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The rich get richer, and that’s never been truer than it is for the San Antonio Spurs. Hailing as one of the NBA’s most respected and successful franchises for over 30 years, the Spurs always seem to find a way to keep winning. When “The Admiral” David Robinson reached the twilight of his career, San Antonio scored a rookie by the name of Tim Duncan. With the end now in sight for No. 21, the Spurs have once again injected fresh new blood in the form of LaMarcus Aldridge. Along with emerging star Kawhi Leonard—and still backed by veterans Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili—the Spurs dynasty is positioned for another run at the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2015-16. San Antonio Spurs tickets are on sale now—secure your spot at the AT&T Center today!
San Antonio Spurs Tickets - Spurs Ticket Schedule and Dates
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Date Event Location
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Wed Mar 02 7:30 PM Detroit Pistons at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Sat Mar 05 7:30 PM Sacramento Kings at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Thu Mar 10 7:00 PM Chicago Bulls at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Sat Mar 12 7:30 PM Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Tue Mar 15 7:30 PM Los Angeles Clippers at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Thu Mar 17 7:30 PM Portland Trail Blazers at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Sat Mar 19 7:30 PM Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Wed Mar 23 7:30 PM Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Fri Mar 25 7:30 PM Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Wed Mar 30 7:30 PM New Orleans Pelicans at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Sat Apr 02 7:30 PM Toronto Raptors at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Sun Apr 10 6:00 PM Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX
Tue Apr 12 7:00 PM Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Spurs 2015-2016 News and Updates

2/5/16 - The San Antonio Spurs have been a dominating force in the NBA for over a decade now. Thanks to Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and the ability to hang on to a handful of other talented players, the Spurs have been incredibly successful. This year is no different as they top the Western conference leader board in second place. On February 2, LaMarcus Aldridge added 22 points to the scoreboard to assist the Spurs with the 107-92 win over the Orlando Magic. This also helped the Spurs hang on to their undefeated home court record this season. Purchase your tickets today to their next home game starting at $21 each.

1/29/16 - The San Antonio Spurs have finally ended their incredible winning streak. It may be disappointing, but it is reassuring that only the number one team in the entire league, the Golden State Warriors, were able to end their streak. After the 90-120 loss on January 25th, the Spurs went right back to dominating by beating out the Houston Rockets in a home matchup. The final score came to 99-130. Will this be the beginning of another winning streak? Now, the Spurs are taking a quick break with an away game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they will be back soon to host the Orlando Magic on February 1st. Tickets start at $11.
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1/22/16 - The San Antonio Spurs seem to be completely unstoppable. With their most recent victory against the Dallas Mavericks on January 17th, they are up to 11 consecutive wins and now have a season record of 36-6. The final score came to 83-112. This strong victory is becoming commonplace for the Spurs, as they rack up win after win. From here, fans are hoping the Spurs will be able to maintain their momentum as they hit the road for three away games. They will be making their big return on January 27th to host the Houston Rockets. If they are still on their winning streak, you can be sure that the stands are going to be packed.

1/15/16 - A win against the Cavaliers on January 14 extended the San Antonio's home winning streak to 23 games, which extends to 32 if you include last season. They are also the first team in the NBA to mke it to a 10-game winning streak in 6 straight seasons. The game against the Cavaliers was tough, but the Spurs rallied to take the game. Tony Parker led the team with 24 points, and Kawhi Leonard added 20 points and also grabbed 10 rebounds. The Spurs will look to continue their winning streak when they host the Mavericks on January 17. You can still get tickets to catch the action in person, with prices starting at $24.

1/8/16 - The San Antonio Spurs are on a roll. It looks like their series of home games earlier in the month gained the Spurs plenty of momentum, because they have not stopped winning since. On January 6th, for the second time in just as many matches, they earned 123 points for the win, this time against the Utah Jazz. This marks the Spurs’ sixth consecutive win. They are preparing for two away games, but they will return to San Antonio on January 14th. The Spurs will be preparing to host the Cleveland Cavaliers. Secure your spot in the stands and come out to show your support with tickets starting at $81.

1/1/16 - The San Antonio Spurs lost on Christmas Day to break a seven game winning streak. However, they bounced back and started another one, and after beating the Suns they are now up to three wins in a row. The win also means they have expanded their home-win record with 19 straight victories at home this season and a total of 28 straight adding in last season. It was also the 19th game this season that the Spurs have won by double digits. LaMarcus Aldridge led the team with 21 points and also had 12 rebounds for his 10th double-double this season. The Spurs next host the Rockets at home, giving them a chance for revenge after losing on Christmas Day, and tickets start at $24.

12/22/15 - The San Antonio Spurs are looking pretty good this season, especially in the month of December. So far the Spurs have only lost one of eight games, including their successful game against the Clippers on December 18. The Spurs hit their home turf with hopes to boost their 14-0 home winning record to 15. The game appeared to be frustrating for the Spurs as they played anxiously from behind and appeared frustrated with a few non-calls. However, it all worked out in the end as the Spurs led their crowd to a 115-107 victory. Watch them play live at home again on December 21 against the Indiana Pacers. Get your tickets today.

12/18/15 - The San Antonio Spurs hold the honor of being the only team that has a chance at catching up to this season’s runaway team, the Golden State Warriors. Even with the Warrior’s single loss, the Spurs are only three wins behind them. If you take a look at the Spurs win record, it is no surprise. They are currently on a four game winning streak, beating out the likes of the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks. With home games against the Los Angeles Clippers and the Indiana Pacers coming up this weekend, there is no doubt in fans’ minds that the Spurs are about to build upon their winning streak.

12/11/15 - Coach Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs is being called old school after some comments about his distaste for 3-point shots. “I’ll never embrace it. I don’t think it’s basketball. I think it’s kind of like a circus sort of thing,” he remarked after a 97-94 loss to the Raptors Wednesday night. Despite his feelings, he also acknowledged that the 3-pointers are an important part of the game. He specifically referred to Golden State’s current dominance in the league, which is largely in part due to their success beyond the arc. The Spurs are forging ahead this week with games against the Lakers and the Jazz on Friday, Dec. 11 and Monday, Dec. 14 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

12/4/15 - The San Antonio Spurs added two more wins to their streak before ending it at five games when they lost to the Bulls on Monday, November 30. On Friday the 27, the Spurs beat the Nuggets 91-80, with a lot of help from Kawhi Leonard, who scored 25 points. The next night, they once again added a victory to their record when they beat the Hawks 108-88. Leonard had another great night, scoring 22 points. The Spurs were unable to continue when they lost to the Bulls 92-89 in a game that came down to the wire. Leonard still led the team in points with 25. The Spurs play the Bucks at home on the 3, and tickets are available starting at $6.

