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No fan base brings more enthusiasm and passion than fans of the Toronto Raptors. They’ve got plenty to cheer for, too—with consecutive playoff appearances, a proven coach in Dwane Casey, and one of the NBA’s top scorers in DeMar DeRozan, every night at Air Canada Centre is full of excitement. Breakout guard Kyle Lowry returns to man the point this year, and he’ll have plenty of help with the additions of Bismack Biyombo and Luis Scola to the ranks. Do the Raps have what it takes to advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals for the first time since 2000? In a balanced Eastern Conference, postseason success is up for grabs in the 2015-16 season. Razorgator is your source for great prices on Toronto Raptors tickets—get yours today!
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Raptors Clawing Their Way Up the Standings
This year’s NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto was arguably the most exciting in recent memory, and the Raptors have certainly kept the ball rolling north of the border. With 24 games left to play, the Raptors find themselves just two games back of Cleveland for the top spot in the Eastern Conference. It’s no wonder then that cheap Toronto Raptors tickets are selling like hotcakes as the regular season comes to its conclusion.

Trail Blazers Come to Toronto
Come out to the Air Canada Centre for Raptors-Blazers on March 4th and catch some of the best team basketball the NBA has to offer. These are two up-tempo squads fighting for playoff positions, making for the kind of action you definitely won’t want to miss. Razorgator’s got the discount prices you’re looking for: get in for just $33 this Friday!

Toronto Raptors 2015-2016 News and Updates

After the Conference Finals started with the Toronto Raptors struggling, fans were worried. They took two back-to-back losses against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but they came back and turned it around once they were able to return to Toronto, winning both of their home games of the round. Unfortunately, this momentum was not enough and the Raptors struggled again during May 25th’s matchup. It all came down to the final match on the 27th, but the final score came to 113-87 with the Raptors behind, meaning they had been eliminated from the NBA playoffs. They fought hard and came a long way, but they are going to have to wait until next season to take another shot at the championship.
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For the second time in just as many playoff rounds, the Toronto Raptors have moved on after the final matchup. They were able to beat the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, but they suffered three losses in each round. Now, they are taking on the preferred Conference Finals team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. So far, each team has won twice, meaning it all comes down to the final three games. The Raptors might be heading to another last minute victory to advance to the Championships. Regardless, they will hold one more home game, so come out on May 27th to help cheer the Raptors on to their next victory in this round.

Being the underdog is never an easy thing, but the Toronto Raptors didn’t get to the Eastern Conference Finals by being easily intimidated. They took the Pacers and the Heat to the wire in the first two rounds, but ultimately made it through to the competition against Cleveland. The fist two games will be held at the Quicken Loans Arena, but the Raptors will be back on their home turf for Game 3 on Saturday, May 21. Want to be a part of the action at Air Canada Centre? Last minute tickets are still available from us today starting at $198 each. Come cheer on the Raptors as they take on LeBron James and the Cavs in the race to the NBA Finals!

At the end of the fourth game in the Conference Semifinals, the Toronto Raptors have taken two victories. In each of the games against the Miami Heat, the two teams have earned nearly the same number of points. It seems these two teams are perfectly balanced, but only one can move on to the next round. These next three games are going to be incredibly exciting as they compete for the two victories needed to earn a spot in the Conference Finals to face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Get your tickets to come out and show your support as the Raptors try to prove they have what it takes.

It was a close call for the Toronto Raptors, but they have officially made it into the Conference Semifinals. They seemed perfectly matched with the Indiana Pacers, taking the fight all the way to game seven. The Raptors were the better team, however, earning more points in each of the first three quarters to secure their spot in the next round. In game one against the Miami Heat, both teams were tied at 18 at the end of the first quarter, and just two points apart at the half. Ultimately, it went to overtime, but the Heat was able to edge out the victory. The Raptors are not done, however, so be sure to cheer them on as they enter game two.

The Toronto Raptors have not had an easy time during the first round of the playoffs. They are matched up against the Indiana Pacers who have given them a run for their money. The series was all tied up before going into game five on Tuesday night. The Raptors had been waiting for DeMar DeRozan to turn on the heat during each playoff game, and each game they left the court disappointed. But not on Tuesday night when DeRozan scored 34 points and gave the Raptors the 102-99 victory over the Pacers. Get your tickets today to see game six live. Tickets are still available and start at $18 a seat.

