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One of the most talented point guards in Orlando Magic history will be returning to lead the team again in 2015-16, but this time, he’ll be calling plays from the sidelines instead. Scott Skiles will take the reins of a Magic team which features some of the top young talent in the league, including the multi-talented Victor Oladipo, crafty point guard Elfrid Payton and enforcer Nikola Vucevic protecting the paint. Coach Skiles is tasked with guiding his team back to the playoffs for the first time since 2012, and in a wide-open Eastern Conference, there’s plenty of potential for Orlando when the postseason rolls around. Orlando Magic tickets are on sale now—grab yours today and enjoy the all the luxuries and amenities Amway Arena has to offer!
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Playoffs Still in Reach for Orlando
It might take a miraculous finish, but the postseason isn’t out of the realm of possibility for this Orlando team. The Magic sit just four games out of the final Eastern Conference spot and with several key matchups still on the horizon, vaulting into the mix might be just a win streak away. Follow the action up-close with cheap Orlando Magic tickets from Razorgator, on sale now.

Don’t Stop Believing
Victor Oladipo will lead his team against the seventh-place Bulls twice this month in must-have games for the Magic. They’ll also play host to the Phoenix Suns this Friday, a game with big ramifications when it comes to the NBA playoff race. Discount seats are on sale now with prices as low as $19!

Orlando Magic 2015-2016 News and Updates

2/11/16 - After suffering a short losing streak, it looks like the Orlando Magic is back to winning, though they did have some close calls. On February 7th, they hosted the Atlanta Hawks. They had lost the three previous matches, but the Magic was able to earn a lead early and just hold on to it through the final buzzer, with the final score coming to 94-96. Then, the Magic had a rematch the next day, this time on the Hawks’ court, which managed to somehow be even closer. This time, it all came down to overtime, but the Magic were able to pull off a 117-110 victory. They are headed back home to face the Dallas Mavericks now.
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2/4/16 - The Orlando Magic may not be a contender for the playoffs this year due to their unfortunate long losing streak they encountered the end of January. The Magic lost five games in a row, but were able to bring home a win against the Boston Celtics on January 31. This game was a huge win for the Magic and was a great way to hopefully add a lot of W’s to their record. However, this winning high was put to an abrupt halt when the San Antonio Spurs beat the Magic 107-92 on February 1. See if the Magic can recover from the loss when they compete against the Los Angeles Clippers on February 5.

1/28/16 - The Orlando Magic need to get some more wins. They have lost 11 of their last 12 games and are finding themselves no longer in the Eastern Conference contention for the playoffs. Their latest loss was against the Magic on January 26. The Magic came out strong, outscoring the Bucks 30-23 in the first quarter. However, they were unable to maintain control of the game, and the Bucks took the victory. Victor Oladipo led the team with 18 points, and Nikola Vucevic had 16. The Magic will look to break this lengthy losing streak when they play the Celtics in a home-home two game series starting in Boston on the 29. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $39.

1/21/16 - The Orlando Magic have lot their last four games, which also led to them dropping below .500 after being above since November 29. Their latest loss came against the 76ers. They led for some time in the beginning of the game, but they were unable to hold onto it. Elfird Payton was the team's lead scorer with 21 points, and he also had 10 assists. Nikola Vucaevic added 15 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, while Tobias Harris also helped the offense with 15 points and 10 rebounds. The Magic will look to break this losing streak when they host the Hornets on the 22. You can still get tickets to catch the action in person for prices starting at $17.

1/14/16 - The Orland Magic finally ended their four game losing stretch with a win over the Nets on Friday, January 8. However, they were unable to continue the momentum and lost against the Wizards the next night. They battled against the Raptors on the 14 in a special London game, going into overtime before falling by three. The Raptors had an early lead, outscoring the Magic 31-18 in the first quarter. The Magic battled back to send the game to overtime, but they were unable to overtake the Raptors. Victor Oladiop led the team with 27 points. The Magic next play in Atlanta on the 18, and you can still get tickets for prices starting at just $7.