11/27/15 - The San Antonio have only lost one of their last nine games. Their most recent victory was against the Suns on the 23. The Spurs would not let the Suns have control of the ball, forcing 28 turnovers during the night that led to the Spurs scoring 27 of their 98 points. They also held the Suns to the lowest points so far this season at just 84. Kawhi Leonard led the team with 24 points, while Tony Parker added 20 and Danny Green had 18 points with four 3 pointers. The Spurs will look to continue their winning ways when they play state-rival the Mavericks on the 25. You can still get tickets to the game for just $12.

11/20/15 - The San Antonio Spurs continued their winning streak when they beat the Trail Blazers 93-80 on November 16. The game started out slow, with both teams heading into the locker room at the half with season-low points. Kawhi Leonard was the leading scorer with 19 points, and Manu Ginobili helped out with 17 points, 14 of which were in the final quarter to help the Spurs defeat Portland. Leonard and Ginobili had both sat out the last game, and their return made a difference since LaMarcus Aldrige was stopped by the Trail Blazers. The Spurs next host the Nuggets on November 18. You can still get tickets to catch the action in person, with prices starting at $6.

11/13/15 - The San Antonio Spurs will look to keep their four game winning streak intact when they play the Trail Blazers on November 16. Their latest victory was against the Philadelphia 76ers. LaMarcus Aldrige scored 17 points and grabbed an impressive 19 rebounds to help the team out. Tony Parker scored 16 points, and Tim Duncan helped out with 15 points. Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili sat out. The 76ers played hard and got to within four points with three minutes to play, but the Spurs were able to hold on and win 92-83. You can still get tickets to catch all the action in person. Tickets to the home game against Portland start at just $9.

11/6/15 - After winning three in a row, the San Antonio Spurs experienced a close loss against the Wizards on the 4th. During their three game winning streak, the Spurs dominated their opponents. However, against the Wizards it came down to the final tenths of a second when Washington's Bradley Beal hit a three pointer with .3 seconds left in the game to take the victory. The Spurs led until late in the fourth corner. After the Wizards took over, the Spurs continued to rally back and tying the game, leaving the decision to the final moments. The Spurs host the Hornets for their next game on the 7th. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $21.

10/30/15 - The San Antonio Spurs have almost always been a force to be reckoned with, so their first game of the season against the talented Oklahoma City Thunder was highly anticipated. Both teams were successful at moving the ball and getting it into the bottom of the net. Even though the Spurs were playing away, they ended the first half leading the game 55-50. The third quarter brought more exciting plays and a lot more scoring, but it was the fourth quarter that made the difference. The Thunder outscored the Spurs by 10 points and eventually won the game. See if the Spurs can recover from their first loss when they face off against the Brooklyn Nets on October 30.

10/22/15 - The countdown is on for the 2015-2016 NBA season to begin and all teams are trying to whittle their rosters down to 15 players. One team that is still unsettled is the San Antonio Spurs. This week the Spurs made four cuts, leaving one coveted spot left on the official roster. They have to make their decision by October 24 and it appears that the battle is down to Rasual Butler and Reggie Williams. There is a huge age gap between the two players. Butler is on the tail end of his career at age 36, while Williams is still in the prime of his at age 29. See what their final decision is when they start their regular season play on October 30.

10/16/15 - The San Antonio Spurs revealed this week their new black signature Spur jersey. It will have the iconic Spurs logo in the center of the chest near the heart, and the players' numbers will be on the right breast. They will wear the new uniform for the first time for their home opener on October 30. It will not replace their traditional home and away uniforms but will join as an alternate along with the silver and camouflage military uniforms. The Spurs have lost all three of their preseason games so far, but hopefully will finally get that win when they play the Pistons at home on the 18th. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $5.

8/14/15 - Although they did not achieve another championship to add to their collection, the San Antonio Spurs still played a great season in 2014-2015. They finished third in the tough Southwest Division with a decent 55-27 record. There seems to be no end in sight for the ageless dynasty that is Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Coach Gregg Popovich. They’ll be at it again in just ten short weeks according to the NBA, which just released the official schedule for the 2015-2016 season this week. The Spurs will have a tough matchup right away, playing their first game of the new season on the road against rivals the Oklahoma City Thunder. Catch the Spurs at their home opener on Friday, October 30 against the Brooklyn Nets.

2014-2015 Season

4/29/15 - The San Antonio Spurs have had a wild run in the playoffs so far, but it is looking like they are going to make it to the second round. Strangely, the Spurs have managed to win two of their three away games, but only one of their two home games against the Los Angeles Clippers. These three wins means they are only one more victory away from securing a place in the conference semifinals, while the Clippers would need to win all three remaining games to make a comeback. It is impressive that the Spurs are doing so well, especially because they did not have the home-court advantage. If they will have any chance against the upper-level teams going forward, however, the Spurs will need to up their game.

4/24/15 - The San Antonio Spurs and their opponents, the Los Angeles Clippers, both entered the playoffs at the top of their game. Only one team is going to be able to make it to the second round, and it is looking like it might be a close race. The first match went to the Clippers, but the Spurs are determined to make a comeback. After the game on April 22nd, the two teams will be travelling to San Antonio’s home court to continue the first round. That might be the Spur’s best chance to snag a couple easy victories. The winner who will proceed to the conference semifinals will be determined by whichever team is able to reach four victories first. Tickets for the Spur’s homecoming start at $67.

4/17/15 - The San Antonio Spurs lost for the first time in 11 games on April 15th, right before the regular season ended. While it is disappointing to see their winning streak end so close to the end of the season, they are still going into the playoffs in a really strong position. They were tied with the Memphis Grizzlies for wins, but the Grizzlies had more victories in the southwest division, so they were ranked higher. This means the Spurs hold the number six seed and will be taking on the Los Angeles Clippers, in the number three position, first. Both teams have won the significant majority of their recent games, so it will certainly be a very exciting game. Be sure to catch it on April 19th.

