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By acquiring veteran leadership to complement their young nucleus of talent, the Philadelphia 76ers are showing that they’re every bit as eager as their loyal fans for a return to the NBA Playoffs. Head coach Brett Brown will steer the ship again this season, seeking to end the Sixers’ three-year postseason drought. Philly will put some of the league’s most exciting young players on display this year, including athletic big men Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel as well as Canadian long-bomber Nik Stauskas. Razorgator’s your source for Philadelphia 76ers tickets at the best prices—come out to the Wells Fargo Center and watch this young Sixers squad grow into what could very well be one of the Eastern Conference’s top teams in the 2015-16 season!
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It’s no secret that this 76ers team is missing the playoff cut this year—but that doesn’t mean Philly’s games won’t be hugely important. The Sixers will play host (and hope to play spoiler) for a handful of teams on the playoff bubble this month, instantly making cheap Philadelphia 76ers tickets one of the hottest properties for hoops fans as the NBA season winds down.

Top Teams Visit Philadelphia
The 76ers will try to dash the hopes of Charlotte this Wednesday, followed by Houston on 3/9, Detroit on 3/12 and Washington on 3/17. You’ll always find hot discount prices for these and all regular season NBA games here at Razorgator, your source for the best live sports and entertainment!

Philadelphia 76ers 2015-2016 News and Updates

2/11/16 - This home series did not turn out how the Philadelphia 76ers hoped it would. It all started very promising, after they after they hosted the Brooklyn Nets on February 9th. Their first game back on their home court ended with the 76ers ahead with 98-103. Unfortunately, they were not able to maintain this momentum and ended up losing both of the following matches, first against the Los Angeles Clippers, then against the Sacramento Kings. The 76ers are heading out on the road now, but they will be back on February 23rd to host the Orlando Magic. It is sure to be an exciting matchup, so get your tickets, which start at just $5.
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2/4/16 - Regardless of what game is being played, someone has to come in last place. The NBA is no different in these regards, and this year the Philadelphia 76ers happen to be pulling up the caboose in both the Eastern and Western conferences. The 76ers have only won seven games the entire season and have 40 losses to their name. The silver lining in all of this news is the 76ers have won two of their last six games. Get your tickets today to see if the 76ers can pull off another win for their hurting record. Tickets for the next game against the Washington Wizards are still available and start at $7 each.

1/28/16 - The Philadelphia 76ers had a tough time gaining their momentum this season, but it looks like they might finally be on a roll. They have managed to win three of their last five matchups, which is the most number of victories they have had this close together. Fans were certainly excited when the 76ers beat out the Portland Trail Blazers on January 16th and the Orlando Magic on January 20th, but they have added one more win when they took on the Phoenix Suns on the 26th. After holding a strong lead at the end of the opening quarter, the final score came to 103-113. Now, they 76ers are hosting the Golden State Warriors on January 30th.

1/21/16 - The Philadelphia 76ers broke their four game losing streak with a win against the Trail Blazers on the 16. They had another chance to win when they came back from behind to take the game against the Knicks into overtime. After battling it out for two overtimes, the Knicks took the victory. The 76ers were able to add another victory to their record when they beat the Magic on the 20. After the Magic had an early lead, the 76ers took control of the game and never gave it back. Jahlil Okafor led the team with 20 points. The 76ers host the Celtics on the 23, and tickets are still available for prices starting at $15.

1/14/16 - The Philadelphia 76ers had a chance to end their three game losing streak when they played the Bulls on January 14. They led going into halftime, but a tough third quarter cost them the lead. However, they continued to battle and sent the game into overtime. The 76ers were ahead 108-104 in the first minute of overtime, but then the Bulls had a 7-0 run. The 76ers did not back down, but could not get back control of the game. Robert Covington led the team with 25 points, and Ish Smith added another 24. The 76ers host the Trail Blazers as the last of a six-game home stretch on the 16. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $10.