1/7/16 - This last series of away games proved to be a challenge for the Orlando Magic. Unfortunately, they were not able to earn any victories. The Magic finished the series with an 89-115 loss against the Detroit Pistons. They returned to Orlando, but they were not able to win their first match back either. The Magic took one more loss against the Indiana Pacers, with the final score coming to 95-86. Fans are hoping their slump is nearing its end, but they do have one more away game before they have any significant amount of time on their own court. The Magic is facing the Brooklyn Nets, then will return on January 9th to host the Washington Wizards.

12/31/15 - The Orlando Magic have won their last two games in a row after they lost against the Heat on December 26. In their latest victory, the Magic rallied to take the game from the Nets and won 100-93. Nik Vucevic led with 20 points and also snagged nine rebounds to help the team lead the way to victory. Evan Fournier helped out with 17 points. The team displayed some strong defense as they held the Nets to 20 points in the last 12 minutes in order to overcome a 10 point deficit and win. The Magic head to Washington to play the Wizards on New Year’s Day, and you can still get tickets for $23.

12/22/15 - The Orlando Magic haven’t had very successful seasons for awhile now since they have been rebuilding their team, however, this season is panning out to be pretty good for the Florida team. Currently they are sitting with a 15-12 winning record and are consistently adding wins. After going on a three-game winning streak last week, the Magic was finally defeated by the Atlanta Hawks on December 20. The entire game came down to the final minute of play, when Kyle Korver for the Hawks successfully hit a three-pointer to tie the game. This led the Hawks to another scoring possession and the W for the night. See if the Magic can recover when they play again on December 21 against the New York Knicks.

12/17/15 - With the Orlando Magic just starting a series of home games, it looks like they are starting to gain momentum. They have now won two consecutive matches, against the Brooklyn Nets and the Charlotte Hornets. The Magic managed to keep their opponents from scoring more than 100 points in both games. The good news for fans is that this is just the beginning. The Magic will be having their next few matches in Orlando, first against the Portland Trail Blazers, then the Atlanta Hawks. Get your tickets to come out and show your support. Tickets for the Hawks matchup are still available, starting as low as $19. This is your chance to catch the Magic in action.

12/10/15 - The Orlando Magic ended their five game winning streak with a close loss against the Clippers on December 5. They got back to their winning ways when they beat the Nuggets on December 8. The Magic had just a two points lead with three minutes left to play. Then, Evan Fornier had his only points of the game when he made a 3-pointer to extend the lead, and the final score was 85-74. Nikola Vucevic and Elfrid Payton led the team with 18 points each. Unfortunately, the Magic did not maintain their momentum and fell in another close game against the Suns. The Magic next play the Cavaliers on December 11 at home. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $48.

12/3/15 - The Orlando Magic hasn’t looked this good in a long time. The Magic is still a team that is in contention for playoff position and they are fighting tooth and nail every game to make sure they solidify their spot. It has helped that they have won their last four games in a row, including their big win against the Minnesota Timberwolves on December 1. The Magic’s offense was unstoppable during the game and they made a lot of good decisions down the stretch to become the victors of the game. Watch all of the action live when the Magic takes on the Los Angeles Clippers on December 5. Tickets are still up for grabs.

11/26/15 - The Orlando Magic lost a close game to the Kings on November 21. The Magic were unable to stop the Kings' DeMarcus Cousins, who had 29 points. The Magic were ahead towards the end of the third quarter, but the Kings rallied. The Magic didn’t let that get them down and answered back, getting close, but a technical foul gave the momentum back to the Kings. The Magic continued to battle, closing the deficit to 6 by the end of the game. The top scorer was Tobias Harris, who had 24 points, followed by Evan Fournier with 17. The Magic play the Cavaliers on the 23 before heading home to host the Knicks on the 25. Tickets are available starting at $19.

11/19/15 - The Orlando Magic had a tough matchup this week against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Things were looking pretty grim for the Magic during the first half of the game, and they went to the locker room in search of anything that could pull them ahead of the Timberwolves. Whatever it was that the team decided to change, it worked. They outscored the Timberwolves in both the third and fourth quarters, which pushed both teams into overtime play. The victory reward goes to Evan Fournier, a Magic player, who hit a three-point shot with three seconds remaining in overtime. See if the Magic can ride the winning high when they take on the Sacramento Kings on November 21.