4/8/15 - The San Antonio Spurs strong second half of the season continues. They are currently in a seven game winning streak and have only lost three of their last 20 games. They most recently beat the Warriors 107-92 on Easter Sunday. During the game, Kawhi Leonard scored 26 points to equal his career high, and he had another career high during the game: seven steals. Tim Duncan scored 19 points and Danny Green added 18 points for the team. C Tiago Splitter is out for a few games to heal a calf injury. The Spurs will look to continue their winning streak as they head towards the playoffs in the final weeks of regular season play. They next face the Oklahoma City Thunder on April 7, with ticket prices starting at $15.

3/31/15 - When the San Antonio Spurs meet up with the Heat on March 31, they will be looking to add another win to their burgeoning three-game winning streak that is part of a 13-3 record for the past 16 games. Although the Spurs season has not been what fans expect, they are in the midst of a surge that may just change their fate this season, as demonstrated by their most recent victory against the Grizzlies. The Spurs had a strong first and fourth period, helping them to win 103-89. Kawhi Leonard dominated the court, scoring 25 points and snagging 10 rebounds. If they continue to play this way, the Spurs may just find themselves doing well in the playoffs despite a low seed. Tickets for the Heat game are available starting at $34.

3/27/15 - The San Antonio Spurs' three game winning streak ended with a loss against the Dallas Mavericks on the 24th. The Spurs started out strong, going into half time in the lead by three. However, the Mavericks came back strong in the third quarter, outscoring the Spurs by 13. The Spurs were unable to overcome the deficit, despite having a strong fourth quarter. Manu Ginobili was back after sitting out due to an ankle sprain, but he only played 16 minutes. Kawhi Leonard scored 19 points for the Spurs, and Danny Green was also a high scorer with 17. The Spurs will look to get back to their winning ways when they head home for the next three games, starting with a game against the Thunder on the 25. Tickets are available starting at $19.

3/20/15 - With the season quickly winding down, the San Antonio Spurs continue to do excellent. After ending their six-game winning streak, the Spurs have won three of their last five games, one of which saw San Antonio to an impressive 123 points. Even in the two that they lost, the Spurs were well over 100 points. Hopefully they will be able to maintain this pace up until their final game. There are only eight remaining home games, so be sure to catch them while you still can. Your next opportunity will be on March 20th when the Spurs take on the Boston Celtics. A few tickets for that game are still available staring at $62. After that match, they will not return to San Antonio until March 25th.

3/12/15 - With only 19 games remaining on their schedule, the San Antonio Spurs seem to finally be rolling, winning each of their last six games by an average of 15 points. They will take on three of the East’s best during their current five-game home stand, and have already bested Chicago and Toronto this week. Thursday night marks a potential NBA Finals preview, as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers make their only visit to the AT&T Center this season—LeBron’s first visit since last year’s Finals, as a member of the Miami heat. Can the Spurs make it seven straight and sweep three of the best in the Eastern Conference? Great seats are still available for Spurs vs. Cavs starting at $94, but supplies are limited!

3/6/15 - Following an uncharacteristic four-game skid, Tim Duncan called his team a “work in progress”. Sitting just three games ahead of the red-hot Oklahoma City Thunder, the San Antonio Spurs knew they couldn’t afford to spend much more time finding themselves as a team. The defending champs have since won three straight, defeating the Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns on the road before returning home to drub the Kings one more time at the AT&T Center. Kawhi Leonard led the way with 21 points and five boards, and Greg Popovich was able to rest his starting five for extended durations in the blowout victory. San Antonio will look to keep up their winning ways when they host the struggling Denver Nuggets on Friday night, and you can be there live for as low as $29!

2/27/15 - A season-high 22 turnovers doomed the San Antonio Spurs in Utah, as the defending champs dropped their third straight game on the road following the All Star break. The Spurs have been known to use their annual “Rodeo Road Trip” to build momentum for the stretch run into the playoffs each season, but ran up against two of the West’s top teams in Golden State and the L.A. Clippers before stumbling versus the Jazz on Monday night. Tim Duncan and his squad will have an opportunity to turn things around on Wednesday when they face the Portland Trail Blazers, and a select number of seats for the game are still available! Get in for as low as $37, but don’t delay because tickets won’t last long!

2/18/15 - Marco Belinelli came up short in his bid to repeat as the champion of the annual Three-Point Shootout during All Star Weekend, but the San Antonio Spurs reserve still has plenty to look forward to, as his team enters into the final leg of the season where they are known to finish strong and build momentum for the playoffs. The Spurs will continue their season-high nine-game road trip on Thursday with a visit to the Staples Center where they will battle it out with Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers, who loom above them in the standings by mere percentage points. Come out and be a part of the playoff race, with seats selling as low as $43! Ticket supplies are limited, so don’t hesitate!

2/12/15 - The reigning champion San Antonio Spurs needed a big rally in the fourth quarter to earn coach Greg Popovich his 1,000th career win, outscoring the Indiana Pacers 30-14 in the final frame to steal a narrow 95-93 victory on the road. Pop becomes only the fourth NBA coach to accumulate one thousand victories, alongside fellow luminaries Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, and Jerry Sloan—the only other coach to achieve the feat while coaching a single team. The Spurs will have a chance to move Pop’s win total up to 1,001 before the All Star break, as they travel to Detroit to face off with the Pistons on Wednesday evening. Great seats at the Palace of Auburn Hills are still available starting at just $4 each!

2/4/15 - With just two home games remaining before their annual Rodeo Road Trip, the San Antonio Spurs are maintaining their position among the top eight in the Western Conference, winning seven of their last nine games to lift their record to 30-18 overall. Tim Duncan and his squad are known for building momentum during mid-Feburary, when the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo takes over the AT&T Center for two weeks, forcing the Spurs into an extended set of away games. Hometown fans will have two more chances to see the team this week, with the Orlando Magic in town Wednesday night (tickets from just $6!) and the Miami Heat visiting on Friday—come see the defending champs take on their former Eastern rivals with tickets starting at $42.

1/27/15 - The San Antonio Spurs were up to four victories in a row when they beat the Denver Nuggets 109-99 on Jan. 20th. Unfortunately, their final game on the road proved to be too much and they lost their streak to the Chicago Bulls. However, the Spurs can rest a little easier now, because they are just starting a series of six home games, which is also an excellent opportunity for any fans to catch them live. So far, they have made the most of the home court advantage, beating the Los Angeles Lakers 85-99 and the Milwaukee Bucks 95-101. Things are certainly looking up as their record improves to 29-17, placing them fourth in their division. They play the Charlotte Hornets next on Jan. 28th and tickets start at only $5.