1/7/16 - The Philadelphia 76ers have won their fourth game of the season. The 76ers took on the Minnesota Timberwolves in an exciting home game on January 4th. They earned an early lead, but fell behind by the half. The 76ers gained a lot of momentum in the last two quarters, however, and they finished the game with a final score of 99-109. This victory comes on the heels of their second and third victories, which were within three matches of one another. Fans are hoping this win will mean a late season turn around. With so many of their upcoming matches in Philadelphia on their own court, that hope may just come true.

12/31/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers added another victory to their record when they played the Kings on December 30, making it their second win in the past three games. Ish Smith had 18 points, five of which were in the final three minutes. Smith’s addition to the team after a trade with New Orleans has helped the team find their groove. Nerlens Noel led the team with a season-high of 10 points and also had a nine points. Erami Grant had 16 points and 11 rebounds, which was a career-best. The 76ers will look to keep it up when they head to Los Angeles to play the Lakers on New Year’s Day and the Clippers the next night. You can still get tickets for just $5.

12/22/15 - There is always a team in the NBA that has to be the caboose in both the Eastern and Western conferences. This year, the Philadelphia 76ers have been sitting in that spot since the beginning of the season. They have only won 1 of 28 games, and the losses just keep on coming. On December 20, the 76ers hit the court to play against one of the best teams in the league, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 76ers were able to outscore the Cavs in the fourth quarter by six points, but it was too late. See if they can pull off their second win of the season when they face off against the Grizzlies on December 22.

12/17/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers had one of their strongest games yet. They were not able to come away with a victory, but they came very close when they played the Atlanta Hawks on December 16th. The 76ers may not have a chance at the postseason, or even earning many wins, but they are still playing hard for the fans and performing their best. In this most recent match, the 76ers got all the way up to 106 points, but the Hawks just had slightly more. This may just be another loss on their losing streak, but you can bet that the 76ers will play just as hard on December 20th when they play the Cleveland Cavaliers.

12/10/15 - Losing by a whopping 51 points against the Spurs Monday evening, the Philadelphia 76ers hit a new season low. This is the worst loss for the Philly team in an already dismal season. Despite only having one win in the first six weeks of the NBA regular season, many fans are choosing to look at the positives. First off, this was never supposed to be a winning season. Secondly, the team will get a great draft pick next summer and lastly, the low expectations allow the team to build up young players such as rookie Jahlil Okafor. The Sixers are playing at the Wells Fargo Center this Friday, Dec. 11 against the Pistons. Get tickets today for $8 and up.

12/3/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers don’t look like a team that has a lot of hope this season. They are currently at the bottom of the pack in the Eastern Conference and just recently pulled off their very first win of the season against the Los Angeles Lakers. On Tuesday night, the 76ers went on the court to play against the New York Knicks. The 76ers struggled throughout the entire game to get numbers up on the board. During the second and third quarters, the 76ers only scored in the teens, which resulted in the 87-99 loss to the Knicks. Get tickets for their upcoming game against the Denver Nuggets on December 5. Any and all cheers could help the 76ers bring up their spirits.

11/26/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers still have not won a game yet this season. Their latest loss came against the Heat. It was a very disappointing loss because the 76ers led for most of the game. It appeared as though they may just get their first win of the season, with a lead of 11 points halfway through the final quarter. However, things started to break down and the Heat rallied to win 96-91, to the disappointment of the team and fans. Isaiah Canaan was the high scorer with 22 points, and Robert Covington added another 21. The 76ers are even hungrier for a win after the disappointment and will look to beat the Timberwolves on the 23. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $12.

11/19/15 - It is one of the worst seasons played in the Philadelphia 76ers record book. Thus far, the 76ers have yet to add a win to their record and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the team is going to be pulling out of this slump anytime soon. On Wednesday night, the 76ers played against the Indiana Pacers for a gruelingly physical game. The Pacers seemed to be more prepared for the game than the 76ers when they came out in the first half with an offense that was on fire. The 76ers lost the matchup with the final score being 112-85 for the Pacers. Get your tickets today to cheer the 76ers on to their first victory of the season.