11/12/15 - The Orlando Magic have had a pretty good week, winning four of six games. After losing in overtime to the Rockets, they beat the Raptors and the 76ers. Their budding winning streak ended when they lost to the Pacers. They beat the Lakers 101-99 in a game that came down tot eh last second when Nik Vucavic hit an 18-footer at the buzzer in his first game back after an injury. The Magic also beat the Jazz, but again their budding winning streak was stopped by a loss when they played the Wizards. They will look to get another win when they play the Timberwolves on the 18. Tickets remain available, with prices starting at $23.

11/5/15 - The Orlando Magic has finally earned their first victory of the season. On November 3rd, the Magic travelled to take on the New Orleans Pelicans, and the final score came out to103-94. Unfortunately, they were unable to maintain the momentum and lost their next game against the Houston Rockets. For the second time this year, the Magic went to overtime and came away with a loss. The final score was 114-119. It is clear that they have something special this season, but they continue to just barely fall short. Hopefully they are able to turn it around soon. The Magic’s next home match is on November 11th when they host the Los Angeles Lakers.

10/29/15 - The Orlando Magic lost a nail biter of a game against the Wizards for their season opener on October 28. Orlando had an eight-point lead in the early part of the fourth quarter, but the Wizards rallied with a 12-0 run that put them ahead. The Magic responded with a 9-0 run to get ahead by five with two minutes left. The back and forth continued, and the Wizards drew ahead with 12 seconds to play. Nik Vucevic answered with a jumper as the buzzer sounded, but unfortunately it bounced off the rim. The Magic will look to snag a victory when they host the Thunder on October 30. You can still get your tickets for prices starting at $29.

10/22/15 - It seems as if the Orlando Magic haven’t been a real threat to the NBA since they had Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway running their team. However, each year the Magic continues to grow as a team and is putting in a lot of effort to get better and better each year. As far as their roster goes, the Magic announced this week that they are going to exercise their third-year option on point guard, Shabazz Napier. Napier has made an impact on the preseason averaging almost ten points a game and two assists. Watch the Magic start their preseason live on October 28 against the Washington Wizards. Tickets are available for $29 each.

10/13/15 - The start of the 2015-16 NBA season is just a few weeks away, and the Orlando Magic are spending the preseason preparing their team to compete. They have an even record so far at 2-2. They lost their first and third games against the Hornets and Pacers respectively, and beat the Heat and Rockets in their second and fourth games. Each game has seen another player step up to be the lead scorer, with Andrew Nicholson scoring 23 points against the Hornets, Evan Fournier scoring 18 against the Heat, Victor Oladiop snagging 15 against the Pacers, and Devyn Marble having 21 points against the Rockets. They next play the Heat again, this time at home on the 13. Tickets are on sale starting at $12.

8/13/15 - The Orlando Magic are still trying to regain some of the magic they had when big man Dwight Howard was a part of the team. In fact, they had one of the worst records in the league during the most recent 2014-2015 season. With an overall record of 25-57 last year, many are wondering what’s next for the fifth place title holders in the Southeast Division. We’ll find out this October, as the official NBA schedule for 2015-2016 was just published this week. According to the new schedule, the Magic will face the Washington Wizards in their home opener on Wednesday, October 28 before playing the Oklahoma City Thunder on October 30. The Magic will need all the help they can get, so come show them your support at the kickoff game.

2014-2015 Season

4/8/15 - After another stream of losses, the Orlando Magic have finally turned things around with two back-to-back victories. On Friday, April 3, they beat the Timberwolves 97-84, and the next night they beat the Bucks 97-90. Against the Bucks, Tobias Harris scored 23 points and snagged 10 rebounds, and Nikola Vucevic added another 20 points to the board. The Bucks were ahead going into the fourth period, but the Magic played hard to beat the Bucks. The lead went back and forth throughout the quarter, and in the final minutes Harris and Victor Oladipo scored two back-to-back three pointers to secure the lead. The Magic will be looking to turn these wins into a streak when they play the Bulls at home on the 8th. Tickets are still available, with prices starting at $29.