1/22/15 - Sunday night marked the third straight win for the San Antonio Spurs, who will now have an even easier time resting their veteran stars, as Kawhi Leonard has returned to the lineup after suffering a ligament tear in his right hand on December 9th. Leonard made his presence known in his first game back Friday night, as he scored 20 points and dished five assists en route to a Spurs victory over the powerhouse Portland Trail Blazers. San Antonio went on to dispatch the Utah Jazz two nights later, 89-69, improving their record to 26-16 overall. They will play their next two on the road, starting with the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday (tickets from just $18!) before flying to Chicago to face off with the Bulls. Get in the United Center and be a part of the action starting at $48.

1/15/15 - Fresh off a successful season last year, the San Antonio Spurs are hoping to keep their momentum going this season. On January 13, 2015, the Spurs took on the very talented Wizards. It was a very close game, but they didn’t do enough to win at the end. The final score ended up being 101-93. Tim Duncan had a great game on the boards, getting 12 rebounds. However, starts like Tony Parker and Danny Green failed to do a lot on the offensive end. They will need to adjust their scheme going forward. An upcoming game for them that is a must-win situation takes place Friday against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Spurs have a lot of talent, so it’s a very winnable game for them. Tickets can be bought now for $34.

1/6/15 - The San Antonio Spurs will enjoy three days of rest after a narrow loss to the resurgent Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night, 105-104. The loss dropped the defending champs to 21-15 for the season, although Greg Popovich’s team is known for focusing on the big picture—they typically hit their stride following the All-Star break, so as to enter the playoffs with strong momentum. They will need to notch wins whenever possible, though, as they hover only three games above the New Orleans Pelicans, who are vying for the final playoff spot in the West this season. Next up for the champs is a home game versus the Phoenix Suns, whose run-and-gun style will test the Spurs’ vaunted defense. Get in with Razorgator for as low as $19!

1/2/15 - Break your winter doldrums by coming out to the AT&T Center to see the San Antonio Spurs. On January 3, catch them playing the Washington Wizards. Tickets are available from Razorgator starting at just $38. The Spurs sit in 4th place in the Southwest Division. They admit they’ve been up and down, because they’re playing good teams without key players who are out with injuries. However, Danny Green, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan led the reigning champions to a win against the Houston Rockets with 56 points between them in a 110 point game. On Tuesday, January 6, the Spurs host the Detroit Pistons. Tickets for this game start at $7. The Spurs wrap up four games at home on Friday, the 9th, when they play the Phoenix Suns. Get your tickets for this game before they’re gone.

12/26/14 - After a rare four-game losing streak, the reigning NBA champions finally got back on track Monday night. The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Los Angeles Clippers at home, 125-118, following a series of setbacks that included two heartbreaking triple-overtime losses in a row, to Western Conference rivals Memphis and Portland. All-star Manu Ginobili was forced to log heavy minutes in the absence of usual starter Tony Parker during the skid, deviating from Spurs coach Greg Popovich’s usual strategy of resting his veterans via off-days and limited playing time in regular season games. Parker returned with a vengeance on Monday, though, pouring in 26 points to help lift San Antonio to an 18-11 record for the season. Next up, the Spurs will play host to rival Oklahoma City in a Christmas Day clash—Razorgator still has great seats from $51, but don’t wait because they’re going fast!

12/19/14 - The San Antonio Spurs fell to the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday night 108-95, with both Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili sitting out. Duncan was out on rest and Ginobili was out for injury to his lower back. The Spurs are currently 17-8 and over the last five games, have gone 2-3. Kawhi Leonard scored the high in points with 21 and had nine rebounds. However, he suffered an injury to his left hand. While the x-ray results were negative, Leonard will have to sit out the next game due to soreness. Tony Parker was also out of the game due to a strained left hamstring from the 107-101 victory against Memphis on Dec. 5. The Spurs hope to redeem themselves when they play the Portland Trail Blazers again Friday night on their home court at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. Tickets for the game are currently starting at $15.

12/11/14 - Wednesday’s matchup between the San Antonio Spurs and the New York Knicks was missing a few stars, but it still provided a thrilling game. With Carmelo Anthony out for the Knicks and Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan resting for the Spurs, the game turned into a competition of depth. Following a Boris Diaw jumper in the second quarter, the Spurs held onto a four-point lead at halftime. San Antonio was able to keep its foot on the pedal and extended their lead to 14 in the fourth quarter as the team won 109-95. In their next game, the Spurs will host the Los Angeles Lakers, who are struggling despite the return of Kobe Bryant. As the Spurs battle for position in the Western Conference, the Lakers will be trying to redeem what has been a disappointing season for the 6-16 squad. Tickets for the event are on sale now, starting at just $24.

12/5/14 - The San Antonio Spurs may be the reigning NBA champions, but so far they have a lackluster record this season at 13-5, which puts them ranked 4th in the Southwest Division. They lost their latest game to the Brooklyn Nets 93-95 in overtime, which ended their eight-game winning streak. With six minutes remaining in regulation, the Spurs evened out the score with the Nets 14 points ahead, forcing the game to go into overtime. The winning basket for the Nets came from Joe Johnson, who only scored 8 points in the whole game. The Spurs next opponent, the Memphis Grizzlies, is sure to provide them with another tough game. They face each other on December 5 in Memphis. The game will see if the Spurs can bring back their championship skills. Tickets are still available, starting at $21.

11/24/14 - Tonight, Friday November 21, 2014, the San Antonio Spurs took on the Minnesota Timberwolves. They ended up coming away with the victory, with a final score of 121-92. They looked great throughout the entire game, and a huge reason for their success was because of Tony Parker. He ended up scoring 28 points and had 5 assists. He simply couldn’t stop scoring in the game, and he spread the ball around to his teammates with effortless poise. Danny Green, their dynamic guard, also had a great game, scoring 18 points. Up next for them is a competitive, fun game with the Brooklyn Nets. It should be a fast-paced game filled with a lot of offense. Tickets can be bought now for a low price of $19.

11/19/14 - Even after winning the NBA championship, Spurs tickets are still some of the least expensive in the league on the secondary market. According to Razorgator, San Antonio’s next home game against the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday has an average price of just $95.18, while the following home game against the Indiana Pacers has an average of $83.09. The Spurs have not been dominant with a 6-4 record, but prices that lowe still create a great value for fans in the San Antonio area.