11/12/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers continue to have a poor season and have yet to win a game. Their latest match was against the San Antonio Spurs on the 14, which ended with the Spurs winning 92-83. Despite losing, the 76ers still played a strong game and gave the Spurs a scare, coming within four points with three minutes left. Jahlil Okafor scored 2 points and also grabbed 12 rebounds. Nerlens Noel returned after sitting out two games due to an injury but only scored six points. The 76ers will look to finally get a win when they play the Mavericks on the 16 at home. You can still get your tickets, with prices starting at just $6.

11/5/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers continue to struggle. They just had their fourth game of the season, against the Milwaukee Bucks, but they fell short by four points with a final score of 87-91. Notably, they broke 100 points for the first time this year during the Cleveland Cavaliers game on November 2nd. Hopefully they will be able to play more like that going forward. The 76ers have one more away game, then they will return to Philadelphia on November 7th for three consecutive home matches. They will be facing the Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, and the Toronto Raptors. Get your tickets today and cheer the 76ers to their first victory of the season.

10/29/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers were unable to get a victory in their opening game for the 2015-16 season when they played the Boston Celtics. Jahlil Okafor was the leading scorer for the 76ers with 26 points, while Nerlens Noel helped out with 14 points and Isaiah Canaan had 81. The 76ers have a young team, with four-fifths of their roster having two years or less of experience in the NBA. Additionally, they have been plagued with injuries, leading to a reliance on just seven players. Philadelphia will work out their kinks and get their players healthy to turn things around. They next host the Jazz in their home opener on the 30th. You can still get your tickets, with prices starting at $17.

10/22/15 - With the NBA season right around the corner, all teams are making adjustments to their rosters, basing a lot of it on preseason success. The Philadelphia 76ers are no different and will be starting the 2015-2016 season with a starting lineup that is almost unrecognizable to even the most diehard NBA fans. Currently their projected lineup is Tony Wroten, Nik Stauskas, Robert Covington, Nerlens Noel, and Jahlil Okafor. Last year, the 76ers finished as one of the worst teams in the league so they have nowhere to go but up from here. Get your tickets to watch them live and see what changes they have made to be more successful.

10/13/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers are preparing their roster for the start of the 2015-16 season in just a few weeks. They have played four preseason games so far and have a 2-2 record. They lost their first game against the Wizards, but then came back and narrowly beat the Cavaliers 115-114 in their second game. The team came from behind to win, outscoring the Cavaliers 41-25 in the fourth quarter. They beat the Nets in their third game, and R Covington had 23 points to be the high scorer of the game. They lost against the Knicks in their fourth game. They face the Wizards again on October 16 and will look to win this time. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $4.

8/13/15 - It’s finally August and that means that the NBA has released its official schedule for the upcoming 2015-2016 season! A fresh start is just around the corner for the struggling Philadelphia 76ers, who finished fourth in the Atlantic Division last year with a pathetic 18-64 record. The 76ers will have just ten weeks to get ready for the new season. Their first test will be on the road in a matchup against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, October 28. Then, the team will head home to Wells Fargo Center to take on the Utah Jazz on October 30 followed by a meeting with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on November 2. Don’t miss a second of the action! Tickets to the home opener start at $33.

2014-2015 Season

4/8/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers have been unable to break their current six game losing streak. They most recently lost 91-101 against the Knicks on Sunday, April 5. In this game, Ish Smith and Hollis Thompson scored 17 points a piece for the team. Although the Knicks led most of the game and had an 81-72 lead with 10 minutes left to play, the 76ers did not give up. The team had a 10-0 run to get within two points with six minutes left to play. However, the Knicks had an 8-0 run with just over two minutes to play, which secured their victory. The 76ers are already out of the playoffs, but they will be looking to end their season with a few more wins. They host the Washington Wizards at home on April 8, with tickets available starting at $10.