The Toronto Raptors ended their season strong with a four game winning streak. Their final game was against the Nets, during which they rested their starters in preparation for the playoffs. They already had secured their second place seed and were looking ahead to ensure a strong playoff season. Rookie Norman Powell led the team with 30 points, and Terrence Ross added another 24 points. They will look to take this momentum with them when they head into the first round of the playoffs to play the Pacers. The Raptors host the first two games on April 16 and 18, and you can still get tickets to catch the action in person with prices starting at $78.

The Toronto Raptors are going to be going into the playoffs as the number two seeded team. Their opponents will be the Indiana Pacers, who they will also be hosting on Aril 8th. This will be their second to last home game before the postseason kicks off, so come out, show your support, and find out how the Raptors will be faring in the playoffs. Tickets are still available for that game. You can attend for as little as $46. Throughout the season, the Raptors have faced the Pacers three times and the Raptors have come away victorious two of those times. Additionally, Toronto has 11 more victories than the Pacers.

With the season nearly over, only three home games remain for the Toronto Raptors. First up, they will be hosting the Charlotte Hornets on April 5th. Afterward, they will host the Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers on April 8th and 12th. That is not the end for the Raptors, however. With a season record of 50-24, they are going to the playoffs. It all kicks off on April 18th when the Raptors host the Washington Wizards to determine who will move on. You can be there for the very first post season game, with tickets starting at $118. The Raptors are ranked number four in the Eastern Conference, with the Wizards at number five.

The Toronto Raptors are in the midst of a four-game winning streak. Their latest victory was against the Orlando Magic on March 20, despite being short-handed and playing only eight players. The Raptors were behind by six points with just under eight minutes left to play, but then they had a 10-point streak to gain the lead with five minutes left. DeMar DeRozan led the team in scoring with 25 points, and Luis Scola was not far behind with 20. The Raptors are now within just one game of the number one spot of the Eastern Conference. They will look to extend their streak when they face the Celtics in Boston on March 23. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $48.

3/18/16 - At 50% for shooting and earning at least 30 points in four of the last six games, shooting guard DeMar DeRozan has simply been on fire lately, and the timing couldn’t be better for the Toronto Raptors. His recent success has helped Toronto clinch a coveted and well-earned spot in the playoffs. When DeRozan was asked what caused the surge he simply responded, “I have no clue, man,” adding that is merely trying to be better each night. The Boston Celtics are the team’s next challenge at home. Just $37 is all it takes to get you and your family tickets to the Friday (March 18) game at the Air Canada Centre.

2/12/16 - The Toronto Raptors certainly have been dominating the competition lately. With their victory over the Detroit Pistons on February 8th, they had won seven of their last eight games. Unfortunately, the followed this impressive winning streak up with a close loss against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The final score came to 112-117. Fans are not worried, however, because it really does seem like the Raptors are on a roll. They will be facing the Chicago Bulls next, and then they will return to Toronto for one quick home match against the Memphis Grizzlies. Tickets for that game are available starting as low as $29. The Raptors are now 2nd in the Eastern Conference.

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2/5/16 - The Toronto Raptors haven’t always been a NBA team that has been on the winning radar. However, this season is panning out to be one of the best for the Raptors. Currently they are in second place in the Eastern conference and are right on the coattails of the Cleveland Cavaliers. On February 2, the Raptors faced off against the Phoenix Suns who just recently picked up a brand new head coach. The Raptors came prepared to put the kibosh on the new coach’s debut and they did just that. The Raptors held off the Suns on Tuesday night and brought home the 104-97 win. The Raptors are on the road until February 21, so catch them on the road while you can.

1/29/16 - The Toronto Raptors continue to dominate as they grow their winning streak. With three more wins, they have now won nine consecutive matchups. This week, the Raptors faced the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Washington Wizards, but none of their competitors had what it takes to hold their own against the Raptors. There are still two more home games before they hit the road again, so come out and catch them in action while they are on a roll. They will be hosting the New York Knicks next with tickets starting at just $27. Afterward, the Raptors are facing the Detroit Pistons. Both are sure to be exciting games.