11/18/14 - The San Antonio Spurs ended a three-game slide on Saturday with their first loss in more than a week. Unfortunately, the Sacramento Kings (6-4) were able to just barely beat out San Antonio. Sadly, this does lower the Spurs into the last position for the Southwest Division at 5-4, but they aren’t behind by much. In fact, if they can get one more win, they will pass the New Orleans Pelicans. San Antonio will be playing the Philadelphia 76ers, who are yet to get a single win, on Monday, so it looks like they are ready to make that happen. That game promises to be very exciting for any Spurs fan, and tickets for that match on the 17th are still available for only $6.

11/14/14 - The defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs have wavered over the season’s first three weeks, but Spurs tickets at the AT&T Center continue to garner high demand when the team plays at home. The team has dropped notable games against the struggling Suns and Pelicans but compiled a win streak with victories against the Clippers and Warriors on a California road trip this week. They’ll take on the Lakers and Kings over the weekend with a combined average price of $216, according to Razorgator.

11/13/14 - Monday night featured an incredibly close game between the San Antonia Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers. The first quarter ended with the Spurs behind at 14-20 and they were still behind at the half and third quarter. In the final quarter, they were able to score 25 points over the Clipper’s 15 bringing the final score to 89-85. Both teams brought an impressive defense leading to below average scores on both sides. This game evens out the San Antonio Spurs’ wins and losses at three each but still leaves them 5th in the South West Division. The next few games are going to be important for the team. They have an opportunity to beef up their ratio coming up, but every game is going to have to count.

11/11/14 - The San Antonio Spurs are off to a slow start this year who come into this season as the defending NBA Champions. The Spurs defeated the Los Angeles Clippers Monday night and their next home game will come on November 17 against the winless Philadelphia 76ers. According to Razorgator, San Antonio Spurs tickets against the Sixers have a average price of just $55.24.

11/7/14 - The 2014-2015 NBA season is in full swing, and the San Antonio Spurs are ready to defend their NBA title in their quest to finally repeat as champions. After returning their entire core, the Spurs are poised to dominate the Southwest division yet again. Come out to the AT&T Center to support your hometown Spurs as they try to rebound from a road loss to the young Phoenix Suns and get back on the winning track. With home contests coming up against Atlanta and New Orleans (featuring young phenom Anthony Davis), there is no better time than now to make it out to a game to cheer on Coach Pop and the Spurs. Razorgator has the very best seats available starting at only $6.

8/19/14 – The San Antonio Spurs’ 2014-2015 schedule released last week, and now the defending champions know who they’ll need to beat, and when they need to do it, on their quest for a franchise-first repeat. The Silver and Black will be receiving their championship rings and a brand new banner on Oct. 28 at AT&T Center vs. the Mavericks. Buy Dallas-San Antonio tickets for this “Ring Night” ceremony and tip off the season with a classic rivalry game! Highlights of the Spurs’ schedule include a Christmas Day matchup with Oklahoma City, a game against LeBron James and his new team when the Cavaliers stop in Alamo City on Mar. 12, and a NBA Finals rematch against the Miami Heat (Feb 6, Mar 31). Patty Mills is currently recovering from injury and will sit out to start the season, but you can buy San Antonio Spurs tickets to see the rest of last year’s title-winning team in action—plus the debut of rookie Kyle Anderson!

Revenge is sweet, and you can say that again! The San Antonio Spurs battled some hurdles on their way to winning a fifth NBA title in 16 years and, with all of their superstars returning, San Antonio is on the hunt for a repeat championship for the first time in franchise history. The Spurs suffered a heart breaking defeat by Miami in the 2013 Finals; a year later the squad used the devastating loss as fuel for vengeance in 2014. The Spurs punched their ticket to the postseason early, with a league-best 62-20 record. San Antonio struggled in Round 1 against the Dallas Mavericks, but eventually beat them in seven games—advancing to make mincemeat of their subsequent opponents: Portland (4-1), Oklahoma City (4-2) and, finally, the Miami Heat (4-1).

Coming into the 2014-2015 season, Gregg Popovich returns his stellar champion squad that set NBA records for outscoring opponents, average win-margin and shooting percentage in the playoffs—all despite talk of an aging roster and Big Three. The campaign was pure, unadulterated teamwork, showcased beautifully by the likes of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard. With the final pick in the first round, the Spurs selected UCLA’s utility player Kyle Anderson. In the front office, the franchise made a historic move by hiring WNBA star Becky Hammon as assistant coach—the first full-time paid female assistant coach in the NBA. Buy San Antonio Spurs tickets now and see these reigning champs defend their title in 2105!

2013-2014 Season

6/11/14 - With a big first quarter, and a big game from forward Kawhi Leonard, the San Antonio Spurs claimed Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Miami, 111-92. The Miami Heat could only manage to outscore the Spurs in one quarter – the third – as San Antonio grabbed a huge 16 point lead in the first quarter, and from there never looked back. Leonard was the offensive star of the game with a game-high 29 points, plus four rebounds, a pair of assists, another pair of steals, and a pair of blocked shots. The Spurs also got important contributions from Tony Parker and Danny Green (15 points each), Tim Duncan (14 points, six rebounds), and Manu Ginobili (11 points off the bench). As a team, the Spurs hit on nearly 60% of their shots (59.4%) for the game, with an advantage on fast break points as well (12-4). Game 4 is in Miami, then the action returns to San Antonio over the weekend.

6/9/14 - The air conditioning unit that failed right before tipoff of Game 1 has been fixed. But now do the San Antonio Spurs need some fixing? The Spurs were unable to hold down a cramp-free LeBron James, who exploded for 35 points and led the Miami Heat to victory in Game 2, 98-96. Unlike in Game 1, the Spurs only got double-digit performances from just three players – Tony Parker, who had 21 points and seven assists; Manu Ginobili, who tossed in 19 points coming off the bench; and Tim Duncan, who had the only double-double (his second of the series), of 18 points and 15 rebounds. Another reserve, Boris Diaw, contributed 10 rebounds, seven points and five assists. Action moves to south Florida for the next two games, Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

6/6/14 - They report that the air-conditioning unit at the AT&T Center that failed during Game 1 of the NBA Finals has been fixed. But the damage has been done, as the San Antonio spurs managed to keep their cool in a suddenly sweltering arena to grab a 1-0 lead over defending champions Miami, 110-95. The visiting Heat were without their main man for much of the key fourth quarter, as LeBron James found himself completely gassed from the higher temperatures, and eventually had to be carried off the court by teammates suffering from severe cramping in his legs – still, LBJ collected 25 points as the visitors’ top scorer. Four Spurs starters – Tim Duncan (21, team high), Tony Parker (19), Tiago Splitter (14) and Danny Green (13), plus sixth man Manu Ginobili (16) scored in double figures for the Spurs, with Duncan’s 10 rebounds and Ginobili’s 11 assists giving them both double-doubles for the night. Boris Diaw also contributed 10 boards and six assists off the bench, and Parker handed out eight assists.