4/3/15 - After trudging through two months as the worst team in the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers climbed out of the basement, showing flashes of the kind of play that has Philly fans excited about the future. With at least one coveted pick coming to them in the upcoming draft, the Sixers stand poised to turn the corner with a bevy of young talent and coach Brett Brown at the helm. Nerlens Noel has started to emerge as the interior defensive presence that Philadelphia had hoped for. Thomas Robinson and Joel Embiid will help solidify a formidable frontline for the 76ers as well, giving them potential to reinvent themselves as a juggernaut in the paint. Philly travels to Charlotte to take on the Hornets on Saturday night, and you can be a part of all the excitement with tickets starting at $20!

3/26/15 - After a couple of wins, the Philadelphia 76ers were unable to secure a victory against the Kings. The 76ers started strong, leading the Kings 31 to 27 during the first quarter and heading into halftime in the lead 70 to 63. However, the Kings came back strong in the third quarter, outscoring the 76ers by 10. Although the 76ers played a strong fourth quarter, they were unable to secure a victory over the Kings and lost by one point. Robert Covington had a great game, scoring 21 points, which included five 3-pointers. Thomas Robinson also did well, scoring a career-high 16 points. The 76ers will look to end their 16 game losing streak for away games when they play in Denver against the Nuggets on the 25th. Tickets start at $13.

3/20/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers usually have a tough time on the court, but they have been doing well lately. Coming off of their incredible upset against the top team in the Eastern Conference, the Atlanta Hawks, the 76ers have won half of their last four games, most recently against the Detroit Pistons. Philadelphia scored more than their opponents in three quarters and held a strong 83-94 lead in the end. It was not a very high-scoring game, but the 76ers were able to hold their own. They only have one more home game, against the New York Knicks, before they go out on the road again. Tickets for the March 20th game start at $20. They will return on the 27th to play the Los Angeles Clippers.

3/12/15 - Despite owning a 14-49 record, the Philadelphia 76ers have shown on several occasions this season that they are not to be taken lightly. The latest opponent to make that mistake was the Eastern Conference-leading Atlanta Hawks, who opted to rest three regular starters for the game, only to suffer a 92-84 loss at the hands of the young Sixers. It marked only the fourth time in NBA history that a team with a .250 or lower winning percentage was able to defeat a team whose percentage was over .800 after 50 games, making the win a little extra special for a team still trying to find its identity. Philly will host the Sacramento Kings on Friday night, and you can pick up tickets for as low as $8.

3/6/15 - An impressive victory over the Washington Wizards gave the home crowd some much-needed excitement on Friday night, but the Philadelphia 76ers have been unable to follow up with in a win in three subsequent games. They gave Oklahoma City a good fight on Wednesday, but had the misfortune of running up against an extremely driven Russell Westbook, whose historic 49-16-10 performance overwhelmed the young Sixers, ultimately resulting in a 123-118 overtime loss. Philadelphia will open a five-game home stand on Friday versus the Utah Jazz (tickets starting at $8!), and will get little rest before hosting the league-best Atlanta Hawks. Come out to the Wells Fargo Center and see the 76ers take on the best in the Eastern Conference with seats priced as low as $18 each!

2/27/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers have a five game losing streak going. Hollis Thompson and Robert Covington continue to be high scorers, but the team can’t get the momentum they need to gain a win. Nerlens Noel is making his name as a defensive player, with eight rebounds in the last game against the Milwaukee Bucks. The 76ers have a difficult schedule this weekend. On Friday (2/27), they have a home game against the Washington Wizards, then Sunday (3/1) an away game against the Indiana Pacers. Monday’s (3/2) game is back in the Wells Fargo Center against the Toronto Raptors. We have tickets starting at $7. You’ll have more opportunities in the following week to catch them on home court. Come out a cheer the 76ers on to a victory.