4/3/15 - While it does not appear that the Orlando Magic will be making the playoffs this year, the season has been one full of many small victories for a young team still seeking its identity. Second-year guard Victor Oladipo stands as the greatest hope for Orlando fans to return to the playoffs soon, as his athletic scoring ability lifted his team to several key victories during the year. With emerging talent like Nikola Vucevic and Elfrid Payton, the Magic are definitely a team in position to make a big turnaround in the upcoming season. They will finish out the season with a fairly light schedule, starting with Minnesota on Friday night before taking on the Bucks on Saturday. Get in to BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee for just $13 to be a part of the action!

3/26/15 - The Orlando Magic was finally able to break their losing streak. Their first home game last week saw the Magic score 111 points, against the Portland Trailblazers' 104. The Magic took an early six-point lead, but they fell behind in the second and third quarter. Luckily, Orlando really took control of the court in the final period and came back, scoring an impressive 13 more points than the Trailblazers. Unfortunately, the Magic took a couple losses following that victory. They have two more matches before they have to hit the road again, so hopefully they will be able to gain a little momentum. If you would like to see them before they leave again, tickets for the matches against the Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs start at $19 and $34 respectively.

3/20/15 - Despite playing really well, the Orlando Magic is having trouble breaking their losing streak. For the second time in three days, the Magic has scored more than 100 points, but still has not taken a victory. Leaving the Dallas Mavericks' court with 102 points, the Magic is now up to six consecutive losses. There is hope on the horizon however. Starting on March 20th, Orlando will begin a five-game series on their own court, which just might be what they need to start winning matches again. First, they will take on the top team for the Northwest Division, the Portland Trailblazers. Tickets are available for as little as $12. The final home game will be on April 1st, so be sure to catch them live before then.

3/12/15 - After closing out their recent home stand 2-2, the Orlando Magic stumbled against the Indiana Pacers on the road, falling by a score of 118-86. Indiana played like the team that is still fighting for a playoff berth, jumping out to a 12-point halftime lead before putting the game out of reach with a 21-8 run to start the fourth quarter. Despite the setback, Orlando did score consecutive victories over the Boston Celtics and Sacramento Kings, two teams generally thought to be better than their respective records indicate. The Magic will have little time for rest this week, turning around for a road game in Milwaukee on Wednesday before heading to Boston for a Friday night rematch with the C’s. Tickets for TD Garden are available starting at $29.

3/6/15 - Victor Oladipo scored a career-high 38 points on Wednesday night, but it wasn’t quite enough to carry the Orlando Magic to a victory, as the Phoenix Suns prevailed by a score of 105-100. Elfrid Payton narrowly missed out on a double-double, putting up nine points and 10 assists in the loss, which dropped Orlando to 19-43 for the season. The young squad will try to regroup in anticipation of a Friday evening clash with the Sacramento Kings, who have rallied under new head coach George Karl. Tickets for the Amway Center are still available starting at just $7 each, but supplies won’t last long! Come check out two of the NBA’s emerging young teams as they go head to head in the heart of Florida.

2/26/15 - The Orlando Magic had a three game winning streak until the Miami Heat came to town. The final score, 93-90 in overtime, was close, making it a tough loss. With 42 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Nikola Vucevic sank two foul shots from the free-throw line to give the Magic an eight point lead over the Heat. Vucevic scored 31 points and had 14 rebounds, making him the player to watch. The fans who left early to beat the traffic missed some great plays by the Heat. On Sunday (3/1), the Magic try to recover on home court when they host the Charlotte Hornets. Tickets start at $12. Wednesday (3/4), the Phoenix Suns come to the Amway Center to face the Magic. Cheer your home team to the win!