6/4/14 - With the start of the NBA Finals just around the corner, the San Antonio Spurs are making sure every weapon at their disposal is available for the coming battle – including guard Tony Parker, who is battling nagging nicks (including a sprained ankle) but has pronounced himself ready to play for Game 1, he said to a French radio station. The oddsmakers have the Spurs as a slight favorite ahead of the opening game, reversing the odds initially posted at the beginning of the season, and in Game 1 specifically, the Spurs are 4 ½ point favorites, up from 3 ½ points at the beginning of the month. Parker was the only Spurs player named to an all-NBA team, earning a nod as all-league second team. Interesting stat of the week: The Spurs have nine international players on their playoff roster, representing six countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, and Italy) and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

6/3/14 - It’s a rematch of last year’s NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. It’s the sixth time in Spurs history that the team has played for the league championship, and the first rematch in back to back years since the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz met in 1997 and 1998. Obviously the Spurs are hoping to avoid duplicating last season’s result, when they extended the Heat to seven games – but unlike last season, the Spurs have the benefit of being the team with the best overall record in the league, and thus home court advantage in the NBA Finals. Team scoring leader Tony Parker has increased his output from the regular season (16.7 ppg) to the postseason (17.2 ppg) while being a little more selfish (5.7 regular season vs. 4.9 postseason assists per game). Veteran Tim Duncan’s numbers in rebounding (9.7/8.9) and blocks (1.9/1.4) per game have fallen slightly from the postseason, but still lead the team. Game 1 of the Finals starts on Thursday, June 5 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

5/28/14 - Everybody who played in Game 4 for the San Antonio Spurs scored – it’s just that they didn’t score enough, falling for the second time on the road in Oklahoma City, this time by a 105-92 count. While all 13 Spurs scored, just four – starters Tony Parker (14) and Kawhi Leonard (10), and reserves Boris Diaw (14) and Cory Joseph (11) broke into double figures. Diaw collected a double-double, pulling down 10 rebounds to go along with his points. As a team, the Spurs shooting was well off the percentages they had in San Antonio; in Game 4 alone, the team made just 39.8% of their shots, and had just 17 assists. The Spurs will definitely be looking forward to getting back to the AT&T Center in San Antonio, if the results are any indication; and Game 5 is coming up.

5/23/14 - The domination continues for the San Antonio Spurs. Although the scoring in the paint wasn’t as dominant as in Game 1, the overall score – a 112-77 blowout – was much more severe. San Antonio’s defense held Oklahoma City’s two main scorers to 15 points each, while Tony Parker had a game-high 22 points to go along with five assists, and Danny Green added 21 points, including seven three-pointers. Tim Duncan notched a double-double of 14 points and 12 rebounds, as well as a pair of blocks; Tiago Splitter nearly had a double-double, scoring nine points and pulling down 10 boards, plus three blocks. As noted, the Spurs advantage on points in the paint (54-42) was down from Game 1, but the rebounding advantage (53-38) was significant, as was the disparity in shooting; the Spurs hit exactly 50% of their shots from the field, while Oklahom City could manage just 39.3%. The series now shifts to Oklahoma City for Game 3 on Sunday.

5/20/14 - A key Oklahoma City player was missing from their lineup, and surely enough, the San Antonio Spurs took notice, making 67% of their shots in the paint and 57.5% overall en route to claiming a 122-105 victory in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals. OKC’s Serge Ibaka, as was noted in a story on the data-journalism site FiveThirtyEight, is normally one of the most effective rim defenders in the NBA; however, he is out for the rest of the playoffs due to a calf injury suffered in Game 6 of the previous round, and the Spurs took full advantage, to the tune of a 66-32 advantage in points in the paint. Tim Duncan led the way for the Spurs, with 27 points and seven rebounds; Manu Ginobili added 18 points off the bench; while Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green each contributed 16 points, and Tony Parker had a double-double of 14 points and 12 assists.

5/16/14 - For the third straight season, the San Antonio Spurs find themselves in the Western Conference finals, just four wins away from the NBA Finals. After failing to sweep Portland with a 103-92 loss in Oregon, the Spurs returned to San Antonio and finished off business with a 104-82 win over the Trail Blazers. Although Tony Parker played just 10 minutes, backup Patty Mills filled in admirably, scoring 18 points along with three rebounds, three steals, a pair of assists, and a blocked shot. Leading scorers for the Spurs were Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard, who each contributed 22 points; Green added nine rebounds to his stat line, while Leonard pulled down seven rebounds, and five steals. Tim Duncan chipped in 16 points and eight rebounds.

5/12/14 - With one more win, the San Antonio Spurs will advance to the Western Conference finals for the third consecutive time, and the eighth time since the 2000-01 season. In the second round against Portland, the Spurs are averaging 116 points per game, while holding the Trail Blazers to just a fraction over 97 points per game. Guard Tony Parker has been the driving force behind the Spurs effort; over the three games in the series, the French international is averaging 26 points per game, and has been the Spurs’ leading scorer in Games 1 and 3. San Antonio is also getting great play from Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan, as well as key contributions off the bench from Manu Ginobili and Marco Belinelli.

5/9/14 - After a difficult first round series with Dallas, the San Antonio Spurs had a much easier time with their next opponent, claiming Game 1 of their second round series with Portland 116-92. Tony Parker had a huge game for the Spurs, collecting 33 points, nine assists, and three rebounds; while reserve guard Marco Belinelli provided a boost of 19 points off the bench. Tim Duncan, the wily veteran, notched a double-double of 12 points and 11 rebounds plus a pair of blocked shots, while Kawhi Leonard nearly matched his effort, adding in 16 points and nine rebounds, as well as four steals. As a team, the Spurs shot 50.6% from the field, against Portland’s 37.8%.