2/20/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers gained JaVale McGee from the Denver Nuggets in this season’s NBA trade. The 76ers also acquired the 2015 first round pick of the Oklahoma City Thunder, giving up Michael Carter-Williams to the Milwaukee Bucks as part of the deal. It’s been a controversial move, and fans will have to wait and see if it was a good move for the 76ers. The 76ers have a home game on Friday (2/20) before going out on the road for three games. They come home next Friday (2/27) to play the Washington Wizards. Tickets from Razorgator start at $14. Come out and cheer the 76ers to victory at the Wells Fargo Center-PA. Enjoy a great game of basketball with all the action on the court.

2/12/15 - It only took the Philadelphia 76ers one week to put together more wins in February than they were able to manage for the first month of the season. Wing players Hollis Thompson and Robert Covington have contributed to the Sixers’ recent run of solid play, both scoring above their season averages to help compensate for the absence of the injured Michael Carter-Williams, who has missed three games with a toe injury. Philadelphia signed Tim Frazier to a 10-day contract to fill the void at the point guard position, and the young Penn State alum hit the ground running, averaging nearly ten assists in his first two games. The 76ers will enjoy a long break for All Star weekend, returning home on Friday the 20th to host the Indiana Pacers. Grab your tickets now for as low as $7!

2/4/15 - It may have taken a little longer than they had hoped, but the Philadelphia 76ers have finally notched their 10th win of the season, a 103-94 triumph over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night. The victory also represented the third time this season the Sixers have won consecutive games, after having shut down the Pistons two nights earlier. The young Philadelphia squad had the misfortune of running up against two of the East’s best teams to open February, coming away with losses to the potent Atlanta Hawks and LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers, setting their record at 10-39 on the season. Philly will look to rebound when they host the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night, before facing the Celtics on Friday in Boston, where tickets for TD Garden are available starting at $19!

1/30/15 - This year’s Philadelphia 76ers continue their unpredictable season, scoring an impressive 20-point win over the Detroit Pistons to snap a six-game losing streak. Second-year point guard Michael Carter-Williams led the way with 14 points and 10 assists, powering a balanced attack that included six different players scoring in double-figures. Philly was able to limit the Pistons to a paltry 30 percent shooting on the night, as the young Sixers improved their record to 9-37 overall. Philadelphia will try to win consecutive games for just the third time this season, as they host the sputtering Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night. Tickets for the Wells Fargo Center can be had starting at the low price of just $7 each, but don’t delay, because supplies won’t last long!

1/21/15 - The Philadelphia 76ers won their eighth game of the season on Friday night, their first double-digit victory of the season, as they prevailed over the New Orleans Pelicans, 96-81. Nerlens Noel had the best game in his first season of play, posting a stat line of 17 points, 11 boards, and five blocks, as he helped lead his team to a defensive effort that allowed the Pelicans to shoot just 38 percent. The Sixers came up short the next night on the road against the revitalized Detroit Pistons, and were knocked out early on Monday by the second-place Washington Wizards. Philly will have an opportunity to score another victory on Wednesday as they host the struggling New York Knicks, and you can be a part of the action for as little as $19!

1/13/15 - This season may not be a playoff year for the Philadelphia 76ers, but the young group is building a foundation by learning to play well together and win games—three out of their last five, to be exact. The Sixers won consecutive games for just the second time this season, earning close victories over the Brooklyn Nets on the road, as well as the Indiana Pacers at home in Philadelphia. A defeat at the hands of the East-leading Atlanta Hawks doesn’t change the fact that Philly is already enjoying their best month of the season, and could even get to double-digits in the win column before February rolls around. Next up on the calendar for the 76ers is a road date with the Raptors in Toronto, and tickets in to the Air Canada Centre are still available from just $10!

1/6/15 - Although they opened the season 0-17, the Philadelphia 76ers are no longer the owners of the worst record in the league. A win against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday lifted Philadelphia to a 5-28 record, two games better than the sinking New York Knicks. With five games upcoming against Eastern Conference foes, the Sixers will look to improve their position in the standings, led by high-scorers Tony Wroten (17.4 points per game) and Michael Carter-Williams (averaging 15 points and 7.5 assists). Philly will play host to the Indiana Pacers on Saturday evening at the Wells Fargo Center, and Razorgator still has a limited number of tickets available at great prices! Get in the door starting at just $14, and show your support for the 76ers!