2/20/15 - The Orlando Magic kept their team intact at the NBA trade deadline, even though there were some rumors that some players could change. ESPN announced that the Magic were retaining the interim coach James Borrego to finish out the season. Since Borrego took over, the Magic are 2-2, which is an improvement from their earlier games. It remains to be seen if Borrego will be the long term coach, but for now he’s here to stay. Fans can catch the Magic at Amway Center on Sunday (2/22) against the Philadelphia 76ers. With tickets starting at $7, you can get more action on the court than any movie. On Wednesday (2/25) the Miami Heat bring their new roster to town. Tickets for this game start at $29.

2/12/15 - The Orlando Magic goes to the break with a win against the New York Knicks. Nikola Vucevic had a spectacular performance with 28 points and 18 rebounds during 41 minutes of play. The game’s final score was 83-89. The Magic have a 17-39 record for fifth place in the Southeast Division. They’ll come back on Friday (2/20) well-rested and ready to host the New Orleans Pelicans. Get your tickets now from Razorgator starting at $17. Cap off your weekend with a Sunday (2/22) game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Bring the whole family or a group of friends and enjoy all the fast-paced action on the court. Seats are still available starting at $12. Cheer and scream for the home team and show your support on their way to victory.

2/4/15 - The Orlando Magic put up a fight against Oklahoma City on Monday night, but did not have enough firepower to overcome Russell Westbrook’s second triple-double this season, as the Thunder came away with a 104-97 victory. Second-year PF Kyle O’Quinn had a solid game off the bench, providing 11 points and eight rebounds in just 23 minutes of action, but OKC simply would not be outdone. The loss added to the Magic’s recent woes, as their losing streak reached a season-high nine games. The return of Victor Oladipo should provide a lift for Orlando, who will travel to San Antonio to face off with the defending world champion Spurs on Wednesday night. There are still great seats to be claimed at the AT&T Center, with tickets as low as $6 each!

1/30/15 - It looked as though the Orlando Magic had started to turn things around with wins over Chicago and Houston in mid-January, but a particularly tough stretch of the schedule has slid the young team out of the playoff race in the Eastern Conference. The Magic have lost their last six, including a disheartening loss to the New York Knicks, but they continue to receive strong contributions from Nikola Vucevic (averaging over 24 points and nearly 12 boards over the last ten games) and second-year guard Victor Oladipo (21 points and 1.5 steals per game in the same period). Orlando will play their next two at home, hosting Milwaukee on Thursday night before the Dallas Mavericks come to town on Saturday. Limited tickets are available to see the Magic take on the Bucks, with seats starting at just $12 each!

1/21/15 - Orlando Magic fans are waiting for the return of Tobias Harris to the court after five games out because of a sprained ankle. He should be back in the game by Sunday’s (1/25) game against the Indiana Pacers when the Magic come back to the Amway Center. If you can’t catch the Magic that night, you’ll have to wait until Thursday (1/29) to watch them play the Milwaukee Bucks. Orlando is changing its game to try and put more wins in their pocket. The Magic now play at a much faster pace, which they hope will bring more points to the scoreboard. They’ve had a lot of problems this season, but they still have their pride. Get your tickets to the Pacers game and support the home team!

1/13/15 - Led by a combined 66 points from Nikola Vucevic and Victor Oladpio, the Orlando Magic snapped a six-game losing streak by defeating the Chicago Bulls on Monday, 121-114. Orlando shot a scorching 59 percent for the game, outrunning the Bulls to improve to 14-27 on the season. Vucevic also grabbed a team-high 11 rebounds, and point guard Elfrid Payton dished seven assists to go with his 10 points in the victory. The Magic will need that same kind of firepower, as they get set to open a tough three-game homestand with games versus Houston, Memphis, and Oklahoma City. Limited seats are available for Wednesday night’s clash with the Rockets, starting at just $21! You can also catch the action Friday night when the Magic face the Grizzlies, with tickets from $18. Let’s go Magic!

1/6/15 - The Orlando Magic will likely be relieved to start off on a four-game road trip, after dropping their last three games at home. The young squad is actually better on the road (9-12) this season than they are on their own floor (4-12), so a change of scenery may be just what the doctor ordered to get Orlando back into the win column. Tobias Harris remains a bright spot for the Magic, posting career-high numbers in points scored, field goal percentage, three-point percentage, and steals. Center Nikola Vucevic is averaging a double-double for the season as well, so it would seem to be just a matter of time before Orlando hits their stride. They will try to score a win on Friday night versus the Los Angeles Lakers, and you can get in with Razorgator starting at just $33!