5/6/14 - Even though fellow Southwest Division rivals Dallas stretched them to a Game 7, the San Antonio Spurs made sure the final result wasn’t even close, eliminating the Mavericks with a series-clinching 119-96 victory over the weekend. Tony Parker’s 32 points, Manu Ginobili contributing 20 points off the bench, and three other players – Danny Green (16 points), Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan (15 points each) ensured the Spurs were never challenged; they led 68-46 at halftime and increased their lead further in the third quarter. Next up for the Spurs will be the somewhat surprising Portland Trail Blazers, who took just six games to eliminate San Antonio’s other Texas rival, Houston.

4/28/14 - This has not been a good postseason first round for top seeds in the NBA so far – both Indiana in the East and the San Antonio Spurs in the West have found themselves in pitched battles with low seeded opposition. The Spurs find themselves down two games to one to West eighth seed Dallas in their series, with “Vinsanity” making a return to the headlines after the Mavs’ Vince Carter dropped a winning trey on the Spurs. Where has the difference maker been? The San Antonio Express-News opines that less than stellar contributions from San Antonio’s bench could be the culprit. Normally a strength, the newspaper reported head coach Gregg Popovich as saying, “Our bench has to give us something.”

4/21/14 - It was a classic performance by the West’s top seed, the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs used a 15-0 run late in the game to come away with a 90-85 victory in Game 1 of their first round series with the Dallas Mavericks. Veteran Spurs big man Tim Duncan, with 27 points and seven rebounds, played like a younger version of him, while Tony Parker collected 21 points, six assists, a steal and a blocked shot. Manu Ginobili came off the bench to make a major contribution of 17 points, six rebounds, three assists and a steal, while Kawhi Leonard notched a double-double of 11 points and 10 rebounds. The Spurs also dominated as a squad in the paint, outscoring Dallas 56-32.

4/15/14 - It’s the San Antonio Spurs’ league, everybody else just plays in it. The Spurs clinched the top record in not only the Western Conference, but in the entire NBA, knocking off Phoenix to notch their 62nd win of the season. Neither Tim Duncan nor Manu ginobili were even on the bench for the game, which featured a 33-point outburst from Danny Green, which included 7 of 10 from three point land. Starters Kawhi Leonard and tony Parker each notched 18 points; bench contributions came from Marco Belinelli (12 points), Boris Diaw (11 points, eight rebounds, six assists, two steals), and Jeff Ayres (10 rebounds and a pair of blocked shots). This marks the fifth time since coming over from the ABA that the Spurs have broken the 60-win mark in a season; their franchise record is 63, set in the 2005-06 season.

4/8/14 - After reeling off 19 straight wins, the San Antonio Spurs finally dropped a game – but it took big nights for Oklahoma City’s stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, to get it done, as the Spurs fell 106-94 on the road. However, San Antonio bounced back strongly, knocking off Memphis 112-92 over the weekend. Starter Kawhi Leonard and reserve Manu Ginobili each scored 26 points, while Tim Duncan contributed 13 points and Tony Parker 10 in the bounceback win. Parker would leave the game in the first quarter, however, with back spasms; he was slated to undergo an MRI on April 7, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

3/31/14 - Winners of 17 straight, the San Antonio Spurs have picked the absolute best time of the season to peak. Granted, four of the last five games for San Antonio have been against the likes of Philadelphia, Denver (twice) and most recently New Orleans, who the Spurs defeated 96-80 over the weekend. Spurs scoring in that game came from several players, most notably Marco Belinelli, who rang up 18 points; Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili (in a reserve role, with 15 points each; another reserve, Patty Mills, chipped in 13; while veteran Tim Duncan – who is said to be taking retirement “game by game” according to the Fansided website – adding a dozen points along with eight rebounds and four rejections.

3/24/14 - Owners now of the best record in the NBA at 53-16 – and a winning streak now at 13 games and counting – the San Antonio Spurs became the first Western Conference squad to lock up a playoff spot. Their most recent win, 99-90 at Golden State, came without the appearance of either Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobili; Tony Parker led the way with 20 points, while center Tiago Splitter combined 17 points and 14 rebounds; Danny Green added 18 points, Kawhi Leonard added 16, and Marco Belinelli contributed 15 points in the Spurs’ winning effort. Leonard also had seven rebounds and a pair of blocked shots.

3/18/14 - San Antonio extended their current winning streak to 10 games this past weekend, second in length only to the Los Angeles Clippers at the moment, with seven team members exploding for double-digit scoring in a 122-106 dismantling of Utah on Sunday. Leading the scoring attack was Manu Ginobili, whose 21 points off the bench was a team high; Ginobili’s effort was joined by a pair of fellow internationals: Tony Parker’s 18 points and seven assists, and Tiago Splitter’s double-double of 14 points and 10 rebounds. Tim Duncan contributed 16 points, six rebounds, six assists, a pair of blocked shots and a steal in an all-around effort.

3/13/14 - Now the owners of the best record in the NBA, a game ahead of Oklahoma City and Indiana, the San Antonio Spurs also have a winning streak which stands at eight games after their 103-90 win over Portland on March 12. The Spurs got balanced scoring with six players breaking double figures against the Trail Blazers – Patty Mills led the way off the bench with 15; Danny Green with 14; another reserve, veteran Manu Ginobili with 13; Thiago Splitter and Kawhi Leonard with 12 each (Splitter also had 10 boards); and Tim Duncan, who added 10 points and 11 rebounds to the Spurs’ victorious effort.

3/7/14 - Just how thorough were the San Antonio Spurs in their 122-101 victory over Cleveland earlier in the week? Coach Gregg Popovich managed to get every active player on the Spurs bench some playing time; every Spur had at least one rebound; and all but one of the Spurs scored – the only player not to score was reserve center Jeff Ayres. Danny Green led the Spurs’ scoring attack with 24 points. Veteran center Tim Duncan cleared eight boards, moving him past Hall of Famer Wes Unseld into 11th place on the list of most rebounds in a career. Defensively, the Spurs held Cleveland to just five points in the paint for the game.