1/1/15 - After faring well against a pair of Eastern Conference opponents to open a seven-game road trip, the Philadelphia 76ers came up short versus Western foes, suffering their latest loss to the torrid Golden State Warriors. Back-to-back losses to Portland and Utah were sobering after two straight road wins in Florida, but there is no doubt that these young Sixers are looking better in recent weeks than they did to start the season. Coach Brett Brown will lead his squad into 2015 looking to improve on a 4-26 record, hoping to give Philly some much-needed momentum before the All-Star break. The 76ers open the new year with back-to-back road games versus Pacific Division foes before heading home to host LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Razorgator has your tickets for King James’ only visit to the Wells Fargo Center this season, starting at just $40!

12/26/14 - This season hasn’t been particularly enjoyable for the Philadelphia 76ers, but a road trip through Florida has provided some bright spots for the young squad. Two nights after notching just their third victory of the season in Orlando, the Sixers produced their first win streak by shocking the Miami Heat, 91-87. Miami led by as many as 23 points in the second half, but were held to just 30 points after halftime, as Michael Carter-Williams rallied his team to victory with 20 points, five assists, and six steals. The win lifted Philadelphia to a 4-23 record, after starting the year an abysmal 0-17. They will continue their seven-game road trip on Friday when they visit the Trailblazers in Portland, and Razorgator still has great seats for the game starting at $55.

12/18/14 - The Philadelphia 76ers fell to the Boston Celtics with a close game Monday night with a final score of 105-87. The 76ers held a nice edge in the first quarter with a score of 20-15, but fell to the Celtics who scored the 18-point victory. Nerlens Noel had a great game with 19 points, three steals, four assists, two blocks and eight rebounds. In terms of the amount of court-time, Robert Covington was second behind Michael Carter-Williams. Covington played a large part in the 76ers good start, and ended the game with six rebounds and 13 points. Up next for Philadelphia is a Friday night game on the home court, where the 76ers will have another opportunity to steal their third win of the season from the Charlotte Hornets. Be sure to get your tickets now, starting at $6.

12/11/14 - After starting their season 0-17, the Philadelphia 76ers looked to be turning things around with two wins in three games, but their loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday seemed to indicate that there would be more work ahead. While the 76ers were able to put up points, they simply could not keep up with the Hawks, who have now won an impressive eight straight games. In the matchup, Michael Carter-Williams had 8 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists; however, it was Alexey Shved who led the 76ers with 13 points. Despite being last in the conference, the 76ers are trying to rediscover the formula that had them winning against the Timberwolves and the Pistons. After a road game against the 8-12 Brooklyn Nets, the 76ers will return home to face the Memphis Grizzlies. Tickets begin at $7 for the Saturday, December 13th matchup.

12/5/14 - The Philadelphia 76ers received their first win of the season on Wednesday, December 3rd, against the Minnesota Timberwolves with a final score of 85-77. With the win, the 76ers avoided tying the record for most consecutive defeats during the opening part of the season. The game between the two struggling teams started out with both teams shooting at the wrong basket, causing the referees to stop the game to correct the mistake about 16 seconds into it. The 76ers now have a season record of 1-17, and are ranked 5th in the Atlantic Division. They will next play the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday, December 5th. The game is sure to be a good one, with the Thunder's Durant back from injury and the 76ers finally having a win behind them. Tickets are available starting at $24.

11/24/14 - Tonight, November 21, 2014, the Philadelphia 76ers took on the Phoenix Suns. It was a close game for 3 quarters, but the Suns started to take pull away near the end. The Suns captured victory with a final score of 122-96. In the 76ers loss, Alexey Shved scored 15 points and had 5 assists. His efforts were not enough to help his team prevail, and they will need more players to step up if they want to get some momentum in their division. Currently, they are 0-12 in the regular season, and they seriously need to change things both offensively and defensively in order to secure a win. Up next for them is a game against the New York Knicks. Tickets for the game start out at $78.

