 10 games ahead of third place Miami.

12/23/14 - The Phone Booth – local fans’ name for the downtown Verizon Center – has not been a friendly confine for the Washington Wizards. The Wizards have dropped their last two home games after a stretch in which they won six games, and nine out of 10.

12/19/14 - The Washington Wizards are proving to the NBA this season that they are a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference. However, despite a five game winning streak and wins in nine of their last 10 contests, the Wiz are just a half game ahead of Atlanta in the Southeast Division.

12/12/14 - Winners of seven of their last 10 games, the Washington Wizards have some company at the top of the Southeast Division now, in the form of a red-hot Atlanta team. The Wizards are getting strong contributions from Bradley Beal of late, evidence being a 29-point game against the L.A. Clippers earlier this week.

12/5/14 - The Washington Wizards are proving last season’s success – and playoff run – are not a fluke. The Wiz currently stand atop the Southeast Division a game ahead of Atlanta, and their 13-5 record, at the moment, is the second best in the entire Eastern Conference.

11/14/14 - How ‘bout those first-place Washington Wizards? John Wall helped the Wizards with a double-double of 27 points and 11 assists in a 107-103 defeat of Detroit on Thursday, as the Wiz stayed just a step ahead of Miami in the Southeast.

11/7/14 - Fresh off of a 98-83 win over the New York Knicks, the Washington Wizards maintained their winning momentum and are now 3-1 at the start of the season, tied with the Miami Heat in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. Coming from a 5-point deficit at the half, the Wizards outscored the Knicks 32-15 in the third quarter and held off a fourth quarter run to prevail. The Wizards face the Toronto Raptors next, who also lead their division 3-1 and seem to gain newfound confidence with each win. The matchup should be close, with the Wizards possessing explosive, young, offensive talent and the Raptors having home court advantage. Tickets are still available for the Sunday game in Toronto, with prices starting at $28 per ticket.

10/28/14 - As the new season opens, the Washington Wizards will be tested from the start, with an opening date on the road against a new-look Miami. The Wizards will start the season without Bradley Beal, who is expected to be out two months with a wrist injury.

10/23/14 - Now that center Marcin Gortat is locked down with a five year contract extension valued at $60 million, the up-and-coming Washington Wizards are turning their attention to another key contributor to last season’s success. That would be gunner Trevor Ariza, who rejuvenated himself in D.C. last year.

8/20/14 – The 2014-2015 Washington Wizards schedule released last week, revealing which teams the squad will have to beat, and when they’ll have to beat ‘em, in order to make a serious run at the Eastern Conference crown. Things get rolling on the road, when Washington visits the Miami Heat on Oct. 29, and their first home game comes on Nov. 1 versus Milwaukee, but fans don’t have to wait long to see superstar talent from the league. LeBron James and the Cavaliers will visit DC on Nov. 21, followed by Derrick Rose and the Bulls on Dec. 23. Get the Wizards fan in your life the gift of seats to an awesome Christmas Day game at Madison Square Garden against Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks. Who says the there’s only two teams at the top of the East? With the addition of Paul Pierce, and the continued growth of one-two-punch John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Wizards are ready to go all the way. Buy your Washington Wizards tickets now and take in all the action at Verizon Center this year!

Washington Wizards fans wondered when they would next experience the incomparable action of the postseason, and last year, they got their wish! Scoring the fifth seed in the East, the Wizards punched their ticket to the playoffs and won their first postseason series in eight years after upsetting Chicago in Round 1. Watch out, Chicago and Cleveland—because those years of stocking up on envy-inducing draft pick over the years have now finally come to fruition for the Wizards!

Last year’s one-two punch cane from imports Marcin Gortat and big man Nene, but NBA fans across the league could not ignore the breakout season John Wall experienced, flanked by a talented scorer on the wing, Bradley Beal. What's more is the Wizards’ front office has certainly kept busy this summer, most importantly in snagging veteran leader Paul Pierce, plus DeJuan Blair and Kris Humphries. Can the dynamic duo of Bradley Beal and John Wall get Washington deeper into the playoffs in 2015? Buy your Washington Wizards tickets now and answer that question from the stands!
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