1/1/15 - Although they closed out 2014 with a loss at home, the Orlando Magic have to be feeling confident as a team—not only are they still in the playoff hunt in the Eastern Conference, but they’re off to their best start in three seasons under coach Jacque Vaughn. The Magic defeated the Miami Heat on the road Monday night, 102-101, but then fell to the Detroit Pistons less than 24 hours later. Behind young standouts Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo, Orlando will look to start off the new year with a home victory at the Amway Center, as they host the Brooklyn Nets. A limited number of tickets are still available from Razorgator, and you can get in the game for as low as $38! Don’t miss out on the Magic’s first game of 2015!

12/26/14 - The Orlando Magic got back into the win column on Tuesday night, defeating the Boston Celtics by a score of 100-95. Former Orlando point guard Jameer Nelson tried to rally the Celtics from a 27-point deficit in the fourth quarter, and nearly succeeded, but the Magic knocked down key free throws in the final three minutes to hold on for the victory. Nikola Vucevic led Orlando with 18 points and 12 rebounds, and Kyle O’Quinn added 18 points of his own to help the Magic snap a four-game skid and improve their record to 11-20 for the season. Next on the schedule for Orlando is a home date with LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night, and Razorgator is your ticket in the door, with seats starting at $69. Don’t miss the action!

12/18/14 - The Orlando Magic have lost three of their last four games. Their win was over the Atlanta Hawks with a shot made at the last second by Tobias Harris, which propeled them to victory on Saturday. The Magic suffered a loss of 95-82 against Toronto on Monday night. The Magic hope to score another win during their home streak for the next four games during the Christmas holiday. Orlando's next game will be against the Utah Jazz at 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 19, at the Amway Center. They will also take on the Philadelphia 76ers for another home game Sunday, Dec. 21. Tickets for both games start at just $12. Be sure to snag your tickets while they are still available and check out the team's new home terf, the Amway Center.

12/11/14 - Riding a two-game win streak, the Orlando Magic could not hold off the Washington Wizards, as a buzzer beater by Bradley Beal lifted the Wizards over the Magic. The Magic held onto a small lead late in the game, but the team could not stave off the Wizards, who scored the final seven points of the game. The Magic now sit at 9-15 for the season and will try to recover in wake of the loss. It will be difficult to do so as they have back-to-back games against the Atlanta Hawks, who lead the division at 15-6. With the Magic’s leading rebounder, Nikola Vucevic, still recovering from a back sprain, it will be up to Tobias Harris to lead their team to victory over surging Hawks. Tickets for this matchup start at only $13.

12/5/14 - Orlando Magic has a losing record so far this season with seven wins and 13 losses. This record places them 4th in the Southeast Division. Their latest game was with the Golden State Warriors, which was a close game, barely losing 97-98. Stephen Curry from the Warriors hitting a 3-pointer with only 2.2 seconds remaining on the clock. This shot finalized the game, and led to the Warriors 10th straight win. The Magic were up 93-84 with just over 4 minutes left on the clock, but quickly lost their edge with several 3-pointers from the Warrior's Thompson. The Magic next faces the LA Clippers on December 3rd, and then will meet the Utah Jazz on Friday, December 5th. Tickets are still available for the game in Utah, starting at $3.

11/24/14 - Tonight, Friday November 21, 2014, the Orlando Magic took on the Charlotte Bobcats. It was a very close game for all four quarters, but the Magic pulled it out at the end. The final score ended up being 105-100. In their close win, Tobias Harris scored 17 points, and recorded an amazing 16 rebounds. His efforts on the board really helped Orlando get second chance points when they needed it the most. Evan Fournier also had a great game from the field, scoring 21 points. Up next for them is a great game against the Miami Heat. Even though the Heat are without Lebron James, the Magic still need to take them serious and play to their best abilities. Tickets for the game are available, starting out at $46.