1/22/16 - The Toronto Raptors are on a roll. On January 20th, they hosted the Boston Celtics, and came away with a strong 109-115 victory. This is their third consecutive home game, and their sixth win in a row, which means the Raptors are on a very impressive winning streak. There are plenty of upcoming home games, so this is a great opportunity to catch them live. First up, they will be hosting the Miami Heat on January 22nd. Tickets are available starting at $54. Afterward, on January 24th, they will be hosting the Los Angeles Clippers. Tickets for that match start at just $30. Be sure to see the Raptors in action while they are dominating.

1/15/16 - The Toronto Raptors have won four games in a row. When they faced the Magic on January 14 in a special game in London, they risked ending their winning streak early. The Raptors started out strong, outscoring the magic 31-18 in the first quarter. After that, the Magic started to rally and ended up tying the game, sending it into overtime. Kyle Lowry led the team with 24 points and Cory Joseph had 19 to help the team win. The Magic came close to tying the game again in the final seconds of overtime, but Raptors were able to hold onto their lead, and won 106-103. The Raptors host the Nets on January 18, and you can still get tickets for $17.

1/8/16 - While the Toronto Raptors did end their series of home games on a low note, it looks like they only let it affect their momentum for a moment. In their final home game for a while, the Raptors were unable to hold their own against the Chicago Bulls, despite winning every match up to that point. The final score came to 115-113. The Raptors took to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers, but were still not able to win. However, on January 6th, the Raptors proved that they are still a force when they beat out the Brooklyn Nets on their own court. The Raptors will return to Toronto on January 14th to host the Orlando Magic.

1/1/16 - The Toronto Raptors beat the Wizards on December 30 in a close game to close out 2015. The game marked the first time in weeks the regular starting lineup was on the court together with Jonas Valanciunas returning after being out due to a hand injury. DeMar DeRozen led the team with 34 points to tie his season high. He also went 15-15 for free throws. Terrence Ross helped out with 14 points. The Wizards rallied back in the final minutes, but the Raptors were able to hold onto the lead to win 94-91. The Raptors start 2016 with a home game against the Hornets on New Year’s Day. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $33.

12/22/15 - The Toronto Raptors are one of the top teams in the Eastern conference, as they sit in fifth place with a 17-12 winning record. Unfortunately, not a lot of those wins have been occurring lately. The Raptors have lost three of their last four games, including their matchup against the Sacramento Kings on December 20. Both teams fought hard and continued to go back and forth with holding the lead, but the Kings were the more successful team on the court that night to win 104-94. Cheer the Raptors on to a victory when they play against the Dallas Mavericks on December 22 in Toronto. Tickets start at $29 each.

12/18/15 - Last week, the Toronto Raptors managed to score a four-game winning streak. More recently, however, the Raptors have been stuck in a minor slump. Even when winning, they were having trouble breaking 100 points, but their strong defense was enough to make up for it. The Indiana Pacers and the Charlotte Hornets proved to be a little too much for them, however. With a final score of 99-109 on December 17th’s Hornets game, fans could feel the Raptors itching to make a comeback. They have one more away match, but they will return to Toronto on December 20th to host the Sacramento Kings. Tickets are available starting at just $22.

12/11/15 - Playing solid basketball for all 48 minutes Wednesday night made all the difference for the Toronto Raptors. They pulled out a huge upset against the San Antonio Spurs, beating them with a final score of 97-94. Though far from perfect, the Raptors played consistent ball from tipoff to the final buzzer. “We stayed disciplined. They hit a couple of big shots, but we didn’t let that rattle us,” commented DeMar DeRozan, who had 28 points on the night. The Raptors continue the home stretch with two more games this weekend at the Air Canada Centre. Friday, Dec. 11 they will take on the Bucks and on Sunday, Dec. 13 they will face the 76ers.

12/4/15 - The Toronto Raptors beat the Wizards to bring their winning streak to four. The came down to the wire until Cory Joseph hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer to take the victory. Kyle Lowry led the team with 27 points. Despite the win, the Raptors offensive play was one of the worst so far this season. The Raptors were able to take the victory despite not having the lead since the first quarter. The Raptors' winning streak ended when they lost to the Suns on Sunday, November 29, in another game that came down to the final seconds. The Raptors head to Atlanta to play the Hawks on December 2. Tickets remain available, with prices starting at $4.