2/28/14 - San Antonio has gotten some good news on the injury front in the last few days, as forward Kawhi Leonard returned to action in the Spurs’ 120-110 dismantling of Detroit earlier in the week; and All Star guard Tony Parker is expected to be back in the Spurs lineup “no later than Sunday,” coach Gregg Popovich told the San Antonio Express-News newspaper. No fewer than eight Spurs rung up double figures in scoring over the Pistons, led by Marco Belinelli’s 20 coming off the bench, Manu Ginobili’s 16, and Leonard’s 15 point contribution. Veteran Tim Duncan led the Spurs with 9 boards.

2/20/14 - San Antonio, riding high in the West standings, made a single minor deal at the NBA’s trading deadline on February 20, sending guard Nando de Colo to Toronto for lightly-used forward Austin Daye. Daye, a 6’11” Gonzaga product, had only appeared in eight games for the Raptors, averaging just a point a game. Also in off the court news, guard Tony Parker is expected to be out “with a variety of maladies,” according to coach Gregg Popovich, as reported by ESPN. Parker played in last weekend’s All Star Game as a reserve, collecting four points, two rebounds and an assist in 11 minutes of playing time for the West.

2/10/14 - The San Antonio Spurs got help from a surprising source over the weekend while sneaking by the Charlotte Bobcats: 32 points, including 18 in the fourth quarter, from the Australian Patty Mills. While Tim Duncan and Tony Parker were back in the lineup for the Spurs, it would become clear by the fourth quarter that Parker was still feeling the effects of back spasms. Mills would step up for the Spurs; saying after the game that it reminded him of playing for the Australian national team in the 2012 Olympics.

2/3/14 - Every year the San Antonio Spurs get written off before the season starts because of the advancing age of many of their key players…but apparently the Spurs aren’t listening to the naysayers. The Spurs continue to have one of the top records in the entire league, standing second in the Western Conference just three games back of the pacesetting Oklahoma City Thunder. The Spurs are winning with equal parts grit, guts, and luck as well, escaping an upset bid by the Sacramento Kings on February 1 95-93 at AT&T Center.

1/21/14 - The San Antonio Spurs may have a stranglehold over the Southwest Division with a four game lead, but they are just one game ahead of Portland, who is nipping at their heels for the Western Conference’s No. 1 seed. Still, MVP candidate Tony Parker and the Spurs are playing at an elite level, achieving a glimmering 32-9 record and losing just two games thus far this year. This Friday will present an interesting match: former Spur’s assistant coach Mike Budenholzer will meet his old boss, Gregg Popovich, in his first year as head coach for the Atlanta Hawks. Tickets are an affordable $38 for this road game in Atlanta on 1/24. From there, the Spurs move onto Eastern Conference juggernauts, the Heat, for a possible play-off preview game as they try and send Miami further into a skid; this game offers the most expensive San Antonio Spurs tickets, at $104 to start and running up to $5975 for coveted courtside seats. At home San Antonio will take on the OKC Thunder toting MVP-worthy Kevin Durant tomorrow (get-in for just $12) and the Chicago Bulls next Wednesday (get-in for a mere $4 on 1/29).

Expected to be in the mix to defend their Western Conference title, the Spurs have started the season 4-1. Leader Tim Duncan has been bothered by chest contusions, but his dependable teammates have continued to play smart Spurs basketball, picking up wins against the Grizzlies, Lakers, Nuggets and Suns. Coach Popovich was recently voted the league’s best at making in-game adjustments which has already been showcased five games into the season. He runs one of the best offenses in the NBA, and is respected league-wide especially by his veteran players. While the Spurs roster didn’t see any major changes this offseason, ticket prices did. San Antonio Spurs tickets are up 128% since last year but are still under the league average and ninth cheapest in the NBA.

The Spurs hope for another shot to win the NBA Championship after being just seconds away from victory in Game 6 against the Heat. While the core of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili will be another year older, coach Greg Popovich can expect improvement from emerging star Kawhi Leonard and promising Brazilian big-man Tiago Splitter. The 2013-14 season opener comes on 10/30 at home in a Western Conference Final rematch against the Grizzlies. If the starters play, the Spurs will have a chance at revenge against the Heat in Miami on 1/26 and at home at the AT&T Center on 3/6.

2012-2013 Season

5/13/13 - San Antonio finished off the young Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night, sweeping the 4-game Western Conference Semifinals series. Tony Parker led the team with 37 points in the Game 4 win, and with Duncan and Ginóbili supporting him, the San Antonio Spurs could add another NBA title in June. San Antonio will play the winner of the Heat vs Pacers Eastern Conference Semifinals series. Miami leads 2-1 with Game 4 tonight in Indianapolis. As of this morning Spurs tickets to the first NBA Finals home game in San Antonio at AT&T Center start at $186 and average $545.90. Read more about the latest NBA Finals price trends on our tickets blog.

3/22/13 - The San Antonio Spurs expect their leading scorer, Tony Parker, back Friday against the Utah Jazz after being out for eight games with a sprained ankle. The Spurs won six of eight without Parker and have secured a playoff berth. Despite sitting atop the Western Conference, San Antonio Spurs tickets are second cheapest in the League for the remainder of the season. The most expensive games left on the Spurs schedule are against the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers. Cheap tickets are not just for lottery teams - aside from the Heat and Clippers, all remaining Spurs home games have tickets listed at $2 or less.

2/21/13 - Last season the San Antonio Spurs won 50 games in the shortened season, tying the Chicago Bulls for the best record in the NBA. They also broke the record for the longest winning streak extending into the playoffs. Can "The Big 3" — Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili — make a late push this year despite the fact that the NBA has cracked down on Coach Popovich's habit of resting his guys whenever he pleases? The good news for the spurs: Tony Parker is posting the best numbers of his career, Tim Duncan looks better than he has in years, and the team has the best record in the NBA heading out of the All-Star break. Things are looking bright for the Spurs as the postseason approaches.

Despite San Antonio's success, Spurs tickets are seventh cheapest in the NBA, averaging just $61 to see a game at AT&T Center. In fact, every Spurs game has had tickets less than $20 available. The Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and Oklahoma City Thunder are the three most expensive road teams in the League (in that order). When these high-profile teams play the Spurs in San Antonio, tickets for the games average $157, $152, and $107 respectively. That's much lower than Miami’s, Los Angeles’, and OKC's average away ticket prices of $237, $232, and $178.

The remainder of the Spurs schedule is not easy but they do finish the regular season against three of four teams currently with losing records. In the tougher of two Conferences, the San Antonio Spurs are in pursuit of their fifth NBA Championship.
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