11/17/14 - Unfortunately, the Orlando Magic was unable to beat the Washington Wizards (7-2) on Saturday. After falling behind early, the Magic trailed by 10 at the half. Then, in the third and fourth quarters, Orlando scored more than Washington by 24-21 and 31-29 for a final score of 93-98. Coming short by so little, this brings the Orlando Magic to 4-7. Sadly, they are last in their division, but there is plenty of time left to turn that around for them. After their away game against the Detroit Pistons on Monday, they will be heading back to Orlando on Wednesday the 9th for a home game against Los Angeles Clippers so you can cheer them on to victory. Tickets are available starting as low as $17.

11/13/14 - The Orlando Magic sadly lost to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, bringing them to 2-5. The final score was 96-104. Orlando started strong with a two point lead at the half. Unfortunately, Bojan Bogdanovic managed a season high 22 points in the latter two quarters. Nikola Vucevic scored the most for the Magic with 27 points and Evan Fournier followed with 19. 17 of Orlando's 25 points in the third quarter were Vucevic’s. This game also ended Orlando’s two-win slide. Their win-loss ratio isn’t great, with them in 5th for their division, but there is still plenty of opportunity to turn that around. Their next chance is against the Raptors in Toronto on Tuesday and their next home game is on Friday against the Bucks. Tickets are available starting at $11.

11/6/14 - The Orlando Magic are off to a rough start to their season, losing their first 3 games against the Pelicans, Wizards, and Raptors. They fought hard, but in the end couldn’t pull out a win. On Friday, November 7th, the Magic will take on the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL. It’s really too early in the season to know how the Magic will shape up, but they have some great rookie talent in Elfrid Payton, a point guard. He’s a phenomenal offensive player with 16 points and 9 assists in the game against the Raptors. He’s the one to watch as he makes his debut on the Magic. The Magic will be looking to give their fans a great game on home court when they play the Timberwolves.

10/29/14 - It’ll be a tough start for the Orlando Magic when they open their season this week against Washington. Guard Victor Oladipo will be out indefinitely after having surgery on a facial fracture; Oladipo took an inadvertent elbow to the face during practice, and was recovering from a sprained medial collateral ligament as well.

10/23/14 - The Orlando Magic locked down double-double man Nikola Vucevic to a contract extension this week. Vucevic came over in the multi-team deal in 2012 that sent Dwight Howard to the Lakers, and has been a consistent and strong performer for the Magic.

8/19/14 - The 2014-2015 Orlando Magic schedule was released last week, revealing a heavy slate of road games in November and December, and more forgiving home stretches in February and March. Orlando and their new-look squad opens up regular season play on Oct. 28 against the Pelicans in New Orleans. Their tough start to the season rears its head during the first home matchup against the Washington Wizards on Oct. 30, followed by the Toronto Raptors on Nov. 1. NBA fans in Orlando will see no shortage of star power on this year: LeBron will return to Florida when the Cavaliers visit on Dec. 26, Derrick Rose and Chicago come to play Feb. 8, and Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks help close the regular season on Apr. 11 at Amway Arena. Score your Orlando Magic tickets now and be in the stands when the team unleashes its flock of newcomers to the league!

Orlando ran with their young talented core through the 2013-2014 campaign, but by the end of the year, their inexperienced squad mustered no better than a 23-59 season—the third worst record in the Eastern Conference. Numerous positives surfaced when the dust settled on the year, starting with Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo, who now add another year or maturity and experiene under their belt. The progression of Orlando's young core is certainly promising, and there’s nowhere to go but up! Not to mention, the influx of players over the summer should prove fruitful for the 2014-2015 Orlando Magic season and help them gain some contention in the East.

Orlando’s front office went to work this offseason. The franchise saw a bevy of imports from the draft, trades and free agency, including Channing Frye, Ben Gordon and Luke Ridnour. Nikola Vucevic and Maurice Harkless have proven valuable since the Dwight Howard deal and have flourished in each other’s company in Orlando. The Magic scored the No. 4 and No.12 picks in the draft, adding the hyper-athletic Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton to their roster. Score Orlando Magic tickets now and see this new-look squad do big things in the upcoming season!
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