11/27/15 - The Toronto Raptors had a great time in Los Angeles, beating both LA based teams the Clippers and Lakers. They played the Lakers on November 20 and won 102-91. Jonas Valanciunas only scored three points before he suffered a broken hand. The rest of the team stepped up, and five players scored double digits, including Kyle Lowery with 25 points. After a day of rest, the Raptors once again went to the Staples Center, this time to beat the Clippers 91-80. DeMar DeRozan and DeMarre Carroll both had 21 points to help the Raptors win. The Raptors head home to play the Cavaliers on the 25, and tickets remain available with prices starting at $95.

11/20/15 - The Toronto Raptors were unable to keep their winning momentum when they played the Kings on November 15. The Raptors were ahead by eight points in the final four minutes, but the Kings rallied and outscored them 16-2. Despite solid shooting during the third quarter and first part of the fourth, the Kings were not making any shots towards the final moments of the game, missing seven key shots that could have changed the game. DeMar ReRozan was the leading scorer for the team with 24 points. The Raptors play the Golden State Warriors on November 17 in Oakland and then head to Utah to play the Jazz on the 18. Tickets remain available, with prices starting at $48.

11/13/15 - On November 11th, the Toronto Raptors had one of their best games of the season so far. When they travelled to take on the Philadelphia 76ers, the Raptors earned an impressive 119 points, while keeping the 76ers at 103 points. On the heels of this impressive victory, they hosted the New Orleans Pelicans and managed to finish ahead by 19 with a total score of 100. It seems that the Raptors have built up a little momentum for themselves, which will come in handy as they start a series of away games. After facing the Los Angeles Kings, they will be travelling to face the Golden State Warriors. The Raptors have some tough challenges ahead.

11/6/15 - The Toronto Raptors continue their winning streak, which means they have yet to see a loss in the 2015-16 season. Their latest victory was against the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were down by eight with six minutes to play and were able to rally and take the win in a back and forth play. The Raptors played solid defense to hold the Thunder to just 5 for 20 in the fourth quarter. Jonas Valanciunas and Kyle Lowry each had 17 points to help the team to victory. The Raptors will look to continue their winning streak when they head to Florida to play the Magic on the 6th and the Heat on the 8th. Tickets remain available, with prices starting at $17.

10/30/15 - The much anticipated NBA season has just begun and the Toronto Raptors started their season off in the right direction. On October 28, they stormed the court to take on the Indiana Pacers and their star, Paul George. Last year the Raptors were a successful team, but seemed to lose steam as the season went on, which is something the team is working on. Their game against the Pacers proved to Raptor fans that they are in it for the long haul. They successfully held off the Pacers in each quarter, resulting in a 106-99 win. See if they can keep up the good work when they compete against the Milwaukee Bucks on November 1. Tickets are still available so purchase them today.

10/23/15 - The Toronto Raptors are not newbies to the NBA, even though they haven’t seen a ton of success in the 20 years they have been part of the organization. Last year was one of the best years in their franchise history, finishing up their season in fourth place in the Eastern conference. The Raptors totaled 49 wins during regular season play, which beat their winning record of 48 by just one game. They were able to make it to the playoffs with predictions that they might make it to the second round. However, they surprised the nation by getting swept by the Washington Wizards. Get your tickets today to see what they can do as the new season begins.

10/16/15 - The Toronto Raptors have a preseason record of 3-2. They have beat the Clippers, Lakers, and Timberwolves in their first, third, and fourth games respectively. However, they lost against the Warriors and Timberwolves in their second and fifth games. Kyle Lowry has stood out, being the top scorer in the fist, third, and fourth games. In the first game against the Timberwolves, Lowry had a total of 40 points to help the team defeat them 112-105. DeMarre Carroll and James Johnson were the top scorers for the second and fifth game. The Raptors next host the Cavaliers at home on October 18. You can still get tickets for that game, as well as the rest of the preseason and the regular season games. Tickets start at just $18.

8/14/15 - The Toronto Raptors and their fans had an incredible 2014-2015 season. Not only did they finish first in the Atlantic Division, the Raptors also earned a record of 49-33. With the release of the official NBA schedule for the 2015-2016 season this week, the Raptors will now be looking ahead to what’s next. According to the new schedule, Toronto will play their first game at home against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, October 28. From there, they will hit the road to take on the Boston Celtics before returning home to face the Milwaukee Bucks. Don’t miss any of the home opener action when it kicks off on October 28 at Air Canada Centre. Tickets are selling quickly but are currently still available for as little as $46.
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