11/17/14 - The Philadelphia 76ers were heartbreakingly close to ending the winning streak of the Houston Rockets. The nearly undefeated team (8-1) managed to win by a single point. After being tied at the half, the 76ers took a nice lead of 5 at the end of the third quarter. Certainly everyone in Philadelphia was dying for the 0-9 team to dethrone Houston, but it simply wasn’t to be. It’s no question that the 76ers have been having a rough season, but they have plenty of fight left in them if this game is any indication. Philadelphia has mostly home games left in the season, so you have many opportunities to cheer them on, the first of which is on the 19th against the Boston Celtics. Tickets start at $7.

11/13/14 - The Philadelphia 76ers have had a rough season so far, and Sunday’s game was no exception. With a final score of 88-120, this is the 76ers’ seventh loss in a row, bringing them to 0-7. Tony Wroten scored 18 points and Chris Johnson scored 16 for the 76ers. Philadelphia actually hasn’t won a game at Toronto since November 10th, 2012, so any hopes of breaking that were unrealized. The season is still young, of course, and the Philadelphia 76ers still have many opportunities to turn it around. They are about to start a series of away games, but they will return to Philadelphia on November 19th against the Boston Celtics. That will be your best opportunity to go and cheer the 76ers to a victory. Tickets are already available starting as low as $6.

11/6/14 - The Philadelphia 76ers have had a rocky start to their season with four early losses on the scoreboard. It’s still early in the NBA season, and no one seems to think the 76ers will have an especially good season, but they do have some exceptional talent in Nerlens Noel. He currently leads the NBA in opponent field goal percentage at the rim, and in the game against the Houston Rockets, he had an incredible block against James Harden. 76ers’ veteran Alexy Shved scored 18 points in 24 minutes in the game against the Indiana Pacers. Tony Wroten is making a concerted effort to replace the injured Michael Carter-Williams. Although no one is giving the 76ers hopes of making the NBA Championships, they are a team that is coming together and will be fun to watch.

10/29/14 - Speculation has risen that the Philadelphia 76ers could underperform again this season in search of another high draft pick. However the Sixers have not had the best of luck with those picks; Nerlens Noel has yet to play a game, Joel Embiid could be sidelined for the entire season after a foot injury, and Dario Saric is playing overseas.

10/23/14 - He was selected for his defense, and so far, the Philadelphia 76ers’ Nerlens Noel hasn’t disappointed. The rookie, who missed all of last year with a torn ACL, has impressed observers both in summer league and preseason play.

9/19/14 – The Philadelphia 76ers released their 2014-2015 schedule, revealing Michael Carter-Williams and company face an uphill battle to start off the year. The 76ers open regular season play against the Pacers in Indiana on Oct. 29. Philadelphia fans get a doozy of a home opener, when they host the Miami Heat at Wells Fargo Center on Nov. 1. Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets visit on Nov. 3, followed by Derrick Rose and the Bulls on Nov. 7. Score Philadelphia 76ers tickets for some fun on Halloween Night, when Joel Embiid and crew visit his draft classmate Jabari Parker in Milwaukee.

It was understood that the Philadelphia 76ers would enter last season in a tough state, and the team all-but fulfilled their dismal prophesy, ending the season at 19-61—just four games better than the last-place Bucks. There were definite positives to take away from the year, namely Rookie of the Year awarded to Michael Carter-Williams after averaging 16.7 points, 6.3 assists and 6.2 rebounds in 2014.

Philadelphia relied on the likes of Thaddeus Young, James Anderson, Henry Sims and Hollis Thompson, though their breadth of talent was ill equipped to carry the team through the year. Little could be expected from the squad especially after the mass exodus of players at the trade deadline. The 76ers landed one of the top prospects in the 2014 Draft, swooping up Joel Embiid with the third overall pick. There is nowhere to go but up for Brett Brown’s team—score your Philadelphia 76ers tickets now and see where their young talent takes them in the 2014-2015 season!
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